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Day 2 here

Posted on: July 7, 2009

Now on to Day 2 of Bored Housewife Life… so frustrating to have so much to do and be so incapable of doing it. Well – I’ve pretty much got all the immediate need stuff put away – a lot of BG’s “we won’t use this right away” stuff is still sitting in boxes in the second bedroom… oh well figure I’ll get around to it eventually… even if its after she’s born.

Ryoheo forgot… (>_<) to bring the blood pressure measurement thingy from his grandma’s yesterday -idiot- he remembered to bring the rice she was giving him tho.. so now he has to drop by there AGAIN tonight to get it. Ok I shouldn’t be too miffed at him since he spent an hour putting together our oven/rice cooker/storage shelf that came last night that would have been impossible and he gets the pleasure of putting together the pack and play that will be BG’s bed (which SassyMoo sent us! Thanks sweetie!!) tonight 🙂

I am enjoying cooking again – since we didn’t have any rice last night so I made spaghetti and added fresh chopped green pepper, eggplant, and ground beef to the regular sauce. Very yummy and a bit more healthy that way! I got rave reviews from my husband so that always makes me feel better 🙂 Tonight’s dinner is Mabo Nasu so that I can use up the left over veggies from last night and so that I don’t have to go to the store tonight although we are out of milk so looks like one of us will have to run out and get some at some point…

So I am 38 weeks today – and if the Dr. gives me a clean bill of health tmw I doubt BG will be making an appearence anytime soon… I have some on and off pelvic pain but no sort of cramping or “losing MP” or anything fun like that… guess with her being numero uno I shouldn’t be expecting to much anyways but I’m sure sick of being pregnant and all the aches and pains that come with it. I twisted my ankle going up the stairs yesterday and my knees are getting so sore whenever I bend or get out of bed/off the sofa… I just want it all to end despite the apparently pain and blood fest that awaits… part of me sort of hopes tmw will be the day.. or at least by the end of the week… lol.

The crap hot weather has started again and I’m just feeling like a huge manitee or something… I’ve been trying not to use the A/C so much since I know we will be using it quite a bit when BG is here… I forget how much I hate Japanese summer every year lol – I am so much more a cold weather person… and knowing that there is about 2 months of this to come sucks 😦 But then comes Autumn which is my fave season of the year!

Oh well… I guess it might be naptime now… I try and sleep through the hottest part of the day since I can’t do much without sweating buckets.

Thanks to all who commented on my post yesterday I feel quite a bit more prepared tomorrow!!

Also its Tanabata! Whats your special wish? I want to meet my little girl!!! We are pretty much ready for her to come whenever!!


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you must be very happy to be in your own space, though. no more stressful, lonely lunches and less than appetizing dinners!

It is a nice change for sure!!!
Lunches are still a little lonely but hopefully that will change by the end of the month 😀

Ah~~ Silly Ryohei >< At least he was helpful setting things up at home. Must be great to cook again! That's the good thing about being the wife of the house… you get to decide and eat what YOU want.

I know what you mean about Summer… so hot out today! I made the looooong 2 minute journey to the super to buy calpis ice bars and chocomint bars so I'm thinking I -might- just make it through the day.

Tanabata huh… we did one yesterday at the denki-ya lol I wished for a healthy Ponyo to be born so I'm hoping it comes true!

Opps – sorry Khea your comment got caught in my spam filter (weird!)

Hahaha that is the good part I love deciding what to make.. I want to try and make cold chinese chicken salad sometime this week if I’m not hospitalized tomorrow…

yummmm chocomint that is one of the GOOD things about the summer here!! i wish it was a year round flavor but sadly its not!

gosh Ponyo will be here before you know it huh… the last month has gone by pretty quickly in retrospect but in the moment its always sllllllooooow.

Glad the pack-n-play arrived safe and sound. The 2nd box was pretty random, just stuff I thought you might be able to use. Good luck to Ryohei putting the pack-n-play up. It can be a tricky bastard at times, despite the instructions. But I think putting it up is easier than taking it down.

Thanks!!! Yah I was wondering what those little blue things were that you sent?? Some sort of disinfectant??

Hahaha I remember you trying to set up the P&P in your room before Bron came to visit!!! It looked like quite the B**** so I will let me “strong, manly man” take care of that adventure 😉

Wow, you’re good cooking already! Perfect housewife!
I’m sure the doc will tell you to sit tight tomorrow, although it would be nice to end all the aches and pains and meet little Miss! I was thinknig back to our mexican lunch last year when you just found out you were pregnant, seems life such a long time ago!
Isn’t the hot weather a bitch, we’re using the air conditioner 24/7, the bill is going to kill me next month! I’m such a winter person too, despite my Australian-ness…
Good luck at the Doc tomorrow!

As you know, tanabata is our wedding anniversary, so my wish is to still be happily married next year! haha

Hahaha actually I love to cook!!! That was the top thing I missed about being at PIL – not having access to grocery store and my own kitchen.

Aww… natsukashii na!! I remember that lunch it was a lot of fun and you were less preggers than I am now at that point.. time flies I guess!!

I’m sure you will be married next year 😛 Hey maybe Ash #2 will be on the way by then?? Hmm… hmm????

Good to hear you’re settling in to your new place. Don’t worry about putting everything away – I still have boxes unpacked a year after moving AND no upcoming baby to blame it on – it’ll find a home eventually!

Being able to cook whatever you want must be a big relief for you. It’s a drag having to cook everyday but when I’m on holiday, cooking is what I miss most.

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow and bunster decides to hang in there a little longer (or my ‘guess the date’ is going to be way off!)

Hahaha I think everyones dates will be way off – including me!! I (optimistically think the 17th…)

I think that the boxes we dont unpack within the first week or two of being here will probably stay that way until we move… or get more “storage” space… our place in Kobe had a ton of shelves and cupboards… this place has hardly any so a lot of knickknacks and books etc have no where to go until we buy something to put them in 🙂

The proxy ate my reply to your last post (but everyone else pretty much covered it, so that’s ok!), lets hope this one shows up …

Sounds like you’re having a good time cooking again and the new apartment is coming together slowly but surely. I’m glad you’re more at peace with the idea of BG coming early if that happens. You sound much less stressed out already!

I spent Tanabata in Japan 11 years ago, in Sendai. It was great fun, and we saw a beautiful fireworks show. We have it here in China too, but it goes by the Lunar calendar and July 7th hasn’t arrived yet!

grrrr stupid proxy!!!

Yes – I feel much less stressed out aside from the stupid BP thing… hopefully it will go down tonight. I am looking forward to “trying out” the BP measurer!

Ohhh I’ve never heard of the fireworks in Sendai but they sound nice!! There is a HUGE fireworks festival in Nagaoka at the end of the month/beg. of August.. hoping to be able to catch some of it… altho with a newborn that may be difficult?

Happy Tanabata! I hope your wish comes true! Mine is to make it through the pregnancy with not too much fuss! Or so I am hoping! HAHA

I would miss cooking if I couldn`t do it- Luckily I cook once or twice a week here which is nice. Once I am doing it EVERY day again I will probably be like “meh” after a couple of weeks- I love planning meals though and doing grocery shopping. Weird perhaps, but nice!

I have the aircon on now just cos I just came home and it was stinking hot outside but we honestly don`t use it much- I think Shun uses it more than me.

I already said that Ryohei is a bit of a “doofus” for forgetting the blood pressure thing in our mails earlier- but I guess he is okay since he did put lots of stuff together! That is usually my job as Shun can`t read instructions. In our old place I put together our sofa, dining table and chairs with the help of my friend James and in that time Shun put together ONE desk. HAHA

I hope my wish comes true too!?! I don’t plan to be pregnant forever!! I’m sure you will have an uncomplicated 23-25 weeks left as well 😀

I found haramaki skins at the local grocers so I WILL make those cheese haramaki sometime… although might wait until it gets cooler.. I actually am not a big fan of cooking in the summer since it makes the kitchen so hot to use the oven, gas etc etc… I am really good about keeping the A/C off during the day but will turn it on before starting to cook…

My MIL cooked without it on AND the windows closed so it was sweltering at dinner the last few days we were there!!

And wait.. are these things you are putting together written in Japanese or English?? If its English ok.. I guess I can understand I have a lot of difficultly with Japanese instructions.. but someone who can’t follow them in their own language…….?!?!?!

Your spaghetti sounds yummy!! You definitely have to make it for me one day. I am not very adventureous with Spaghetti and it’s normally just mince and sauce with cheese on top.

Happy Tanabata! I hope your wish comes true soon (because it is obviously going to happen, lol, we just don’t know when)!! Anybody could guess what I wished for…

I can’t wait to see what you have done with your apartment! I’m sure it is looking great. As I said before we still have stuff we haven’t unpacked yet as I don’t have pregnancy as an excuse… actually now that I don’t have a job at all I really have NO excuse, lol!!

Good luck tomorrow with your appointment. I will message you tomorrow afternoon/night to find out how it went if I haven’t heard from you beforehand.

I would love to cook for you sometime!! Now that I have a proper oven and other appliances I can actually make a decent amount of stuff!! And we can eat at our identical dining tables (lol)

I hope your wish comes true too!! Did you get a chance to make the little card and write it anywhere?? I did that in Osaka a few times 🙂 Ryoheis wish last year was to be a komuin and it came true… I can’t remember if I had a wish that I made LOL

I think being lazy in the summer is a good excuse not to unpack… I break a sweat just going up the one flight of stairs lol…

Keep your fingers crossed for me tmw 🙂

Lunches won’t be lonely soon – you’ll have BG sucking her lunch on your boob while you try and spread jam on a bit of toast and make a cup of tea. Perfectly doable though. You will get the hang of booby multitasking.

Hope Ryohei forgetting to bring the machine home hasn’t elevated your bp. Wouldn’t want that 🙂 Good luck for tomorrow. Damn the appointments in the evening as will have to wait all day to find out what over paranoid doctor says.

Hope you’ve figured out blogging from your phone…

Honestly, if you suddenly have to go in to hospital we need to know about it.

Good luck also trying to zip up your hospital bag.

Didn’t elevate my BP as much as frustrate me.. seeing that he’s been such a food nazi recently!!! NO SALT NO SALT… yes dear I know… and then we go to a ramen shop…. common sense – no not so much.

I DO need to figure out blogging on my phone.. I know I could do it from blogger but not sure on wordpress!! I was quite impressed with your up to date hospital posts and would love to do the same if I can.

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. Hopefully having moved and being in charge of your own food again has helped lower your blood pressure (and being away from the ILs)

I think T actually uses the aircon more than I do. I turn it off when he leaves for work and turn it on before he gets back. I don`t purposely try not to use, but on days like today where the sun was shining and I had laundry hanging outside, the breeze going through the laundry and into the apartment makes it feel nice to have the windows open (at least until the laundry is all dry).

I only really use the air con from when Ryohei is home too.. I guess I figure I can make do without it by myself but with two people using it the benefits seem to outweigh the costs?

When the baby is here and it is smack in the middle of summer I’m sure it will be on as much as possible…

I’m a big fan of the mornings here as they are really cool and nice its from around 11am – 4pm that it feels a bit like hades in my apartment.

Wow good for you for cooking. I was useless my last month of pregnancy and we pretty much ate take-out the whole time. Good luck with your appointment no matter which way it goes. It is so exciting that by the end of this month you will have bg to hold!

Cooking is the one thing I am managing to do… lol and even then just being on my feet to make dinner for 20 mins yesterday KILLED me… it will be easier when my belly is baby free for sure!!!

I can’t believe she’ll be here in 2-3 weeks (I hope!) Maybe sooner!! We will find out soon I guess!

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