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Early Birthday?

Posted on: July 2, 2009

My birthday isn’t for another almost 3.5 months thank you very much but two pieces of birthday (mine lol) related information today.

The Good: I’ve been wanting a food processor to make soups, hummus, and other fun stuff as well as baby food when BG starts solids for ages and have been on Ryohei to get me one as my birthday present. Anyways when we ordered our toaster online today I saw one that I had been admiring at about 1000 yen off the regular price and in my cart it went. So happy early birthday to me!! Anyone have any good recipes to share?

The Bad:

Ryohei: I have work on your birthday this year. We have a 3 day business conference and its the middle day so I won’t be around for it.
Me: (already having a bad day and back to tears) …..

So looks like it’ll just be BG and me on my b-day this year… oh well. 😦 I’ll just make something awesome in the food processor and be the only one who eats it.

Speaking of early birthdays – having some fun back cramps/sore mid-lower back. Pretty sure its nothing but when you get to this point I think everything painful or weird is met with a “is this it?!”. However BG is NOT allowed out until the 8th or so though as we have too much to get done before then.


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God, I thought you were posting about BG being on her way already. Now I know how people felt reading my false labour posts!!.

hahaha – they were quite dramatic!!!!
hopefully nothing like that over here tho

PS – I think some pina coladas in the new mixer would be good wouldn’t they!! Then you can get all pissed and leave a soppy silly message on Ryoheis phone. By two months BG will be sleeping a bit longer and a bottle of formular or pina colada induced booby??

hmm… induce baby into alcoholic coma while I get into all sorts of trouble?

I like your way of thinking GW

Ohh that’s so sweet that he was going to take the day off…

I know that’s not what you wanted to hear but I really think it’s the thought that counts? That and the pina coladas huh? ;P

Hahaha I don’t think he was going to take the day off… I just think that any sort of plans for going out for dinner/having a cake etc will be have to be put off…

Not the WORST thing in the world but when you are in mood swing paradise not really the first thing you want to hear from your husband besides “Honey I’m home”

That sucks about Ryohei having to work on your birthday. This year DH cut his foot open on my birthday and we spent it in the hospital getting stiches, hehe. I spent about a day feeling sorry for myself and then feeling bad for feeling bad because DH was injured after all. Gotta love those hormones!

And stay put for now, BG! Pains in and of themselves don’t necessarily mean anything, but if they get progressively worse or happen at regular intervals, that’s when you need to start thinking about birthdays. 😉

Oh yikes – ok you win for crappiest birthday due to DH.

Back pains have continued all night but I am thinking they maybe more to strain on back from huge popped out tummy than anything else.

Maybe you can plan a fun day in or out with friends!

I guess we will see!
I don’t really do much on my birthday to be honest – usually just spend it having a nice dinner out.


pumpkin soup?



keep ’em coming 😀

Oh that sucks Ryohei won’t be able to spend your birthday with you… If he is anything like Naoki he will be upset by the thought of it though. This year Naoki nearly had to go away on a week long business trip right around my birthday but fortunately it got rescheduled and then never actually eventuated!!

I have a really yummy potato and leek soup recipe I will share with you once it gets a little colder!!

It must be hard for you to know when ‘its’ going to happen… I would probably be thinking I was going into labour with any change from this time on!! Thank goodness I am going to have you and Lulu around to tell me what to expect!

Ohhhh sounds yummy!!! I love giving new combos a try – I don’t think I’ve ever had potato and leek soup!!! Yah I suppose it shouldn’t bother me too much he wont be there on the “day”

I was just super emotional last night and it wasn’t the kind of news I wanted to hear!!

Hahahaha – I will give it you straight Nay. You will be getting my no holds barred birth and parenting stories whether you like it or not ;P

Sorry to hear you will be spending your birthday by yourself, that’s pretty tough.

Maybe you can make yourself a mocktail with your new mixer 🙂 I think it’s one of the best pieces of equipment you can ever have. I use mine for everything, curries, cakes, drinks etc. 🙂

Ohhhh sounds yummy!!!
So you can make shakes and stuff in them? I guess its a bit like a blender right? I’m a bit cooking challenged so mixer, blender, and food processor all confuse me a bit 😀


This website has over 600 bleneded/processed soups!

Send me the link of the food processor you got (and toaster- i discovered that we threw ours our, and our rice cooker so I need to buy new ones! I think a trip to Yodabashi is in order as we also have no vaccum cleaner and now we are actually married I suppose I should buy an iron even if I am not planning on using it.)

I have my hummus recipe ready for you- you will just need the beans, lemon juice, garlic plus the tahini I gave you! Oh and some hot water or a bit of oil and my secret ingredient is a bit of chilli powder! Yum! I love hummus and can not wait to make it again once I move- I eat it on bread!

I like Kelly`s mocktail idea- get some yogurt and fresh fruit and mix yourself up a smoothie- and hey, if you are more game try the Pina Colada. I know a great Mai Tai recipe as well that will put you to sleep after 2! But man they are yummy!

And hey you love milk so milkshakes would be great too!

Sorry to hear Ryohei has to work on your birthday! It was nice he had been planning on taking the day off though- it takes a lot of effort on my part to get Shun to take a half day at Christmas! This year I worked on my birthday and Shun stayed home and on his birthday we were flying back to Japan…

Thanks for the link!! I LOVE soup so I will check it out!! Too bad its so hot now – but once Sept/Oct rolls around I bet that link will be my new best friend.

I sent you the links via facebook! Make sure and check them out – free shipping!! (Which is always the key for me when online shopping 😉 )

I am excited for hummus – I think I may try to bake pita bread as well although I can see that as a bit of a disaster in the making!! I guess it will give me something to do while I wait for BG 🙂

Awww – we’ve never really gotten to spend any birthdays or holidays together either. Working or living apart always… I think last year was our first Christmas together. We won’t be together this Christmas either since he’ll be back here… aww 😦

Hmmmm, I had some pretty serious back labor with #1, I swore it was a kidney infection, felt exactly like one, gave birth the next day! No, no BG! You can’t come out to play yet!

You could always come here and have a b-day dinner at Chili’s! Maybe we could plan some sort of blogger meet-up here, or in Tokyo, the New Sanno has several nice restaurants….there are lots of yummy American restaurants in Roppongi too!

OUCH – I haven’t heard anything good about back labor… really really hope I don’t have to experience that. Hahah thats right – you tell BG how it is!!! No being born until at least mid-next week 😀

It would be nice to go to Chili’s I am still dreaming of the South West Eggrolls… Regardless if its birthday or not I have alllllll intentions of making it down there at least once while you are still in the area and maybe even getting a margarita woo hooooooo!

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