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Feed Me!

Posted on: June 30, 2009


You can’t expect to have me live with you and only provide me a quarter bag of cereal for breakfast, one slice of toast with ham and cheese for lunch, and then have us waiting until past 8 for dinner with no other way for me to ingest something besides oolong tea and have me be ok with the situation.

I am starving so starving that my stomach acid is making me have heartburn again.

Not cool… not cool at all.

So sick of living in the bloody inaka where I can’t even go the shops to get something to eat. Its worse than being in high school its like being a f****** toddler.
And no – theres really no point at making a fuss now… Sorry if this sounds petty, but starve a 37 week pregnant woman and this is what you get.

See what I mean about Ryohei not being here – at least he would be able to take me out. When its just me all of a sudden its Cinderella (pre-fairy godmother) treatment. I HATE IT HERE!!! Hear me ROAR!!!!



Funny how quick the week passes by when you don’t really have in particular to look forward to… and how completely and utterly slow it is when you have something you want to get done. How unfair…

This weekend is start of the “big move” as well as life away from PIL, away from rice paddies (ok I lie, there are a few about 3km from our aparment – but better than right out the fricken window), end of not eating anything except cereal for breakfast and a slice of bread, cheese, and ham for lunch since my MIL doesn’t know what else to leave for me, the end of not being able to go anywhere except the “local” 20 minute away conbini, and the end of being completely and utterly friendless (or so I hope)

PLUS – in my own way I am looking forward to getting the apartment set up and especially looking forward to cooking. I finally purchased my new oven!! It is a Hitachi Healthy Chef 33L one so I should even be able to get a roasting chicken or baby turkey in there should I feel inclined to try and do some sort of Thanksgiving cooking this year. I can’t wait to actually be able to bake again and am on the look out for tried and true yummy Japan friendly (ie don’t have to go on a mad goose chase to find the ingrediants) recipes if anyone wants to volunteer!

We pretty much have all the “big” items for the apartment now – and now need to fill up the cupboards with 100 yen plates, cups, and silverware as well as get a few food prep items from the home center. After that it will just be unpacking and then waiting for BG to choose her birthday. I guess I should give myself a pat on the back for making it to Full Term Day. I am exactly 37 weeks which means that within 4 or so the baby should be here… my clinic induces at between 5-9 days overdue so the lastest she will be here is a month from today although with the doctor being as alarmed about her size as he is it will probably be sooner than that. (which is ok – as much as I’d like to go in to labor naturally – I am MORE than happy to not be pregnant by the end of the month)

So.. this is the beginning of the beginning? Absolutely no signs of anything happening soon which is good since we still have a lot to do – but I can bet as soon as I hit about a week after moving I will be a walking, spicy food eating, other old wives tales trying mess.

But.. despite all this fun stuff thre are still 3 (and a bit) more boring weekdays… aggravated by the fact that Ryohei will be super late tonight (past 10pm), semi-late tmw night, and ANOTHER drinking party on Friday… (sigh) which means he won’t be home until Saturday morning. I guess he is starting to get really busy, he’s had more zangyo in the past few days than he has the whole first 3 months of his job and he has to work the whole weekend July 25th and 26th so lets hope the baby is here and I am in the clinic and thus not feeling lonely on a weekend at home waiting for something to happen.

I really wish babies came with an egg timer as at this point there is a lot I would like to plan for but not knowing when I will be taking my “week long vacation” throws a wrench into most of it and then I’m sure that the first couple weeks with a newborn are going to be a huge adjustment and I’ll be lucky if I can feed us and take a shower.

So yah… thats it really. I wish Ryohei wasn’t going to be late tonight – the only times I feel like I can relax here is when he is around and I really hate when it is just the 3 of us (me, MIL, and FIL) having dinner… Ryohei is like my barrier and I can deflect annoying questions to him. But in true hero style – I get to deal with 2 me and the PIL dinners this week… ugggggggggggggg.

Anyways trying to stay upbeat and positive but still very tired from lack of sleep and lack of (interesting) food. Also not a huge fan of the sudden heatwave which has made my walking very very tiring and uncomfortable. Summer is not the smartest time to have a baby esp. not in this oven box of a country

I’m sure all appreciate my clever pun…

Today we got A LOT done for the new apartment!!! (yay!!) I was getting a bit worried that we would be living in an empty place but in the last 24 hours or so we have gone from having pretty much nothing to pretty much everything! Brought to you by my ‘net skillz and a couple Nagaoka recycle shops.

Last night I was asleep by 3ish… but woke up again at 7 and unable to sleep again… so I woke Ryohei up. (maybe a bad move?) and told him I would make cheese scrambled eggs for breakfast. His mom works on Sundays so we pretty much have the kitchen to ourselves which is nice. My eggs were pretty yummy – I am not very good at making breakfast foods like pancakes or bacon or anything – but at least I can do eggs.

Anyways Ryohei’s dad works in the gas/plumbing industry so he said he would come up with us to help us get our gas table/conro whatever its called working. So we starting the long haul up except Ryohei had huge “digestive issues” so he was pretty much in pain and in the toliet most of the time he wasn’t driving for the rest of the day. His reason for this… he didn’t get enough sleep… He slept from 1am – 7am so he got at least 2 hours more than me… “………..”

Anyways Oto-san got the gas table working and then went back to the house while Ryohei and I planned our big “furnish the apartment with used stuff” shopping spree. We hit 5(!!) although we only actually went INTO 3 recycle shops in the area and ended up with pretty much everything we need to “start out.”

We bought —–

– A fold up dining table and chairs (Nay – we got the model you are getting used, you will LOVE it! We are both pleased as punch with it!)
– A small fridge (about 165 L) less that 2 man so we figured in a couple years we can upgrade without worrying about a huge “loss” but fridge is still big enough to hold a few days worh of food unlike mine in Kobe which had to be refilled every day or so
– A “National” brand washer/dryer combo – I’m going to be cloth diapering at least some of the time so I wanted one with a dryer function. Our doesn’t hold a whole ton.. but we got it for less than 3man so again if we upgrade in the future its not a huge loss.
– A 3 year old A/C, we decided to only put one extra A/C in for now instead of two since the cost of buying an A/C even used PLUS getting it installed is a lot. We won’t put one in the extra room for now.
– A “baby chest” which wasn’t on the original to buy list but we found a really nice one for less than 1man so Ryohei really wanted to buy it. It will fit WAY more than all the newborn-3 month stuff I have now so I’ll put other baby stuff and maybe even some Mommy and Daddy stuff in it as well.
– A sofa.. now I said we weren’t going to get one… but Ryohei fell IN LOVE with this really really nice 2 seater sofa. It was super comfy and the owner of the recycle shop gave us 5000 yen off the price since he seemed to like us. He was very interested in me (lol) but then again how often do you see a bursting at the seems gaijin women in rural areas like that? He gave us some cold mugi-cha (barley) tea and a thermos/tea cask? as a “birth present” plus he said he’d bring around all the items we bought at his store for only 1000 and help us install the washing machine and the air conditioner. Very lucky!

So… pretty much we got all the “furnature” and “electronics” that we will be using to start out with. We still have to order the kitchen counter and my oven… but that will be the last of the big things.

After that we pretty much will have to hit up the local home center/100 yen shops for plates/dishes/cooking equipment/trash cans etc.

We will also have internet from around July 8th which will give me 2 “‘net free” days after we move into get things organized and take “after pictures” to compliment the “before” ones I took while nothing was in there.

Anyways Ryohei is off to take part in his election “overtime” work and I am feeling really really tired so hopefully a night alone in bed will help out – Ryohei is spending the night at his Grandmas since he has to be at work at 6am tomorrow for some other komuin thing that I don’t really understand.

I am really really looking forward to the weekend as this time next weel Ryohei and I will be spending time in our brand new apartment with all our new stuff!!! Also… this week marks me being fullterm… so little BG can make her entrance anytime after Tuesday, although I’ve already stated why I hope she waits another couple weeks.

Alright night all… ZZZZZZZZZZ

Last night and this morning have been the absolute worst… I couldn’t sleep until a record of 4am ish this morning and its now about 7:40 and I’ve been up for half an hour so.. yup 3 hours of sleep and still in a world of uncomfortability. Wow – honestly whoever said late third trimester sleeping was difficult wasn’t making things up. I CAN NOT for the life of me find a position that makes me feel comfortable and range from being in sharp pain to just feeling crappy… top that off with a helping of returning heart burn which even my TUMS couldn’t fight off and you have one very very unhappy mommy-to-be.

Please tell me I am not going to have another 3-4 weeks of this… I am SURE that due to my lack of sleep my BP stats and such are going to be all off at the clinic again when we go later this morning which means another lecture from my doctor, blah blah. I am not excited about weekly visits which mean weekly weigh ins, weekly BP checks, and weekly “my your baby is big” every time I get an echo.

I am SICK OF IT. Can’t even do any fun apartment shopping today because Ryohei has work in the afternoon… so back to PILS I will be dropped off while he has a meeting to prepare for tomorrows “elections.”

Anyways despite this… I still need BG to stay in for another 3 weeks or so.. I’ve decided she can come after the 16th now because I am GOING to see the 6th Harry Potter movie with Ryohei as my last hurrah/date when it comes out on the 15th. There is 1 movie theater in Nagaoka so we are going to make good use of it and enjoying our last movie… (most likely) for a while to come. So.. after that BG can come – but I want to enjoy Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s adventures on the big screen one last time… well at least until the 7th movie comes out when BG is about a year and a half and I can leave her with Granny. (We don’t go out to movies much – but HP is THE exception and I’ve seen all of them in the theater!)

So thats my big update for today… is there a name for this nasuea/heartburn/burping/gross feeling? I’d love to put a name to it – but instead I’ll just call it 3rd tirmester crappola. ;_;

Still up

Posted on: June 26, 2009

But its not really a surprise at this point… I tend to be up until 2 or 3 am every night now.. Don’t worry I make up for it be sleeping in until around noon when I can. Yes, yes – I know some of you are jealous, but in just 3-4 short weeks I will be joining the ranks of sleepless in the inaka for the foreseeable future.

Today was a much nicer day than yesterday! Which I am now thinking was really all the fault of those nasty hormones that I talked about last night. I spent most of the day reading magazines from a new friend Japanmama who lives in neighboring Gunma-ken (I just got around to linking her blog and want to give it a plug here). I haven’t gotten to read too many western pregnancy publications so it was nice and I got some good baby food making ideas from one of them to try out in… oh 6-7 months from now.

Also had a nice call with Lily from Cafe Yamashita who lives in Niigata-City which is about a 20 minute shinkansen trip away – we made plans to meet up once I move to Nagaoka (I think she may be the closest foreign wife to me?) so I’m feeling a lot better!! Even having just one or two people nearby makes a huge difference than feeling you are the “only one” in your situation. Not sure if either of them read my blog frequently but wanted to give them both a thank you for helping me feel better!

On the actual giving birth front – even though I am full term next week I would prefer her to stay in until after the 14th of July or so.. which is 39 weeks. Ideally I’d like her to come in between the 14th and the 24th as that would work out “the best” for me. We will see if she is obliging… not sure if I wrote it here but my mother will be coming to stay from August 4 – 16 so I’d really like to be done with my week long clinic stay by that point!

This weekend we will go recycle shop shopping to pic out most of the “big electronics” for our new place to get them delivered next week. Looking forward to getting that out of the way and the electricity and water should be on from Saturday so I can actaully use the toliet in our apartment unlike last time where I had to run to the 3 min walk away grocery store for a bathroom break! I can’t wait to start setting up the apartment – I guess its as good a time as ever for nesting to set in… not that I’ve really had any inklings to clean or put things away right now!! Unless you count researching stuff to buy on the net 😛 I’m quite proficient at that!! In fact I’d say I’m about an 1kyuu level internet shopper.

Back to talking about BG – sorry for the random jumping around I am typing stuff as I remember it – she was very very active tonight and Ryohei got a good feel of her while we lying in bed watching an episode of House MD. He kept going “oh she’s moving!! she’s really moving” and I’m like “yup yup” (thinking – you wouldn’t be that thrilled if you had to experience this every couple hours every day buddy) in the end he was like “hayaku aitai!! kando shita!” (I want to see her soon – that made me so emotional) Glad he is excited… I am too… just wish it wasn’t so painful – I’ve been having a lot of pains lately and TMI TMI TMI think a bit of my mucus plug came out yesterday… I won’t go into detail here but my friend Dr. Google says that might have been what it was.

So yup… another random post from me… I’m going to be looking back on these in a year from now and laugh – I hope. Other wise they will be a great form of birth control if I am getting the silly idea that I want another “little baby” by then!

Today wasn’t such a great day although there was no particular reason for it to be like that. I got some nasty upper tummy/rib cramps today.. they didn’t feel exactly like the one’s I had a while back so maybe a round of braxton-hicks? I really haven’t felt any of those yet… BG was also moving around a lot when I was having the pains so maybe she was putting a lot of pressure on my upper tummy. A soak in the warm bath helped and I felt better since but I couldn’t eat anything for dinner since I was so uncomfortable and had to listen to my MIL being overly concerned the whole time. I wish she would just leave me alone… I know she is trying to be helpful (?) but I am just cranky and don’t want anyone to be around anyone who A. isn’t Ryohei or B. doesn’t speak English. Yes – I know I sound like a horrible brat but thats just how I feel right now.

Had a bit of a cry tonight for the first time in a while. I am really missing my friends – of course my blog into real life friends but also my Kansai friends. I miss being able to hope on a train and about 300 yen and 30 minutes later be talking and enjoying time with good friends like SassyMoo, Corinne, and Beamies. The worst thing about being here is having no one close by to meet up with for sure… and it makes me so insanely jealous of anyone living in the city area with a plethora of foreign wife type friends to meet up with. I’m a fairly social person and being on my own all the time is so hard… I’ve had a few offers of people to come visit me here… but it just seems like such a waste until after the baby is born and we are properly moved in… I can’t do much now anyways – I felt so horrible about being so useless when Nay and Laura came to visit a couple weeks ago… and esp. meeting someone for the first time I would want to be a better hostess than just lying around like a moo-cow all day.

Have I mentioned I want to not be pregnant anymore?! I honestly feel like a small whale or something… probably weight about the same too. Bring on the magic -500 calorie a day breastfeeding.

Anyways – Ryohei was pretty nice tonight. He listened to me cry and let me use his leg as a pillow for a bit – yes we have our fights and disagreements – but he is very supportive usually and I think he feels really bad for me sometimes. He asked if I was having Mama Blues which was a nice way of asking if my crazy hormones were responsable for some of the downpour and I said most likely. I tend to cry a lot during PMS time as well so I’m sure that lady hormones are part of the reason why I have been so blue.

Theres more but I guess this isn’t really the time or place to talk about it… I’m getting tired and BG is starting to wind down for the night so might as well see if I can get a few hours of sleep in before the next potty break.

Night all

Wow – my weekly pregnancy update letter wasn’t kidding when it said I “may be experiencing some exhaustion and fatigue” this week. I feel completely and utterly pooped from doing pretty much nothing. I took a walk today since the rain let up and since coming back I have been so tired and want to sleep – but its really hard for me to take cat naps so instead I’m just trying to relax and ponder why my energy has been sucked into a black hole.

Also.. I’m happy (?) to report I believe BG is on the way down. I’m feeling a lot more pressure on the “lower” parts of my body and rib attacks have started to slow up the last couple days. I’m 36 weeks today so looks like things I right on schedule. I don’t think she’s completely into the final position yet but def. will be there soon – I wouldn’t be surprised if they told me she was engaged at my next appointment on Saturday. Yup – down to an appt. a week now (fun)

I am sort of stressing about moving – not so much the actual moving but when and HOW we are going to aquire all our stuff. Ryohei told me he’s really busy this weekend – they are having city elections this weekend – so he has to prep in the afternoon on Saturday and then he’s got the “night shift” for the elections on Sunday which means he will be working until past midnight Sunday night. It’s probably a good thing that we delayed moving a week or I would have been alone in an apartment with no fridge, range, washing machine, etc etc. At least we will start making some headway and order our “gas table” tonight so that hopefully we can install it this weekend since I think we will be going either Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon to deliver some more stuff.

I’m also in the process of looking at things like curtains online but really confused about what to get. I’ve never bought curtains before.. I am wondering whether to splurge a bit and go for the “light proof and sound proof” curtains in particular for the upstairs rooms since we are right next to the gymnasium of an elementary school and it might help to have a bit more noise-proofing for BG while she’s napping. Our kitchen is also really really tiny so I am trying to figure out how to arrange stuff in it… theres no “food prep area” so we have to go about getting a counter or something… (more $$$ sigh) and then figuring out how to lay that out as well as the fridge… the kitchen area is really the only part of the apartment I have issues with since it is SO small.

But not being able to “be there” and do anything is annoying. And now that this weekend has been “cut short” by Ryohei having to work – I am feeling more stressed. I know that ONCE we get there and get settled in it will be a really nice place but getting from Point A to Point B seems pretty daunting especially if just taking a 45 minute walk is enough to send me to bed for the next 2 hours.

Anyways – this week is just going slow. Hopefully I will be able to get some stuff ordered online so I feel like I’ve been a bit productive.

Oh and BG really really LOVES the Taiko Drums it seems. She gets really really excited when they go off and my stomach looks like something out of an alien movie. That is the ONLY time she really moves around… looks like maybe we should me calling her Matsuri or something and not the name that we’ve already picked out 🙂

Speaking of names, I ❤ her name so much!! I’ve had the first name in mind since before even meeting Ryohei and the middle name came to me about 6 months before she was even concieved. One of the reasons I was so excited to find out she was a girl was so that I could use it! Some of you I’ve blabbed to but those of you who are still in the dark – tanoshimi ni shite ne!! Only about a month or so more ;D