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Progress (moving)

Posted on: June 18, 2009

Probably will be another boring post today, but I always end up losing my lists so you the blogging public also get to be privy to our moving info… woo hoo – don’t you feel special?

Utilities (I spent about 3 minutes trying to remember what this word was…. yikes)

Gas – turned on 6/21
Electricity – turned on 6/27
Water – turned on 6/27
Internet – should be up and running by weekend of July 4th baring no complications

Moving Stuff

6/20 – One trip of boxes when we go to pick up our keys and my Drs. Appt.
6/21 – One trip of boxes when we go to wait for the gas to be turned on… maybe two if FIL gets his car back in time plus we are taking him out for ramen for Father’s Day
6/27 – The “big stuff” gets moved aka our mattress, our chest of drawers… plus (see below)
6/28 – Ryohei has to work all day… which means no moving can really be done 😦

Buying Stuff

6/27 – Apparently we are going to get most of our stuff from the second hand shop. In between moving and the owner (who we talked to 2 weekends ago) said he will deliver and install all the big stuff – washing machine, fridge, maybe aircon for 1000 yen total (WOW!)
6/28 – While Ryohei is at work second hand shop man should come and install the stuff… when Ryohei gets home that night HOPEFULLY we will go and buy the “holy oven”
7/??- not exactly sure when we will go about getting dining table/sofa/etc… hopefully before the baby is here… we will probably go the second hand shop route for them but the one we went to for the electrics didn’t have a very good selection so we will probably go second hand shop looking the July 4th weekend

Anyways… if all goes well… the first night at the apartment should be the 27th? Thats less than 10 days from now!! And a good thing since my weekly appointments should be starting from this week on and I can take the bus by myself to them on a weekday and hopefully avoid most of the crowds.

Last night Ryohei asked if I wanted to go and see a “play” with him… now I like theater and LOVE musical theater… but was very very skeptical of what sort of “play” this would be. Apparently its being put on by the local business union about the Japanese Constitution?! Umm… ok. If anything it may provide foder for another amusing blog post… on the upside we are going to have dinner (pay day dinner) at this really yummy Italian place that is run by a guy who actually studied in Italy! We have a half off coupon for the most expensive pizza on the menu covered in imported buffalo milk cheese… so that should be fun!! We haven’t had a “date” for a while.. so I guess I’ll take what I can get.

And… on the upside – I found out that they will be raising Ryohei’s “gas allowence” when we move. I thought it was just set to a certain number a month but they will actually give him more “gas money” since he is driving a longer distance to work now!! Yay – that was one of my secret fears – that the extra gas money would be sort of an issue – but looks like that is in the clear as well!

This month is going decidely better than the last one – but SIL and BIL are coming to spend the night here tomorrow and we all remember what happened last time I met up with SIL. Stay tuned for a weekend post!?!


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That’s awesome! I’m so jealous.. moving… an OVEN… sounds like everything is slowly working itself out! =) That’s always good.

That restaurant sounds yum!! Yay for (probably) authentic tasting food! I know what you mean, we went out for dinner… on Monday? for the first time in months XD It’s so nice to get out just the two of us, especially knowing it won’t be happening much for a a while again.

Good luck with SIL. Sounds like a blast waiting to happen. But again.. unfortunated events always make better stories afterwards =)

At this point as long as its not Japanese food I am A-OK about eating it… one of the reasons I am looking forward to an oven.. I miss “baked” dinners!

Glad you guys got a date in as well… it feels like sometimes Ryohei and I are taking our last weeks of being a twosome for granted… but at the same time I can’t help but wish BG would get her little boney butt out!!

Oh totally! After reading the other comments it looks like I’m the only one without an oven now =( Oh how I would love to bake food and sweets…

Yea, hope you guys enjoy your date =) It’s hard to decide which you want more eh?

Sara, did you hire a moving company? I am looking forward to playful post.

Good luck on the moving!

Nope – no moving company just good old father and son and two cars with a lot of room πŸ™‚

Well that will save you some nice YEN, that was very kind of them Sara = )

Yay for lists. You know how I love them!

Sounds like everything is coming together- I guess the 28th will be spent unpacking for you huh, while Ryohei is at work for election day?

So on the 29th they will deliver all of those things? That sounds good! Oh and an oven- oh how I love my oven! I am sure you will love it too! Lasange, baking, it is endless!

10 days! WOO!

Haha I should have known you would approve of the list. The one of all the countries we’ve been too is still sitting on the kitchen table here.

I would love to try Lasange… I’ve actually never made it before! I’m looking forward to killing some of my free time before the baby comes learning to cook a few new things πŸ™‚

You sound like you guys are more organised than us. I know we have organised the internet but Naoki hasn’t done anything else yet!! We are meant to be moving the same day as you guys!!!

As Lulu said, I bet you will love your oven once you get it! I couldn’t live without mine now!!

Well it was you who reminded me to get Ryohei started on researching the internet!! The other utilities don’t take so long so just make sure to get Naoki on it before the end of next week!!

Thank you thank you thank you! Totally forgot about Father’s Day. In my defence, in Australia it’s September….

Looks like you are pretty organised. And you can get some great stuff at the recycle shop, just ask our kitchen! πŸ™‚

I try to please!

Yes – I am one of those annoying people who likes to plan down to the last detail!!

I actually love recycle shop, so much good stuff for so cheap!!!

OMG Fathers Day…thank you!!

Very exciting about the big move.Wishing you a stress free time of it all!

Thanks!! Hoping it goes smoothly as possible!

OH SHIT…….brb have to run to the post office….. my poor dad…. thanks for reminding me.

You can still make it!!

I will have to be making some similar lists, too, as I believe I will be moving near the end of September. Moving royally sucks, but it’s nice that it sounds like you have most of it under control. It’s so nice when people volunteer to help! πŸ™‚

Italian food souns deeeeeeelicious! Could definitely use some now, in fact, maybe that will be my lunch. Not as yummy, though, I suspect.

And Naofy always tried to tell me that his convection microwave was just fine as an oven…it wasn’t until maybe he experienced a real oven here that he saw the difference. There is no way I could go without having one – the microwave and fish ovens don’t cut it!

Good luck with your move!!! Are you in Japan or your home country still?

I had a (crappy) convection oven in Kobe and am looking forward to closer to the real thing here – nothing beats the big ones we have back in America but I’m looking forward to one where I can actually roast a chicken or a beef (lol) and make cookies that come out evenly baked!! Yay!

I remember “ours” (it might as well have been mine, it was only me who baked in it!) had one tiny rack and once Naofy discovered the wonders of garlic bread I had to attempt to make it all the time…sometimes it burned ’cause it was so small. It would be so lovely to have a decent sized one, so, yay for that! I definitely get it. πŸ˜€

And no Japan moves at the moment…I think we’ll be here for awhile, particularly because I hoooope to start law school next year. πŸ™‚ Hopefully to Brooklyn!

An oven! That was the FIRST thing I bought when we got married. I camped for three years without one and it was more than long enough. We got a convection oven/microwave combination and it works fine. It is small but still bigger than a lot I see these days. It has two big shelves in it and can fit a small turkey in.

Not that I want to put a jinx on it but it is still working fine, since 1994! It will probably go up in smoke the next time I use it now…

When we moved into our first apartment after marrying, there were no curtains, nor even curtain rods, no lights, no NOTHING! Just an empty shell with wires sticking out everwhere. We had to go and buy lights, curtains and curtain rods for the living room, kitchen and bedroom right away. The toilet, bathroom and corridor got bare lightbulbs and a “no streaking past the windows” policy for a few weeks!

Sending your oven no-jinx vibes!!
We pretty much will be doing the same as you – I think we have to get EVERYTHING curtains, lights(?)

It would be fun if it didn’t cost money lol… but then again its better we are doing all this before the baby is here as I think all home fixings will be put on long term rest after her arrival.

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