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For a change of pace…

Posted on: May 27, 2009

Another pregnancy post… do you guys see the pattern here? Rant about inaka… semi-rant/rave about pregnancy… surprised I have anyone reading at all.

I think I have been introduced to a brand new friend. “Rib flare” I know it sounds delicious to me as well… as ribs bring on images of Southern Cooking – BBQ short ribs, creamy grits, and peach pie… YUM. BUT unfortunately “rib flare” is not anything I would wish on someone I liked… or even barely tolerated.

I woke up feeling like someone was slicing open my lower ribcage/upper bump with a peice of glass. It was absolutely awful… I thought it might be contractions and was freaking out that I was going to have the baby 8 weeks early but the pain didn’t go away at all like I’ve heard contractions do. I tried lying on my right side, left side, flat, standing and sitting… only lying on my side helped. Lying on my back made the pain hurt even more it went from like a 4 to a 7… OUCH. Anyways after about an hour it started to fade away and then I was able to fall back asleep and get another 2-3 hours in. But wow… birth is sure going to be fun – that was the most pain I’ve been in since I can remember. Just praying that uterus + baby do not push my ribs (right side mostly) out like that again… please please please… especially not with me going to Tokyo this weekend.

Anyways just thought you’d all like to know… Oh and I was going to post this bump picture anyways so without further ado

32 + 1 days


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I am so sorry Sarah, I want to smack that Dr. in the face, is he an idiot- you most certainly don’t look like you have water retention, and you are really all bump– you look like Sarah with a bump–

Have a fab time in Tokyo- wait are you going to be at the same get together as I am? Is this the “same” one or something different?

I agree with Girl Japan, that was my first thought as well. You like fine! Like an absolutely normal pregnant woman. Your doctor is ridiculous. You look cute! I hope the “ribe flare” goes away. The late third trimester brings with it a lot of unexpected aches and pains. You’ll probably start getting Braxton Hicks contractions soon if you haven’t yet. They aren’t usually that painfull but they’ll give you an idea of what a contraction is like besides the pain.

Awww, you’re definitely all bump now! Very nice, love the cute summer outfit too.
Try not to freak out too much at the weird pains, any position that is comfy(ish) is the way to go. I took to shoving pillows under me but some nights it’s really hard to get comfy! Not long to go now!

Oooh I’m definitely still readin’, don’t worry! πŸ˜‰

Well I have no experience with pregnancy whatsoever yet, but, I guess I agree with everyone else comment’s – you don’t look like you’re retaining water, really. You look fine to me! I hope I can stay relatively small whenever I get pregnant in the future. I don’t want to become a beached whale! That’s one of my ultimate fears. Ugh.

That room you’re in – is it your guys’ bedroom?

GJ – Thanks!! I don’t really feel like a huge cow besides my middle bits.. ok and maybe a bit on the hips and thighs… nice to know others feel the same!! I don’t think I am going to the same thing as you.. I say the weekend but I won’t be in Tokyo until late Sunday afternoon.

Jessica – I really hope that it was my one and only time to experience that.. “delight” I’m curious about Braxton-Hicks.. will I know I am having them?? I can’t imagine I’ve gone this far with none at all…

Corinne – Pillows are my best friend. Ryohei was a dear and set some up for me to lie on this morning when I was moaning in pain!! He’s so helpful (sometimes) I am so hoping the next 8 weeks fly by… but I guess I can expect to feel pain for a while after in lady bits and boobies… not so excited about that sadly.

Laura – Thanks!! I AM retaining some water in my legs (not really noticible) and my finger knuckles.. which I guess isn’t really noticable to anyone but me! I def. am not small sadly… but that just how it goes – I’m planning on breastfeeding which I’ve heard takes some/most of the baby weight off… And the room I took the picture in is NOT our bedroom, its the guestroom/storage room lol.

Ah.. okay.. I am heading to a shower and thought you might be there but not sure if you know the bride to be.. lol

Have fun!!!!

if i’m not doing anything (which, from the looks of the last 2 weeks, i WON’T be) i might just have to ride my way over to ueno. πŸ˜‰

Hmm, about BH contractions, I remember reading somewhere that technically you start having them really early on, even as early as the 1st trimester, but of course you can’t feel them until much later. It is your body’s way of preparing itself for labor. I don’t think I was feeling them much at your stage either, I want to say maybe around 35 weeks or so was when they picked up, definitely in the last month. They feel sort of like a tightening around the upper part of your bump, and usually aren’t that painful, but maybe a bit uncomfortable. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between a BH contraction and the baby moving especially if the baby has her butt right up under your ribs. I would sometimes feel a tightening thinking it was the butt pushing up, but in hindsight I think it was BH contractions.

When I went into real labor the pain was much more intense and a lot lower down, like at the bottom half of my bump rather than the top, and it started off almost like really really intense period cramps. That’s what actually alerted me, the pain was much much different from any pain I’d had before.

Now thats what I call a baby bump – is good size now. No mistaking the pregnant woman. I am so over the aches and pains and just want labour to start – still a bit scared about it I guess but at least once it starts it is just a means to an end. A bit of gaman, a few bad words and slippery slide, a new baby. Well, thats my birth plan πŸ™‚

Your bump has gotten a lot bigger since I last saw it!! You look wonderful Sarah, you really do!! By the way, I love your outfit!! It suits you πŸ™‚

I’m sorry to hear that you have been suffering pain and discomfort. I’m sure it’s not one of the things that people tell you when you are trying to get pregnant πŸ˜› Don’t have any advice for you because as you know, I am childless πŸ˜› But I have seen those big long banana looking pillows in Nitori that are supposively great for pregnant women?!?

You look great, Sarah =) Hope you are feeling especially great for your trip out here.

Please don’t scare me!! lol I’ve been having eternally sore, sometimes sharp rib pains too. I hope they don’t get THAT bad though. Poor you! I know my cousin broke my aunt’s rib while in there… so I’ll cross my fingers that it doesn’t happen to either of us!

Beautiful bump. πŸ™‚

And snooping in the background of your pic, not only are you living in the middle of nowhereville niigata but also in a traditional Japanese house, too? @_@ Dump and pump toilet?

And hope the rib thing settles down soon- doesn’t sound very comfortable at all…

Lovely looking bump! Hope the discomfort eases tho’.Once the baby starts gradually moving down,it may feel easier on you.

GJ – Thanks!!

Jo – Meeting up Monday morning.. do you have work?

Jessica – Ok, I’ve had that “butt sticking out” feeling before.. I wonder if that is BH Contractions or not… I’ve felt nothing like period cramps yet so far, so hopefully she’s planning to bake a little bit longer!!

GW – I like that plan… see you are on number 3 now so at least you know what to expect. Altho – not sure if that is a good thing or not. Must conjure up slippery slope images for myself and not imagine elbows, knees, and sholders getting caught anywhere.. OUCH

Nay – I actually DO have a pillow.. not one of the long banana ones but a long round pillow filled with those tiny little sand like things… it has saved my life. It used to be Ryoheis and I dug it out of his closet here. It has been a huge lifesaver!!! I sleep with it everynight.

Khea – Ouch… sorry to hear you’ve been having rib pain as well. I’ve only had INTENSE pain a couple times (yesterday was the worse) Hopefully you won’t have to experience it… but I guess I’m coming to grips with the fact that its all part of the territory!

Fuka – Thank god – no. That is the “granny room” of the house. Its actually a fairly new house, Ryohei’s parents had it built about 15 years ago but there are two tatami rooms. The one I was in where Obaa-chan sleeps when she comes to visit and the living room. The rest of the house is fairly modern

Maggie – Thank you!!! hoping that in a week or two she will start “getting into position” and that I’ll stop feeling so cramped up in the top of my bump

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