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Cloud of Anxiety

Posted on: June 19, 2009

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night… I think I was up tossing and turning until at least 3:30. BG really is a “night baby” and its not because the only time I’m lying down is at night. Sure I try to still get in a walk or two a day but besides that I’m usually in beached whale position and she is perfectly content to sleep along until… oh 9pm or so… and then the “day” begins for her. Usually I must be able to sleep through some of it but last night was really bad and I remember it starting to get light outside before I actually fell asleep. However… we did have a really cute moment last night.

Since Monday the local shrine (located across the road from Ryohei’s bedroom window) has been having taiko drum practice everynight from 8- 10 + pm. This practice will be taking place until mid-July… talk about a neighborhood disturbance. Usually I close the windows to block them out but last night I was in a decent mood after our “date” so I kept them open and was amused beyond all belief when BG started “dancing” to them… it was pretty hilarious she was tapping her feet and sort of swerving around in my tummy… even Ryohei was watching in amazement. It was really adorable.. I would video it to show you guys but my tummy looks like its spent a few minutes in a blender and not something I really want to show the whole interwebs. But take my word for it, it was really cute! Maybe I’ll leave the windows open for taiko practice more often now 🙂

Tomorrow is the first moving day plus another clinic visit. I think we’ll also go to the big electronic store to check out ovens. I will probably end up ordering the one I want online since you can get them for 1-2 man cheaper that way, but I still want to take a test look at the two different types I am interested in. If anyone else has an oven recommendation let me know… I am currently considering one by Hitachi or Panasonic… the Hitachi ones seem to be the most popular though. Anything in the 3-5 man price range would be fine. This is coming out of my savings as a present to myself… although I’m hoping Ryohei’s Winter Bonus brings me a bread maker as well… I figure that for pushing a giant watermelon out of a keyhole I get a decent Christmas present this year 😛

As usual on Friday I am feeling a bit blue today. I guess its always like this… even though we had a nice time yesterday and the food was yummy and the play – which turned out to be more of a one man comedy show – was also pretty interesting. At least the parts I understood… but after almost an hour and a half of sitting in the hard and cramped seats and dealing with heartburn ( which was worth it because of the yummy italian food) I had to leave for the last 20 minutes of the show.

I have about a month until my due date left… which means in all likelyhood BG could be here a month from now. And I am sort of starting to feel that “wish to seperate myself” vibe that I’ve heard happens. I don’t mind when Ryohei is around but I don’t really want to see anyone else… not MIL, not FIL, not SIL… I just would rather be alone at this point. So I think I will be thankful that this coming week is the last week of my “confinement” here in the inaka and that after that I will be able to come and go as I please without worrying about ruffling feathers if I don’t say “tadaima” when I get back home or give Ryohei food that I can’t/won’t eat at the dinner table.

At this point pretty much 75% of all thinking and thought time has turned to the baby… the other 24% is making sure that moving goes smoothly. I guess its only natural to think about it… and try to grasp just how different life is going to be by the end of next month. I was trying to think about it last night – but I guess since I’ve never dealt with a baby esp. not my own, I have no idea how its going to be. I’ve heard so many different opinions and experiences and I don’t know how mine is going to match up. Even with pregnancy you hear “oh I had this…” or “expect this” but many of the things others warned me about never happened, and some that no one did – did happen. So I can imagine that life with a new baby would be the same…

Ryohei told me last night he thinks that she will be early… but I think that is just wishful thinking on his part since he has a wedding party to go to on the 19th (2 days before due date) and if I have already given birth/am in the clinic by then he can go and party his little heart out without worrying if he can have a beer incase his ready to pop wife pops that night leaving him unable to come and pick me up. Speaking of the BG Guessing Game will be closing in about a week (aka the day before we move to Nagaoka) so if you haven’t “made your prediction” nows your second and last chance! The closest person – besides proving their super cool psychic powers – will get something from BG and me after I have dealt with newborn craziness.

So I guess thats it really… I’m sure that I’ll have more interesting stuff to say after the weekend and I plan to bring the camera tomorrow and take a few pics of the new apartment in “stage empty” so that you guys can see where we will be living. I sort of wish that BIL and SIL weren’t coming to spend the night tonight as it means I have to “ki wo tsukatte” and talk with them when I really don’t want to. I’m still a bit miffed at SIL from last time when I had to be on the verge of tears before she quit harassing me about which brother was going to take over the house and take care of our PIL in their old age…

Oh well… in just a week or so I will be in Nagaoka and away from all the rice fields, relatives, and taiko drumming.. however to be honest – this month has been much much better than the last. Probably because we are moving… but still I don’t think I’ve had more than 1 or maybe 2 (I’m not making notches in my belt) crying spells this whole month. Last month I could have filled a rice paddie with all my salty tears 😛


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Just checked you baby game and Laura wished you a 59cm baby??? I thought she was your friend! ;P

Glad you’re feeling better this month.

Meg was an active at night pregnancy too. K used to talk to her and read her “I am Sam” He says hearing daddy’s voice calmed her. I say hearing Dr Seuss in non-rhyme conscious beginner English put her to sleep…. either way it worked so maybe worth a try?

A new oven, how exciting. No recommendations here sorry as mines really old but if there’s an option to buy a second oven tray do it before they discontinue your model!!

hahahha yah Laura’s “entry” made me laugh/wince/gasp at the same time.. don’t worry I am wishing the same huge baby vibes to her so that she doesn’t feel left out!!

how cute about your husband reading to her!!!! BG seems to like Ryohei as well and moves around when he talks to her… me – nothing…

I guess its true about Daddy’s girls ;D

I just entered your guessing competition, July 18th, hopefully early so you can get abit of relief. haha 🙂

What do you mean about giving Ryohei food that you can’t/won’t eat?

When I was living with my in-laws in hokkaido I hated having to say “okaeri’ and “tadaima” and purposely didn’t say it, but sometimes Yasu would make me say it to my FIL which I hated. I guess its’ the rebel in me. 😉

Good luck with your oven! Shopping for anything, even an oven is exciting, I hope you find the one you want. 🙂

I think your little girl is going to be very musical if she loves the taiko. 🙂 I think it would be a cute video to take to show her when she has grown up “look at you when you were in mum’s tummy” haha 🙂

Ryohei is my garbage disposal… I can eat most stuff but he gets all my leftovers or things i absolutely hate!

It would be cool if she is musical!! Both Ryohei and I have musical interests so it would be fun to share with her when she gets older 🙂

Ahhh I see. Yasu is like that too!! He always eats my leftovers, it’s good in a way as nothing gets wasted. 🙂

I am so happy this month has been better for you. I love the bg guessing game, so cute. I put in my guess but I am always crap at guess so I just used R’s stats. I can not believe it is only about a month away! It feels like just yesterday you were telling us in the elevator at Tennoji! So excited for you. Hugs to you for your last month!

thats ok i am crap at guessing too…
i bet when all is said and done i am going to be in the bottom 25% of the ranks for the game (lol)

gosh I remember that day… it feels like so long ago… i was less than 6 weeks then!!! Raiden was just a tiny little guy then!!

I am also so glad to hear that this month has been a better one for you 🙂 Only 8 more sleeps until you will be living in your new apartment!! YAY!! Freedom, privacy, no polite Japanese, away from the rice paddies – it sounds perfect 😛

Don’t worry too much about the arrival of BG – once you give birth you will somehow find your way. I guess it’s because you have to – you really have no choice. It’s not like you can give the baby back to the mother after you have had a little play 🙂 I know, that you are going to be a perfect mother. I really think that BG is really lucky to have you as her mum!

I hope that your SIL doesn’t cause anymore problems for you this time!! I am always online if you need to rant (btw, I’m serious about being online… I’ve just been invisable this week!) But seriously if you need somebody to talk to, I will always lend you my ear 🙂

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow!

awww thanks for the supportive comment nay – you are so sweet!! (please come to niigata and help me!! ;_;)

SIL’s visit was ok… because I didn’t really talk to her… I didn’t mean to be rude or anything – just had nothing really to say!

I haven’t been on Skype much lately either… not really sure why… just taking a break I suppose?

DS was a night baby too, but I think that’s partly my fault. I was also drinking much more coffee than I should have at nigh especially. I have a weakness for an after dinner cup of coffee, probably didn’t help. 😛

SIL better not start in on it this time, but at least the boys will be there so you can probably just stay out of that particular discussion if it does come up. I didn’t really feel much like going out or seeing people during my last month of pregnancy either. I’m sort of a weirdo in that I really hate having people lavish a lot of attention on me. Part of it was that, especially after my due date (and then a week after my due date … going on 2 weeks after my due date … lol) people would keep making stupid comments. “Haven’t you popped yet?” Gosh I hate that phrase so much! Since I was in Kunming and knew practically every expat in town I couldn’t walk out the door without running into someone I knew asking about when I was going to hurry up and have the baby already. So maybe it is a bit of a blessing in disguise that you can sort of hide out these last few weeks, at least in Nagaoka you can be a fairly anonymous pregnant woman. I’m looking forward to that about staying in Beijing actually.

Hahaha thats true… although I get the feeling that in the next 2-3 weeks I’m going to be getting quite a few texts asking if anythings happened.

I am def. going through a “leave me alone” and running away and hiding phase… isn’t that what animals do before they give birth? or is before they die?

Should be a different experience for you in BEijing, eh!? I hope you’ll write a blog comparing the two sometime in early 2010!

ooh….oven shopping, so exciting. Let me just say I have both the Japanese microwave/oven and a toaster over. The one I love the best and use all the time: my toaster oven. Its a delonghi, comes with a pizza stone so it fits those japanese size pizzas without a problem. The stone can also be used for cookies. I use it to make cookies, pies, muffins, cooking meat, lasanga, etc.

The reason I never really cared for my japanese one is that if you need to open the door to check on whats cooking it stops and you have to start it up all over again which is rather annoying. Its just collecting dust at the moment, not sure when the last time I used it was….

Can`t wait to hear what you get and how it works.

Ohh? We looked at ovens today and the one I liked was a toaster, microwave, and oven in one… not sure if I am fully committed yet.

I AM looking forward to cooking with it! Yes I am… I think my first effort will be banana bread if I can find a loaf pan somewhere!

I recommend the Hitachi, that’s what I have and love it. Make sure whatever you get that it’s at least 30cm wide, so meat is an option.

Also, if you find a cheap internet price, just show it to the real store and they will mark i down, that way you won’t have to wait! It’s totally possible to bargain at electronics stores, they are so desperate for customers now!

Yah I walked straight past the little ones to the big section… I figure if I’m going all out to buy an oven than I might as well get one that has everything I need to cook!

I didn’t know that tip about showing the store! Thats a good idea!! I will have to try that so we don’t have to wait for any shipping!!

Sara isn’t kakaku.com the BEST? I hope you’ll check their prices against nekko (sorry I forgot the name of the site).

We have a front loader Washer/Dryer but it was only 7kg (and I kept kicking it off cycle, trying to shove my queen blankets in there), well finally it broke after a few years of use, warranty is up and OMG rainy season is here.

Anyhoo, we went to Yamada Denki and it was 2.8 which is a lot for a washer/dryer combo, they had the 10kg avail and I was salivating, anyway Kakaku had it for half that… huge savings.

Jen is right about them marking prices down, I am all about saving as much as I love to shop…

I think your bub will be an early arrival, I think I missed the post but did you name her yet?

Yah I use those sites all the time! We got a great deal on a panal heater (the one I was writting about at the beginning of the year) from using kakaku and rakuten.

We do have our baby name picked out!! But I’m not going to announce it publically until she is born – we’ve already gotten stuff with her name put on it so I think its pretty safe to say that its going to be her name…

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