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Posted on: July 22, 2009

I guess you can tell its getting close when the blues sink in like this. I was up until about 4am last night due to wriggly baby and non-comfortable sleeping position – the last two hours of which I was thisclose to crying my eyes out in frustration.

This morning I wake up to an email from my mom with a picture attached of her friend and her friends new grandbaby (which I might add was due after mine) Happy for her friend, I really am… but not so smart considering the circumstances. I don’t want to see or hear about ANYONE having their baby before me at this point. I go to my baby board with mixed feelings as I’m curious to whats happening but every “I’m in Labor!!” or “I had my baby” post is punch in the gut.

So ok.. I thought I would be able to hold out longer but I am annoyed, Po’ed, frustrated… pick an emotion I’m probably partially feeling it right now. I can’t believe I haven’t had any sort of signs at all that labor and getting this all over with is at least a bit near… I’ve heard not everyone DOES get them but at least it would be like some sort of clue to what is going on in the never ending last weeks of pregnancy labyrinth.

I mostly just want to get the whole pain/birth/hospital stay/invasion of privacy by bizillions of nurses/dealing with crap Japanese for a week straight over with. I want to never have to go to my clinic again. Every “old wives” tale I’ve tried hasn’t even given me the slightest cramp… and I’ve started to go down the list a bit. Nothing short of drugs or a scalpel is going to remove this very comfy and ACTIVE baby from me or so it seems…

Part of me wishes she had been breach or something so that I could have just had a c-section and gotten it all over with. Any sort of “birthplan” or whatever would be gladly traded if I could just get the da** thing over with and SEE my baby and NOT have a huge bowling ball attachment growing from my stomach.

All this and I’m only a day over… This is going to be a fun.. fun… week.


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I know it’s hard, when I was overdue I tried to make a plan to do something everyday until he came. I found if I made plans it didn’t feel like I was just waiting.
I think she’ll start to make an appearance on Friday and actually be born on Saturday!

thats my feeling as well… friday –> saturday

we will see 🙂

just don’t want to hype myself up TOO much for it as the let down will NOT be pretty if I get to saturday morning with not as much as a peep

Hang on in there!
I can sympathise though. Because I’m so tall, getting maternity clothes here was so difficult so by the time my 3rd was due I was really scraping the barrel with all the old things I had. Each time I went for my check up I would tell my mum (who’d been here over a week by this point) ‘this is definitely it’ and to throw everything away only to have to come home and fish them out the bin for another few days!
Maybe not what you want to hear but just remember, she IS going to appear in the next few days (or week at most) and if you’re like most of us, there’ll be days when you wish she was back inside!
Try to enjoy your remaining ‘you’ days.

i’ve been in the same clothes for weeks!!! Too big to fit half of my maternity clothes now lol – does it ever end?!

I realize the whole “she has to come out eventually” concept but at this point it seems equivilant to Santa Claus or the Toothfairy!!!

Well .. I read somewhere that babies usually are born later than their due date in first pregnancies … due dates are supposed to be just approximate, anyway. Apparently, BG is all comfy and snuggly and doesn’t want to come out just yet 😛

One of my friends was 10 days past her due date when she just decided to throw a big BBQ party and invited us. Sure enough, just when we were going to the store to buy some stuff for the BBQ, we got a phone call from the hubby and said the friend’s in labor, lol. So I guess you could try something like that? Plan something fun and big (if you can :P) .. who knows? Even if it didn’t work, it’ll still be fun, hopefully 🙂 BTW, that same friend’s second baby was also late, hehe.

Hang in there, Sarah!

Ohh… plan an event huh…
I wish I could!! I don’t even have anyone I could invite – maybe I’ll just plan something really really fun for the weekend.. (although I can’t think of anything at the moment!)

Yah I’ve heard first babies tend to come late – most of my friends were about 4-7 days late with theres so looks like I still have at least a few more days if thats how its going to be with me too.

I know the last thing you want to hear is “be patient” so I won’t say it…

However…I had an induction, and it was horrible… I know it is hard to wait though, and I remember I was begging for the pitocin when they finally gave it to me! Good luck, I’ll be hoping for a birth post soon!

I’d really prefer not to have an induction… but if i am going to have to have one I’d at least like it so that when my mom comes out here she wont be stuck in our apartment alone all day because visiting hours at my clinic are horrible and since ryohei will be working she wont be able to get there…


So… since shes coming on Tuesday the 4th I want to be out and DONE by that day!!

Oh man everyone I knew who was due around my due date or after me had their babies first. EVERYONE!! My cousin was due 5 weeks after I was, and she even gave birth before I did!! And my dad, the sensitive guy that he is, sent out an e-mail to my brother and myself with “Lynda beat Brenda to the delivery room!” as a subject heading. If my arm was 6000 miles long, I would have punched him, very, very hard. I ended up giving birth two days later, and since then everything has been a race in my parents’ minds. Who smiled first, who rolled over first, who’s cuter, etc. Even if Sara wins 95% of those competitions 😉 it’s very annoying. I so know how disappointing every single day you go past your due date is, and how nothing anyone says is going to make you feel any better. But take comfort in knowing that at least this aspect of your pregnancy is perfectly normal for both Japanese and foreign women, and your doctor can’t give you a hard time about that!

Come on BG! The world is waiting for you!!
Hang in there mommy! Not too much longer now!

Wow!!! Thats horrible I’m glad I don’t have a family member due at the same time.. well SIL but she’s due a MONTH after me and if she gives birth sometime this month I will honestly DIE… that would be the last straw so I can’t imagine how it would feel for you!!

BG is still fairly active and seems to be content so I’m not too worried about her… just tired of all this. I doubt my Dr. will give me an crap… he seems to enjoy seeing me in discomfort so no doubt he will turn down my begging for an induction come Sat. if theres no action before then.

Oh well~~~~~~ thanks for the encourangement – I DO appreciate it.

The waiting game sucks.But a week or 10 days from now,this bit will seem like a dream.As if that helps.Sorry;)

I was 10 days late with DD2 and it was hell.2nd babies are supposed to come early…MY ARSE!DD1 was better and arrived on her due date(sorry to throw that in!) but however it goes,this bit is so frustrating.Only thing that helped mew as knowing(especially with No 2) that despite the hourly pee calls,this would be the last time I would be able to sleep “well” for quite some time.Enjoy that last bit of peace.

Hugs and vibes coming your way!

10 days!! ;_;
That would mean over another week for me… please let her be here by then!!!! I’ve been hearing about more and more “late” second babies though. Interesting!!

I AM enjoying my sleep… at least when I can get it… I’m sure in a week or two I will be wondering exactly why I was in such a hurry but then again I think it will be a lot easier to move around then. I miss being mobile!!!

Thanks for the vibes 🙂

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