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Feed Me!

Posted on: June 30, 2009


You can’t expect to have me live with you and only provide me a quarter bag of cereal for breakfast, one slice of toast with ham and cheese for lunch, and then have us waiting until past 8 for dinner with no other way for me to ingest something besides oolong tea and have me be ok with the situation.

I am starving so starving that my stomach acid is making me have heartburn again.

Not cool… not cool at all.

So sick of living in the bloody inaka where I can’t even go the shops to get something to eat. Its worse than being in high school its like being a f****** toddler.
And no – theres really no point at making a fuss now… Sorry if this sounds petty, but starve a 37 week pregnant woman and this is what you get.

See what I mean about Ryohei not being here – at least he would be able to take me out. When its just me all of a sudden its Cinderella (pre-fairy godmother) treatment. I HATE IT HERE!!! Hear me ROAR!!!!



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Could you perhaps “volunteer” to cook dinner so that you could cook dinner a bit earlier than MIL does?

I have no other suggestions

I would love too except she hasn’t had the foresight to even provide any sort of food ingrediants in the house… she decided not to shop until this evening which means there is absolutely nothing besides white rice…

I am usually a placid person but since I think I’ve only eaten about 500 calories today I am in a VERY VERY bad mood šŸ˜¦

Gosh I know what it feels like to be starving and have no food in the house… But usually it is my own fault and I am to blame so I can’t complain. I would hate to be hungry but not being able to cook anything because there is no food nor being able to go out and buy some food… *HUGS*

Just keep thinking ‘only a couple more days’…

I’m feeling better now that I’ve eaten although it was something that I’m not really fond. I’m still surprised that after almost 2 months of living here they still feed me stuff they KNOW I don’t like or can’t eat…

Only 3 more days… only 3 more days… well Saturday too but we’ll be gone most of the day and I’m cooking that night.

I’ve got a great recipe for frogs with a side of dragonflies?

Just kidding! I can’t believe you’ve ended up in the only old people farmer house in Japan without enough senbei, mochi, souvenir cakes and tinned fish to last months without shopping…

only three more days…

72 more hours…

Yum inaka stew – add in a few giant spiders and maybe a mukade and it sounds perfect!!

I know?!! Where the heck is all the food… well like their son Ryohei’s parents LOVE to snack so pretty much they eat all the “gifts” right away but don’t really buy their own.

In a week from now I will be eating homemade bread or cookies… I am zen. We are the world….

That is crazy. My MIL was always the opposite (especially when I was pregnant) she ALWAYS had food on the table, no matter what it was. I thought that was the Japanese way, over-feeding and constantly cooking as a sign of love?! šŸ˜‰

Does that mean I am not loved?

Hahaha – typical girl response.

Oh well – this is the last time we should ever be living with them longterm unless we ever move back home (America) and come to visit for a couple weeks.

I’ll take this to mean my DIL training is complete šŸ˜›

LOL! Sorry, I didn`t realise it would sound like I was insinuating your MIL didn`t love you with my comment until I had already posted it!! šŸ˜‰ I meant it more as a comment about my MIL and her constant need to feed everyone when we visited!
DIL training is sadly something all women who get married have to face on one level or another, it just seems more extreme when your MIL is from a completely different culture! Believe it or not, I actually really miss mine!

LOL, how awful! I used to always stock up on snacks before going down to DH’s village, because my SILs’ houses were the same way. They usually had at least some kind of fruit, but other than that, woefully lacking in the snack department.

Only a few more days and you’ll be able to stock the fridge however you like. It’ll be great. Fresh baked bread sounds awesome, I have never ever baked a loaf of bread in my life, with the possible exception of some sort of activity during elementary school. Envy!

Fruit sounds yummy!!! Thats like “big expensive guest” stuff here… most fruits are really expensive in Japan but for whatever reason incredibly delicious as well… I’ve never had more tasty strawberries, pineapple(?!), and watermelon while here.

I don’t think I’ll be making loaves of bread yet lol but I like making sweet breads like my grandma’s banana bread and eventually pumpkin bread using that Libby’s pumpkin pack that everyone used to make their Thanksgiving Pumpkin pie from šŸ™‚

good thing you’re moving soon. otherwise we’d all have to send you care packages. as a matter of fact, if you send me your addy, i can send something today and you should get it tomorrow. LOL you need a house warming gift, anyway! šŸ˜‰

what i find strange is the small amount of food she leaves you for lunch. that is just whack!

awww!! ok I will email you my address šŸ˜€

yah, she pretty much gave up on leaving lunch for me. sometimes there will be dinner leftovers, sometimes not.

i guess it depends on the day x_x i think the worst is when she puts off the shopping for a few days, she just went last night so now there are four slices of bread in the house lol!

Oh god that’s terrible! Poor thing, going hungry is the worst feeling ever!
Lucky you’ll be out of there this weekend!
Maybe when MIL comes to visit you in your new apartment you should wait a few hours to feed her then only offer her coke and hot dogs… hehe just kidding, that would be really mean!
Hang in there, I hope you don’t starve before the weekend!!! šŸ˜‰

You know I had actually put something like that in my post and then editted it out thinking it sounded too vindictive. I guess thats the thing though – I would never serve someone something they don’t like or can’t eat it (if I knew about it) I can’t understand the logic behind it – they go hungry, it wastes food… etc etc…

I should be ok today – I made Ryohei buy me some Take-no-ko chocolate biscuits last night, super healthy I know šŸ˜› But at least they take the edge off…

Ditto illahee’s post! You still haven’t sent me your new addy so I can send a box of goodies! If I send today, you’ll have it by tomorrow morning!

You are so kind – and let me tell you for the billionth time how GREATFUL I was that you sent me TUMS a while back. I honestly don’t know how I got through the last two months without them since at one point maybe 3-4 weeks back I was literally taking 2-3 every night since the fricken heartburn was so bad. Thankfully I don’t seem to need them anymore since BG has moved done but still…. BEST THING TO SEND EVER.

Thank goodness you are getting the hell out of the soon!!!!!!! Hope hubs brings you some grub to snack on during the day!

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