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39 weeks and bored…

Posted on: July 14, 2009

Had a long boring day to myself again today… Last night was better than the one before it sleepwise and actually slept in until around 10ish!! Came downstairs to find Ryohei had taken the garbage out for me (woo hoo!) I was afriad I would oversleep and it would have to stay another week – but he took it in on the way to work I guess!! The good behavior continues! Also got a call from his at work around lunch time asking if there was “anything to report” sadly no. The saloon doors seem to be tightly locked with a key that has been dropped down a drain or flushed away in the toliet 😦 Today is 39 weeks officially! In a week from today I will be completely due… I think once I actually go OVERdue I will be more and more irritated but I didn’t really expect to have a nice prompt or early baby to begin with.

Anyways – was feeling a bit ambitious today and didn’t really do anything exciting for dinner yesterday so I set about making a Chinese Chicken Salad. It was a bit of an undertaking since I was doing it all from scratch – I used to be lazy and just buy bagged salad mix but figured it wouldn’t hurt to kill time. I used my new food processor (love it) to slice up green and yellow peppers, cucumber, cabbage and the shredded some lettace. I then grilled a chicken breast in my oven and shredded it on the veggies and then toasted seseme seeds. I tossed them all with a seseme and teriyaki type vingerette and at the last minute broke a small package of Baby Star Chicken Flavored over the top.

Ryohei’s reaction – very very good apparently. I made a huge mixing bowls worth and he ate most of it and put some aside for his lunch tomorrow!! Figure he might as well enjoy the fruits of my labor while he still can since I’ve told him once baby comes long prep meals like today will be few and far between. Was yummy and perfect for a summer dinner though!! I’m a bit sad about the limited ingrediant selection at the local (3 minute away market) Once BG is here I’ll have to do a bit of shopping for more “exotic” ingrediants at the station. At this point I don’t think a 20 minute walk – shopping – 20 minute walk home carrying stuff… would really work for me at all 😦

Oh well – all in good time.

So that was my day really – cooking and did laundry… wasn’t horrible but def. not the life I would choose if I wasn’t bursting with a watermelon sized baby.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the salad but it was gone in a flash… maybe next time!!


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Oh that salad sounds delicious!! My sister has got me hooked on chicken/prawn ceasar salad last time I was back in Australia and boy was it good!! I really think chicken and salad go well together. We have been eating salad nearly everyday since it has gotten warmer. Cooking in this heat really isn’t a lot of fun!!

Oh sounds yummy! I want the recipe! I love salads for summer- we had a basic one for dinner tonight that I did to go with the “steak” that MIL bought.

I have a beef thai salad recipe that I will bring to Nagaoka when we come visit- Nay and I have plans to exchange some recipes then anyway! Since beef is a bit expensive here I think you could do it with chicken no worries! It is easy to chuck together and yummy in summer!

The words “saloon doors” always crack me up. I hope they open soon!

Your meals always sound so yummy. I won’t tell Seiyan about them because I always make the same old boring, easy things. I blame my kitchen! Still hoping that bg makes her apperance soon for you, till them keep resting and enjoy your time.

dinner sounds yummy.

I like salads and Dh does too but he usually complains after he`s eaten it all that he`s still hungry…..

The salad sounds yummy!

Nevertheless, it sounds like you had an enjoyable day, if abit boring. Definitely better than being in that hospital hey! πŸ™‚

Glad to hear the food processor is going good. I’ve never used mine to chop up veggies though I know it has an attachment. Maybe in summer πŸ™‚

sounds like a lovely day to me. but then, maybe because i’m on the other side of the saloon doors? LOL

Woooo 39 weeks! You’ll have a daughter in the next week or so! How exciting, although I’m hoping she holds off a bit becasue I put the wager on her being late πŸ˜‰
Salad sounds yummy! Ryota never eats salads unless they’re full of meat and unhealthy crap but he may eat that one so I’m gunna try!

The salad sounds great. My husband (and most of his countrymen) does not like salads. Chinese people have a thing about eating raw vegetables, really only cucumbers are allowed to be raw. I wish I could make more salads here, but I’d be eating them alone! They are so perfect for the summer too, in this heat it is hard to eat anything too heavy.

Congrats on 39 weeks, you’re nearing the finish line!

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