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Killing Time

Posted on: July 13, 2009

Ok BG – time to hurry up…

Not that I’m really excited to go back to the clinic of doom for another long stay, but I think I’ve had about enough of the sleepless nights, sore days, and the waiting for you!

I had a horrible time sleeping last night… not sure why but my heartburn was back in FULL force. I think it might be due to the panfriend pork… so tonights dinner is oil free. It was awful I was probably up until at least 3 or so when I finally gave in to take TUMS since I heard they can constipate you I have tried not to take them as much but they always seem to work when I do – so when I was sick of tossing and turning (I actually woke Ryohei up – he thought I was in labor lol) for hours I took them and they did their thing and i finally got some rest – altho I ended up waking up at 8:30 anyways.

We were pretty much out of groceries so after doing some dishes I took my “eco-bag” and got in my daily exercise by going to the grocery store and taking almost an hour walking around and figuring what I wanted to do for dinner. Eating a reduced salt diet in Japan and trying to plan meals is ridiculous due to all the salty seasonings here – miso, soy sauce, salt… the list goes on… I ended up getting some kabocha (pumpkin) to boil it but overcooked it (;_;) so now we have a sort of pumpkin mush but we will be eating it anyways… my MIL makes awesome kabocha nimono (boiled pumpkin) so I need to find out how she does it. It was one of the few things I LOVED and could always eat… she makes a sweet version as opposed to the salty ones I’ve had before…

I also made a small batch of peanut butter cookies from a package mix I had lying around. The difference between my new oven and my old convection one in Kobe is amazing. The cookies turned out awesome, perfectly baked, chewy, and just the right size… I am REALLY looking forward to baking – it is my stress release but am trying to hold off as money is incredibly tight – even more so with the hospital bill looming – and we need to save our money for “real food” and utilities etc. I’m so sad that the money Ryohei’s parents gave us as a birth gift is pretty much all going to go towards paying for my stupid 3 day stay in the hospital 😦 Not how I was picturing using it…

Anyways it rained for pretty much most of the afternoon and the forecast for this week says rain and more rain – despite being the rainy season we’ve had very little rain in Niigata until a couple days ago.. I guess it just took a while to get here because it seems to be in full force now.

Not very thrilled with the rain since it means that I have to stay in the apartment as opposed to labor inducing walking around. Not really looking forward to the pain, but would prefer to have baby sooner than later – kind of a getting it over with feeling. I’ll by 39 weeks tomorrow but no sort of action at all 😦 I do get a few random pains but they always go away before I can even really get excited about them πŸ˜›

Oh and looks like we have to hold off on Harry Potter until Friday because the only showing that Ryohei can attend starts past 8:30 and he says that since its such a long movie a weekday night is out… So I guess we shall see… I have had it in my head that BG will be here between the 17th and 24th (this Friday and next Friday) so we will see if I am right! I hope she’s not too overdue though as theres a lot of stuff going on at the end of the month and I would love to be out of the clinic by then esp. by the time my Mom comes on Aug. 4th.

Either way I KNOW she will be here this time next month and its a bit scary!!! Most of the upcoming posts should be pretty much baby related – which is boring if you aren’t interested in that type of stuff I know – sort of the most prominent thing on my mind though so don’t say you haven’t been warned ;P


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Quite glad you are out of hospital and killing time- gives me stuff to do when I should be working! LOL! πŸ˜‰
I am probably going to see the HP film on Friday as well. Would like to go sooner but things are so busy on Wed/Thurs that that is probably the first chance I will get. Have instructed Mal he is coming with me whether he likes it or not! (After all, that is what boyfriends are for isn’t it?! To be dragged along to the films you want to see?!) Am kind of sad though as Jenn and I had a tradition of going to see the HP films together and I think this will be the first one we haven’t seen together.

Oh yay!! Hope you and M enjoy the movie!! (who doesn’t enjoy the HP films?) Thats so nice that you and Jenn had a tradition of watching them together I can imagine it would be a bit of a bummer to break that. I suppose jetting off to Canada would be cheaper than Japan though πŸ˜‰

PS- one of my favourite people in the world is born on July 28th, another is born on July 29th so hopefully your BG will put in an appearance on one of those two days. D’s birthday is July 30th so you might want to hold her in on that day! LOL! (Just kidding..honest..)

Those two days are a very REAL possibility!!
My clinic induces 5-9 days post due date…

Really really hoping I don’t go that long though – very sick of being pregnant. If I had a due date baby like Joey I would be more than happy since it would mean I only have a week left of being housesized.

That’s great you have “time” at the moment. Let’s enjoy it while we can… even if that means just sitting alone with a book and an
ice cream for a few hours πŸ˜‰

Still envious I’m not a part of the “oven club” but what to do. I loooooove peanut butter cookies!! Hope you have fun baking things~

BG is going to be soooooo cute, I can’t wait to meet her!

The cookies were yummy – I only just got an oven after almost 4+ years of living here… and only because I decided to splurge but hopefully it will be worth it!!!

I can’t wait to meet BG and Ponyo as well πŸ˜€

If your posts weren’t baby related at the moment I think there would be cause for worry!! Yay for baking and good ovens. I love baking too and don’t do that much because hub isn’t a huge fan – or rather he wasn’t brought up with it so doesn’t appreciate it – and the kids aren’t around enough during the day to eat enough of it so that mummy doesn’t scoff the lot.

Extra hospital stays are expensive 😦 My false labour day was 15000 yen.

It is scary to think this time in a couple of weeks you will be a family of three. You’ll be getting the hang of breastfeeding, changing nappies, bathing, burping and of course how BG looks in real life -wondering what bits looks like mummy or daddy.

I wasn’t completely overcome by love or bonding with any of the kids as soon as they were out. It kicked in though and just the last couple of weeks Ryu and I (or rather me – because how can a baby not bond really) are going for gold. Am loving it and despite the non-existent shag fest schedule at the moment I can still picture us with four children.

Bloody hell. I may well have to come back and delete this comment. Four kids. That is just craziness talking there.

Enjoy your last days before becoming a mum πŸ™‚ Everything will be just fine and you will be a great mum and BG will the most beautiful little thing ever, with an amazing ten fingers and ten toes.

Did I just read #4?? Ryu must be casting a spell on you lol

It really is hard to believe that life will be so different in the matter of a few days to a few weeks… right now I just feel like I’ve put on a ton of weight but my lifestyle hasn’t changed too much. I even managed to sleep in today πŸ˜›

I have heard that quite a few people don’t have the amazing bonded at first sight feeling, but then again some do? Wonder where I will end up. Maybe somewhere in the middle – who knows I try to keep imagining giving birth and seeing her for the first time but I think its way more romanticized and pretty and not so painful (lol) in my head then it will be in real life.

Hey Sara!

Let me clarify the tums statement about constipation:

I was taking them 4 or 5 times a day because my heartburn was SO bad….once or twice a day won’t hurt at all, and probably good for you to have the extra calcium! Just my body couldn’t handle the 4 or 5 or 6 or so doses of calcium….

And awesome on the oven…I got one when I was pregnant as well and did a lot of extra baking…very therapeutic having that smell wandering around the house!

Hahaha ok!!!
Thats good because I took a few last night as well πŸ˜€

I didn’t know that calcium was a cause of constipation to be honest!! Interestingly enough though taking them DOES seem to… cause some sort of change in my regularity which I didn’t really notice until you pointed it out… sorry not really polite blogging talk lol

I keep checking- hoping that I will read “in labor” will write later or something. I had to laugh at Gajinwifes comment. The thought of 4 was swimming in my head yesterday- have I lost my mind? Gambatte- sending you labour vibes- come on BG we, especially your mom and Dad are waiting.

Hahaha I wish you would be reading it too!!!
Hopefully I’m in the hospital over a weekend so you will be able to come and visit again!! By the way – I love the flowers you gave me, we didn’t end up having a vase and forgot to buy one so I’ve been displaying them in a modified milk carton… but they add a really pretty splash of color to our living room!!!

This wanting 4 must be a third pregnancy thing LOL
At this point BG is looking to be an only child… X_X

cookies are always good. Even if money is tight, try not to deprive yourself of something that makes you happy (get hub to deprive himself of beer for a while to make it even) After all you`ve given up your life to live in your home country surrounded by the things you love.

I am lucky since i have quite a few Betty Crocker mixes lying around from my birthday. (My grandma sends me them)
And my mom should be bring a few things from the states when she visits early next month – so thankfully I will have a bit of a stash!!!

I’ve noticed you make a lot of yummy things on your blog as well!!! Sounds like you and the hubby are well fed πŸ˜‰ I want to try your cheesecake recipe sometime before the end of summer

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