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Friday I’m in Love

Posted on: July 17, 2009

Ahh good old 80s music… got my internet radio on and listening to “We’ve Got the Beat” by the Go-gos… I was still really little in the 80s but like many of my generation grew up listening to it and love it..

I would be up and doing a little dancing if it didn’t feel like I would topple forward on my bump and face like an uncordinated turtle.

Last night was AWFUL because I couldn’t sleep 😦 Oh my gosh I turned and tossed for hours… I have no idea why I get so uncomfortable at night 😦 During the day BG doesn’t do too much even if I’m lying down but something happens between 11pm – 3am that makes laying down and sleeping impossible. I guess thats why napping has been a life saver lately… its the only time I can really sleep.

I woke up with fun gas like cramps this morning which of course I hoped would be something else but nope – just some silly cramps and I now feel fine. I must be a masochist waiting for all the pain to start – but its more of just getting it over with than anything. I am a rip off the band aid quick type girl but just feel like I’m staring and staring at the fricken bandaid wondering when I WILL be able to take it off and get my horrible day of pain and yuckiness over with.

I’ve been occupying my time with cooking for sure… and I can bet you that there will be a weight gain on the scales tomorrow at my check up 😦 And I can bet the Dr. will be lecturing me on my weight again.. oh BG why couldn’t you have come BEFORE my check up 😦 I honestly HATE going to the clinic here because of the fear mongering and criticism. Another reason I just wish this was all over and the baby was out so they could stop trying to be so controlling of my personal life… sigh

Its just a huge distraction to worry about being hospitialized or “talked down to” again on top of the whole pushing a baby out thing… extra pressure that I don’t want and the longer BG is inside the more visits I have to endure. Starting to think this kid might hate me already… and jeez I haven’t denied her sweets at the grocery store or cartoon character studded shoes yet 😛

So I guess thats my update for the day… more of the same really? You guys bored yet? I sure am…

A bit more action but nothing that warrents a new post – figure I might as well record it here while I can…

EDIT 1pm: Menstral like cramps in lower pelvis (not very painful -like a 2 or 3) sort of radiating around to the back as well.. I’ll have some lunch and see if they go away or not…

1:44pm – Well it was fun while it lasted… cramps etc seem to have died down (AGAIN) Will update again if anything else interesting happens… 😦

3:21pm – took a nap… woke up to pains being back plus very very heavy feeling in pelvis… pains are a bit worse than before bordeing on a 4 I guess.. trying to get a bit more sleep so will give napping another try and update afterwards… still not convinced this is the beginning… but these are the most painful cramps/pressure i’ve had thus far

3:39pm ok so apparently updating my blog curses me as once again pains pretty much disappeared.. still sort of heavy feeling which makes me think maybe shes moved down a bit…

besides cramping/pressure no other “Sign” type stuff.. still progress is progress i guess…


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Oh sounds like BG could be on her way! I’ve heard that menstral like cramping can be an early sign of labour! Hope for your sake that it is!

Yip. Welcome to labour.
If you bleed a little that’s completely normal and is a good sign. That’s what mw told me, as I freaked out. I had heard of a show but not not a lead up to it.

Enjoy the experience the best you can, ultimately everyones there to help.

You’ll be fine!!!!!

Yup- good chance this is the beginning 🙂 Keep us (me 🙂 ) updated. I was wondering if I should come down again this weekend as BG didn’t seem ready to come yet but hopefully this is it. Tomo, beginning from the bit of menstural cramp and bloody show took 3 days- good thing its a long weekend *lol*. Gambatte Sarah- I am getting excited for you which is perhaps premature as we don’t know 100 percent. Tomorrow doc will tell you if you have started dialating a bit. You have given me reason to rush home from my own Doc appointment romorrow to see whats going on on your end. Please don’t leave us in suspense 🙂

Oh so hoping this is the start of labour for you!

Not to get you excited but that’s how I felt the day Raiden came. Contractions were irregular and sporadic to start with. Fingers crossed for you 🙂

Hope this is it. Come on saloon doors. Was the wedding this weekend??


I hope this is the real thing! Sounds like it won’t be too long now either way. Well hell, you’re 40 weeks tomorrow of course it won’t be too long now. Wow there is better than a 50% chance you’ll be holding BG in your arms at this time next week! How cool is that? See that bright light? It’s the end of the tunnel!!

Sounds not too far off =)
Cooooome oooooon BG!!!

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