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Posted on: July 11, 2009

This deserves a second posting today… wow I missed our new home and missed Ryohei (despite our tiff.. which is over now as most silly hormone and stress induced fights are)

We’ve spent a fairly relaxing afternoon and evening at home – I got to use my oven for the first time and made a roasted chicken breast with lemon and herbs as well as some homemade mashed potatos (no salt 😛 ) to accompany it.

It was about 100x better than anything I’ve had in the past few days. I really like cooking – and my food processor arrived today as well so hopefully I’ll be able to experiment with that in the next few days as well.  I’m a big fan of trying out new recipes although if they are western in origin its usually necessary to experiement since some of the ingrediants aren’t readily available here.

I guess being hospitalized has really made me appreciate being in my own place even more… my bed, my own stuff, the quiet… but I do hope BG comes soon. When the babies at the nursery weren’t screaming they were so cute and I just wanted to hold them but they weren’t mine so obviously can’t go doing that. I still have my hospital bag packed and yes this time there are snacks going in my bag incase they feel they need to starve me after the birth… sigh. My clinic is supposed to have great food so I will be really disappointed if I am on “diet” food again for my week long stay there – I can’t imagine my dr. being that cruel to me once the baby is out tho.. (she says now…)

Anyways – tomorrow we plan to do some light cleaning and take a walk. Apparently it is ok for me to go on walks as long as I get plenty of rest as well… so I think we will walk up the station for the first time since moving here and see what is around.

Next weekend is a 3 day weekend and Ryohei has a wedding to go to on the 19th (Saturday) who wants to bet BG comes that day? Ryohei is hoping and praying she comes before then so that he can have a couple drinks with his friends without worrying about not being able to get back in time. The way things are going I’m guessing she will be picking that as the day… or at least I would if I was a itazura loving baby like BG seems to be.

Ah~ time to take a shower in my own shower…. happiness!


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I’m so glad you’re at home and it sounds like things are going better already! That chicken sounds delicious AND healthy, shoot our family never eats that well, you need to come to Beijing and cook for us.. I lol’d about you wanting to go pick up the babies in the nursery — you know your own baby is going to be 10x cuter anyhow, so it’ll be worth the wait. 😉

hahaha – I love cooking so I wouldn’t mind taking you up on the offer!!!

aww I want to see BG so badly!! so so so curious what she is going to look like and all… only 2-3 more weeks I guess but still seems like a long time!!

anyways its good to be back 😀

Welcome home!!!!!!!!!!

Just spoke to you, but just wanted to say that!

thannnkkkk you!!!

Yay bloody yay. Must be nice to be home & roast chicken sounds yum. They so better not tell you watch what you eat AFTER the birth. Hell, you’ll be so pleased with yourself for pushing BG out you will no trouble telling them to F off if they do. Doubt they will though. Post birth what do they care if you eat shitloads. Not effecting BG – unless you eat a lot of dairy or something or rather that effects milk flow.

Daddy’s little girl if BG comes out before the wedding. Damn paying all that money to attend and not being able to have the booze. First baby though, she could well wait longer – says I who had first baby ten days early – isn’t that today for you? Better get those snacks packed in your bag just in case…

Yah I didn’t sign up for diet camp thanks.. although I could probably use it – but if I’m paying for a “nice” clinic with “gourmet” food that better be what I get. (So easy for me to say on here – I’m actually quite passive IRL)

This is one of Ryohei’s oldest friends – before kindy even – so I know he really wants to go… so have to cross my legs if she doesn’t come out before then… I really don’t want to go overdue tho…

Anyways bags are packed!!! But from what the Dr. said doesn’t seem like this week will be it… I think she’s not going to want to budge for a while.

Ah the wonders of FWC/internet vibes! 🙂 SO glad you are out of hospital and that you get to rest at home. Hopefully it won`t be long until you get to meet BG now that you are more relaxed and able to do things your own way. Have a good weekend. x

Thanks so much!! And thanks for the post on FWC since it seemed to work really well!!! I was sooo surprised to be released 2-3 days earlier than intially planned!!

Hope you are having a nice weekend as well 😀

As soon as I got home I checked to see if you were released but checked the old blog. I quickly crashed and didn’t see your great news until this morning. YIPPEEE! After we left, Masa said I was really loud and he could hear me from downstairs *oops*. Maybe the doctor evicted you because the other women on the floor BP’s skyrocketed with my visit *lol*. I am so happy that you are doing great. Can’t wait to meet up next time. I forgot to mention (or did I?) K in Sanjo and I didn’t meet up last time because we wanted to see you. If she decides to come up this week email me and if I am feeling genki I will try to come up with Reo (I assure you he is much calmer on his own).

Thanks so much for coming!!!
My room was def. lively while you were here – which was so fun but maybe you did play a part in me getting released!!

(I’d like to give you some of the credit 😉 )

Hopefully we can meet up with K as well! She wrote me a couple of very sweet emails as well.

Aww Reo was a sweetie!! I felt like banging on the doors and walls quite a few times during my stay and he’s only 2 so he can get away with it lol

Must be bliss to be home!!!
Hmmm babies must have wedding senses, Ash arrived the day before my best friend’s wedding meaning I was still in hospital and couldn’t go! 😦
I hope she comes soon, after all the stuffing around we all just want to meet her, but I guess nobody more than you!

Hmm… well we seem to have similar lives so wouldn’t be surprised of BG takes after Ash in that regard!! Of course not my friends wedding but Ryohei’s been looking forward to it for a while and this kid has caused us both quite a bit of inconvience (lord love her) in the past couple weeks so I’m sure she’d love the opportunity to “go out with a bang” as it were lol

But I have my next appt that day so if things look like they are on the way then we will prob. have heads up anyways 🙂

Wow that chicken sounds yummy. I like cooking too but not here as I have no counter space and just end up knocking everything on the floor! New appliances are so fun to use and break in, enjoy. I am happy you are home and feeling better. Being home will make the waiting game much easier. Hoping bg comes sooner than later for you 🙂

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