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Yin and Yang

Posted on: June 10, 2009

In all ugliness there is beauty, in all beauty there is ugliness… or something like that.

Anyways I wanted to share a nice picture that I took a few weeks ago from the window of Ryohei’s bedroom.

Yesterday I had my pregnancy class which was an interesting tale in itself… but right now I am feeling a bit too tired to tell it in all of its “OMFG Japan” glory. I haven’t really been feeling well lately – not mentally (lol) but physically. Maybe its just my body starting to slow itself down for getting ready for birth. I haven’t been sleeping well and I feel sluggish and achy through out the day.

I am looking forward to about 48 hours from now when Lulu will be arriving from Tokyo. Besides that I think today will be spent watching some “Ghost Whisperer” and maybe taking a walk if my ribs stop feeling so achy.

I really can’t wait until BG heads down south and away from that area…


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very beautiful!

It is lovely! I look forward to getting my own sneak peak in less than 24 hours- my camera battery is charged!

I think we have both had some “OMFG Japan” moments in the last couple of days- LOL! At least the birth class itself went well!

Can`t wait to see you!

The view from Ryohei’s window is lovely!! I cna’t wait to see it for myself!!

We should probably list the OGFM and put it in a book and sell it! The composition in the photos looks fab especially how the clouds are hovering with the reflection in the rice field.

Ha- I have OMFG Japan moments and I don’t even live in Japan anymore! LOL!!
That shot is absolutely beautiful. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. It is great that everyone can come and visit!

OMFG Japan moments by Henna Gaijin would be a great book title! LOL! Love your new blog! Have been reading your blog for at least 2 years or so now. I’m Katie from Brisbane, Lulu and I have met in RL a couple of times so say hi to her from me this weekend!

I love that picture. It’s amazing!
Hope you girls have fun together this weekend! Looks like I’ll be meeting up with Laura too next Tuesday =)

Great picie! I’m looking forward to the birthing class story, try to take it easy, your body’s being stretched to the limit, literally!
Hope you have a fun, relaxing weekend!

Beautiful- the ricefields look like glass.

What an amazing photo! At least we have such beautiful landscapes stuck out in the sticks!

Pictures like that are a part of the reason why I love Japan.

Wow. You caught one of my favourite moments. Going all iaka geek on you but the reflection effect is so fleeting- after flooding but before the rice goes in and ruins the glass effect that every year I vow to go down to the rice paddy area and take one and every year I miss it. Grrr. At least now I can enjoy your picture. 🙂

wow. need coffee. I meant inaka geek and grows in.

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