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Posted on: July 21, 2009

Duedate~~~ woo hoo as of 20 minutes ago I am officially 40 weeks pregnant. Seems hard to believe that about 38 weeks ago that little second line turned pink and BG was already on her way…

But no time to be sentimental yet… I feel like I should hang on tight as this ride seems to be FAR from over. I’m just crossing my fingers that this is the week and that I’ll be with my little girl this time next week. I have a good feeling about the end of the week so I will try to hold my cheerful attitude until then but after that point I think I will become VERY CRANKY week overdue Sarah and all hell will break loose… and I’ll probably end up being induced which I would PREFER to avoid. So any slippery slidey baby coming out vibes would be much appreciated.

Its so depressing to read my baby board and see girls who are due after me or around the same time having their babies and others are talking about having contractions and bloody show… to be honest I have no idea what a contraction even feels like. I’ve had a few spots of menstral like cramps but certainly haven’t felt anything close to a muscular contraction I must have had Braxton-Hicks by now but I’ve never really noticed them at all. And everything still seems to be sealed up tight (without going into too many gory details)

I guess since I haven’t had any signs really it sort of worries me… the baby is engaged but I don’t know how far along that is in the impending birth scale. Of course Dr. Stupid doesn’t bother to tell me how effaced or dilated I am… although I saw him making some markings on a paper after my internal check (which I still hate…) but he just shared that there was no way she would be coming on my due date …

So I guess this is it though… it can’t be anymore than 2 weeks until she is here hopefully less than that. it honestly doesn’t feel real… I don’t think it will feel real until I can actually see her. 😦 Ryohei and I tell her all the time we are waiting to meet her and want her to come out, but she seems to want to do things on her own time. She’s been wriggling around quite a bit today as if to say – “I’m quite happy and comfortable in here thanks.” Happy to be of service my dear but there is soon going to be no more room in the inn…

My recent posts have been so pathetic… and all the websites say don’t think about the waiting too much – but really?! when you can’t do anything except waddle around and bump into doors/closets/walls with your hugely expanded girth what else are you supposed to think about. Doesn’t help that we’ve got her bed and stuff all set up in the room so everytime I walk in I get a look at my daughter’s empty bed, unused clothes and blankets, and yet unplayed with toys. At least after this I will never be pregnant for the first time again and if/when we have our next baby hopefully I’ll be occupied with BG enough that the wait won’t be this excrutiating. First times are usually the hardest… right?

Anyways Ryohei and I had a fairly nice day today.. perhaps our last non-work day as a couple. We washed his car in the afternoon since it was nice out and then came back and decided to get 100 yen revolving sushi as a last hurrah! It was very very yummy and nice to go out to a restaurant with just the two of us since lately I (or he) have been cooking dinner everynight. I like Nagaoka a lot… its not as big or convenient as Kobe – but its got pretty much everything we need in reasonable walking distance – I see a lot of the baby weight coming off from frequent walks to the station/stores with BG once it starts to cool off come Sept. 🙂

Anyways completely off the subject but figured I should interject a bit of happy and positive into the whole “where the heck is BG?!” .. 🙂

I can’t wait until she’s here and all this will feel like it was worth it… right now its just a hellish waiting game.


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This week!! I have a feeling it’s this week. 🙂 BG needs to be served with some eviction notice, methinks. 🙂 Am sending you baby vibes to get things rolling!!

Thank you!!!! I’ll take all the baby eviction vibes I can get!

Well done, you got to 40 weeks despite all the stress and hospital stays! I’m sure it will be this week, ehehehe exciting! I never had any signs with Ash, they booked me in to be induced

oops sorry, crazy click fest…

ummm yeh they booked me in to be induced and then he just came the next night. ganbatte mama!

yah i remember that!!!
i guess Ash was just stubborn until they brough in the (threat of) hard action!!!


YAY! How exciting that you have reached your EDD. I didn`t have ANY signs at all until midnight on my due date and Joey was born 18 hours later so you just never know what is going to happen! Can`t wait to “meet” her!!

Well unless baby comes out in the next 11 hours I won’t have a lucky due date baby 😦 (currently 1pm) but lets hope I have a 40 weeker…

I can’t wait to show her off!!!!

Tomorrow, tomorrow. July babies are all fabulous but July 22 is extra special. Babies born on that day are intelligent, witty, charming *and* drop dead gorgeous to boot. ;P

And we drove passed Nagaoka yesterday!! I was scanning the place at 100km/ hour from the expressway looking for you but I guess you weren’t standing in a rice paddy staring up at the expressway at that time… ;P You really aren’t that far away at all and at only 1,000 yen I’m sure we can make it up to say hi.

Remember tomorrow, tomorrow…

Wow you certainly seem to recommend the 22nd… and with absolutely no ulterior motives 😛 I will keep that in mind of course I’m not really the boss these days it seems – but I will mentally send the memo to BG.

I hope you come up to say hi!!! Esp. while the 1000 yen deal is in place… I checked and it says without traffic its only about 2.5 hours to Matsumoto 🙂 I hope you like guests as a 2.5 hour drive is a piece of cake 😉 😉 😉

Heather – LOL at scanning for you from the highway.

Congrats on getting to your due date. I’ve never reached mine!! She can’t be far away.

Remember your toothbrush. I selotaped a list to the inside of the genkan to remind me of last minute things I needed so I wouldn’t forget in the panic.

Lucky I remembered hub really – he was in danger of being left behind he was spending so long doing his hair!!

Gahhhhh not what I wanted to hear dear GW… ;P But thats ok since I find you and your blog a hilarious reprieve from thinking about my own life.

Actually you would be quite impressed!!! I’ve got extra toothbrush, extra razor (cant go around looking like a mammoth after 3 days), and SWEETS stocked in my bag.

Husbands are optional really… well they would be if they weren’t the ones driving the car 🙂 That’ll be a fun story for Ryu in a couple years… “you were nearly born in a rice paddie because Daddy wanted to look good for the Dr”

Wow, so close! (or rather… hm… already there, but not there yet?)
On the plus side, you know she’ll come out eventually! Hope it’s sooner than later.

So glad you guys had a nice day together, and that you are feeling happier abotu your living situation =)

Close but no cigar, eh?
I know this whole she HAS to come out at SOME point mentality is there but the other half of me is like hahaha yah right you are stuck with this nearly 3.5 kilo lump FOREVER!!!

Congrats on reaching your due date!! It is seriously isn’t long now until you meet your beautiful BG!! And that she will be – so cute, tiny, sweet, lovable!!

I’m glad to hear that you guys had a lovely day together yesterday!! Washing the car in summer actually sounds like a really nice idea!! I might have to ask Naoki if he wants to wash his car this weekend 😛

Sending you labour vibes!!

Washing the car was fun!!! I sprayed Ryohei with the hose a few times (revenge?)

It might be a fun thing to kill time this weekend, just make sure you have a few ice blocks on hand for afterwards – they are so yummy after a bit of “exercise” outside

Happy Due Date Day! Now that you have made it to 40 weeks you know it can be any day now. When I had those crampy things I was calling them Braxton Hicks but I am not positive. They felt just

sorry Raiden is pressing buttons again 🙂

Anyways they felt just like the real contractions just lighter and more sporadic.

Your posts have not been pathetic! They have been posts of someone who is nearing 40 weeks pregnant. If I had a blog when I was 40 weeks they would have all started with “Get out NOW….” followed by incoherent babbling as I wept into the keyboard.

Sending lots of slippery slidey baby coming out vibes your way.

Hmm… I guess I just haven’t had anything big enough to register as a proper contraction…

And thanks for not thinking I’m pathetic… at least one of us does… I’m trying to remember pre-baby Sara but she seems so far away!!!

Hopefully soon!!!!

Hi. I had to be induced with my last little girl. I went to one day short of 42 weeks but I think my stupid doctor (I switch halfway through) mixed up my due date. But that’s not the point of my story.

I was induced for 3 days and at least 8 moms had their babies while I was there huffing and puffing away. But my husband and I have taken away a funny story from that experience. One night, I think it was the second night, a lady comes in already pretty far in labor and we can hear the nurses checking her and getting her hooked up. Pretty quickly they’re moving her to the delivery room and for the next hour non-stop she screamed at the doctor, “Take it out, take out, pleeeeeeeease take it out” etc, etc. It was so funny. Finally the nurse got real stern with her and told her that if she didn’t cooperate they were going to have to do a C-section. They were like, “You have to push, you have to push”. Anyways, she finally figured it out and less than 10 minutes later she had her baby. Chikara had to go out to the bathroom then and there was a grandma lady in the hall waiting and she had a worried look on her face. Chikara figures that she’s the mother of the lady freaking out in the delivery room so he congratulates her. She says thanks and so Chikara can’t resist and asks if the lady is deliverying her first baby and the grandma says, embarassingly, “No, this is her fourth”! We were so shocked. Anyways, when we tell about Natsuki’s birth we always throw in that story!

Don’t take any deeper meaning from it except that one day you will look back and laugh at all of this!!!

oh my gosh?! what a hilarious story… talk about forget the experience of birth?!

and so so so sorry you had to go through 3 days of that?! i can’t imagine how frustrating that would be. i remember being in the clinic and the two ladies giving birth next door to me and i was so frustrated and jealous despite the fact i wasn’t in any real pain!!

gosh i REALLY REALLY hope I don’t go all the way out to 42 weeks – but glad you can still keep a sense of humor about it. means there is some hope for me 🙂

i agree with beamies, your posts of late have not been pathetic! take a look at my blog around the time hiro and tommy were due (sasha was two weeks early, so no ’40 weeks blues’ with her!)

congrats on making it this far!! pretty soon we’ll all be ‘meeting’ BG!

thank for your nice comment…
i will maybe re-read your blog for a bit of encouragement!

just hoping that any other babies don’t follow in their sisters footsteps and are nice and early… i’m so jealous of anyone who gives birth pre-duedate!!!

lets hope the meeting takes place sooner than later (crosses fingers)

Sending you labor vibes. Supposedly going for walks can tend to help (according to my mother) or maybe that was ones labor started before it became too painful, forget which. I just know my sister went for lots of walks during the day to try to make things move faster (not sure it helped, she delivered about 5 days past her due date).

I am trying to think of due dates as at best an educated guess. I think thats why delivery anywhere between 37-42 weeks is considered “normal” since the Dr can`t really pinpoint a date down. (I have had about 3 or 4 different dates before the dr finally gave me the current one I have, 10/26 but its ranged from 10/16 to 11/5)

I can tell she is more of a “my pace” type of person which afterall can be a perfectly fine thing to be.

The weather certainly doesn’t seem to be cooperating here.. I told myself I would go on an hour walk everyday this week but its absolutely pouring here today 😦 All the signs are telling me its not meant to be – right now at least… still frustrating though.

Its hard not to get “caught up” in the due date thing even though I’ve read the average first time mother goes at least a week over. I think I’m just stressing out since not only do I have to give birth but then a long hospital stay as well… and with my mom and other friends coming I just really want to be out and done ASAP.

Your due date is right around my birthday (10/15) I love being a fall birthday – its a great time of the year!! i had a lot of Halloween theme birthday parties when I was little 🙂

Mine is in September and the it was the only reason I ever looked forward to having the school year start. While technically it seems like the fall, in GA the weather was still usually hot.

Your right about an October birthday, good way to keep up a Halloween custom with themed birthday parties.

I’ve got some good birthday party ideas if you ever need them 😉 Stick the nose on the Jack O’Lanturn was a really winner when we were 4-5ish

I actually lived in Atlanta for a few years when I was around 3-6 years old but too young to remember the weather really!!! I remember there was a huge blizzard one year – it was my first time to ever see snow 🙂

my guess is that was 1992. It wasn`t the first time I had seen snow (lived near Chicago until I was 6) but that was the last time GA has seen that much snow since then. I was in first grade and remember everything being closed for a week. People still talk about that blizzard. 🙂

Happy D-day! Well, maybe not so “happy”, but I just know she’ll come sooner rather than later!

I still remember w/ my #1, I went in on Aug 23 for what was supposed to be my 38 wk check up, I was due Sep 8 (as you can relate, I was soooooooo DONE w/ being prego by that point), after an U/S and measurements the Dr. says “Yep, right on track for 37 weeks!” WTF??? “You mean 38 weeks….” “Nope, 37 weeks, you’re measuring 37 wks, with an EDD of Sep 14….” Oh heeeeellll NO! There’s no f****** way you’re adding an extra 7 days onto this pregnancy! It was so horrible, I swear I nearly died, and would have taken that damn Dr. with me!!!!! All that is to say, you haven’t been pathetic at all! You’ve been a very normal, very pregnant mom-to-be. By the way, in the end, I delivered on Sep. 9!

BG, consider this your eviction notice! You’ve got 24 hrs to vacate the premises!

omg?!?! that would have been the WORST news ever!!!!!
but thankfully you delivered closer to your “original” due date

they had pineapple onsale at the super market today so i bought a whole bunch… it may give me heartburn but lets hope the enzymes do their thing and get this process on the road…

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