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Posted on: June 26, 2009

But its not really a surprise at this point… I tend to be up until 2 or 3 am every night now.. Don’t worry I make up for it be sleeping in until around noon when I can. Yes, yes – I know some of you are jealous, but in just 3-4 short weeks I will be joining the ranks of sleepless in the inaka for the foreseeable future.

Today was a much nicer day than yesterday! Which I am now thinking was really all the fault of those nasty hormones that I talked about last night. I spent most of the day reading magazines from a new friend Japanmama who lives in neighboring Gunma-ken (I just got around to linking her blog and want to give it a plug here). I haven’t gotten to read too many western pregnancy publications so it was nice and I got some good baby food making ideas from one of them to try out in… oh 6-7 months from now.

Also had a nice call with Lily from Cafe Yamashita who lives in Niigata-City which is about a 20 minute shinkansen trip away – we made plans to meet up once I move to Nagaoka (I think she may be the closest foreign wife to me?) so I’m feeling a lot better!! Even having just one or two people nearby makes a huge difference than feeling you are the “only one” in your situation. Not sure if either of them read my blog frequently but wanted to give them both a thank you for helping me feel better!

On the actual giving birth front – even though I am full term next week I would prefer her to stay in until after the 14th of July or so.. which is 39 weeks. Ideally I’d like her to come in between the 14th and the 24th as that would work out “the best” for me. We will see if she is obliging… not sure if I wrote it here but my mother will be coming to stay from August 4 – 16 so I’d really like to be done with my week long clinic stay by that point!

This weekend we will go recycle shop shopping to pic out most of the “big electronics” for our new place to get them delivered next week. Looking forward to getting that out of the way and the electricity and water should be on from Saturday so I can actaully use the toliet in our apartment unlike last time where I had to run to the 3 min walk away grocery store for a bathroom break! I can’t wait to start setting up the apartment – I guess its as good a time as ever for nesting to set in… not that I’ve really had any inklings to clean or put things away right now!! Unless you count researching stuff to buy on the net 😛 I’m quite proficient at that!! In fact I’d say I’m about an 1kyuu level internet shopper.

Back to talking about BG – sorry for the random jumping around I am typing stuff as I remember it – she was very very active tonight and Ryohei got a good feel of her while we lying in bed watching an episode of House MD. He kept going “oh she’s moving!! she’s really moving” and I’m like “yup yup” (thinking – you wouldn’t be that thrilled if you had to experience this every couple hours every day buddy) in the end he was like “hayaku aitai!! kando shita!” (I want to see her soon – that made me so emotional) Glad he is excited… I am too… just wish it wasn’t so painful – I’ve been having a lot of pains lately and TMI TMI TMI think a bit of my mucus plug came out yesterday… I won’t go into detail here but my friend Dr. Google says that might have been what it was.

So yup… another random post from me… I’m going to be looking back on these in a year from now and laugh – I hope. Other wise they will be a great form of birth control if I am getting the silly idea that I want another “little baby” by then!


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Hey it sounds like everything is starting to come together for you, i’m glad to hear that. yay for the operational bathroom ;;)

Operational bathrooms are always an important part of daily living (lol)

Only a week or so now until we’ll be spending our first night there!!

Heya, I wondered why I got the message so late last night! 🙂 I imagine you are still sleeping now then- LUCKY! I actually got up early today although I would of liked a sleep in!!!

English magazines sounds nice- It is just nice to be able to “read” in English and not have to try and think “what is that kanji again?”. Great you will be meeting up with Lily once you move too!

Apartment sounds like it is all coming together nicely- YAY! And I second your ikyuu status for internet shopping (and I think Nay will too) as the links we get are great!

ps: Mucus Plug- EWWW. Somebody had to say it and you know how “supportive” I am of weird/gross things! LOL. The baby might be closer than you think then though! I hope she comes for you between the 14th and 24th!

Yup I slept until about noon!!! But tomorrow I have another clinic appointment so will need to try and get an earlier night tonight if possible because last clinic appointment I was running on only 4 hours of sleep and had horrible blood pressure and heart beat stats.

I’m done with the magazines now so I can pass them along to you next time that we meet up!! They were really interesting and def. a different feel from the Japanese ones (surprise surprise)

The MP (typing out mucus plug is kinda gross) can come out way before the baby does sadly and its def. not all out 😦 But yah – it is a start!! I was reading some interesting due date facts today.

Asian babies come sooner than black babies that come sooner than white babies… so maybe BG will be somewhere in the middle?

But apparently the taller you are the more likely you are to go over due..? Well I’m tall Japanese standards but not really by western ones.. so I can see her coming within 3 days + or – her D-day!!! onegaiiiiiiiii

I’m glad you’re feeling a little bit better!
I’m also really happy you can connect with some other gaijin mamas/wives, it must be so good to at least know you can meet sometimes, even if it isn’t every week.
I second Lulu’s ewww on the mucus plug!!! Mine came out about an hour before Ash’s head popped out but I’ve heard it can come out any time.
Wow, not too long now!!!

Yah! I really am on one of those emotional roller coasters – somedays are up! Somedays are down!

I def. think most of the MP is still there – just a tiny little piece came out… I guess I think of it fondly as the start of “theres no turning back now” 😛

I was surprised to that you were up so late, I was “putting dishes away”, cleaning and I heard my e-mail going off lol. I sure hope you are sleeping in today!

Sara, isn’t it just hot? I could not be patient…. when you are cleaning, unpacking and moving, etc… dripping sweat, I can not even come to think of how it would feel being preggers.

Take it easy, have some ice cream…chom chom chom

eating ice right now!! yummy yum!!

it is sooo hot today, prob. hottest day here so far. ugg i am not a summer girl but gotta put up with it sadly

It sucks that you aren’t able to sleep as much anymore but at least you get to have a sleep in in the mornings. I couldn’t imagine living on only 4 hours a sleep a day. I think I would honestly die…

I had to laugh at Laura’s comment about the MP…. It would only be Laura who would be game enough to say it, hahahaha!! To be honest, I have heard a lot about this MP lately but really had no idea what it was, or what it was for, so sadly to say I needed to go and wikipedia it…

You are definitely a 1kyuu internet shopper!! Im so grateful to you for finding that dining table. Actually we bought it yesterday and should have it by next week… YAY!!!

I really hope BG arrives when you want her too 🙂

I know – Laura Ms. “oh my god look at those stretchmarks”
so mean but we can’t help but love her!

Ohhh yay!!!! Well I guess you will have to give me a review of the table – I really really really hope its as good as it looks!! I will put off getting a dining table until I hear your opinion on it 😉

Oooh fun! I can totally relate though! I have a horrible time sleeping at night (12-6) and wake up constantly and toss and turn and do almost anything but sleep. It’s only after Tetsu has gone to work and I start my “second sleep” from 8-12 that I manage to catch any Z’s..wonder why that is eh?

Hope BG times her arrival perfectly. I know you can’t “plan” when she’ll come, but wouldn’t it be awesome if she cooperated!

MP is a much nicer “word.” Could they really not come up with a less disgusting word for it though? Some flashy sounding medical term would be nicer I’m sure.

haha OMG – thats just the same as me… I have a “second sleep” as well which is when all get all me ZZZs! Works great on weekdays when no one is around.. not so much on weekends when I have “fun stuff” like clinic visits and moving to do!!

I hope she does cooperate!! I remember you saying you wanted Ponyo to be a Leo?? So you want her out a bit early right?

Yah I think MP will be the word of choice for now.. hey if you are a dork like me it sounds a bit like magic points in a game 😉 Oh no I lost my magic points!!! When they are all gone the baby will be here 😛

See doesnt that sound much more fun?

Birth – the game – think I can get a patent?

XD you’re hilarious!!

’nuff said.

I had to google MP when mine fell out. I googled a lot during pregnancy, still do. Yayyy for English magazines, especially parenting ones. Those are the ones I really wanted when I was pregnant too. Just a warning about starting solids that I wish someone told me. Bananas stain everything!! Happy things are better for you today 🙂

I remember when I was pregnant and on an internet forum due date club, and right around 36 weeks or so there were a TON of posts about the mucous plug — what does it look like, when would it come out, did I lose mine, etc.? Someone finally pointed out that the board was rather obsessed with the ol’ MP, haha! I learned that some women in fact lose their MP really early and it can actually grow back! Isn’t that gross? I’m sure yours won’t have enough time to regenerate though.

There’s actually a lot of gross stuff associated with pregnancy, isn’t there? They never tell you that part when you’re all TTC and yay cute babies and cute baby bumps and stuff, which is probably a good thing or else the human race might have gone extinct by now! 😉

Yay! Glad the mags were entertaining. Thanks for the “plug” (he he) and yay for some of your other baby stopper coming out 🙂 Mine came out about an hour before I had Hannah too, but I never saw one with Luka. Did it exist? Maybe it just disintegrated..ah.. lovely 🙂 But it definitely means that you are at the last hurdle.

So glad to hear that you are feeling better. It really is an emotional roller coaster, so glad that you are getting yourself established. Hope you get water soon, that run to the local shop sounds a nightmare. Can’t remember being able to hold anything for that long!!

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