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A little of this, a little of that

Posted on: June 6, 2009

Wow – I am TIRED. Today has been a long day spent out with Ryohei doing various stuff in Nagaoka. I had my second visit at the new clinic today and we decided this time that Ryohei would just wait in the car when until I was done. He’s a bit afraid of my doctor… whatever. So today went better that last time. First of all some how I ended up losing 500 grams and BG ended up gaining 500 grams (OMG) so my actual body lost a kilo! (yay?)

BG is now about 2.4 kilo (5.5lb) according to the measurements… ouchie ouchie ouchie… at least this time the doctor didn’t give me as much flack about my baby being big. I have no idea how I lost weight either except that I’ve been feeling a bit nauseous lately and probably haven’t eaten as much. Anyways she’s head down but doesn’t look anywhere near being ready to come out… considering I’m almost 34 weeks thats probably a good thing. Since we are moving I really hope she decides to sit tight until around her due date although I’m sure that by the end I will be cursing everyday with no baby ๐Ÿ˜›

Actually… those “charts” that show the baby developing inside the tummy are scary. That huge huge head and then you see the tiny tiny cervix and birth canal. I am trying not to think about it too much but how the heck does that fit?! Once again… probably best not to think about it too much. We will be going back to the clinic again Tuesday (Ryohei took the whole day off) to attend the “birthing class.” I still haven’t gotten much info about my clinic… so hopefully I will get some answers then?

After the clinic visit we met with the realitor to sign the contract for our new apartment. Except that Ryohei (dummy) forgot to bring some of the important documents… d’oh. Oh well, since we will be back on Tuesday we will bring them then and finish up the paperwork then. However, we (I) paid all the fees so we are covered with rent through the end of July! We don’t get our keys until June 20th though and I don’t think we will actually start LIVING there until the weekend of June 27/28. Which is about the time that my weekly clinic appointments start as well. I feel a lot better being only 10-15 minutes away from our clinic as opposed to almost an hour from Ryohei’s house. Not that I’m expecting a speed birth or anything LOL – but at least in the worst case scenerio of no one being around when the action starts up I can take a taxi without spending all of Ryohei’s salary for the month.

I guess most of this months blogs are going to be moving related… We have SO MUCH to get done before BG is here. Tomorrow we are going to check out some of the local recycle shops and see if we can find a good deal on any sort of applicances! It HURT handing over all the payments today so we are going to just get as much used (in good condition) stuff as we can to furnish the apartment and slowly upgrade when we get the money for it.

Alright… so tired.. might take a nap since Ryohei is off at a wedding party tonight. After this month no more going out to play for him for a while… its just a bunch of expenses we can’t afford and I am not ok with staying home alone with the baby on a weekend while “Daddy” goes off to play. Hopefully this will be perfectly understood… as much as Ryohei loves kids I don’t think he understands just how much effort goes into taking care of a newborn and staying sane. Heck I don’t even know but since I am attached to the milk machine I don’t want him getting to play if I don’t get to either ๐Ÿ˜›


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Hahaha…I know how you feel about the big head/little cervix. I do have a book that goes through what is actually happening down there. Somewhat interesting about how the muscles expand to fit. The one thing I learn, during the pushing, if your back and bottom are at a 45 degree angle and you get your legs spread up towards your chest, you end up with about an extra cm of space for the baby to pop out with.

Definitely soemthing that I plan on remembering come October!

Yay for losing a kilo! (?) I wonder why, I hope not due to stress… but it definately wasn't that sundae! I'm glad the visit went better this time.

I totally understand that last paragraph. I honestly don't think Tetsu understands that a baby will be a 24 hour job for me, and that any time he isn't working I'll expect him to be helping me or getting to know his daughter instead of his friends/coworkers… Let's hope it hits them both very very soon…!

I think it is definitely a good idea to put a stop to the drinking parties and other social activities starting next month. It is very easy to start feeling resentful if you feel like you're stuck at home with a newborn all the time while your other half is out having a good time. Reality hits guys much later than it hits us, since we actually have the baby, you know, inside of us.

I'm glad the appointment went better this time. Being closer to the hospital is definitely good. You might have a fast labor, you never know. My labor with Dylan was about 5 hours from the time I got to the hospital to the time he was born, so relatively fast. Made up for the fact that he took his sweet time in the days leading up to it!

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