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Good Things Come in Threes

Posted on: July 11, 2009

I am HOME!!!

Thank GOD… the doctor let me go after my check this afternoon. So so so so relieved to be home and away from the constant checks and the screaming babies and the not so yummy food… although to be fair my lunch was not too bad today. And to be even more fair – I don’t MIND stuff like fish and salad but its really hard for me to eat it in the morning… esp around 7:30 in the morning. I’m more of a fruit and yogurt girl…

Also the lovely Lily came to visit me today with her very genki boys and husband! My room was def. the top contender for noise and activity during the couple hours they were there which was a wonderful change from boring and lonely!! We had a nice long chat about all sorts of stuff – gosh I missed speaking English – I do type an awful lot in english but very different from actually speaking it. Her boys were very cute too!! I felt bad about keeping them cooped up in my small room.

So that was the first and the second good thing.

The third is that my MIL apparently freaked out when she found out I was admitted to the hospital today and was going to come up and visit me. I think she probably has ideas in her head that I can not talk care or myself nor a baby… but anyways since I was released Ryohei called them and they said they would just let me rest at home. THANK GOD… I know a few hours in the hospital room with MIL would have caused a huge BP spike and this post would have been delayed for another week or so.

As much as the dr. was a prick the nurses were very nice to me… again I think they sort of felt bad for me. Especially some of the younger ones – two in particular were very nice so I hope they are there when I give birth.

I had my “38 week” check… and Dr. says baby doesnt seem to be engaged very much… seems like it will indeed be a while before she is here… I’ll be 39 weeks on Tuesday. Oh by the way I’m released on the condition that I keep up my salt free and low calorie diet and I’ll be doing that to a point as tempted as I am to run to my “foreign supplies” that a very kind fairygodmother sent me.. I will hold off for a bit and go healthy western style with more fruits and veggies and bland stuff. Don’t really want to get admitted again so thats fine.. don’t know if I will be sticking to 1600 calories a day… but I’m not going to go stuffing a big mac meal down at this point (lol)

Its so quiet and relaxing at home… thanks again to everyone who commented and/or emailed me during my 3 day trip to Hell and back… I feel so much better here at home where I have Ryohei and my computer and all of BG’s stuff here to comfort me.

Also some of the “make me smile” comments were hilarious – in particular the voodoo doll, spraying the Dr. with aminotic fluid, and kicking him in the balls during delivery – you guys are hilarious!!

I am totally feeling the love! Time to go much on rabbit food (come on BG – mama can’t hold out FOREVER you know) 😉

PS – Sorry if I haven’t gotten around to returning a lot of mails… there has been a lot going on today. I will try and get back to everyone who has mailed me that I haven’t written back to sometime this evening but for now I am taking a nap 🙂


8 Responses to "Good Things Come in Threes"

I’m SO happy to hear they let you go home early =)
Must be such a relief. Looks like you’ll have some time to spend with your hubby for your last baby-free days after all.

Relax and enjoy your healthy snacks =D

Hooray! I’m SO happy for you! I know you are feeling tremendously relieved, in addition to tremendously hungry, and tremendously exhausted! And so glad you had a great visit with Lily!

From now on, go to every check-up with your hospital bag at your side, stuffed with emergency food and all your keeping busy and staying relaxed tools, just in case!

I really hope things stay calm for your last week and that you’re able to enjoy these last few days just the way you want! I’d definitely follow the low salt, stay calm advice for your BP, but screw that ridiculous diet! And I’d probably conviniently “forget” my follow-up appointments, and not go back to that clinic until I was in labor!

Take care of yourself and let me know if you need anything at all!

Glad you`re home sweety!

oh thank goodness!! take it easy!

(i’m going to e-mail you my keitai # and email addy…)

So glad you’re home! If you need anything just let me know! Enjoy these last few weeks, because after that it will be a whole new adventure!

Woohoo! I am so glad you are home and away from the hospital.

Yeah, for being back home.

On the bright side about your stay in the hospital, now that you`ve been there a few days, you might want to add a few extra goodies to your bag (ie food supplies)

Take care!

YAY!! I am so glad that they let you out finally!! I hope you are able to enjoy the last few weeks before BG comes with Ryohei in a nice and relaxed atmosphere!!

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