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Busy Week Ahead

Posted on: July 4, 2009

Assuming that Saturday is the start of the week!! Well, but Monday I will be sadly internetless until mid-week so might as well get this all down “on paper” while I still can. Sleep has evaded me once again so after an hour of fruitless tossing and turning (alone I might add) Ryohei is spending the night at Granny’s after his drinking party… MIL actually has sweets in the house – I am very tempted to go and steal the whole box of chocolate covered macademia nuts from the fridge but trying to practice a bit of restraint. If I give in sometime during this post I will you all know.

Starting tomorrow is a busy busy few days! Yay!! About time – something to do!!! So here is how my week is shaping up for all those who are interested in stalking.. er.. knowing about my life.

Saturday – Clinic appt… yay, woo hoo… maybe they will start checking me if I am dilated and efficated at this point. Doubt there is much going on down there to be honest – def. feel like BG is mostly situated down there at this point though, if my bladder is the least amount full it HURTS until I can relieve it. Very very interesting. After clinic is DELIVERY time. We are waiting for recycle shop man to bring our akachan tansu (baby chest), new couch, a/c, and washing machine over plus install the washing machine and a/c. We also need to do at least minimal 100 yen shop plate, cup, trash can.. shopping. I don’t think I will get too much unpacking done though. I will save that for weekdays when I don’t have my prince in his blue Toyata to drive me around and pick stuff up. Saturday night I am making lentil vegetable soup for dinner as our “good-bye” present? So we need to pick up our ingrediants and then I get to cook. I think I am going to be very tired tomorrow…

Sunday – The day I am least looking forward too – read on. Our heavy lifting day part deux. Ryoheis father and mother (sigh) will be joining us bringing up our matress, the rest of our clothes, and any other “big stuff” we decide to bring along. Still have to decide tomorrow night – yes we are super prepared. So… then… for whatever reason my BIL and SIL will be driving up to “see the place” as well. Double and triple sigh… I honesly am not excited about having 6!! people in my box and unmoved apartment our first day there. I told Ryohei to make them not come but he wouldn’t… I just want to GET AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE for a tiny little bit and yet a huge full dose while I’m still going to be stressed out about what goes where is annoying. And no – I don’t want MIL and SIL helping me put away my stuff… I have my own way of doing things that would be best if no “peanut gallery” was watching. So despite my protests I get to play unwilling hostess my first day of living at the new place. Sigh – and I won’t even have internet to complain about it afterwards 😦

Monday – My first day as a housewife and not DIL trapped in inaka begins. I guess this will be when I start to get most of the unpacking done. Also expecting our counter for the oven, rice cooker, food processor, etc etc to arrive sometime in the afternoon and Ryohei will get the fun of putting it together (haha) when he gets home. I’ll also probably do a big grocery shopping for at least a few days of the week.

Tuesday – Internet installation man should be coming in the morning so I will let him do his installing thing and then check as often as I can to see as if we have internet… but most likely it will take until Weds. So I will try and get more unpacking done and also some reading (I have a huge bag of chick lit books from Nay and Laura that I should probably read BEFORE the baby comes)

Weds. – Should have internet today!! Will most likely spend the day catching up on all my site and trying out new recipes. My plan is to make homemade pita bread and hummus this week so this might be the day for it if I can get all the ingrediants assembled.

Thurs. – Nothing, may go to city hall and get my gaikokujin card “altered.” Not really looking forward to the beauracracy so I am putting it off as long as possible but should probably do it before the end of the week 😦

Friday!!!! – Meeting up with actual other foreign wives in Niigata?!!!? Wow!! We have late morning coffee/lunch date at Nagaoka station. Should be three of us (and a couple kids?) me, Lily from Cafe Yamashita, and another lady Katrina who lives in Sanjo (located between Nagaoka City and Niigata City) So excited to actually meet up with English speakers!!! And very likely this will be my first time at the Starbucks since our move… I don’t think I will get around to the station before Friday due to all the other stuff I need to do… but yah!! Very excited!

After that no real plans… by the end of next weekend I’ll be almost 39 weeks so I will probably just be a walking ball of hot bloated fun ready to pop. Hard to believe it will all be over so soon… really really hard.

Oh and just realized it just turned July 4th!! Happy Independence Day all my American blogger friends!! (not many of you are there lol) How would I LOVE to be BBQing and firework watching back at home.. maybe someday 🙂


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Woohoo for Monday! FREEDOM! Double WOOHOO for Friday though. You hit the foreign wife jackpot by having Lily nearby. 🙂 Say “hi” from me.

*LOL* I just wrote in my post that you too were likely awake and I was right! Good-luck with the move- looking forward to meeting up Friday if you are not in labour 🙂

A little known fact so I had to smile when I saw tigermama’s comment- I was supposed to have coffee with her the morning I went into labour with Reo. We spoke on the phone in the morning and she gave me a VERY accurate timeline based on tigerboys birth as the timing of labour were similar for our second births.

Hmmm- as soon as this boy is ready to be born maybe I should plan a virtual coffee with her and see if it works again. I too am hoping for a safe but early birth.

Almost time to break free, you must be looking forward to this. I hope all the moving goes smoothly and you can escape the PILs as soon as possible.

And how exciting is it that you found some other foreign wives?! That + Starbucks is bound to be a good time. Enjoy!

How exciting! Your moving weekend has finally come!! Don’t worry too much about everyone coming over on Sunday. Just tell them as nicely as you can that you have your own way of doing things and could they kindly butt out…

Have fun with Lily and Katrina on Friday. I expect to hear all about it 😛 I am too having a foreign wives meet up on both Monday and Thursday!! YAY for being jobless… LOL

Ahhhhh yes the ILs. Mine see nothing wrong with turning up at what I think are pretty damn obviously not good times- the day my parents arrive, the day I bring first baby home from hospital, and yes the day we moved. I achieved gold medal winning zen like patience as they critiqued my apartment and randomly opened boxes and assigned my things a place. Petty but I did enjoy moving everything around after they left! 🙂

Enjoy your coffee morning. I wish I was there to see the locals when you and Lily and your preggie bellies walk in! 🙂

Yay for your soon-to-be independence! I can’t relate to the IL situation but I know what’s like to want your OWN independence from people, things, etc.

Soon enough you’ll have a “sigh” of relief. Stay cool!

LOL had to laugh at the “peanut gallery” comment.

What I don’t get is why Ryohei couldn’t just tell them to come another time? Couldn’t he do the old “soreha chotto…”?

He should be most concerned about your mental state, not about showing the house off, there is time for that later. Bloody men.

Maybe you should fake some bad headache to get them to go home early…haha 🙂 Hope it all works out.

does sound like a busy week! have a safe one!

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