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Back to the inaka (again)

Posted on: July 19, 2009

But just for a day.. Ryohei’s friend has his wedding today about 10 minutes away from the “family home” so I agreed to come and spend the night here so that he can “drink” at the wedding – yes I am a super nice wife. Doesn’t really matter anyways since still no action on the baby front. Not a cramp, not a niggle, nothing…

My due date is on Tuesday so unless there is some major action I foresee being one of the lucky “overdue” type Mommies. Just HOPING that she is out by the next up coming weekend as things start getting complicated with guests coming and long hospital stays and limited transportation etc from next week’s Monday/Tuesday onwards… (27th/28th+)

Right now I am “hiding” out in Ryohei’s room again. He’s already gone which means its just me and the inlaws and I don’t fancy talking with them until I’m called downstairs for dinner. Ryohei won’t be back until at least 10pm… and I really would prefer not to have a conversation about 1. the baby 2. my hospital stay 3. how I am feeling – so here I will stay. I’ve been really tired anyways and had a nice(?) two hour nap which is probably going to make it harder to sleep tonight but oh well…

Since tomorrow is another holiday we had semi-plans to go to the beach area (about 40 min drive or so from Nagaoka) but it has been constantly raining so maybe not. Haha.. of course tomorrow is “Umi no Hi” or Beach Day so I’m sure a ton of others would have the same idea.

So I guess thats it… I feel so run down and tired. Not sure if its the bad weather, preparing for birth, or something else. I think I am getting to the point where it really feels like this whole baby business is just a myth and that its not going to happen… its a very weird feeling. Altho she has gotten a bit less active – I have a feeling she will be here before or around this time next week… but its hard to imagine it AND the whole process of her getting here.

Anyways thats it I guess… another hour or so to hide in “the cave” before being forced to spend an evening chit chatting (alone) with PIL. At this point I could really just do without it – Ryohei better appreciate this 😛


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How kind of you =) I’m sure Ryohei appreciates it (maybe not so much tmr morning though!) Hope it clears up so you can go to the beach. I’ve been dying to go lately too… but…not gonna happen.

Another week or so eh? At least you’re much closer to holding BG than I am, Ponyo. Very jealous!! I’m just entering the unbearable stage, as you reach your prize =)

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