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Posted on: June 7, 2009

So in conclusion to last nights post, I took the easy road out and just fell asleep at around 9:30. As P’d off as I was I just was too tired to fight it out at 10:30pm or so. Anyways Ryohei came home – he will get a big talking to if this is pulled again.

I have to admit I felt sort of bad as I re-read my post. I HAVE become a lot more demanding since we moved out here since back in Kobe I had my own little places and people to escape to and I wasn’t as “needy wife.” As I am now… obviously I have my (good?) reasons for it… but I’m sure He who Does Not Haveth A Babe in His Belly is pretty much oblivious to how much crap I am going through.

Anyways I slept 12 hours last night.. woke up at 9 and went back to bed at 10 and woke up at noon.

I still don’t feel 100% either… I don’t think I’m getting sick but maybe this is that last trimester fatigue that all the books have been talking about.

Anyways this isn’t much of an update but just wanted to let you guys know you won’t be seeing any “Ax Murder by Crazy Pregnant Gaijin in Niigata” on the news tonight.


4 Responses to "Tired.."

Glad you got a good sleep if nothing else!

The last trimester sucks in so many ways but not long to go, hey? šŸ˜‰

No need to feel guilty or apologize for being needy, that's your right as a woman about to have a baby. I remember when I was pregnant with D, my husband had 2 singing gigs a night at a local bar, so he'd usually be gone each night until about midnight. Eventually I broke down and asked him to cut back to one gig a night, and having to cancel that other gig really lost him a lot of face with the guys who had hired him. To this day he still brings it up every now and then and my excuse is still the same — I was a hormonal, needy pregnant woman, nothing more to be said! šŸ™‚

When I entered the last month of pregnancy with both babies,DH stopped drinking and if he went to enkias,came home early; I needed him to be there to drive me to the clinc at the drop of a hat.And he never got any flack as you can't argue with reasons like that! So I think you need to have a chat with Ryohei!And enjoy your evenings together as a couple:)

You shouldn't feel bad, all the rules of neediness go out the window when you're preggers, especially in the 3rd trimester. With all the sacrifices you've made I think you have a right to be a little pissed if curfews aren't met šŸ™‚
Hope you feel better soon, get as much sleep as you can, at least the days go a little faster that way huh!

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