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Posted on: July 8, 2009

So I have my appointment in about… 6 hours or so… just killing time here wondering exactly what is going to happen. My measurement on the BP calculator that Ryohei brought home last night read apprx. 145/115 both times which will probably have me admitted for the insanely high lower number which wonderfully jumped over 20 points since I last had it checked on Saturday…

I guess we will have to see what the machine actually reads at the hospital… but if it is in that arena they probably will at least keep me for observation as I think my Dr. said anything over 160 or 100 is not good 😦

Thanks to the very very helpful comments I have pretty much got my bag packed baring stuff I am still using like pajamas (in them right now) and toothbrush… need to brush my teeth after lunch! Ryohei is getting off work at 1:30 so he should be back before 3 and then we are going to register my foreigners card at the city hall (much easier for him to drive me than to take the bus) and then off to the clinic we go for hopefully just a bp check… and then after that who knows.

I really have no idea what the doctor is looking for and what will make him admit me or not… either way I got a LOT done yesterday with setting up the baby cot, the baby mobile, the baby moniter, washing pretty much all of BG’s stuff I hadn’t washed yet, and pretty much making it so that if she is coming this week things will be ready for her when we get back from the clinic. I even stuck her little lovey doll in my pajamas last night to hopefully rub some of my scent on them for her. (lol)

I guess pretty much stuff is on hold until we find out how the appointment goes… Ryohei asked me what I was making for dinner since he had brought a huge sack of potatos from his grandmas but I told him I have no idea and that he maybe cooking for himself for a bit… He said while I am in the clinic he will probably just stay at his parents house since it would be too lonely here by himself… (ok.. x_x)

I have tried to find whether or not I can email posts to wordpress but looks like I can’t – I can still email posts to my blogger.. so I may do that and then import them into wordpress later so if I haven’t written anything in a few days check out my old blogger link as I may have updated there. I THINK I can send pictures there as well… so maybe BG will get to make her photo debut before I am out…

Anyways I will update again after my appointment if I can!! If not – send me happy birthing vibes since BG will probably be making her appearence soon…


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sending you happy birthing vibes. I am sure it is exciting and scary at the same time, but hoping everything will work out no matter what way it happens. good luck at your appointment this afternoon

wow, that’s pretty high sarah! i hope everything is fine. 🙂 take care and hope you have a happy safe wednesday!!

Fingers crossed it’s good news and remember- know matter how or when or where the birth happens the end result is what matters- having BG in your arms!

It might be a good idea to take your BP machine with you to the hospital and check your BP with it after the Dr. checks yours, just to make sure they’re calibrated the same and give the same reading. That way, on the off chance they let you come back home, you’ll know you’re getting an acurate reading from home too, so you can monitor yourself.

Maybe knowing you can monitor your BP closely at home, the dr. might feel comfortable letting you go home for a little while longer. Although I know you won’t have any qualms about meeting BG sooner, rather than later! LOL

Hope everything goes well!

Good luck! I hope it all works out the way you want it, and that you’ll be enjoying BG and good health very soon! It’s so exciting to think we’ll be seeing her face in a matter of days no matter which way it goes….

Thinking nice slippy thoughts for you!

Good luck this afternoon, hopefully they will send you back home.

As for posting my email, check this out: http://support.wordpress.com/post-by-email/

Haven`t tried it myself but might be helpful in setting it up

Sarah best of luck for today! I hope it all goes well and as Heather said the main thing is that BG ends up safely in your arms whether it is this week or in 2 weeks time.

Will ring you later tonight (and if I can`t get you, tell Ryohei to expect a call from Crazy Aunt Lulu!)

Best of luck for a birth that goes smoothly! Can’t wait to see pictures of BG soon! You’ll be n your babymoon soon!!!

Fingers crossed that they don’t admit you but if they do, that means you will have your baby in your arms by the weekend- how exciting!! You will have to get Lulu or Nay to post an update if you can’t do it yourself! We are all waiting to hear what happens!

Good luck Sara!! I have my fingers crossed for you but either way, you will be fine! As I said, I have Ryohei’s contact details stored in my phone so will definitely be getting in touch if I don’t hear from you tonight 🙂

Good luck. I have my fingers crossed for you.

Good Luck! Thinking of you this evening. Just send me a quick email if you are staying in the hospital. Will see you Friday but if you need anything between now and then just shoot me an email.

Good luck Sarah! I’m crossing my fingers that your BP machine is just funky, but either way, the next post will be good news because either your blood pressure will be down, or you’ll have — or be on your way to having — BG. Win/win situation! 🙂 If you end up being induced I hope the labor is fast and smooth. Sending good vibes your way!

I mailed you earlier, but good luck!! I’m getting anxious to know the details as it’s already getting to be night time… dun dun dun.

Hope all is well!! *throws confetti in excitement*

Good luck. Either way is good news!

Hope it went well, not sure if well is back home or in hospital…? I’m so excited to meet BG but I guess it’s best for her to stay in her warm little house for as long as possible. Thinknig of you anyway!

Hi all

Sarah was admitted into the hospital with pre-eclampsia this afternoon and they are not going to induce her but instead she will be in the hospital until BG is born. They have her on a 1600 calorie a day diet that is low in salt.

She will blog over at passthesara.blogspot.com (her old blog) until BG arrives and she is back home.

Please go and give her lots of support as she is extremely depressed about the whole thing and not doing so great.


Wishing you all the best! Can’t wait to see pics of BG!!! 🙂

opps, didn’t see Lulu’s post. Will go over there! :S

Eeee… thinking of you!

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