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Posted on: June 7, 2009

a break from the usual posting (ranting?)…

Went shopping today and ended up buying this cute little number. As you all know by now, BG should be born around mid-July just the right time to take out and show off at all the little festivals that take place during the end of August and September. I’m a huge fan of pink (duh) and of Japanese style prints – sakura, ume, kingyo, hanabi etc…

So… when I saw these adorable little jinbei I couldn’t refuse. (The price was right too since we got them used) They’ll probably be a bit big for a 1-2 month old – but they are so cute!!


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Awww, how cute are the jinbei's! I just bought Ash a little blue one with snoopy on it, can't wait to trot him out in it. She's going to look gorgeous in it! Now mama needs a matching yukata πŸ™‚

Ohhh so sweet! And while it might be to big jinbei style clothes are fabulous for floppy limbed newborns because you can just lay them ontop of their clothes and wrap them up. My two wore heaps of jinbei type clothes at the start.

Too cute! I love it! I *love* cutey, pinky little girls' clothes! Can't wait to see BG wearing it!

How cute! BG is arriving just at the right time.

LOVE IT!!!!!

It's soo sweet!
I have a little collection of those from when i lived in japan, for the future baby lol they were too cute to resist!

Rachael in Sydney

TOO cute!

Don't worry I bought a couple summery 3 month old outfits for Ponyo to "swim in" too. πŸ˜‰

Do you have everything you need for the baby already then? Almoooooooost tiiiiiiime…!

Very very cute! I have a couple of outfits in that style with the ties, I think imported from Japan actually. They work well with tiny babies, and are adorable to boot. πŸ™‚

Thanks for your comments all!! Glad to know that even a couple sizes too big they should still be ok for BG!! They really are too cute. I don't have too many "Japanese" style baby clothes since most of my stuff so far has come from my shower in America and then gifts from friends/stuff passed on from places like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada (lol)

Can't wait to show her off… well actually can't wait for her to be out and for this whole pregnancy thing to be over. I'll make sure and get some cute snapshots of her in this… and since its so big I'll probably still be able to fit her in them by the time we go home for Christmas. Where I live its warm year round so she'll be the envy of all the California bab(i)es.

I love it! It is just gorgeous! She is definitely going to be the cutest baby at all the festivals in Niigata, that's for sure πŸ™‚

No… you like pink? I would have never guessed (insert sarcasm)!

I like pink too, I wish I could have an all pink and white room all to myself = )

They are really adorable. Your little girl is going to look very sweet in those. πŸ™‚

Too cute for words!!!!

Jinbei are awesome! DD lived in her's all last summer, and I've already picked up another one for this year!

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