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Tell me it gets better

Posted on: June 27, 2009

Last night and this morning have been the absolute worst… I couldn’t sleep until a record of 4am ish this morning and its now about 7:40 and I’ve been up for half an hour so.. yup 3 hours of sleep and still in a world of uncomfortability. Wow – honestly whoever said late third trimester sleeping was difficult wasn’t making things up. I CAN NOT for the life of me find a position that makes me feel comfortable and range from being in sharp pain to just feeling crappy… top that off with a helping of returning heart burn which even my TUMS couldn’t fight off and you have one very very unhappy mommy-to-be.

Please tell me I am not going to have another 3-4 weeks of this… I am SURE that due to my lack of sleep my BP stats and such are going to be all off at the clinic again when we go later this morning which means another lecture from my doctor, blah blah. I am not excited about weekly visits which mean weekly weigh ins, weekly BP checks, and weekly “my your baby is big” every time I get an echo.

I am SICK OF IT. Can’t even do any fun apartment shopping today because Ryohei has work in the afternoon… so back to PILS I will be dropped off while he has a meeting to prepare for tomorrows “elections.”

Anyways despite this… I still need BG to stay in for another 3 weeks or so.. I’ve decided she can come after the 16th now because I am GOING to see the 6th Harry Potter movie with Ryohei as my last hurrah/date when it comes out on the 15th. There is 1 movie theater in Nagaoka so we are going to make good use of it and enjoying our last movie… (most likely) for a while to come. So.. after that BG can come – but I want to enjoy Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s adventures on the big screen one last time… well at least until the 7th movie comes out when BG is about a year and a half and I can leave her with Granny. (We don’t go out to movies much – but HP is THE exception and I’ve seen all of them in the theater!)

So thats my big update for today… is there a name for this nasuea/heartburn/burping/gross feeling? I’d love to put a name to it – but instead I’ll just call it 3rd tirmester crappola. ;_;


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it was very bad for me, especially with my first pregnancy. do you sleep on futons? i mean, on the floor? is there any way for you to sleep at an angle? lots of pillows or maybe on the couch (not too easy when you’re at the in-laws, i know….) sleeping flat doesn’t help the heartburn/reflux at all. *sigh* i had to suffer through it my first pregnancy, i didn’t even have TUMS to see me through. and by my eighth month i had suffered so much already it didn’t even occur to me to ask my new doctor for heartburn medicine.

do you have a body pillow? that can also help you find comfortable positions to sleep in. also, don’t force it. i know you must be very tired and sleepy but trying to force yourself can backfire and make you more miserable. read, internet, maybe even skype people back home (i mean US).

refuse to weigh in at the clinic. do it once a month, what are they going to do? make you write lines? don’t stress about it, i am sure you are doing just fine. 😀

you can take an infant to the movies. i went to quite a few with hiro. if they fuss, just pop them on the boob! or, whip out a bottle if you’re going that route.

We sleep on a matress and I usually try and prop myself up with a couple pillows and a big blanket folded in half… usually it works most of the time it doesn’t. I think one of the issues is space – a semi-double bed doesn’t seem to accomodate a rapidly expanding pregnant belly and a more stocky than usual Japanese guy…

I so have a body pillow which helps… I’ve tried every single sleeping position and then some I used to be able to sleep on both sides but lately I’ve been getting really horrible pains down in lower uterus which make me not able to sleep on side with pains/

I wish I had the guts to refuse to weigh in… but I don’t. I am a bit of a wimp despite all my whining on her. Also results are printed out so unfortunately I can’t fake them 😦

Good advice on the movies… but if the baby starts crying isn’t that a one way ticket to never come back again?

well, unless it’s a blow-out diaper, usually the baby cries because he or she is hungry. it’s dark in the theater, right? just whip out the boob and feed the baby. baby stops crying. everyone’s happy!

i would just make sure i would be seated on an aisle near the exit. some theaters even have a ‘mama day’ where women are encouraged to bring their young children. if everyone has a crying baby, no one can get mad, right? LOL

That would be cool! I wonder if the 1 theater in the area (lol) has that!! Like I said – I don’t go to movies much but I have to see HP 6 this summer!!

You poor thing 😦 This weather doesn’t really help, I know. I found lying on my front (yes, you can) with pillows under my shoulders and at the bottom of my bump (imagine a massage table with your stomach sticking out of the hole like your face usually does). This was very comfortable at the later stages. As for the weigh ins, do they watch you do it? My hospital made me do all the checks myself and write it down on a piece of paper. I often “rounded it down” just to avoid the hassle 🙂

I sometimes to do “turtle sprawl” as I like to call it. But my body pillow or folded blanket under my tummy hold myself up with legs and arms (harder to describe than it is to do) its very comfy but I can’t sleep like that. I was ALWAYS a tummy sleeper and miss it so much!!

My clinic makes us print them out – no fudging there.. oh well I barely gained any weight this week so no lectures on that point. Although shock of all shocks baby is over 3kg now.. sigh

Yak. I don’t think they can accurately tell the baby’s weight anyway. They are only going by fluid after all. All is good 🙂 Your tummy sleep sounds really comfy. I love sleeping on my tum too! Not long to go.

I hate to say it but it might be your bodies way of getting you reading for sleepless nights once BG comes. On that note, while she is on the inside I hope she lets up soon and lets you have some rest.

The weather would definitely not be helping- I woke up 5 times last night cos it is so sticky. I would just sleep with the aircon on but then I wake up with asthma in the morning which is worse than waking up. I know Shun wishes we could sleep with the aircon on.

I like Illahee`s idea of refusing to weigh in. Would love to hear the drs reaction- seriously the stress of going to the drs is probably rasing your blood pressure more than the lack of sleep.

My clinic is the same as Japanmama`s- the blood pressure is done on a machine by myself and then a think is printed out with my blood pressure on it (so I can`t change that) but I am responsible for writing my weight on the same piece of paper.

Hahaha… please don’t say that… I’ve heard I’ll actually get more sleep with a newborn than I will this last month and the that the quality of it will be better. Well.. we’ll see I guess… from her active times I think BG is going to be a night baby.

As one of my best friends you know it would be impossible for me to go agaisnt the flow like that… I sort of just take the beatings as they come. My BP was pretty crap today… but oh well… it wasn’t drop dead crap just getting slightly higher every time. I really need to go on an afternoon because it will be much lower then. At least my heart rate dropped quite a bit.

You are lucky you can write your own weight!! All clinics in Japan are not equal!

If it makes you feel any better there is an old wives tale that says the more heartburn you have the more hair bg will have. Though having said that I had quite a bit and little R came out almost bald! But maybe it is true for you and it means bg is coming out with the cute head of fuzzy hair 🙂

Yah I’ve heard the old wives tale… if its true I’m going to be giving birth to a mini-Repunzel!! But both Ryohei and I were born were quite a bit of hair so I wouldnt be surprised if she has a little dark mop 😀

Something to look forward to!

Ohhh last trimester sucks. But then it kind of needs to suck so that you look forward to labour and getting it all over with, yeah?;P

I think if you tell BG enough you should be able to see the movie. I willed both girls to wait for a certain date to pass before being born and made it both times. I think it’s one of the last times I won in a battle of wills against Amy… ;P

I am aiming for her birthday to be the 17th. I am going to tell her every day that she will be coming out that day. It works well since its the Friday before the three day weekend so Ryohei doesnt have to take off work to come visit really and I will get out on a Friday so we will have our first weekend at home as a family. So BG 17th of July vibes!!!!!!

I AM sort of looking forward to labor… I just want to not have a 3kilo and growing baby inside me anymore…

I got zilch heartburn with Shou and Marina and they were both bald, I got a little bit with Ryu and he has the most hair out of the three. Interesting theory 🙂

Like the ‘last trimester has to suck so look forward to labour’ one too – I think with Ryu this was definately true. So over it that surely half a day of pain would be better than another XXX days of being pregnant. Anything to get you thinking positive thoughts about labour :p

I hope the doctor’s visit today went well. Imagine being able to weigh yourself and write it down – I so would have rounded down. The weigh in was always the crap bit of the visit for me too and I thought about refusing but lost the nerve. It’s so late in the game now though that hopefully your doctor will just give up – mine did.

Hope you get into a comfortable position tonight and manage to get a bit more sleep. The elections suck – its a long day for them. I think we have one coming up in August or September.

Hmm so the tale holds true for you! Were you pretty surprised with Ryu’s hair after two bald babies?

Yah… considering I toss in turn in pain and discomfort for 4-6 hours a night a day of incredibly painful labor to end it all is starting to sound welcoming. Even if there is choki choki and whatever other crap involved. Funny how it starts not to matter the closer you get to D-day.

Ahh.. so your hubs has election duty too… doesn’t seem like fun. Ryohei will be counting ballots from 8pm to 11pm… yawn!!

Hmmm, You’ll hate me for saying this but I was sleeping comfortably for 8 hours right until the night before Ash was born! So I can’t give you much advice, sorry!
My clinic had my weight print out so I couldn’t fudge it but i recommend it if you can!
I was never weighed once when I went back to Aussie for my last trimester so refusing might be an option too!
I hope you can find a way to get a littl bit comfortable, I’m sure you’ll feel much better once you’re settled in your own space though.
Keep smiling, not much longer!

Ohhhhh I hate you!!!! but only just a little 😛

I wouldn’t mind being weighed as long as it wasn’t being made a huge deal of!!!

Moving will be nice… but just sort of stressing over getting everything in its right place!!! Gah.. if its not one thing its another… or maybe its just my personality!

Hi Sara. So sorry that you’re having such a hard time. I had heartburn and sleeping problems with all four. Also my nurses liked to give me a hard time for my weight, etc.

For the sleeping I slept upright or I slept on my side with a pillow under my head, another one supporting my tummy, another one supporting my back and another one between my knees. My poor husband only had one pillow to use. Or if I couldn’t sleep I would just get up and read a book or watch a movie. Eventually I got so tired that I would just fall to sleep.

For the nagging doctors/nurses, I just ignored them. I felt healthy and everything was OK with the baby. Especially if you only have 3 weeks left, just grin and bear it. It’s almost over!!

Also, don’t count on getting much sleep after the baby is born but use the rule “Sleep when the baby sleeps”. The sleep is better but only because you’re so grateful for it!!!

Everything will get better. Just hang in there.

Sounds like a pillow paradise!!! I have my body pillow which I put between me knees and have to pick a side – which ever one has the least boney bits sticking out of it and then I get to roll over every hour or so making groany walrus type noises (lol)

I tend to ignore the doctor – nurses have never really even talked to me! He’s nice enough… but traditional Japanese older guy – not really a surprise.

I think the lack of sleep after the baby comes is going to be a bit of shock but at least when I sleep when she sleeps I will be able to be more comfy I think!!!

Oooh, I`m so sorry to hear about the difficult sleep situation at the moment. I have no advice to offer. I`m using a body pillow at the moment but I find DH seems to take it during the night 😦

The hopital I am using at the moment is the same as yours about the weight, its printed out and you hand it in with your blood pressure printout. No fudging possible.

Hang in there, just a few more weeks to go.

Sometimes Ryohei takes mine and then I just take it back! Bwahahaha….

Yah no fun to print out a little slip with your weight on it and hand it in like the bad kid in class 😦

You are right tho! Just a couple more weeks… its hard to imagine.

Hang in there Sara! Huge Harry Potter fan here myself! He lectures you about your BP but what exactly does he expect you to do?

I hope you are staying cool in this hot, hot bloody hot weather!

Well I’m supposed to lay of salty stuff… which is oh… most Japanese food. Hard to do at PILs.. once we move in to the apartment and I start cooking western food again hopefully it will go down a bit. I’m sure when the baby is out I will be fine.

The end is in sight! But doesn’t help to hear it now,does it…!?I had the worst reflux with both my girls.Have you tried laying off dairy products?Helped me for a bit until my yogurt cravings got the better of me …

really?? dairy seems to be the only thing that helps with mine!!??
i’ve spent more nights than i can remember trudging down to the kitchen to get a glass of milk and that seems to usually help!

loving yogurt and ice cream too!! good season for it really 😉

Sleep sucks in the late third trimester- I’m sorry. 😦 I slept with an army of pillows, and the poor husband chose to go sleep on the couch because my belly, pillows, and I were taking over the whole bed.

I hope you get to see HP in the theater! We haven’t had many date nights since baby’s arrival, but I’m like you- seen all the HP movies in the theater, determined to catch this one too. So we’ll ask grandparents to babysit for a couple hours.

Yah I think we may be sleeping seperately from now until baby decides to arrive… maybe. I think Ryohei would be sad but I think I might need a bit more room than sleeping together can provide!!

Haha I KNOW you are an HP fan!! Def. want to see it – heck it might be a great way to pass the first early hours of labor if it comes to it 😉

The third trimester is just a load of fun, isn’t it?! 😛 It does get better when the baby is out, I mean, at least you feel like a relatively normal human being again. I wouldn’t count on getting a lot of sleep, but I was never as exhausted as they say all new moms are, at least I didn’t feel like I was as exhausted as I should be. Having my husband around to help probably made things a lot better. If you co-sleep, at least for the first month or so, you can actually nurse the baby without you or the baby fully waking up, it is pretty awesome!

I know we are planning to have her in our room at first.. not exactly sure what the sleeping arrangement will be… prob. not enough bed room to bring her in bed with the two of us but I’m looking at getting a basket/bassenet to put next to our matress?

Sleep… I don’t think I’ve had a great nights sleep since before I was pregnant so anything is better than the last two nights! Once again its almost 1:30am and tho I TRIED to sleep early tonight I just can’t 😦

I remember the relief I felt the minute that baby came flying out of her warm little home….

My one piece of advice…not that you definitely want to hear it, and maybe it is old news or obvious but here goes:

Do NOT over do it on the tums…get a prescription for reflux. In fact, before birth I would recommend not taking any tums at all….but that is just my opinion…reason being?: too much calcium makes you wicked constipated. I will let you use your imagination about what happened to me.

and I know it’s hard to enjoy it, but enjoy your last few weeks alone with Ryohei!

Oh interesting to hear about the TUMS!!! I didn’t know that – I’ve only got about 6 left though so I probably won’t be using them unless of a really emergancy. I was popping them every night for a while lol – but the heartburn is about 1 time a week at this point.

I am enjoying my time with Ryohei!! Hard to imagine there will be a third little person here soon – it’s mind boggling despite the nearly 9 months of pregnancy!!

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