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Home again

Posted on: July 20, 2009

Last night was awful… I am not spending the night at the in-laws for a long, LONG time if I can help it. Not due to any “personal” reasons but due to the fact that I COULD NOT sleep there for the life of me. In the two weeks since we’ve moved to Nagaoka I realized that my sleep has improved so much.

The first offender was the single futon I had to sleep on… at least before I had my matress which makes it feel like I’m actually sleeping on something that isn’t just the wooden floor. Wow… add in pregnant body with baby limbs occasionaly poking out INTO the hard futon/floor and thats just uncomfortable 😦

Second offender was the frogs. I have NOT missed them at all… they were croaking way into the middle of the night.. I think my last look at the clock was around 3:30am and they were still going strong…

Third offender was the stupid dogs.. that start howling around 6am every morning.. it pisses me off that NO ONE shuts them up… seriously.

Altho we were in bed around midnight or so… I don’t think I slept until past 3:30am with bathroom breaks every 90-120 minutes there after… NOT the best situation plus the random cramps and other fun “oh could I be in labor” pains that go away after 10 minutes or so…

So I guess I am cranky cranky cranky pants today although on the upside we recieved “moroccan beans”, edamame, and potatos from the inlaws… and Ryohei brought back souviners from the wedding that include hamburgers, bacon (?!), a box of cakes, and honey.. also one of those fun pick your own wedding gift catalogues which we’ll probably use to get something for the kitchen…

Anyways Ryohei is downstairs watching Prison Break in the kitchen and I’m here debating whether to take a nap or not… if I do I wonder if I am headed for another sleepless night again. I hate nights… I hate tossing and turning and being uncomfortable… 😦 I can’t wait to be able to sleep on my back and stomach again…


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I feel your pain. I only stayed at my PILs a hand-full of times when I was pregnant and I remember a real nightmare time being when I was about 6 months pregnant and I had to stay there for New Year. SO tired when I got back as I just couldn’t sleep on the futon on the floor.
I used to love those present bags that D would bring back from weddings. I always saw them as MY present for him buggering off to get drunk!

Yah I was surprised at the goody bags!!! ALMOST makes up for all the money we spent in “gift money”

Futons + pregnant bodies don’t seem to mesh well.. I can barely get comfy in bed and being about 5cm from the wood flooring was pure agony lol.

Anyways I’m PRETTY sure I won’t see them again until the baby is here so I’ll just chalk last night up to “never doing that again” and move on πŸ˜‰

This is one of the major drawbacks I see in headed to my ILs this Sept. The futon that might as well be a sheet as its so thin. I know that is not going to be fun to sleep on especially as I have rather gotten used to sleeping on my real bed lately.

I am going to have to ship the air mattress my mother brought with her for her last trip to Japan (for this particular reason) and I might just have to claim it before until she gets here. After that hopefully the baby will arrive shortly thereafter allowing me to be able to find a much more comfortable position to sleep in.

ohhh… i would REALLLLLLLY recommend that esp. since you’ll be so close to giving birth at that point.

altho maybe if you can weasel 2 futons on top of eachother it wouldn’t be so bad?

I have to say that mid-late 3rd trimester sleeping hasn’t been easy anywhere (for me – you might be completely different!) so whatever you can do to be comfy – DO IT!

When are you leaving for the in-laws anyways? How long before your due date?

Ooooh, LOVE those pick your own catelogs. I remember when we ordered them to give as ‘thankyou gifts’ to people we got money from when Shou was born I ordered an extra one so I could pick something too!!

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