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Wednesdays are boring

Posted on: June 17, 2009

Well… Ryohei is now a citizen of Nagaoka thanks to FIL and my trip to the city and back yesterday. It was pretty tiring actually. Ryohei’s parents live a good hour away from the city now (this will obviously be a benefit when we move as an hour is a bit far for in-laws to just “drop in”) and the drive sort of wears you out – esp. if theres only 20 minutes or so in between coming and going. We got back about 2 minutes after Ryohei got back from work, I caught a glimpse of him walking up the steps in his suit.

Now its Wednesday and there are still two days left until the weekend. It gets so boring here… and without anything to look forward to this weekend – I have another clinic appointment and then starting to move stuff coming up – theres really no genki energy left for me. Of course after the fun of last weekend, nothing will really match up for a while.

Until BG makes her appearence I don’t really have any big or fun plans – I’m hoping (expecting) to be so busy after she’s here that I don’t notice that fact. So now its just sort of taking it easy and waiting and getting moved in… Although Ryohei found out he has to work all day Sunday the 28th which really throws a wrench into our moving plans since it means that pretty much MOST of our moving needs to get done on the 27th. Of course we could just wait to finish moving until the NEXT weekend… but that would mean another week of me staying here in boring inaka-ville… its like the cosmic rice gods find my life here an amusement. Oh well… I do know that once we are out of here for good – that we will most likely never have to live with the inlaws for this long a period of time again! (yay!) I think that the both of us are on a firm consensus that any sort of living arrangement will be independent of them… at least for the next 2 years – maybe more – we will be living in the more convenient area of where our new apartment is located.

I am still feeling really homesick for America. I think once BG gets to the point where she starts going to kindy I am going to seriously look into getting a Masters Degree. I would love to have the kind of lifestyle where we could live a few years in Japan and then a few years back home… but that seems a bit impossible at this point. I think Ryohei and I have already determined that in either country its almost more practical for me to be the “moneymaker” while he is the “homemaker/job on the side” one. Ineterestingly enough… we were told the same thing by this lady who read both our palms earlier last month.

Anyways – my blog is boring today! Wow… and now in conclusion another Meme! This one is brought to you thanks from a tag from


Pick 6 unimportant things you love

Mention & link to the person who tagged you
1. “the perfect moment” – this is (for me) when it is nice weather, the sky is blue with a few clouds and there is a blreeze blowing and lightly russling my hair and the leaves in the trees and for just a couple seconds I feel completely at peace with the world and with life and everything (haven’t had one of these for a while… but used to get them on my lunch break at Kobe when I would go to the local park)
2. brownies – esp. warm out of the oven with a glass of ice cold milk
3. karaoke – I love singing and being able to do it at the top of my lungs without worrying about what other passers by think… it is a total stress release… and I haven’t been able to do it since before I moved here… hmm maybe that says something
4. trinkets – I’m sort of a sucker for little things that important friends have given me, i’m such a packrat I can’t throw anything away but on the upside when i come across something that reminds me of a good memory or something in the past I get all nostalgic and happy
5. baby clothes – so so so so cute… they don’t have anyone to wear them yet, but they will!
6. the smell of fabric softner/laundry detergent – so clean and fresh!!

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I’m so glad your FIL ended up driving you to the city. Long train rides are no fun at the best of times.

I remember feeling most homesick when I was pregnant too – feeling like a beached whale and unable to get the snacks I craved, no greenery anywhere (unlike you who has too much!) and no ‘real’ family to support me when I was feeling down. Hopefully it’ll lessen for you once your baby arrives or when you’re in your own apartment and no longer feel under scrutiny.

Not much longer to go……

Hahaha… I do LIKE greenery… just like when there are shops amongst the greenery instead of run down houses only. 😀

I am settling in to beached whale quite well… beached whale that has swallowed a bowling ball… blech!!

You\’ll be in that apartment before you know it!

I have bouts where I really want to move back to the States too. There are certain things I do miss about home, and certain things that make me nostalgic. Part of it is becoming a parent. I don\’t really know how to give my kids a \”normal\” life in China because it isn\’t really my turf and childhood is different here in a lot of ways. Not that I want my kids to relive my own childhood, but it would be nice if we could share some memories.

Anyhow, I think getting your Master\’s at some point is a great idea. I too plan to return to higher education. Plus, with the economy the way it is now I think I\’ll need at least a PhD before I have even a hope of landing a decent job back home.

I think you a spot on about becoming a parent and sort of thinking back on your childhood and wanting parts of that for your own children. I was thinking back on Thanksgivings and 4th of July picnics and summer camp and knowing that those aren’t really here… at least not on the scale that they are back home.

Yah I’d like to get a masters before I’m 30 but that means that I will probably need to work here for a couple years to save up for the program… not sure how it will all work out but I’m pretty good about making the things I want possible (they never DO just fall into your lap) so I’m sure that if I really really want to move our family back home and get a job it will happen eventually.

I am totally with you on the brownies!!!!! Like Jessica said, you\’ll be in your apt soon enough and have your own space, atmosphere is everything = )

Go for your Masters too, I did not get mine until a few years ago = )

Yah! I hope to do that although I suppose moving costs and taking care of a brand new baby will put it off for a few years!

Education is never a bad thing so hopefully it will work out!

Are you closer to the city where you new apartment is and does it have convenient transport for you to get around with?

The new apartment is in a “city” the second biggest in Niigata. Not on the same scale as Tokyo or even Kobe but still in walking distance of most shops and a network of buses to the out lying areas.

Hoping that it will make a big difference in my experience here.

So glad things went well! Good job Ryohei\’s Dad!

I\’ve got a van too, let me know if you need help moving stuff on the 28th! Hub is heading to the U.S. on the 27th for 3 weeks, so I\’ll be swingin\’ single, with nothing but time on my hands! I\’d love to check out your neck o\’ the woods! (I can bring brownies 😉 )

Hey!! I think we are set with moving but if you fancy a road trip up to Niigata for a day or so feel free! I’ll be at top beached whale condition so it probably wouldn’t be much fun but I am not one to turn away visitors esp. if they are bring brownies (lol)

brownies, huh? I’ll swap you a pizza for a brownie. mmmmmm…

Hope your next couple of weeks goes smoothly- and quickly!

I have no brownies right now sadly… although all this brownie talk may have me placing an order with “the flying pig” as I’ve noticed they have brownie mix for sale there.

I’m going to be eating plenty of pizza in Sept… hope you are ready!

Thanks for doing the six things! And just think of Wednesdays as Hump Day. It’s all downhill to the weekend from here!


Yup!! Thursday afternoon now!! Although now that I’ve quit work weekends and weekdays all just blend together… I think weekends are that time when my husband is around?! 😛 😛

not much longer until you are in your new apartment – moving sucks, but it will be worth it!!

where did you get your palms read in Japan? sounds interesting. did they say anything else that hit the nail on the head?

good luck for getting through the rest of the week.

actually had our palms read by this Indian lady who was studying business at a local school here in Niigata.

she was surprisingly on about a few things – mostly that Ryohei is horrible with money and it slips out of his hands as soon as he gets it but he is lucky because he has some sort of “protection” which means he is provided with what he needs – (i thought of the whole granny shelling out for his new car, me helping him get through school, his parents “timely” giving him extra cash)

mine wasn’t as accurate because she said i was very artistic (i’m not) but she said i would travel to a lot of countries, that because of me my marriage would be “just like it was when it started” even in my old age, and that i have really good “job and money luck” she also said i have some sort of protection like in my past life i did something very good so that carried over to this life and watches over me… or something?

it was interesting!!

Cool reading, esp the bit abt your marriage being just like it was when it started and good job and money luck!

I once had my palms read/tarot card reading in Aus about month before coming to Japan to work. The lady said she could see a foreign country around me (but she then blew it when she said the Netherlands, lol) but she also said that a man with black hair would be asking me “to come” soon…..got a phone call from my future Japanese boss a week later and he actually said “kitekudasai…”please come to Japan”. That was pretty cool.

It’s kinda interesting, isn’t it!

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