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So tired…

Posted on: July 6, 2009

Surprise? I’m “borrowing” the internet from some new neighbor of mine… we are getting our own tomorrow so hopefully they won’t mind the teeny tiny use of bandwidth for a day or two πŸ™‚

We are pretty much all moved in but still have a lot of unpacking and other stuff to do. AND more and more stuff that we realize we need to go out and buy… ahh my poor wallet. Although Ryohei’s parents gave us a little bit of money for the baby so I guess we are using that to just buy stuff like groceries and bathmats. (lol)

I am sooooo tired. Yesterday was exhausting of course… we were supposed to be here by 10 to meet the A/C installation man but he got here at 9am and called Ryohei and of course Ryohei freaked out and started snapping my head off while I was trying to find stuff and make sure we left nothing behind. (Obviously we still did though.. sigh) I also got really annoyed when I thought something for the baby had been misplaced but opps.. we had already moved it here…wasn’t really in the best of moods at all.

So, we got here around 10 and the A/C man was just sitting outside smoking a cig. and then went to work installing the A/C which took like 2-3 hours!? Wow… but anyways it seems to work alright and we got to sleep in a cool room last night so all was good. Anyways around noon my PIL and BIL/SIL show up and of course I play polite hostess and serve them tea and talk to them despite my (in my head) decleration to just go upstairs until they left. We had lunch at a local ramen place – but no ramen for me since its on the BAD list – I just had a few (sauceless) gyoza. Japanese food is so damn salty not sure how I am supposed to avoid it without not eating anything at all.

After lunch PIL etc went off to get some stuff for my SIL’s baby and we went back to relax and make a list of the rest of our shopping which we completed most of but forgot a few things that we will have to go back and get today. Does anyone know WHERE to find inexpensive measuring cups?! Like for baking/cooking… all I can find is the stupid 1 cup which fits “everything” I want a set of 4 – 1 cup, 1/2 cup etc etc… I was really annoyed with not being able to find them and then look online and all I can find is stainless steel ones for almost 40 dollars?!!? So if anyone knows a chain store or someplace online I can order them cheaply please let me know. We will be setting up the oven tonight and I want to try my hand at baking something before too long.

Anyways last night I had a hard time sleeping again, despite being exhausted… and when I finally did Ryohei WOKE ME UP because I was snoring 😦 😦 So then it was back to trying to sleep again… not so much fun. I also woke up when he did at 6 am to “see him off” we didn’t have to make a bento today but I guess that will be starting soon. I am NOT a fan of the morning… but figuring I was up for the day I got quite a bit of unpacking done. I did two loads of washing (our dirty laundry and BG’s blankets), put BG’s newborn ~ about 3 month size clothes and accessories in the baby chest. Sterilized some toys and pacifiers… and started packing my hospital bag.

Ok – question… is there anything I should be taking that I am not thinking of already? I know there the “recommended” sheet but… theres very very little on it. So far I have packed –

2 bath towels
3 wash towels
lip cream
nipple cream
BG’s coming home outfit
a box of tissues

Obviously stuff like pajamas and tooth brush etc I will pack closer to the actual day since I kind of use those now… I am also planning to bring my normal pillow AND my breastfeeding pillow… (is that ok to do in Japan?)

My clinic wants us to bring the crouch opening pants and a belly band type thing…. neither of which I really want to buy. I figure they can just pull down my pants if they want to get near there and… the belly band can be bought at the hospital but honestly I don’t know if I want one. Anyones experiences with either of these “items” would be appreciated. If I don’t NEED them I have a lot more important stuff to spend my money on … and I’m totally fine with pulling a “we don’t use these in my country” if there is any protest.

Any other items which I am not thinking of… and wouldn’t be put on a list that are useful during the clinic stay?

Ryohei is stopping by his grandmas tonight and bringing her blood pressure calculator with him so hopefully I will have an idea if I will be staying from Weds. or not. I am trying to relax and stay off my feet but it is hard to do with so much unpacking. I think I will tell Ryohei I am not getting up tomorrow as I really need to try and get some sleep. Also we aren’t going until Weds. evening which is good because my bp is much higher in the (sleepless) morning. That way Ryohei only has to take an hour or two off in the afternoon and my clinic is open until 7pm so we should have plenty of time to get there.

Sorry I’m rambling… a lot is going on in my head…
I think I might take a nap now – I will try and get around to all the comments on the last entry but if I don’t thank you all for your kind and reassuring words. Now that I’ve had a few days to mull things over I am more “at peace” with being hospitalized and induced if it comes to it. Regardless I just want BG here safe and sound and if it means I get to meet her a little earlier than nature would have planned then thats ok too..

We are in Nagaoka now and only a 15 min drive away from the clinic so I feel a lot better about being 38 weeks (as of tmw) and pretty much bursting! I may have a baby in less than a weeks time!! Its so exciting πŸ˜€


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glad you have the internet even if you are “borrowing” it.

I bought a measuring cup at my local jusco/aeon a few years back (have still seen them around though), it has the standard 1 cup written but it also has 1/2 and 1/4 written down too. The cup is mark in ml also. I forget how much it was but it couldnt have been that much otherwise I wouldnt have bought it.

for 2/3 cup I just kind of guess about where it would be.

Yah! I saw those cups – the ones where its “all in one” I just hate having to use one esp. for baking when you are using wet ingrediants and dry ingrediants and have to wash out and dry the cup… I might have to buy one to start with but hopefully will find the 4 piece set type before too long.

wash and dry the cup? What`s that?

If things get clumpy I just use a spoon to dish it out. I`m all about play by my own rules when it comes to baking

hahaha rebel!!!!

Hi, Not often a commenter here, but those velcro panties they say you need…they are really useful. I thought they were the stupidest things ever before I actually went and had two kids here. When they check you after the birth it is much easier if you can just sit back in the chair (or on the bed depending on the clinic) and let them undo those underwear then redo them for you. Sometimes they will even change the padding for you, like the first few hours right after birth, which is easier with those panties. It is quick and easy and no mess (believe me the potential for mess right after birth is fairly high!) If you are absolutely 100% against buying any, then don’t. I know plenty of women who haven’t, but there is a real, useful reason why they want you to. Also, they are mostly leak proof.

If you are going to get some I would recommend splurging on some nice, more expensive ones like Walcoal. I know money might be an issue, but if you can affort them then they really are more comfortable and well made.

Not sure what kind of tummy band they want you to have, but after birth you might find that your stomach and waist are weak and sore. Those bands, especially the snug ones, help give you some support until you get your muscle tone back. I refused to buy one for my first child and ended up going and buiying one with an newborn in tow because I was in pain. It made a world of difference for me. Brought it to the hospital with me the second time.

Hey thanks for your comment!! Seems from the comments so far that they are pretty much recommended… we really don’t have a lot of money so maybe I will just buy some velcro and “transform” a pair or two of my maternity undies.

I really don’t know anything about the tummy band… but like I said the clinic sells them so if we need one then we should be able to get it during my week long stay!

Glad the move is over and just leave things unpacked if you don’t need them;the priority is now you and keeping you away from the clinic until the baby is ready to be born if at all possible.And sod early morning bento making etc as well!

For your hospital bag,don’t forget to take a baby book(what to Expect in the first Year type of book) as you will want to check things all the time.No problems with the pillow and BF cushion I would safely say.Also, get some snacky type things in there as well.Once your milk comes in you may find you are starving all the time,especially at night.Then again,you may not,in which case the lucky visitors get something to munch on!

Hahah I suppose you could call my behavoir a weird type of nesting. I havent unpacked any of my stuff – but I’ve put most of BG’s stuff away (because I trust Ryohei to unpack my stuff but if I asked him to do her stuff I don’t think he would be able to tell a newborn gown from a 6month old onesie..)

So pretty much even if we do have an early arrival basically all of her stuff is in place.

I will take note on the snacks. Hopefully Ryohei will be coming to see me pretty much every night so I will be able to get him to smuggle me in some stuff.

PS This is a silly one but the camera is so easily forgotten.And make sure it’s already in your bag fully charged up,ditto video camera if you have one.

Yup!! Will do!!!

Glad the move is over! Sherry makes MANY valid points- I wish I could let someone change my pad “lol”!

So glad the move is done, done…. shall I say “I know how you feel”? Considering the move!

The measuring cups—-

http://item.rakuten.co.jp/ultramix/679262/ 504yen, I get many of my baking supplies here at pancakemix



Opps! You were right it got caught in my spam filter due to the links!! Will check them out thanks so much πŸ˜€

Oh loving the “hospital bag” suggestions!

I think my hospital provides the silly velcro pants but I guess I better check…

Glad you are all moved in and the attack of the in-laws did not kill you! Take it easy and try and keep that blood pressure down!

I saw some measuring cups at Sony Plaza like the ones you are looking for- I can not remember the cost. Other option might be the international food shop in the station- it sounds silly but sometimes the ones around here have them in the cooking section! Hope you find them!

I’ll take a look at Jupiter on Friday since I plan to be at the station.
If not I guess I can always hold out until August and have my mom bring me some from the states.

Hopefully bp will be down today.. I will test when Ryohei gets home with the calculator later tonight.

Not sure what kind of belly band you’re supposed to be getting, but I had one that was like a spandex/elastic type thing and it was SO useful in the first few days and weeks postpartum. I don’t know if it’s a c-section thing, but after the baby was born, my belly felt like a bowl full of jelly… not very comfy! The band held me in.

I’m really not sure what it is… I will have to check it out at the story. I had another friend say she had jelly belly as well (with a vaginal birth)… that your organs are all pushed around and stuff! I can’t imagine how it will feel?!

I would get a pair of the easy access undies – even if you only get one pair for the day of the birth. I had three pairs but then I had no-one coming to see me every day so couldn’t get washing done and had to hand wash and hang out in the bathroom in my room.
At my clinic they came and checked you out every day after the birth until you left – and on that day it was a check in ‘the chair’. Things would have been a lot clumsier with normal undies.

Humm, a mug cup, a matching nighty and trousers set…

just joking. i wore this with Shou but this last time I just wore PJ bottoms and yoga pants etc. EVERYONE else had the matching sets though!!

With your house being so close Ryohei can come and see you and BG everynight though so you can also get him to bring things, take things home.

Hope you get a restful day tomorrow – and that on Wednesday your bp is down and BG can stay in a bit longer. 38 weeks is fully plenty cooked enough though!


Yah I actually DO have cute matching pajamas but def. not for summer – too bad 😦

The hospital provides gowns so I might use one of them as well if they have LLLLLLLLLL size. I wonder if I can still fit into my yoga pants… btw GW I think you had the right idea about getting your baby out early June.

Can’t believe I will be 38 weeks tomorrow!! It really has flown by while at the same time been the longest 9 months ever.

I don’t know why you have to get up in the morning? Can’t he just kiss you goodbye? I make Yasu’s bento the night before, and he just kisses me goodbye in the morning, no need to get up.

As you’re so much pregnant, it’s abit inconsiderate of him to make you get up.

Ryohei didn’t make me get up in the morning – that was of my own volition πŸ™‚

He did wake me up for snoring… but that was probably around 1am (;_;)

I don’t think I will get up at 6am tomorrow like I did today – but I since it was our first day/night I wanted to make sure and see him off.

Hi, me again. Just wanted to say that I agree with gaijin wife. Do at least consider getting/making one pair if nothing else but for the day of the birth.

I know it sounds gross, but you could even manage to wear that one pair the whole week. I know, I know, but trust me you will have such big thick pads down there that the material doesn’t even really touch you the first week. If you just can’t bare that thought, and I don’t blame you, then you could get away with just two pair – one to wear and one to wash and hang dry.

I gave birth at two different clinics, and they do come around and check down there every day. I think this is standard procedure at every clinic. The first clinic I was at actually did it twice a day. Once the nurses came around in the morning and had a look then you saw the doctor later in the day in “the chair.”

Ok – I will try and find some place that sells velcro.. we are going to go by a homecenter type store later tonight anyways.

Gosh they sure check you a lot… it must take a strong stomach to be an OBGYN or midwife or nurse here… looking at a bunch of mangled lady parts everyday seems like it wouldn’t be such a fun job…

Guess you get used to it though….

I’m not looking forward to after the birth very much – doesn’t seem like fun at all πŸ™‚

*takes notes*
I’ve already started packing my bag too hehe Worry much? Sophie recommended LOTS of candies and snacks as well. Um.. a book, those half top bras, those fever forhead cooler-downers (XD? They told us the delivery room will be around 27C to ease the baby but I think I might pass out so worth a try I guess…) are some stuff I packed. Do they supply all the pads and milk pads? (mine does, but some don’t apparently)

I decided to do the trap panties and waist nipper too due to my Japanese friends highly recommended them (and having unused ones leftover!) So we shall see…

I’m so excited for you. I can’t believe you’re 38 weeks! And like always after reading YOUR entry, time will sneak up on me in an instant. I’m 33 weeks today! Hope you get at least a few days to just relax in your new place before BG’s big day, whenever that is.

Ohh interesting note for the fever pads… I get hot so easily so maybe those would help if its really 27 degrees or so in the delivery room…

Yah, I remember GW was about 5 weeks ahead of me so I enjoyed reading her entries and thinking “thats going to be me soon” except now her cute little baby is here and I’m still fat and pregnant and uncomfy…

Don’t worry Khea I will tell you how it is πŸ˜‰

I’m glad to hear that you are coming to terms with the fact that BG might end up being born a little bit earlier than expected. As you said, as long as you and BG are healthy it doesn’t really matter when it happens!

You have gotten a lot of good ideas about what you should pack in your hospital bag… thank goodness for blogs, hey, lol! I have no advice whatsoever, I am sorry!! From what everyone else has said though it sounds like getting those undies with velcro would be a good idea – even if it’s only one or two pairs.

Glad that you got moved in ok. I am sure that Ryohei will be fine to do most of the unpacking so I would leave it up to him!! It must be exciting to unpack all of BG’s stuff though. I would imagine that it is definitely starting to feel more real now!!

Btw, don’t you just love borrowing internet from neighbours, lol!

Yah things are going ok! We have a huge assortment of cardboard boxes in the living room still – Ryohei says its too mendokusai to throw them away here so he wants to bring them to the PIL to have them throw them away in less strict inaka.

Techinically our own internet is available now but I have no idea how to set up the modem so I am waiting for the more capable Japanese speaker/reader to come home and do it for me πŸ˜‰

bring snacks!! (i know that’s already been suggested, but really, you might want something and have no one around for hours.) i had about ten packets of granola bars and they were terrific in the afternoon with some tea (provided by the clinic).

also, has anyone suggested nursing bras? do you have any yet?? you should definitely have a couple, especially different kinds (i mean how they open for nursing). the first ones i had just didn’t work for me and were very frustrating until my mom could send me more. the first couple of days your breasts should be ‘normal’ sized, but after the milk comes in (third day maybe) you might not want to wear a bra but to have them the first couple of days may show you want kind you want to use….

books, magazines, anything to occupy your mind. you may just want to nap the whole time but you never know when you’ll be on your own and unable to sleep, bored out of your mind.

over-night maxi pads. i went through my pads so quickly, and the ones provided by the clinic were CRAP!! didn’t stick well to my panties and leaked (which is why i changed them often). i would run out before leaving the clinic which is why the overnight pads were needed. i mean the big ones meant to be worn at night which you can get at the drug store. you want to wear the overnight pads all the time, not just at night. you might even get two packs and leave one at home for when you get back and you don’t have to go out and get more in the middle of the night!

extra clothes for BG, not just the take home outfit. hiro was small (2600 grams) and was terribly cold and CRIED most of the first night we roomed-in. the midwife on duty kept trying to get me to give him formula but i knew he wasn’t hungry. yoshi finally suggested putting clothes on him and he stopped crying and fell asleep! after giving birth your hormones are still while and you may be super hot and want to use the aircon, the baby probably won’t appreciate it! πŸ˜‰ just a little gown or something will probably be fine. or, you may find that the take home outfit you have might be too big or small, so having a back up is probably a good idea.

the velcro panties never fit me and we did just fine without them. the midwives and nurses adjusted to it, and i guess the only time i really ever needed one was two hours after birth when i was checked before moving out of the labor room. i suggest not worrying about it, but maybe i’m in the minority on that one. πŸ˜‰ just be sure to bring a lot of maternity panties with you and be prepared to just toss some of them out….

not for the hospital, but do you have the car seat all ready? i know that many japanese are ok with holding a newborn while riding in the car, but i was absolutely insistent that the car seat was in the car with yoshi when he came to take us home!

ok, on to measuring cups. japanese and american measurements are different (for measuring cups) and many japanese recipes are by mass anyway, so i would definitely have your mom bring you some. i brought mine with me so long ago when i first came to japan, and that’s what i use for american recipes. i don’t know about the import shops, but that might be a place to look!

oops! above i mean your hormones are still wacky, not still while. i think i was distracted by a child needing a cup of milk. LOL

Nursing bras I have!! Got some back in the states and have been wearing them since March – they are “free sized?” which has proved to be good so far – they were pretty nice, expensive lol, but very comfy so far. I also have a couple nursing tank tops which I might bring as well. They give me massive clevage but I figure a lot more of me is going to be exposed than to worry about that.

Ok I will stick another outfit in the bag… seems like some people go all out with theres I have a simple Carters “Take me home” outfit that is shirt and pants with feet set. I heard that since she’ll probably still have her belly button scabby thing its better not to do a onesie right away??

Car seat is also check – we have an American one which is rear facing so I have to show Ryohei how to put it in the car.. I guess we will be doing that lesson tonight!!

you can do onesies even with the umbilical stump. in the clinic it’s probable they’ll dress her in baby kimonos. by the time you leave the clinic it will be fairly scabby and maybe even fall off! hiro’s came off the morning we left the clinic. no worries about that and the onesies. πŸ™‚

Hooray for pirated internet! I never had the break-away undies, but then, in the U.S. you only stay in the hospital for about 48 hrs so there’s not a whole lot of checking, but with # 1 in France I stayed for 9 days, but still just wore good ‘ol granny panties! Never used a belly belt either.

Bring hair do-dads to keep your hair up and out of your face, especially if things get really hot and sweaty! A bandana/head scarf is good for the days following when you’re expecting visitors but really can’t be bothered to fuss around w/ your hair (or have unexpected visitors and don’t have a chance), plus you know there’ll be tons of pictures taken!

Definitely find out from your Dr. about pain management for after the birth. I know you plan to breastfeed, so I don’t know what would be off limits, or what they even offer at Japanese clinics.

Do you already have BG’s baby book? In the U.S. you can bring the baby book to the hospital and they’ll do baby’s footprints in the book for you (do they do footprints at Japanese hospitals?)

For the week or so before I gave birth, I slept with a couple of the baby’s blankets so they’d have my scent on them, I’d read that mommy’s smell is comforting to babies. Everybody thought it was weird, but I really liked the idea for some reason. They actually sell “scent retaining” baby blankets and dolls now.

Don’t forget a coming home outfit for yourself! If you’re lucky, the clothes you wear to the hospital will be waaaaay to big when it’s time to go home!

Do you have an iPOD, or some other music player? They’re nice if you have a really long labor, and for helping you relax later on.

Hmmmm, that’s all I can think of right now. Hopefully you’ll have at least another week to sort it all out!

I’m wondering if the “undies” are a Japan thing? Maybe an Asian thing… seems like MOST people have given them a rave review so far though…

I am bringing lots of hair ties… actually funny enough they are one of the things that was recommended on my sheet.

I have no idea about pain management after the birth.. I would image nothing.. thankfully I have my American bought asprin which I guess I can smuggle into the hospital. First I have to find it though lol. I do have a baby book!! But it doesnt have a section for feet/hands BUT my clinic gives you a commemorative stamping certificate thing so I figure I can just put that in the book πŸ˜€

on the subject of pads… πŸ™‚

gett he biggest fluffiest ones you can find. I used the clinic provided ones during the stay – but had to ask for more both times and they just added five hundred yen to the bill I think. The one you get right after the birth is seriously the size of a damn yoga mat. But then you aren’t up and about much so don’t mind it so much.

When I got home I had big fluffy ones ready and now, god damn finally, I am onto slim ones. Envious of people who can stop using them after a couple of weeks!! Maybe I’ve just got more lining to shed, who knows, but it sucks.

Milk pads- didn’t need them during my stay but now I need them 24 seven and tend to lose at least one a day, down my top or side of the sofa. The disposable ones are a bit crap so I suggest investing in a couple sets of the proper washable ones and just having disposables for emergencies – in your handbag, car, beside the bed…

My clinic gave me some antisceptic wipes to wipe the belleybutton and cord until it fell off. I have loads left but found new useage for them tonight – gets vivd/marker pen of childs arm!! THank god or Shou would have gone to kindy tomorrow looking like he had tried to slash his writsts.

And ditto about the snacks.

A facecloth so Ryohei can wet it and wipe your face during contractions (loved that) and some fluids and perhaps a straw because there were times when I just couldn’t move during labor. Took all my effort just to keep breathing.

You’re going to have the most packed hospital bag known to man – or woman at least.

Hahaha true on the packed bag… I’ve gotten lots and lots of good suggestions from everyone!! Well it is a week long stay – i figure that one or two bags won’t hurt πŸ˜›

I guess I will go pad shopping tonight… they do give you some at the hospital, but I guess those don’t last long? So wait – you are still “shedding” after a month?!!? Wow… is that the average time?! Gosh having a month long “period” doesn’t seem like it would be fun at all… i haven’t missed mine the last 9 months one bit.

I still need to get milkpads too… another thing to put on the list tonight – I can’t imagine Ryohei being able to pick some out for me… (lol)

We get antisceptic wipes both for “down there” and for the belly button stub! And I will bring a washcloth… lets just hope Ryohei can be there with me to use it lol

I think my other comment went into your moderation folder!

ditto what GW said about the face cloth.. although my useless ex forgot to wipe my face and used it for himself a few times while I was in labour. Warn Ryohei NOT to do that! πŸ˜‰

Also ditto about the pads. I used SO many and having loads extra was a good thing.

What others said about the velcro pants is very true. I had one pair but they got really badly stained during birth (TMI I know) so didn’t have any for the rest of my stay in hospital and it was a real pain when they came to check me “down there”. If you can find some that fit you, try and buy them. I found that the wacoal ones fitted me but that all the others were too small. I know FC made some with velcro but they didn’t hold together very well so if you are going to make some then be sure to make them as indestructible as possible!

Boo to your ex… what an ass!!!

I don’t know if I can find any that will fit… which is why I may have to go the make your own route. I bought some stick on velcro from the homecenter yesterday. I have a few pairs of maternity panties so I might experiment a bit and see if sticking and sewing will work.. I guess it gives me a project?

I think the “checks” are scheduled at my clinic so I suppose that I could just change into the easy access undies before then and use regular ones before that… hmm..

except for the time just after giving birth, having the checks really was just like having a regular gyno exam. well, maybe without the peak inside, just checking any tears (or episiotomies) and how they are healing. and that’s usually only the second day and the day you leave the clinic. at least, that’s how it was where i gave birth.

of course, IF you have a c-section then moving around and taking your undies on and off would be painful so it probably would be a good idea to have some velcro panties just in case, but otherwise i really don’t think they’re so absolutely necessary. OTOH, i have no idea how things go in your clinic so i can’t really advise you on if you actually need them or not. πŸ˜€

I think your clinic sounds more “old skool” than the one that illahee gave birth at. I also think that everyone’s birth experience is different so better to prepared for ALL eventualities and then you will feel more relaxed.
As for the size thing- I am pretty huge (fantastically amazonian as I like to put it!) and I found some to fit. I think you are a much smaller than I am so you will find you are probably ok, it is just a hassle that you can do without at the moment so making your own will be a good experiment. In the grand scheme of things it is probably a small thing but you did ask our advice! LOL! πŸ™‚ Lots of sempai mamas reading your blog dying to let you know what worked for us! πŸ˜‰

Congrats on the move!!! finally within starbucks distance!
You must be buggered you poor thing, I couldn’t imagine moving that close to popping.
Do they provide nappies for you in japan?? Aussie you have to bring your own.
I didn’t have enough clothes when I was in the hospital, I just kept going through undies like they were going out of fashion and all my clothes ended up getting blood on them, sorry gross! So I’d say pack lots of clothes for both you and BG.

I think they are provided since that is one thing that it doesnt say to bring on the list. It says to bring pads and boobie pads so I figure if diapers were needed it would say to bring those as well.

Hahah… I guess I will need to bring lots of undies..

Not too excited about getting blood all over everything – this isn’t what they tell you is going to happen when you get pregnant huh… oh well… its for a good cause but yuck – I hate being dirty, sticky, and gross… guess there is no avoiding it really?

Sara this is awesome! I had no one to talk to before I had Misaki here in Japan. I wasn’t freaked out but during the week long stay after she was born there were a lot of surprises for me and not all of them were good!!

The velcro pants were awesome. I had no idea what they were for but the nurses helped me into them after I gave birth and after the first doctor’s visit I knew. It was so much easier just to lay there than try to shimmy out of regular underwear. The hospital gave me a tummy band since I didn’t bring on with me but I took it off within 20 minutes because it made me too hot. The hospital was hot, I had a low-grade fever and that band wrapped around my tummy just made it all worse. For my last two births in Japan I shared a room and I couldn’t control the temp in the room and it was always too hot. I actually got a heat rash on my backside. Not fun.

Definitely bring something for yourself to do. Books, magazines, puzzle books or something. Also, I snuck in Tylenol because whatever they gave me didn’t work at all. I didn’t have horrible pain as my stomach contracted but it was just enough that it made it hard to sleep. I learned that after Misaki was born so I just took my own bottle with me the next times.

I’m sure after reading these comments giving birth doesn’t seem like a lot of fun but soon you’ll have your beautiful baby in your arms and then everything you went through will be worth it. I promise you that there will be so many sweet and precious moments and you’ll never forget them no matter how big she gets! Hang in there, just a few more days.

Yah I’m really surprised and greatful at all the responses!! I had no idea so many people would offer their suggestions and experiences!!

I’m still undecided on the tummy band as I get really really really hot as well and I don’t know if I will have to share a room either… I know Japanese women seem to hate being cold… so I really hope I get a private room for all or most of my stay (my clinic has both but its a first come, first birthed? type situation)

I have to admit you are right… the birth and after birth situation is fairly scary. Once again it comes down to expecting the unexpected I guess… just hope that its over soon enough and that I can enjoy BG and being a new mommy πŸ™‚

Someone else may have said this, but bring bottled water (and a straw) for when you’re in labor. I was only in labor for 5 hours, but I drank a LOT of water. Your throat tends to get dry quickly with all that heavy breathing. I also had Akinori bring me a liter or two of water everyday while I was in the hospital. They keep the place warm for the newborns, and I was sweating buckets all the time.

My hospital provided a waist nipper and put it on me right after giving birth before I even knew what was happening. I think the idea is that it helps your waist and hips go back to their original size quicker, while they’re still soft and pliable. (Maybe?) I wore mine for the 1st month, then it was just too uncomfortable anymore. I have to say that I returned to my original shape faster than I ever thought was possible (though my lower abdomen is still a little more loose and wiggly than I would like). I don’t know if the waist nipper should be credited or not though, I’ve never tried it without one. I can tell you, it’s not comfortable though.

Don’t know if anyone said this either, plastic bags you can throw dirty clothes, garbage, wet towels, etc. in and then have Ryohei take home when he comes to visit, or you can take home at the end of your stay. Keitai charger, donut pillow if they don’t provide them at your hospital, sitting down is not fun after birth! And even if they do provide them at the hospital, you will more than likely want one for home. I used mine for at least a week after I got home I think.

That’s all I can think of for now. Measuring cups, I got mine at Franc Franc for about 600 yen I think. Definitely less than 1000. There are 4 or 5 cups and there is even an egg separator on it. Don’t know if they have Franc Franc in Nagaoka, they only have one in Nagano, and it’s in Karuizawa. They do have an online store, though you might end up paying the same in shipping as the cost of the cups.

Good luck at your appt tomorrow! I hope the BP is down, and BG gets to come when she is ready.

Ok I will remember to get some sort of water bottle as well – my bag is almost packed!! Just need to get a last few things. Also where would you pick up a donut pillow?

Gah… I am feeling so unprepared now and today might be the day although I guess I can “direct” Ryohei do anything that I can’t get in time.

I will see if there is a Franc Franc in Niigata… I doubt there is one in Nagaoka but maybe in Niigata City? Hmm.. I will check it out online!! If not my Mom said she will bring me some from America at the beginning of August so not too long of a wait for them!!

Thanks for the well wishes – I guess we’ll find out in another few hours if they worked!

Nishimatsuya definitely carries donut pillows, as do a lot of home centers. People use them to sit on when they have hemroids too (which you might also get after giving birth, just another good reason to have one on hand) so they are pretty commonly sold.

I think you sound really prepared! Don’t worry, you really don’t need that much stuff, and if you forget something, or find that you want something, like you said Ryohei can get it for you. Either way, once BG is here, she only needs you, and anything you need will seem to pale in comparison. It won’t be a big deal at all. You are totally prepared!

Try and relax today! Do a lot of deep breathing and imagining you’re on a tropical island or wherever it is you can really forget about everything and just relax.
Sending you lots of good relaxation vibes!

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