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Maybe Baby…

Posted on: July 4, 2009

Forgive me if I’m a bit down today… it hasn’t really been a great one.

Had my clinic visit today where blood pressure was high as usual.. the first one was like 162/99 and the second one was 154/91. Doctor is really concerned and is having me and Ryohei come in again on Weds. next week where if my BP is over 160 again they will hospitalize me and most likely induce me… I guess I’m feeling really scared and upset by all of that…

If they have to do the induction the baby will be here in less than a week and I feel very unprepared and worried if she will be ok… stupid blood pressure. I haven’t even been eating salty things lately – but I’m sure stress and lack of sleep aren’t helping. So.. please any good vibes, thoughts, or prayers would be appreciated.

Not sure exactly how much but BG has dropped down quite a bit and I’m a cm or 2 dilated… rib pain is gone but has been replaced with a constant backache which I am assuming is from her head in my pelvis pressing on my spine or something else. Its a dull pain which pretty much doesn’t go away no matter what position I am in – the only time I feel ok is when I’m in the bath. I could live in the bath at this point.

So yah… I guess just a whole lot of information to take in and I’m worried that Weds. I may head to the clinic and not be out until the baby is… I was still thinking I had a lot longer to wait it out.

Moving went ok, we still have another day of it tomorrow but things are shaping up nicely. I’ll make sure and take pictures to post up when we get internet which I am really hoping with be Tuesday afternoon… I guess we will see. I’ll make sure to have someone like Nay or Lulu update for me if anything interesting happens and I can’t get online myself.

I guess thats it… I was looking forward to making a post about this being my last night in the inaka but instead I’m just feeling worried and hoping that the baby and I will both be ok. My Dr. seemed very concerned and even had me call Ryohei in… I don’t have protien in my urine so I don’t think its pre-eclampsia, but still he said if my blood pressure went up BG might have serious issues… and I don’t want anything to happen to my little girl ;(


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Oh wow. I’m sure you’ll both be fine either way =)
Your body sounds ready for the baby, even if you aren’t! Is that a good thing? I know you really didn’t want to wait until 40+ weeks..

I’ll be sure to send you constant good vibes.
Good luck getting set up in the aptartment (just in case)!

Thanks! Since we are on a time limit now it means less procrastinating and more doing which is a good thing I guess. We have pretty much everything its just a matter of getting it all put in the right place…

Good vibes itadakimasu 😛

Oh Sara, I can imagine how frightening hearing that would have been for you… I am sending you all the good vibes I possibly can!! I really hope that by Wednesday your blood pressure will have dropped again. Let’s hope it just from the stress of your in laws and by having your own space you will feel more relaxed!!

What time is your appointment on Wednesday?

I hope so too!! But I sort of have a feeling it won’t be getting much lower since its constantly been on the rise the last 2-3 months.

I think we’ll probably go in the morning, Ryohei will have to take more time off work to bring me 😦 I feel really horrible about it..

i was induced with hiro (because of high blood pressure). the upside is i got an epidural to lower blood pressure. (inducing usually raises blood pressure.) i hope you don’t have to get induced, but if you do, that you get an epidural!

try deep breathing to lower blood pressure. deep breath in through the nose, you should feel your lower belly expand (maybe be hard with a baby in there, but it should be your diaphram, which is low in your abdomen). breathe out through your mouth. just try to imagine all the bad going out with your breath.

hang in there sarah, you’re going to be fine! 😀

Oh well that might be a nice put of gold at the end of the rainbow. I guess by that point I’ll be just over 38 weeks so I suppose they’ll just go ahead and do it if they think its dangerous right?

I will try out your breathing!! Sounds like it can’t do anything but be helpful – I need to relax more I think.

Thanks for the encouragement

Hi Sara

I know its hard not to worry but try to relax. I had mild pre-eclampsia before Will was born but didn’t need to be hospitalised or induced. Even if you have to be at least you have a few days to try to come to terms with BG’s imminent arrival. And on a positive note- bye bye back pain. The last few weeks of pregnency are designed to annoy you to the point you are no longer scared of labor and just want the baby out. I’m sending you you lots of genki vibes and will be crossing my fingers for you on Wednesday.

Hahaha I so agree with that statement. The last few weeks have not been the fun ride I was expecting and I would sure love to be moving on from all the granny like moving around and annoying pains!!

I guess in a way it is good because even if they don’t make me stay I will be super prepared when she does come 🙂

Hmmmm, find a nice friendly midwife/ nurse and explain the whole moved from Kobe to do-inaka/ live with inlaws/ NOT A SWEET IN THE HOUSE/ going mad from too much nimono thing and I bet they’ll understand the BP. 🙂

On a plus note you now have a bona fide certified by a doctor reason not to eat anymore pickles!

I was induced with Meg (no epidural though, darn makes me wish I had had high BP!) and not with Amy. Crazy as it sounds but I rather liked the induction for the fact that I knew exactly when I was going to give birth. Bit of a control freak am I….

Hahahahaa – yah I have had high BP throughout my pregnancy but obviously it got worst when we moved here… hmmm.. I wonder why…

I have been laying off the nimono and miso soup for a while now!! Not just for salt reasons but sanity ones – not sure what sort of bland foods I will make until Weds. tho. Much less fun than I was planning to have.

It would be nice to “know” but Weds is still sort of a ? mark but I kind of have a gut feeling that they will err on the side of caution and at least admit me for observation… just the feeling I get from my highly conservative sensei-san.

I’ve heard being induced is not fun… if the epidural happens that would be great… my clinic hasn’t mentioned them being available so I guess I’m not holding my breath lol.

I agree with Heather. It is really not surprising your blood pressure is high at the moment with everything that has been going on.
Being induced has pluses and minuses but at the end of the day, the important thing is that BG gets here and when she arrives. It will suck to be in hospital but at least it means you might get to meet her sooner rather than later. I was completely unprepared for Joey as I assumed he would be two weeks late. We worked through it though and 4 years on that feeling of “oh shit, is it time already” seems really silly! 😉 You will be fine, even if it is a bit scary right now. (((HUGS)))

Yah I remember you saying you expected to go overdue!! I expected to deliver sometime between the 17th and the 24th… but maybe a week earlier I guess?

In the long run I’m sure it won’t matter – but right now its like OMFG!!! baby is coming. Hahaha I think I’m still in denial that theres a living, almost breathing, human baby in me.

Thanks for the hugs and encouragement 🙂

I just about broke the blood pressure machine – made all this beeping and shit. They took it manually and I was about what you are. It was so close to the end though and I had no protein in pee or overly too much swelling (with Marina) You’ll be fine – you’r doctor is just being extra cautious. Damn him for calling Ryohei in too and getting everyone worried though.

At least you have a deadline to go by – will be good incentive to get a lot of the house sorted and your hospital bag of course. For the first time round I don’t think it matters how prepared you think you are as soon as you know it’s happening its damn scary. Shou was ten days early and I remember thinking the whole way to the hospital if I had sorted this and that.

But imagine, if you get induced then you KNOW for sure when it’s all getting started.

Either way you are so close to meeting BG and she and you will be just fine. A bit of high blood pressure will be fine – I reckon mine over the last week has been through the roof and I only have a crap husband as an excuse 😉

LOL oh my gosh thanks for the hilarious mental image.. my machine hasn’t done that yet – I think I would die of embarrasement first.. although they love calling me saying sarah-san!! ketsuatsu takai ne!!


I’m glad I’m full term tho or will be past 38 weeks when we go to “find out” as my Dr. Google search showed a lot of people who were panicing about high blood pressure at 32 -36 weeks and such. I might not get the “natural” going into labor experience but at least I know BG should be fine if we really need to evacuate her soon.

Hope things are going better with you – you’ve been in my thoughts lately

Let`s hope its just all the in-law crap going on at the moment that is keeping it high. Perhaps you can talk Ryohei into doing most of the work this weekend with the move or at least get him to tell his parents and you SIL to perhaps not come this weekend to give you a bit of a “rest” to help lower it.

If that doesn`t happen try to look on the bright side, you just have to deal with them on Sunday and at the end of the day they will be going somewhere else and you and Ryohei will be able to collapse into your own bed in your own place and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Yah I hope so!!!
Although I’m afriad the moving stress might not make it much better – when it rains it pours but I would rather take moving stress over inlaw induced stress!!

We actually aren’t telling them about the blood pressure thing as I know my MIL will freak out and be really really agaisnt us moving so.. its hush hush for now.

Honestly I’m at the point where I will just excuse myself tomorrow if it gets to much for me to lie down. They can come see the house but that doesn’t mean they are going to be getting a grand tour 😛

Good idea keeping the blood pressure issue on the DL for the time being. There’s nothing your MIL can do besides freak out and raise your BP even more.

I’m sure the doctor is just being cautious and BG will be fine. They’ve said they don’t think it is pre-eclampsia, so the “your baby is in danger” thing sounds like a bit of doctor-dramatics to me. Doctors the world over, especially conservative ones like yours seems to be, like to do this so that you’ll listen to them. While it is important to take it seriously, it is also important not to freak, which won’t help your BP. The worst that is going to happen is that BG will make her appearance a week or two earlier than you thought, but she and you will be FINE! If the doctor really really thought BG was in danger he would have induced you today — you are full term afterall — and not said wait it out until Wednesday.

That said, it does sound like your body is making some progress and whether you get induced or not, it sounds like you’re going to meet her soon! How exciting is that! Don’t worry about being ready, none of us are ever really ready, but you’ll manage no matter what happens, or when.

Lots of good advice here! Now that you and Ryohei can be alone make sure he massages you tons, try to forget about the unpacking, just do what you can and what you want. I have strangely been always on the opposite end of BP even though the women in my family all have high BP before and after- way after pregnancy.

I saw your post last night while Reo was having a bit of a freak-out but the nights sleep gave me time to feel genki and refresh. I have to recheck your weeks schedule you have posted. So here are a few ideas to toss about- today I will be working in Sanjo, if you kick your feet up today Masa can pick me up and we can all head to your place and help you unpack, rearrange furniture, set up things that require technical ability (Masa is good at that) and bring up some dinner while we are at it. Perhaps my boys will scare BG to not want to be induced *lol*

I can come up tomorrow morning with Reo and – I am thinking that if we at least get one room feeling like home in your apartment you can sit back and take a deep breath and enjoy YOUR peacful space. Seriously, I don’t mind. And don’t worry about food etc. I will bring everything.

If you are hospitalized on Wednesday. I am working in the morning but Masa has the day off. We can drive up after 3pm and help you and Ryohei anyway you guys need- food, talking etc…

If the clinic allows, Katrina and I can visit you there on Friday so regardless of how Wednesday goes we can still meet up.

I can’t say anything about induction as I know nothing about it but thankfully, alot of women above have experienced it and can reassure you. It is exciting to think that you may have your beautiful baby soon. You are finally out of the inlaws place and if there are any other problems seriously- I am just 20 min. away.

I have to prep for work now. So if you want us to come up tonight and help out just send me a quick email. Ditto for Wed. if the doc keeps you there send me a quick email with clinics address and ASAP we will come up to the hospital.

I know its easier said than done but try to enjoy the next days?/Weeks? with just you and Ryohei. The massage can help alot and you guys can try to self induce to encourage BG to come out. BE SELFISH!!! Now that you are in your own place surround yourself with what relaxes you- music, plants, read books that can soothe away the crappiness of the past few months. If I come up I will bring the Starbucks to you *lol*- just place your order. You are on the last leg of BG’s birth journey and she will be born only once- celebrate these precious few days together and its kind of cool that you guys are will be enjoying freedom at the same time- you from the mental and physical crampness of MIL’s and BG from the warm but probably getting-tight-in-there womb.

Send me a list of things you like- reading material, food etc and I can do what I can. Believe it or not you are not alone on this one- so many women blog friends, soon to meet in person friends and friends that you have formed over the years in person are cheering you on, sending you support and already are celebrating this next phase in life with you 🙂

Ooops- reread the previous post and I forgot
1)You are stocked up on the book side (don’t worry about rushing and reading them, you may find you have a lot of time on your hands while nursing.
2) You have a rush of people bothering you guys today. I will call you at lunchtime to see how you are feeling and perhaps touch base before I leave Sanjo. If in-laws are driving you bonkers I can detour to Nagaoka on my way home and Ryohei can drop you off at the station so you and I can have Starbucks time and a breather from the chaos. Remind him- controlling your BP is of utmost importance (you can play that card to convince him that PIL and sister-in-law shouldn’t visit today). Anyhow, don’t know if you will read this in time but will talk later in the day.

Well if you are already 1 or 2 cm dialated, then you have officially escaped the dreaded induction chopstick! congratulations! I didn’t get an epidural when I was induced, they just slapped me on the pitocin and literally told me to “deal with it”…but every hospital is different. I hope everything goes smoothly for you Sara, I’m crossing my fingers here in Fuchu!

Yikes! Things changed so quickly, just over night! I completely agree with Jessica, if there were THAT worrisome, the Dr. would have admitted you yesterday!

For the back pain, try getting on all fours, and rocking back and forth a bit, it’ll coax BG down and away from your spine for a little while. Also, make a back massager out of a long sock and 2 tennis balls, then have Ryohei roll them on the small of your back with a bit of inward pressure, while you’re sitting or standing. You can also do it yourself by standing against a wall, using the wall to support you and the tennis balls.


Come on BG, stay in until the 14th, I don’t have anyone to share my b-day with!

Oh Sarah, I know I already spoke to you but just wanted to say that I hope your BP stays lower for Wednesday and that you can go another week or so with her inside without any issues!

But as you, and others have said, if on Wednesday you have to be induced or hospitalized then at least you know you are in a safe place and that they have your health and BG`s health on their minds. Most important thing is you are both safe!

Take care, and as hard as it sounds, try to relax and take it easy (extremely hard during a move I know)

Sending lots of good vibes your way. Hope that the last of moving went well and that your bp is lower at your next visit!

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