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New Apartment – Before

Posted on: June 20, 2009

We got the keys to the new apartment today! Of course moving in is not happening until the end of the month… or even later. We might spend one more week here at the in-laws since we won’t have the net connected until about July 7th… and it gives us one more weekend to move stuff in especially since Ryohei has to work next Sunday. Not 100% thrilled about the prospect of one more week and the in-laws, but I guess I am that dependent on the internet… (haha please don’t laugh) So we’ll probably end up moving in July 4th… but we really have NOTHING besides boxes so that gives us a bit more time to shop for stuff.

Anyways I took some pictures of the new apartment but they aren’t so great… sorry I’m not really a good photographer. But a few people asked for a brief look so I will display our three very very empty rooms.


The somewhat tiny living/dining room… our plans at this point are to just put a dining table down here and get a sofa and TV etc when we have a bit more money…


This is a room that is about the same size as the dining/living room. We will be putting our matress and BG’s bed in this room as well as keeping our clothes in here.


This is the guestroom for now we’ll both put our computers and eventually a desk for Ryohei in here. Once BG gets a bit bigger this room might have a change of function… but for now it’s sort of the multi-purpose room.

We have a lot to work on for the apartment… a lot of the windows don’t have screens and none have curtains plus we have to install another A/C (maybe two), washing machine, fridge… etc etc… hopefully we’ll be able to get basic living stuff in place before BG comes. We will be sitting down sometime this week to make a list of EXACTLY what we need to buy to start with… like I said we both are ok with just keeping the downstairs as a place to eat so we won’t be getting a sofa or tv or anything fun for down there yet… hopefully any guests that come after BG is born won’t mind…

I might make another post later about how the weekend has been in general but wanted to keep apartment stuff in its own post first!


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You are off to a fabulous start, screens aside, etc it looks very clean = )

Hey and you have neighbors, that is fantastic!!!!!

yah!! they did clean it up for us 😀
looking forward to living there!

very pretty, i love the shiny floors!!

haha so did Ryohei … he was channeling Ferris Bueller or something and sliding around on them!

Moving July 4? As in *Independence* Day? He he he. ;P

Your place looks lovely and bright and it really is a couple activity setting up the family home. Hope you have heaps of fun!

yes – Independance Day, I didn’t put 2 +2 together!

Looking forward to the “fun!” just hope that BG doesn’t want to join in on mommy and daddys making the house livable time ;D

It looks brand new, very nice! We had a similar setup with DS sleeping in our room and our computers in the spare room when DS was born and even when we first moved to Beijing. DS moved into his own room at about 8 months, when my parents came to visit and we gave them our big room for the duration of the visit. It worked pretty well for us up until then, but it was good getting him into his own room too (we tended to wake him up when we went to bed, since we of course went to sleep a lot later than an infant. Gotta be careful about that). Once we moved DS into the computer room the computers moved to the living room. We’re looking at getting a 3 bedroom for our next place but we’ll see if we can afford it.

Good luck moving, how exciting that it is really happening!

Yup! Will take caution when sleeping – if things don’t work out Ryohei can move into the extra bedroom or BG can depending on what we find works best for our situation!!

Hope you get a 3 bedroom place! I know once our baby #2 is on the way that we will def. need more rooms!

Yay how exciting! It’s so nice to have a blank canvas and plan room layouts etc. They’ve done a good job cleaning it up for you ::)

Yes!! Now its time to make it messy again – lol
all of the rooms are now full of boxes so its not as pretty 😛

Decorating should be fun though!!

Oh, the insides looks as good as I imagined!! YAY!! How exciting! I can’t wait to see the insides for myself! I am very jealous 🙂

Well I’m thinking you’ll be one of our first visitors depending on when BG makes her apperance… which means you probably won’t be able to see the apartment in its full glory 😦

I liked seeing your apartment too!!
Moving is a pain but sort of fun to set up your new place!

cool. cant wait to see the “after” shots too! I think that your idea to keep it simple to start with is good! you can always add more furniture once you start living there are have a better idea of what you actually need, and what can fit in where!!

good luck moving – sure it wont be fun, but the reward will be GREAT (wishing I knew how to put a smiley face in here, does this work? 🙂 hehe

Yup simple is good… we are trying to keep our furnature/furnishings budget under 25man for now so hopefully we will be able to get what we need for now and then when we get a bit more money from Ryohei’s bonus we can start adding more “fun” things!

And you got the smileys to work is seems lol

It looks really nice. Is that a 2 story building? 🙂

Do you guys use a futon or do you have a frame bed with a mattress? Just curious! 🙂

It’s 2 storys… I think its called a “terrace house”
The 1st floor is the living room/kitchen/bath/toliet and the second floor is two rooms (no bathroom!)

We sleep on a matress but with no bed frame… I’d like to get one eventually or add another single or semi-double mattress to the one we have now because its a bit cramped but more important things to get to at the moment.

It looks perfect =)

Clean, big (enough), bright, fairly new… you must be excited!
The fun part will be setting it up to reflect your OWN personality.. that’s always my favourite part anyways. Hope the move goes smooth and quick!

Hahaha I think Ryohei will protest if I go ALL PINK which would be my designing style… so I guess some compromise is needed 🙂

hope you will be able to move soon too hun!

It looks great- LOVE THE FLOORS!

Can`t wait to see the inside for myself and what you do with it!

Oh the joys of moving.

Yup!! I’m sure you will be very familiar with the new apartment for the 2-3 years we plan to live there 😀

I can’t wait to see what kind of place you end up with too

Have you checked out Nissen.co.jp for curtains, carpets and furniture? I ordered a lot of stuff from them when we first moved into our place and I believe they’re having a furniture sale at the moment. Definitely worth a look.

Hope you enjoy putting your personal touch on the place. I’m looking forward to seeing the after pictures.

I checked out Nissen – I think we will end up getting curtains etc from there! Its fun to pick out a color scheme… I’ve never really gotten to design my own living layout before!!

Hopefully the after pictures will come before BG does or they may never come at all (lol)

I recommend Nissen too, they also have clothes not made for XXXXS people! We did a Nitori/ Ikea run as well but not sure where the closest Ikea to you would be. Looks really nice, I’m so happy for you guys! I think a blue tent would do as long as it was in starbucks walking distance right…? 😉

Sadly no IKEA’s in Niigata…
Hahaha I’m looking forward to blogging my first “walk to starbucks”

In America when I was in Uni I lived close enough to walk to at least 3 starbucks but have never been close enough to walk while living (anywhere) in Japan!

So nice, new and shiny! Love it!

Thanks!!! Are you going to be getting your own place when you move back to Canada?

We will be living with the parents until Seiyan has a job and then we will be looking for a place. We are thinking of buying a duplex and renting out the otherside which will cover mortgage payments. Anyway we do it I am looking forward to a bigger place than now 🙂

Oh, I third nissen btw. I’ve gotten alot of great things (clothes, house items, etc) from there for cheap. Online has frequent sales too =)

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