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Thirty six and tired

Posted on: June 23, 2009

Wow – my weekly pregnancy update letter wasn’t kidding when it said I “may be experiencing some exhaustion and fatigue” this week. I feel completely and utterly pooped from doing pretty much nothing. I took a walk today since the rain let up and since coming back I have been so tired and want to sleep – but its really hard for me to take cat naps so instead I’m just trying to relax and ponder why my energy has been sucked into a black hole.

Also.. I’m happy (?) to report I believe BG is on the way down. I’m feeling a lot more pressure on the “lower” parts of my body and rib attacks have started to slow up the last couple days. I’m 36 weeks today so looks like things I right on schedule. I don’t think she’s completely into the final position yet but def. will be there soon – I wouldn’t be surprised if they told me she was engaged at my next appointment on Saturday. Yup – down to an appt. a week now (fun)

I am sort of stressing about moving – not so much the actual moving but when and HOW we are going to aquire all our stuff. Ryohei told me he’s really busy this weekend – they are having city elections this weekend – so he has to prep in the afternoon on Saturday and then he’s got the “night shift” for the elections on Sunday which means he will be working until past midnight Sunday night. It’s probably a good thing that we delayed moving a week or I would have been alone in an apartment with no fridge, range, washing machine, etc etc. At least we will start making some headway and order our “gas table” tonight so that hopefully we can install it this weekend since I think we will be going either Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon to deliver some more stuff.

I’m also in the process of looking at things like curtains online but really confused about what to get. I’ve never bought curtains before.. I am wondering whether to splurge a bit and go for the “light proof and sound proof” curtains in particular for the upstairs rooms since we are right next to the gymnasium of an elementary school and it might help to have a bit more noise-proofing for BG while she’s napping. Our kitchen is also really really tiny so I am trying to figure out how to arrange stuff in it… theres no “food prep area” so we have to go about getting a counter or something… (more $$$ sigh) and then figuring out how to lay that out as well as the fridge… the kitchen area is really the only part of the apartment I have issues with since it is SO small.

But not being able to “be there” and do anything is annoying. And now that this weekend has been “cut short” by Ryohei having to work – I am feeling more stressed. I know that ONCE we get there and get settled in it will be a really nice place but getting from Point A to Point B seems pretty daunting especially if just taking a 45 minute walk is enough to send me to bed for the next 2 hours.

Anyways – this week is just going slow. Hopefully I will be able to get some stuff ordered online so I feel like I’ve been a bit productive.

Oh and BG really really LOVES the Taiko Drums it seems. She gets really really excited when they go off and my stomach looks like something out of an alien movie. That is the ONLY time she really moves around… looks like maybe we should me calling her Matsuri or something and not the name that we’ve already picked out 🙂

Speaking of names, I ❤ her name so much!! I’ve had the first name in mind since before even meeting Ryohei and the middle name came to me about 6 months before she was even concieved. One of the reasons I was so excited to find out she was a girl was so that I could use it! Some of you I’ve blabbed to but those of you who are still in the dark – tanoshimi ni shite ne!! Only about a month or so more ;D


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i would say definitely splurge for light/sound blocking curtains, at least for one room. i only had the lace ones that let in light but make it so people can’t see in for 2 years. then i finally bought light blocking curtains and now i can’t imagine not having them!! they took a good night’s sleep to a whole ‘nother level! haha…

they ARE a bit more expensive, so i think at the very least, you should pick one room for those curtains and then maybe go for something cheaper for the other rooms?

as for the lack of furniture and such: i lived in my apartment with a range top, fridge, mattress and cardboard box desk for several months. of course you’ll have a baby, but, you’ll find that you can make things work out with less than you may think you need. i’d say as long as your utilities are all on, and you get a fridge, range/stove and a washing machine, the rest will come when you have the money, or when you realize you can’t stand not having it anymore (whatever “it” ends of being at the time).

maybe it’s just me, but moving and decorating and planning is so exciting!! enjoy it, as much as you can in your very pregnant state (;P) and do please keep us updated with photos!!

also, i’m super excited now about finding out BG’s name!!

ok I am sold on the curtains… will put a bit out to make sure we get them at least in our bedroom – the other rooms can just be “normal” curtains!!

thats true – i remember when i first moved to japan all i had was a little chair a kotatsu table and a futon… hahah how quickly we get used to the “high life” of actually having lots of stuff!!

we’ve made our list though – so now comes the fun of checking everything off as we buy it 😀

Yeah, only a few more weeks until BG makes her grand entrance.

I definitely think kitchen spaces are designed by men who have never done anything in the kitchen besides eat. If they had to cook and clean it I think the kitchens would definitely be designed differently.

At least in this country I doubt most (older) men have set foot in one!! Thankfully mine does – he def. would still be single or at least not with me if he expected a full service dishwasher/cook/waitress!!

So glad to hear she’s making her way down South =) Must be a bit of a pain relief at least. 36 weeks… wow… goes by so fast!

About the kitchen.. I only have a 20cm “counter space” between the stove and sink and no real room to put a counter in either, so I feel your pain lol. I bought a large sturdy cutting board and place it across the sink when I need it… gives me 4x the space while cooking anyways. Might try that for starters?

I love the first name too =) Can’t wait to match the name to a little face!

Its def. better than her being up in the ribs – although I do feel quite a bit of pressure down “there” and I’ve started waddling. lol

Oh wow – it would be interesting to see a picture of your set up. I should have taken a picture of mine as well to show just how small it is… I think we have decided to get the “counter” and consider it a good purchase since it can hold my oven and our rice cooker and hot pot etc etc!!!

I want to know your name………… gahhhh the suspense is killing me!

My name is Khea, I thought you knew that =P

very funny my cute canadian friend, very funny 😛

I am with Jo, splurge, splurge, splurge darling, you’ll love the peace and quiet this will bring you (cranky bub, waking up from outside noise, etc).

Try not to fret so much about moving, you’ll be settled in before you know and you’ll have that “sigh” of relief, this is my place, all my-own-place-sigh-of-all-sighs!

Khea made me giggle “down south”! There can never be enough counter space, when I think I have a lot, I end up adding more appliances.

Have you decided on any interior colors/styles that you might go with? Shabby Chic, Shabby Chic modern?

opps.. I made a mistake sorry, I logged in under the wrong account.

Not sure if we really have the budget to decorate in a certain style at this point – but I’m thinking cool colors and darker wood colors?

Haha.. I’m really not a very creative person – I think the design you’ve done on your place is amazing tho!

Hmmmm, I found the baby could sleep through anything but it was me who wanted light sound blocking curtains! Either way they’re worth it! For the bench space for ages I used a piece of wood we bought at Cainz for about 800 yen and cut to fit across the sink as my bench space. It was great because it fit between the fridge and the wall when i wasn’t using it. 🙂

Election day is CRAZY and also pretty crazy boring- I officiated at one when I worked in Fukushima. So poor you but poor Ryohei, too. So close to moving, so close to having BG, must be so exciting!

Ohhh thats not a bad idea!! But I think we are going with the “counter” at least thats what Ryohei wants now although I sort of tried to talk him out of it… but oh well!!

Yah elections are BORING – plus he has to do the ballot counting… that seems so stressful and tiring plus the fact he has to do it from 9pm – 12am makes it really really yuck. Poor guy – sucks to be a first year employee 😛

Ha! Would be funny if you did name her Matsuri! It’s quite a pretty sounding name! Can’t wait to here what you do call her though! Japanese girls names are so beautiful! Well, most of them!

I actually like the name Matsuri a lot! I agree Japanese girls names are (for the most part) really cute!! I like a lot of them – boys names on the other hand… a lot more difficult…

Ditto on the curtains. I find that Shou and Marina can sleep with the noise – we have the town speaker in our back yard and I doubt even sound blocking curtains would shut that up. The black out ones I got a month or so back are really good though and were cheap ones from nafco home center.

four weeks!! thats nothing. Its getting so close. Don’t stress about the move now – when you actually get there you will want to rearrange it all anyway so I would put off buying things until you get there and can measure and visualise properly.

Oh the joys of the last month of pregnancy. Sore bones, bum…. BG sorting her shite out ready to meet mummy and daddy and the rest of the world 🙂

Oh you poor thing with the town speakers… I’m sure there must be some near here but all they play is music during certain times of the day so its not nearly as irritating as it could be!!

Yes – light proof curtains are totally essential for me… I need to have white noise and perfect darkness to sleep… which is why I love having a heater, A/C, or fan on at all times… of course Ryohei doesn’t like this as much!

Four weeks.. seems like a lot… and a little. And thats if she’s right on time… part of me wants her to come between 38-39 weeks but I doubt I’ll be so lucky ;_;

Shou was ten days early so completely possible BG could be out in a few weeks!!! arrrgghhhh. Of course here there are sayings for either way – if bubs comes early must have wanted to meet mummy and if comes late then mummy has made such a nice home for it inside it doesn’t want to leave.

I understand the A/C or fan noise thing – although the last coupleo f years really loud frogs will do the trick for me too!! I find it very hard to sleep in complete silence with a newborn in the room – every breath, sniffle…

The inaka town speakers has just given speal about washing hands properly and gargling – in the face of the swine flu having made its way down to Oita.

There are such things as sound proof curtains?? Sheesh, I’m obviously living in the stone age over here, our curtains are pretty thick, but soundproof they are not. Those sound marvelous. You never know if BG will be a light sleeper or not (but she’ll be rooming with you right, so let’s hope she’s not!), but even if not for the baby, for you guys that sounds great. I can’t sleep well in daylight and it gets light very early here, so I am grateful for my thick curtains which maintain the illusion of nighttime long after the sun has risen.

I’m glad BG has dropped down some. Don’t worry if she’s not quite at all the way down yet by your next appointment, or even the next after that. My son didn’t “drop” fully until the day before he was born. I think it is quite common for lots of babies not to fully engage until labor is imminent, although they will gradually get lower. I had a couple days where I was like “aha, surely he’s dropped!” but the doctors were all “nope, sorry!” 😛

Not sure exactly how effective the curtains are – but from what the others have commented they sound pretty good!! I guess thats the fun about starting from scratch – you get to control what you get (lol)

Good to know that even if she’s not fully engaged I don’t have to worry, I’m just happy that there is no more rib pain as that was really really making me uncomfortable… still have heartburn almost every night though.

I’m almost completely through a bottle of TUMS that a fellow blogger (Slime) sent me before I moved to Niigata.

I would definitely splurge on the curtains for at least one room where BG will be sleeping. Even if she doesn’t need it, at least you’ll be prepared if she WILL need it. 🙂

It’s getting close…you wanting to get things settled and ready for BG’s arrival! I am also really excited to hear her name!!! Can’t wait!

Yup!!! Coming soon!!! Less than a week until I’m full term – its so hard to believe since (sometimes) it feels like just the other day I was announcing I was pregnant!!!

Still so much to get done though before she arrives!

I agree with everyone else – definitely splurge on good curtains, especially for the bedroom anyway! I can’t sleep without it being completely dark so we paid a little extra for the curtains in the bedroom.

We have to go curtain shopping as well actually… I somehow managed to stuff up when shortening the curtains for the lounge room and are now WAY too small… darn… more money we need. I’m pretty good at wasting money…

Did I read right, that you like having the noise of the fan or air con when you trying to sleep?!? I wish I was like that – but for me, any noise will keep my awake (sometimes even the noise of a ticking clock…). Although once I am alseep I would sleep through anything, except of cuckoo clocks apparently, LOL!!

I wish I had the chance to see BG dancing along with the drums… I can just imagine how cute it would be! Although, I am excited that the next time I see her she will actually be out of your tummy!! I can’t wait till August!!

I hope the next few weeks of your pregnancy go by at just the speed you want – not too quick, but not too slow!!

Exciting.. not long to go now. Is weird as it doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was in the final month of my pregnancy with Joey but it was actually more than four years ago! Time really does fly, even if it feels like it is dragging right now!

Can’t wait to hear her name. I have lots of names picked out for if I ever get the chance to have more babies. 🙂

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