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A bit busy

Posted on: July 23, 2009

Had a bit of a busy day today… which was nice I guess, but feeling somewhat exhausted now so MAYBE just maybe I will be able to get some rest tonight.

Finally got around to registering for foreigners card to Nagaoka – theres a 3 week “allowence” for doing this and I did it with 2 days to spare!! Yay for procrastination although its a fairly uncomplicated procedure but it meant taking the bus to city hall and back and (surprise surprise) Nagaoka is still rural enough that buses only come once ever hour or so… thus… I was out for over 3.5 hours for something that took all of 20 minute to get done. (sigh) Oh well – no really need for me to go to City Hall again anytime in the near future so all is well. There was a supermarket with a little bakery/cafe inside nearby so during my hour long wait for the bus I was able to get my grocery shopping done and have a latte and freshly baked bread which made the time go by a bit quicker.

I found the Harry Potter 6 movie online in very good quality and watched it the other night during one of BG’s dancing stints and then had a craving to read the 7th book again so that is my plan for tonight if I can’t sleep.

Ryohei was off working in the mountains so he got home a bit later than usual which gave me a bit more time to laze around after getting back from my outing. I made Nay’s Hunters Cabbage that she posted about only adding some canned corn that I had in the fridge and it was a big success! (Thanks Nay!) Ryohei proclaimed it his second favorite thing I have made since moving here (after the Chinese Chicken Salad a week or two back) and it was fairly easy! I also made another batch of olive oil roasted basil and rosemary potato chunks which turned out better than last time. Woo hoo… at least I am on a cooking roll.. although I am starting to get more and more exhausted with each passing day.

I twisted my knee again going up the stairs – another victim of the stress of the extra weight on my body… I just wish I was mobile again. I feel like a half walrus half turtle most of the time 😦

I’m not going to sit around and complain about being overdue tonight since that has been the theme of the last two posts and I get bored easily. Ryohei has some meeting thing tomorrow night and shouldn’t be back until around 9pm or 10pm… so I guess that pretty much I am on my own for the evening. Will have to think of something to do… I guess I am in a way looking forward to my Drs. Appt Saturday since HOPEFULLY something will happen – I’ll either be told I’m in early labor and admitted (best possible scenerio) or the Dr. will schedule an induction for Monday or… I’ll be hung out to dry for another week… but lets not go there yet thank you very much.

Tomorrow is looking to be another hot and rainy day – my least fave combination. A glance at the weather forcast this week shows all clouds and umbrellas… not a particularly uplifting sight. Anyways… one more day until the weekend.. altho if BG doesnt show up I’ll be spending Sunday all by myself anyways. 😦

Night all…


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Movie recommendation if you’re insomniacic (hmmm that’s not an adjective?) tonight: He’s just not that into you. Very funny.

And maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know this but you don’t have to wait 72 minutes for Megavideo. Refresh your browser and it drops drastically. I waited a minute today. 🙂

Fingers crossed you’re asleep and not reading this!

I’m stillllll uppppppppppppp – surprise surprise!!
Thanks for the movie recommendation – i haven’t seen it yet so i will check it out 😀

Stupid Megavideo — they make me so mad with their limits but I will try out your “trick!” I guess I shouldnt be complaining since its free 😛

Hope you are sleeping now. I’m not- what a tossing and turning night. The past few days I have been in the same boat as you with going san- husband. Going okay but makes me wonder how I survived the almost half year living apart and raising these boys alone – oh yeah I almost didn’t 😦

So, the plan is for us to come up and see the exhibition on Saturday but last weekends doc appointment was quite a wait- Poor doc look exhausted- 3 women in labour at once *lol*. He told us he saw just one of the women of the previous day and implied the labour was a bit of a surprise. Hope the same happens to you. Anyhow, someone took our regular time appointment 😦 so now it is a bit giri giri. If we have to wait too long again and BG hasn’t showed up yet than we may skip driving up to Nagaoka. Sunday is our turn for babysitting- if something occurs after 2pm and Ryohei can’t get back give us a call so you don’t have to be alone. We will need up to a couple of hours to get there but Masa can take the kids out in Nagaoka while I wait with you if you like.

If we make it up to the exhibition and you guys have time afterwards I will call/email you and perhaps we can grab a coffee or bite to eat together. Anyhow- here is hoping that you are already obliviously dilated and BG is ready to slip out.

I didn’t sleep much last night 😦 Tossing and turning again – a few cramps, hard tummy, but nothing in the end 😦

Thanks for the offer on Sunday – hopefully will have some sort of news either way at the appointment tomorrow which looks like its going to be happening unless something strikes up in the next 24 hours or.

Either way – besides my appt (if im not in labor) we are free all day Sat. so def. give us a call if you are in the area and want to grab a quick coffee 🙂

Hope you knee is okay! Glad you found some way to pass a couple days, even if sleeping wasn’t a part of it. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Saturday for you~

About city hall.. don’t you have to register the birth there too? Or will Ryohei be kind enough to do that part?

Its feel better after a nights sleep… or rest I guess since I didn’t sleep much lol.

Ryohei can register the birth after she’s born!! We have 10 days from when she is I think but Dad or Mom can do it and he has the car so I think that he is automatically elected for the job 😛

Glad you liked the recipe!! Anything that Ryohei likes is a good sign, pleasing your hubby always seems to make me happy 😛

I hope your knee is okay too??

I have talked to you about all the other stuff, so I will just post a short comment today 🙂

Yup he really liked it! The whole bowl I made was gone!!!

Looking forward to more recipe posts from you 🙂

The one thing I am sure about is that I don`t want to be hospitalized for early stages of labor, once they get everything hooked up I`m not sure there will be much free movement going on. I`m hoping to last as long as possible at the ILs house before heading to the hospital.

I also watched HP6 from the comfort of my living room on Monday. I`ll buy the DVD when it comes out later since I have all the other ones also.

Enjoy your free day, I often enjoy it when T isn`t home all day.

In theory I’d really like to do the same…. be able to relax and home – in the bathtub… not worry about a ton of nurses/babies/other patients… in the best case scenerio that would be today… but nothing so far 😦

Free days can be nice – I used to enjoy them quite a bit in Kobe! At least I’m not with the inlaws lol!!

Hp6 was not bad eh… I sort of thought it would be a bit more meaty. Now that I’m reading 7 again I’m glad they are splitting it in two parts. There is just so much detail that it would be a shame to leave out due to time.

yeah, they did seem to cut away a lot of the important parts from it. LIke the whole reason why these objects are important enough to use. So I agree its definitely better that they cut the last book up into 2 parts, probably should have done the same for the 6th book as well.

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