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Over too soon

Posted on: June 14, 2009

About 6 hours ago I said “bye bye” to Nay and Lulu and their husbands after a short but very fun weekend! Well mostly fun… this entry will two parts – one regarding the weekend and one regarding how crap my 35 week pregnant body has become in the last couple days. Read one or both – your pick!

The Weekend

Lulu came up Friday afternoon from Chiba on the shinkansen. I picked her up at the local station and we came back to my in-laws and just pretty much vegged for the whole day. I think the highlight was probably looking at all my baby stuff – its always fun to go through all my clothes and cute little socks, hats, and other accessories!! We also had a ton of gyoza for dinner – it was funny because my in laws served all the foods “I” liked. So apparently all foreigners must like them (lol) unfortunately this included tofu which Lulu does not like… funny enough the same thing happened at Shumpei’s PIL. My big HATE food is raw tomato (I can eat pasta sauce and most cooked tomato) but they had put raw tomato in the salad so I had to pick it out. So embarrassing… 😦

Anyways we ended up going to bed and waking up a little before Nay and Naoki arrived from Shizuoka. They managed the drive in about 5 hours (wow!) I was expecting it to take a lot longer. After that we chatted a bit – both boys read manga the whole time – this was continuous theme throughout the weekend though. And then we went to go pick up Shumpei from the bus stop. After that we went to eat ramen at Ryohei’s favorite ramen shop conveniently located in Nagaoka! Afterwards we took them by to look at the (outside of the) new apartment and then to Nagaoka Station for import food shop – we all bought cheese of some kind (lol) – and Starbucks! Yum 😀 I am a big fan of Nagaoka station and that will probably be where all my “fun allowance” goes. The import shop had some pretty good sales so I am looking forward to getting some hard to find ingrediants and special treats there.

After Nagaoka we were all pretty tired so we headed back to the “jikka” for a rest followed by a nice dinner out. We finished the night by playing “Jinsei Game” aka “The Game of Life” in English. Naoki ended up “betting his life” and getting the 10% chance on the roulette wheel to win the game. Very very shocking… it was a fun game though! We stayed up playing for at least 2 hours or so and then all crashed into bed.

This morning Ryohei, Shumpei, Naoki/Benay, and Laura got out Ryohei’s mah-jong set and played (some) of a game in the morning. I’ve never seen it before but it looked like fun and I got to “sub” for Shumpei, Laura, and Ryohei during various breaks they took. It would be fun to learn how to play but with just the two of us it seems like it would be boring. After that we went to Ryohei’s city hall festival which had a very “urusai” Anpanman show playing and lots of fun little food stalls. We had yummy sausages among other things but then it started raining so we headed back and after a bit more chatting it was time for everyone to head home mid-afternoon. Now it feels so quite again… I miss my friends it was so easy to just “be here” when I had people to talk to and laugh with and with the six of us there was always someone around or something going on. Samishii… I won’t see Lulu or Nay until after BG is here… I can hardly believe it. Anyways – if you girls are reading – thank you so much for coming all the way out here, I really appreciated it. I ❤ you guys so much and its so lonely without you guys around to laugh and talk with.

Pregnancy Stuff

So… while this whole fun weekend was going on my body pretty much decided it wanted to rebel agaisnt me. I suppose that the fact I will be 35 weeks from tomorrow is part of that fun. This will be the beginning of the last month of pregnancy and now I am realizing why most people don’t wish to be overdue. Anyways Friday I woke up with horrible rib pain again. I couldn’t sleep and this time rolling on to my side still didn’t fully take the pain away not to mention that whenever I was on my back for more than a second I had shooting waves of pain all up and down my back. BG was the highest she has ever been and completely encompassing my rib cage. I honestly wanted to just curl up and die… not possible since Lulu was here and of course I wanted to spend time with her as well. The pain continued through Friday night – despite getting an early night I was waking up at intervals of 1-2 hours just from the pain. It was so much worse than just bathroom breaks because at least after those sleeping is ok… but the pain would not let me sleep and I was just moaning and groaning so much and begging BG to move down and trying to push her down. I think at some point I was almost insane but I guess lack of sleep and pain does that – oh so much to look forward to. Anyways the pain persisted through the next morning and finally stopped when we drove up to Nagaoka. BG seems to like the rythem of the car and I think she either was sleeping or some how compressed herself so that she was lower down. You can actually feel the difference. The day before the top of my tummy was rock hard the whole day and night and after the hour long drive Saturday she had moved down a few inches. Thank god…

Anyways my relief was short lived since this afternoon at the festival just walking around and standing for an hour and a half did a number on my back and at one point my hip or some other lower body part popped giving me horrible sharp pains on my back in any position but lying down. Didn’t make me the best of company sadly… anyways I’m still feeling pain there depsite Ryohei’s best attempts and massaging it out… its just under too much fat (sigh) to make much of a difference. Having a bath helped but I can’t stay in the bath all night! Anyways hoping that after sleeping tonight I will feel better. It worries me that there may be up to 6 weeks of this crap left… (my clinic induces at 41 weeks so I know that will be the latest I have to go) Late pregnancy is not fun… I can’t imagine actually having another little kid and doing it… how the heck do people make do on their 2nd or 3rd + child!?

I think if this continues I will welcome labor with open arms if just to get some sort of function of my body back after. It feels like its been forever since I could do anything like bend down, get up without sounding like some sort of dying cow, or walk at a pace faster than turtle crawl…

Anyways – hopefully most of you are nodding in comiseration and not thinking I’m being a wuss. I have an OK pain threshold… but thinking that there is more than a month left of this would suck the genki out of anyone I think.

PS – The title of this post OBVIOUSLY refers to the first half… I was thinking I wanted to give birth due date or later.. but as long as we are moved in to the new place BG can feel free to debut anytime and I won’t have any complaints.


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I’m glad you had a great time with Nay and Lulu and the boys!

And yeah, late pregnancy really blows. I think I had it fairly easy in comparison, but no matter what, it isn’t comfortable. I hope you don’t go to 41 weeks, to get some relief as well as avoid induction, but even if you do go late, once BG is here the memories of the pain and the crappiness of the 3rd trimester — and labor — will fade quickly (that’s why people end up having more than one kid!). And I’m sure I’ll be asking you to remind me about that part in about 5 months or so … !

Haha… I hope so… I DO want more than one. Just wish that next time Ryohei would get the “pleasure” of carrying it to term!

Definitely nodding my head in comiseration over here! (I’m coming out of lurkerdom)….

I remember very, VERY well, those last few weeks of pregnancy…every time the doctor would do an internal and tell me the saloon doors were still tightly closed, I would sit there and cry…and he would pat my back and tell me “everything was going to be ok”. I welcomed labor with open arms at first, and was even induced after 42 weeks of pregnancy hell! Here’s hoping you and the babe make it through these last weeks the most comfortably you can….

oooh! and I forgot this part….at 38 weeks pregnant some a**hole hit me with his bicycle! to add to the misery and pain I was going through, he added a few bruises to the bum!

OUCH!! What the heck?! I hope he didn’t hit you on purpose!!
And 42 weeks doesn’t sound like fun at all… I really really hope I don’t have to wait that long. I was 10 days late myself – (also the first baby) so hoping its not a genetic thing.

Reading stories of first time babies born at 38 or 39 weeks make me very happy!! I don’t particularly want to be induced but I would sure love to get the baby out before she reaches sumo wrestler size.

oh cassandra, OUCH!!

the last few weeks can be sooo uncomfortable!! before labor, though, she should start moving down getting ready for birth so hopefully the uncomfortable position she’s in now will improve soon. only a few more weeks to go! i can hardly believe it!!

Def. feeling better today! Hoping that soon the “engagement” will happen. I can deal with having to pee a lot – but not so great at breath taking pain!

Hard to believe that despite how long it “feels” the whole pregnancy and birth part will be over in less than 6 weeks or so!! Scary but exciting at the same time 🙂

I had so much fun in Niigata! That was so funny about the tofu and the corn in the salad (I don`t eat corn either!)- I really do think your MIL thought that all foreigners love the same foods. The gyoza though were AWESOME! I loved those gyoza.

Was great to be able to see Naoki and Nay too- I think they may have got stuck in some traffic on the way home too, like our bus but I think they made it without TOO MUCH delay.

Oh and in case anybody was wondering- Sarah really is surrounded by rice paddies. THey were very cute though and the frogs were nosiy but I liked them! (That said, I was only there for two nights!)

Seeing you at 35 weeks pregnant made me a bit scared for the end of my pregnancy! I do hope you get some relief soon OR that you go into labour a week or two early. When is your next dr`s appt? This weekend right? Hope that goes well too.

Yah those were yummy gyoza. Once you get your own place we can cool-bin some down to you from MIL’s work.

My next appt – like yours – is this Saturday. I think after this week I have to start going in every week. At this point there isn’t really anything exciting about the appts – but you will get a great pic of goma-chan this weekend I think so I am looking forward to hearing about yours 🙂

I am glad that you had a good weekend and visit with Lulu, Nay and the boys! I feel for you because I remember the last trimester of pregnancy being hard and just wanting it to be over so I could see my little one and to feel comfortable again. However as soon as bg comes the exact feelings of how hard it all is quickly fades and after awhile you start thinking about having more. Hoping bg starts moving down for you!

Hahaha – I think we met when you were about this far along! I just remember you seemed so serene about all of it. thanks for the moving down vibes – I currently have a foot pressing agaisnt my lower ribs so hoping she will stop that soon.

Thats great that you had a good weekend with Nay and Lulu. Besides the late pregnancy pains, it sounds like you guys had lots of fun.

I am definitely not looking forward to the that last month. Hopefully BG moves positions soon to give you some kind of break.

Yah it was a great time!! Having friends around always puts things in perspective and despite the fact I’m still stuck in the middle of nowhere for the next 2 weeks I am hoping I have enough happy energy to get me though!

I hope your baby is nicer than BG the last month of pregnancy! From what others have told me it really is a mixed bag 😀 You might get lucky and not have any issues at all!

So glad you had a great weekend! Fun with friends is always a great way to get your mind of other junk!

I can definitely sympathize with you in these last few weeks of pregnancy! It can definitely be hell!

With #2, at 39 weeks I went for my check-up and refused to leave until the Dr. did something to help get my labor started! I was on the exam table, in the lovely paper gown, sobbing my heart out, begging her to DO SOMETHING!!!!! I told her I wasn’t leaving without being in labor! Of course she thought I was kidding and left the room so I could get dressed. When I didn’t immerge after 15 min, she came back to check on me. There I was, still naked and sobbing. I was serious! No amount of talking or trying to reason with me would work. She even called my hub IN GERMANY so he could try to talk some sense in to me. I wouldn’t even talk to him, this was all his fault! I was beyond miserable, so uncomfortable and in so much pain all the time, I think I actually did go insane for a little while!

Finally, she agreed to strip my membranes and I left, reluctantly and still crying. I went into labor 8 hours later! I honestly don’t know if I would have survived another day!

And I went on to get pregnant again, although I’ll never forget that last month of the second pregnancy, and lived in fear of it all through #3.

Like illahee said, hopefully BG will be dropping soon and you’ll be able to get some relief!

WOW – you poor thing. I can imagine it getting to that point though. Maybe I can scare them into doing that if it really gets bad. I suppose I need to at least wait another 3 weeks or so… 2 to get to full term and 1 to get moved in to the new apartment 🙂

Was your third pregnancy better then? At least I have hope that if/when there is a #2 that it isn’t assured it will be exactly like this pregnancy. I have carried really high since about the middle of 2nd trimester – maybe the next one will be low. Like I said – peeing – while annoying is forgivable, waking up every 2 hours feeling like I can’t breathe and in pain is not.

Glad you all have fun! I didn’t know the men were going too. That’s great!

I like what Brenda wrote. Maybe you could try that if nothing starts “happening” lol. Play the big scary gaijin card? I really hope you start feeling better… even if only for a few days before labour and post natal pains, tiredness and stress kick in. We’re in for a fun ride!

I agree about the 2 children thing. Knowing my friend Mayumi had a 1 year old while pregnant with her second… I can’t imagine being able to that!

Don’t worry Khea – I will give you the play by play once she is here!! Share the wealth – thats my motto 😉

Yah – BG’s sibling is going to be at least 2 years or so down the line. I need a while to recover if this is going to be happening again. So jealous you got to see a newborn recently!! I find that when I see a little baby these days it makes the whole pain and fear of birth a lot less 🙂

Sounds fun! I’m sure having your friends around (even for a short time) must be refreshing!
lol at MIL thinknig foreigners all love the same foods, my MIL is already planning for when my mum comes and is going to get a huge shock that my mum hates spicy food!
Ryota and I were thinknig of going to an onsen in Niigata at obon and really hope we can swing by and see you guys!
Hmmmm 3rd trimester shenannigans don’t sound so fun… I was incredibly lucky, I never had much to complain about when I was preggers, (you must hate me!) Try to rest it up and get Ryohei to be your person masseuse until BG makes her grand entrance!

Hahahaa… at all foreigners are the same.

Ohhhhh if you guys manage to come up – baring family commitments – I will make all the room in my schedule I can to meet up with you guys 😀 It would be so great to see you – and yes – you can play with my newborn and think about how great it would be to give Ash a sibling bwahahahha 😛

It sounds like there are alot of foreign food shops popping up in Japan now, which is good. 🙂

I’m sorry to hear the pain your baby is causing you. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that would be.

I wanted to ask you, alot of the baby books say you can’t take a bath while pregnant, but you take a bath, so do you think it’s ok to do? or do you just have a lukewarm bath?

I am craving a bath but I think I might be preg, so I don’t want to do anything to hurt the possible life in there. I’m so confused about what all the books say, you know?

Anyway, I hope your baby gives you some relief soon! 🙂

Theres a few places like Khaldi Coffee and Jupiter which you can find in various cities. Not exactly the most affordable option – but still better than nothing! It is nice to be able to walk into a store and see familiar items even if you can’t/won’t buy them.

I’ve actually been taking baths since about the end of my second trimester. Not super hot but not luke warm either – I can’t stay in very long anyways but it does really help. I wouldn’t take a bath during the first trimester… but seems that most women here (in Japan) take baths throughout their pregnancy.. just like eating sushi here is ok.

I’ve heard that the main concern for taking a bath is that your core body temp rises and that can be bad for the baby – but since my baths are usually less than 10 mins I don’t think that has ever been an issue.

Anyways since you are thinking you are pregnant – I would say maybe hold off until you get confirmation? I was a bit of a worrywart all first trimester so I would err on the side of caution . Good luck on maybe being pregnant!!

Thanks for the advice. I’m finding I’m worrying alot too, unnecessarily perhaps, but i don’t want to stuff anything up. I really appreciate the advice, thanks 🙂

Sounds like a great weekend. Have you tried doing the basic cat/ cow pose in yoga? Get down on all fours and slowly arch back, go back to flat back and then bend your back and return to straight back. Do this a few times and also rock your pelvis while in the position- supposedly helps adjust baby into a better position.

YES! I love that one… I actually tried to sleep like that when it got really bad Friday night – unfortunately that was impossible! So far I’ve been ok since Sunday, keeping my fingers crossed BG was just as excited about the weekend as I was and it won’t be happening again.

Also Masa has been doing reflexology and massage on my legs/ feet the past few days and the crazy pain has all disappeared. I don’t think that it will help with BG’s position but maybe the other aches and pain can be relieved.

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