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July… it’s here

Posted on: July 1, 2009

Last night when Ryohei got home (not at 10pm but more towards 11:30) he was on the computer at midnight and randomly wished me “Happy July” as the clock changed to midnight.

Since the little stick showed two lines back in early Novemeber and I scrambled online to figure out apprx when my due date was July has carried a huge significance for both of us. The month were things were going to change… FOREVER. I think I never actually believed it would come – and that by the end of the month we will have 3 people instead of 2 in our family. It is a very weird and unbeliveable feeling despite the fact that I KNOW that the reason for all my physical issues is because of the baby and not some weird degenerative disease.

But still.. when you actually get to “the month my child will be born” there is something a bit magical and yet scary about it at the same time. Of course I have no idea when this will actually happen – there have been absolutely no signs of an early labor coming on as disappointing as that is… although to be honest sometimes I am greatful for it. I swing between wanting BG here now and being totally afriad of motherhood about 10 times a day.

I guess its just the feeling of “theres not turning back now” I’ve had a long time – 9 months or so – to think about life and all the things that maybe I should have done before having a baby and although I don’t feel any regret really I do feel like if I want to accomplish those things later on it will be a bit more difficult, but hey I always liked a challenge. I guess I just want to see her. I’ve imagined being able to actually look at her face more times than I can count.

Will she look like me? Will she look like Ryohei? Will she have a lot of hair? Will she cry a lot?

All my unanswered questions should get their answer by the end of the month and hopefully sooner. I’m looking forward to the end of pregnancy related posts… its an interesting period of life but not really one that I wish to be in much longer. Don’t get me wrong until about a month and a half ago I was pretty much ok with all of it – and I know I want at least one more so I can see myself going down this road again someday… but I am pretty much done with it all.

Anyways today is Weds… if I don’t think about it too much it will soon be Saturday morning and hopefully the finger on the pause button will be lifted off and life, which has been stopped for about two months, will go on.


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So many big changes! Great strides on the apartment front no? šŸ™‚ And yay for making it to July!!!! I’m wishing all the best for all 3 of you. May this truly be the start of something wonderful!

Thank you so much!! How are you settling in back in America?! I am so jealous you have escaped to the Northwest for summer – def. the best season to NOT be in Japan!!

Hope things are going well for you too!! Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures back “home”

Happy July!

So exciting and terrifying and thrilling and worrying and amazing and confusing all at the same time, hey?

You’re in the home straight now!

Yay!!!!!! Hard to believe really šŸ˜€
And yes it really is all those things you just said… I go through each emotion at least once a day!

Gotta love the hormones – they make PMS seem like a walk in the park

How exciting! And even more exciting cuz I can actually relate!
Just thinking in a short matter of time you’ll be the parent of someone you already know so well and yet have never seen or met is so amazing and yet slightly comprehensible.

I don’t know what else to say other than I’m so excited and happy for you. You’ll be a great mom =)

Aww same to you as well!!! Before you know it will be August and little Ponyo will be here too!! Us and our hot Japanese summer babies šŸ˜› You will be a great Mom too!! I only wish we lived a bit closer as it would be so fun to do mommy/baby dates! Hopefully we can get them in a couple times a year tho šŸ™‚

Ponyo was soooo cute on the 3D pics that you had!! I can’t wait to see BG in “the flesh” its been over 17 weeks since I had my 3D scan done… I’m sure she’s changed quite a bit since then.

Aw thanks =)
I’m sure we’ll manage at least a couple playdates a year! I don’t think they have a choice: they WILL be friends lol.

I bet she has changed.. wonder what she’ll end up looking like!

How exciting but nerve racking for as well!! You are right, after BG is born your life will change forever… but I know that it is going to make your life WAY WAY better!! You will never be able to imagine not having her in your life once she is actually here.

Having a baby in your life is such a wonderful thing, it just sucks how much crap you need to go through before they actually arrive though. I really don’t think I am looking forward to the whole pregnancy thing… It might just make me change my mind about wanting four kids, lol! Not long before your body is completely your own again šŸ™‚ Except for your boobies I guess, lol!!

Yah its hard to believe isn’t it?! I guess you’ve been there with me for pretty much the whole process as well!!

Pregnancy was fun for a bit… the end sucks but really what doesn’t when you are waiting and waiting and waiting! You want to do it 4(!!) times so you’ll be an old pro in a few years lol.

Yah I guess I won’t have my boobies as my own for a while but its a fair trade for tummy sleeping… hell sleeping at all without little elbows and knees pressed into my organs would be nice.

Happy July! Reaching your due date month is a huge milestone. Scary, and yet a relief at the same time. I remember reaching October and seeking the same thing, although I was due the 17th and my son was born on the 29th, so very nearly November! But it doesn’t sound like that will happen with you — you’ll have a baby before it is August! Pregnancy is definitely not the funnest part of parenthood, in my opinion it only gets better from this point on. Newborns are so sweet, you are going to love having BG out and in the world with you.

I’m not due until the 21st so.. if my Dr. decides to let me wait it out it might be around the 29th or 30th when she finally comes… but I really really hope not!!

I am excited to have a newborn – and a bit scared. It depends on the moment! Right now I’ve been watching friends post baby videos on facebook and WANT MINE NOW!! šŸ˜€

Hi Sara-

Congrats on reaching full term and July! How exciting! Can’t wait to see pictures and find out the name!

By the way, I have a friend who is moving to Niigata (I’m not sure where in Niigata yet). She is Japanese but has lived in America/England for the last ten years and her husband is English (I believe). I knew her from college. She has a three year old and she’s a piano teacher. Obviously a 3-year-old is older than BG but I thought you might want to meet them if they end up near you. Let me know~!

Also, I’m moving to Tokyo in Sept so if you ever need another escape I’ll be there too~~~!

Have a good move!


Yay for July – it is an unreal feeling the first time round. Definately a sense of ‘no turning back now’. A few more weeks and life as you know it will have changed – mainly for the better as when you are down, even if that has something to do with being up most of the night, looking at a baby’s face somehow seems to make it go away. A sleeping baby’s face preferably!!

The move, the baby, the being closer to civilization, having your mum coming, Ryohei becoming a daddy – all these things will bring back the rainbow – and BG is your own little pot of gold.

Damn the nomikais. Hub has one on Saturday – as well as voluntary obligatory weed eating extraveganza on Saturday morning. Awesome.

Fun and exciting times are ahead for you, try to hang in there with all the pickled food, salty EVERYTHING —- You’ll be moving soon enough eh?

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