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Posted on: July 12, 2009

Ryohei really deserves a ‘thank you’ post and maybe a medal for the past couple days. Yes we had a huge nasty fight with a lot of not so nice stuff said the day I was admitted to the hospital, but I think that was fueled by a lot of stress and worry for BG and me. Since stupid idiot Dr. put it into Ryohei’s head that we might die or something… (rolls eyes)

Anyways since getting back home Ryohei has been so incredibly helpful and I am SO greatful for it. He’s done so many of the household chores like laundry, washing dishes, taking out the trash, etc etc… without me having to ask or anything… actually he’s always been pretty good about this type of stuff. But – its been a big help since although I can do a bit I get tired and sore feet/sore back/sore bump fairly quickly. Of course he’ll be back to work tomorrow so I’ll have a bit more to do on my own – but I really really appreciate him helping out so much – he can get on my nerves, piss me off, and make me roll my eyes but in the end he’s really a sweet and helpful guy and I know how much he loves me and BG.

I’ve had my regrets the past few months – but being with him is not one of them… wish the place would change sometimes, wish other things would change sometimes,  but I think that he and I really suit each other and I’m lucky to have met him 🙂

Aww… mush…

We walked to Nagaoka Station today which has a large shopping center attached to it… did a little bit of shopping but not too much. Its a decent walk – a little further than I was expecting but once BG is here it will be a perfect distance for a daily walk plus lots of fun stuff like Starbucks (which I resisted today), 100 yen shop, Mr. Donuts, import foods shop, and more 🙂 I really like the area we are living now…

Our place is on a really small road away from all the cars and traffic and theres a big plot of land in the back that people use to grow veggies and its soooo quiet. No frogs, no taiko drums, just some singing bugs… and its nice to have a green view and still be able to walk 3 minutes to the supermarket and 15-20 mins to “shopping mall civilization.” I think we are both really really pleased with how the apartment is shaping up!!

My new food processor arrived last night and we tried it out slicing cabbage today which Ryohei was very excited about… also used the oven again to make rosemary and oliveoil roasted potatos… which were absolutely heavenly… (We got a huge sack of potatos from Ryohei’s grandma before I was admitted to the hospital and they were going to go bad soon we have been eating potatos since I got out of the hospital) I also made a lemon basil panfriend pork – which Ryohei LOVED – but I was sort of blah on. I’m not a big fan of pork, esp not pan friend but Ryohei requested it and I didn’t want to say no. He’s got the leftovers all set to go for his bento tomorrow – so thats good as well 🙂

I guess I absolutely have no plans this week… if BG doesn’t come by Weds. I think we’ll go and see Harry Potter… but besides that nada… I’ve been having all sorts of fun aches and pains both back and stomach area but nothing that really lasts… 😦 Now that our place is pretty much set up and ready to go its just killing time until “the day.”

Sort of hoping she will come before Sat. as I’d really prefer not to have another check-up again… I guess I need to start walking everyday and hope that it helps speed things along!


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You sound SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much happier now!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Fingers crossed you get to see Harry Potter on the big screen before BG arrives. Enjoy your free-time!!!!

I think getting out of the hospital was enough to put me on cloud 9 for at least a couple days lol!!

I guess I should enjoy my free time – this will be the last of it for a while!! Just wish I didn’t have to be house sized for it 😉

Awww, I’m glad you and Ryohei are back to being mushy again. I think part of the saying hurtful things is something that comes with age (not to sound like an old fart here, because I’m only what, 4 years older than you? Although I think my husband has at least 10 on Ryohei). I think probably in the next few years, and certainly after BG is born, you’ll probably find that Ryohei mellows a bit with saying things he doesn’t really mean in the heat of the moment. My husband is really good about not saying things he’ll regret in the heat of the moment, but according to him he wasn’t always this way, it was a skill that evolved as he grew older. It is good that you can make up easily and be happy and that he shows how he really feels by treating you like a princess, regardless of what sort of boneheaded things he might say in a fit of anger/stress/worry. It sounds like you guys have been having a nice couple days since you got out, a great way to spend the time before BG comes.

I wanted to tell you this story before, but I never got to it, but as for doctors stressing out our husbands (I guess we’ve had a lot of chopsticks up the nose type comments for your doctor, heh), if it makes you feel any better (!?) a friend of mine here in China, another American foreign wife was also told her baby would die if she did not agree to a c-section on her due date. The reason? She was due! That’s it! The doctor also told her that the baby had fluid in her kidneys (is that even possible?), something she apparenly diagnosed simply by LOOKING at my friend, no ultrasound or anything. My friend ended up ignoring their “advice” despite heavy guilt tactics and she even a “you’re an unfit mother, you’re so selfish, you shouldn’t have children” speech from the freaking doctors, all because she wanted to wait at least a week before inducing (and they wanted to do a c-section! No induction even mentioned.). She was telling me this and my mouth just hit the floor, so crazy! So at any rate, Japan isn’t the only country with wacky doctors, they transcend borders apparently!

i’m glad you’re feeling much better. being fed can do that to a person. 😉

i’m sure a lot of us sempai mommies can tell you ALL the old wives’ tales for naturally inducing labor, i’m sure we’ve tried them all! 😉 (i personally never went for the castor oil because a. i don’t like nasty things and b. i’ve never seen it in japan and didn’t feel like looking for something nasty….) LOL

It all sound so wonderful. I skipped out on the coffee too and slept much better- although it may be a combo of 1 hour of yoga, no sugar, salt, massage before bed yesterday and like 5 naps. I actually fell asleep at the concert after visiting you. You are so lucky that you are almost done! I became friends with a spiritual aboriginal woman during Tomo’s pregnancy and she shared so many great stories but one thing that stood out was that she would go by the river near the end of the pregnancy (or any running water so like when you are in the shower) and talk to baby. Tell baby how excited to see her and when she is ready to enter the world to please come. I did that for less than a week and Tomo was born *lol*. Thinking I will be taking a lot of showers after 2 weeks *lol*.
You know, it sounds like you chose a wonderful, ideal location for an apartment. Will be such a healthy lifestyle for the 3 of you.

I’m so happy your doing well =) I’m glad you have such a great guy by your side, and I know how easy it is to forget how great they are and complain at times.

I agree that it sounds like you’re located in a great area. Must feel soooo nice to know you can get up and go for a walk and actually ARRIVE somewhere other than rice paddies. Starbucks, you say? Reason enough to move there.

Enjoy the next (few? I hope not!) week(s) before BG!!

You do sound so much happier, yay! hehe and I agree, food will do that!
I think we all know Ryohei is a good guy but even good guys say dopey, hurtful things.
I’m glad you two got through it and he’s being an angel cos I know if he’s not the herd of angry gaijin women will be getting their arses to Niigata and there will be many chopstick attacks!

When I just wanted the baby to come I scoured the internet for tips to help it come faster. The tip I tried, on the night before Will arrived (although that may just be a coincidence) was to eat a bag of liccorice. I like liccorice and thought ‘what the hell’ and low and behold he arrived the next morning. So if you like liccorice then give it a go. I was also told a whole lot of pineapple also does the job (that might fit somewhat better with the Nazi doctor’s diet).
I’m just glad you sound so much happier. Your new place seems to be perfect for you. Tell Ryohei he rocks (at least most of the time).

Cheers, Bron.


So glad you are back into your own space and can relax the way *you* want to and hope the remaining days of your pregnancy are stress free and without too many more check-ups.

Enjoy your last days of being a couple because it sure will change once your baby arrives!

Glad things are going better. Very happy that Ryohei is doing his best to make up for saying those mean things to you. Enjoy your last couple of days/weeks of freedom. I know they seem like a long time now but when you look back in a few years time you won’t even remember them!
As for “natural inducing methods” the day before Joey was born we ran out of rice so I walked to the local shop, picked up a 5kg bag of rice and walked back to our apartment with it. 6 hours later I felt my first twinge and 24 hours later Joey was born. Will never know if the two things were related! LOL!

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