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Oh, Kaimono? 大買物!

Posted on: June 28, 2009

I’m sure all appreciate my clever pun…

Today we got A LOT done for the new apartment!!! (yay!!) I was getting a bit worried that we would be living in an empty place but in the last 24 hours or so we have gone from having pretty much nothing to pretty much everything! Brought to you by my ‘net skillz and a couple Nagaoka recycle shops.

Last night I was asleep by 3ish… but woke up again at 7 and unable to sleep again… so I woke Ryohei up. (maybe a bad move?) and told him I would make cheese scrambled eggs for breakfast. His mom works on Sundays so we pretty much have the kitchen to ourselves which is nice. My eggs were pretty yummy – I am not very good at making breakfast foods like pancakes or bacon or anything – but at least I can do eggs.

Anyways Ryohei’s dad works in the gas/plumbing industry so he said he would come up with us to help us get our gas table/conro whatever its called working. So we starting the long haul up except Ryohei had huge “digestive issues” so he was pretty much in pain and in the toliet most of the time he wasn’t driving for the rest of the day. His reason for this… he didn’t get enough sleep… He slept from 1am – 7am so he got at least 2 hours more than me… “………..”

Anyways Oto-san got the gas table working and then went back to the house while Ryohei and I planned our big “furnish the apartment with used stuff” shopping spree. We hit 5(!!) although we only actually went INTO 3 recycle shops in the area and ended up with pretty much everything we need to “start out.”

We bought —–

– A fold up dining table and chairs (Nay – we got the model you are getting used, you will LOVE it! We are both pleased as punch with it!)
– A small fridge (about 165 L) less that 2 man so we figured in a couple years we can upgrade without worrying about a huge “loss” but fridge is still big enough to hold a few days worh of food unlike mine in Kobe which had to be refilled every day or so
– A “National” brand washer/dryer combo – I’m going to be cloth diapering at least some of the time so I wanted one with a dryer function. Our doesn’t hold a whole ton.. but we got it for less than 3man so again if we upgrade in the future its not a huge loss.
– A 3 year old A/C, we decided to only put one extra A/C in for now instead of two since the cost of buying an A/C even used PLUS getting it installed is a lot. We won’t put one in the extra room for now.
– A “baby chest” which wasn’t on the original to buy list but we found a really nice one for less than 1man so Ryohei really wanted to buy it. It will fit WAY more than all the newborn-3 month stuff I have now so I’ll put other baby stuff and maybe even some Mommy and Daddy stuff in it as well.
– A sofa.. now I said we weren’t going to get one… but Ryohei fell IN LOVE with this really really nice 2 seater sofa. It was super comfy and the owner of the recycle shop gave us 5000 yen off the price since he seemed to like us. He was very interested in me (lol) but then again how often do you see a bursting at the seems gaijin women in rural areas like that? He gave us some cold mugi-cha (barley) tea and a thermos/tea cask? as a “birth present” plus he said he’d bring around all the items we bought at his store for only 1000 and help us install the washing machine and the air conditioner. Very lucky!

So… pretty much we got all the “furnature” and “electronics” that we will be using to start out with. We still have to order the kitchen counter and my oven… but that will be the last of the big things.

After that we pretty much will have to hit up the local home center/100 yen shops for plates/dishes/cooking equipment/trash cans etc.

We will also have internet from around July 8th which will give me 2 “‘net free” days after we move into get things organized and take “after pictures” to compliment the “before” ones I took while nothing was in there.

Anyways Ryohei is off to take part in his election “overtime” work and I am feeling really really tired so hopefully a night alone in bed will help out – Ryohei is spending the night at his Grandmas since he has to be at work at 6am tomorrow for some other komuin thing that I don’t really understand.

I am really really looking forward to the weekend as this time next weel Ryohei and I will be spending time in our brand new apartment with all our new stuff!!! Also… this week marks me being fullterm… so little BG can make her entrance anytime after Tuesday, although I’ve already stated why I hope she waits another couple weeks.

Alright night all… ZZZZZZZZZZ


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Sounds like that went smoother than expected, which can never be a bad thing. =)

Must make you feel a little better just having one less thing to worry about though eh? Can’t wait to see the after pics.

Very gooooood feeling!!
I’m one of those “sort of flip out if there isn’t some sort of control and stability to life” kinda gals… so thinking the baby could come at any time with us not having ANY sort of stuff scared the crap out of me!!

I’m already arrange furnature in my head!!

Sounds absolutely fantastic! I second Khea, can’t wait to see what you do with your new place! Used things or not, once you put your personal touch to it…”ahhh” “home is home” ne?

Hahaha… just don’t expect anything out of Home and Gardens and we should be ok!

The apartment is getting filled up quick – I like a little a clutter so its a good feeling for me 🙂

It sounds like you got some great bargains! I love shopping for new house stuff, it is so much fun picking everything out and getting set up. My husband and I are big fans of used stuff, you can get such great deals. I got my both my old refrigerator and washing machine back in Kunming for 200RMB apiece, which at the time was about $40. Lots of people in China aren’t such fans of used stuff, which is fine by me, that’s just more for the rest of us!

Good luck getting set up!

I think many Japanese have a similar preference for shiny and brand new. I’m sure if Ryohei was buying his own stuff he wouldn’t have gone to 5 different places with a notepad to see who had the best deal (lol)

WOW – so cheap in China!! We payed about 175 US for the fridge and 250 for the washing machine. Not bad by standards here but way more than what you got yours for!!!

yeah for you!

I love recycle shops and always come out with a smile on my face. People throw away the best stuff, oh well all the more for me.

And my ears pricked up at cloth nappies- would you like some? I have about 50 never been used sarashi style Japanese ones and the same amount of (used) western pad type ones. Along with wool or polyester covers from 50cm to 95 and sarasara sheet liners. Not the funky colours you get these days but FREE! 🙂

I know recycle shops are the best!!!! Their loss (boredom?) is our gain!!

I’ll have to look up a picture of the sarashi Japanese ones – I’ve never heard of that! Is there anyway you could email me pictures of them? I think I’ve got a ton of “newborn” stuff but the bigger size covers and all I am interested in for sure.

Do you know my email?

Awesome! I’m so glad you got so much good stuff!
I love shopping at second hand stores but Ryota is all about the new and shiny, that’s fine except it’s usually 10 times the price! He still won’t tell me what he paid for our ridiculously over-sized TV he bought while I was in Oz!
It must feel great to have your own stuff and start moving in, good luck with all the unpacking!

Hahaha if I leave Ryohei on his own we would be swimming in debt from his “need to buy (new) brand.”
I think he was pretty impressed how my “sarah power” worked with getting all the stuff though!!

Unpacking will be … fun? Annoying? A mix of both – need to get it out of the way though as about 99.9% sure this time next month BG will be taking up most of my free time 😉

Oh Shopping! YAY! Sounds like you are set! Can`t wait to see what you do with it all…

I have started researching space savers and stuff for when we move- the place I think we have decided on has a second hand shop 4 doors down!!! I think I will hit that first before checking out Ikea as well!!!

Love shopping! (As you know!)

Yup!! Pretty much done with the “big stuff” but lots of little stuff – like a huge 100 yen shop run needs to be done next weekend to get cleaning supplies/dishes etc! Wish you were here cause I know you would have been a good shopping buddy!

I HIGHLY recommend the recycle shop!! You can get some great bargins there and IKEA is always good for every thing else!!!

Hooray! Things are finally moving along! So glad you had a successful shopping trip and a good weekend!

I love recycle shops too, the ones in Japan are sooooo much better than the junky shops in the U.S. where people are just too lazy to properly dispose of their old junk, so they dump it at the thrift shops instead, resulting in pretty much garbage in the stores! Definitely one of the things I will sorely miss about Japan!

Hahaha – you are SO right about American recycle shops.
I don’t think I would ever really trust anything from there besides maybe clothes. lol

Looking forward to getting EVERYTHING done this weekend!!!

Ha, I loved your pun. 😀 Nice work with the shopping! And so exciting that you’re full term!

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