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Heartburn O’Clock

Posted on: July 23, 2009

I hate nights… I really really do. I can be as comfy as a 40 week + pregnant woman can be during the daytime but night all the aches and pains and crap start up. And no not the “good” getting the baby out kind 😦 No idea why but I am having major heartburn again tonight. It feels like I swallowed an apple whole and its just sort of sitting in my chest. Usually a couple TUMS will save the day but this time they don’t seem to be working…

In about an hour or so BG should be starting her nightly disco which involved stretching her legs and elbows up and down my right side for an hour or two. She doesn’t do much during the day… but after midnight until 3 or so she parties like its her birthday… which of course it isn’t.

I NEEDΒ  to go and get my gaikokujin card changed tomorrow as I still haven’t done it yet. Was planning to the day I got hospitalized but obviously that didn’t happen and since the City Hall is a 30 minute bus ride away I’ve sort of been putting it off but since I only have 3 weeks to “legally” change it I better get it done sooner than later. Not too thrilled about that PLUS having to register my pregnancy in Nagaoka… I was sort of hoping she would be born before the 3 weeks were up so I could avoid the situation but my luck has been in the trash can since I moved to Niigata so I shouldn’t have expected any sort of upswing.

Besides that no plans really… Ryohei has asked me not to have the baby until after tomorrow night since he will be up in the mountains and out of cellphone range setting up for a festival this weekend. Have I also mentioned he is going to be working late Friday and has work all-day Sunday?! So.. as you can see I’m really crossing my fingers for Saturday since its the only time he is really going to be around in the next few days 😦

I guess time is going by quickly.. I was hospitalized 2 weeks ago tonight and it doesn’t seem like its been that long since then but at the same time for the past week or so every single day and night feel like a year. And from what everyone has been telling me… going 10 days – 2 weeks past is not unnormal. It just makes me want to cry.

MIL also called tonight to “check-up.” I HATE that… its not like we aren’t going to notify our families when I go in to give birth. No news is just THAT – NO NEWs. Ryohei has been fairly supportive but I can tell he’s getting a bit antsy as well. He asks me everynight if I’ve had pains or show or anything and always seems fairly disappointed with the CONSTANT negative on all of the above. I had to email him today to remind him to pay our rent and he thought something was going on and was super disappointed when the mail had nothing to do with any sort of birth activity.

I guess another reason I hate nights is that at least in the daytime I can retain some sort of positivity… at night all my negativity returns and I find myself falling into the selfpity pit.

Maybe I’ve just been blogging to much and need to take a break from it all 😦 I’m sure no one wants to read all this crap anyways – most of you are probably thinking I need to buck up and just ride it out. In my head I know its true… but I just can’t help but feel so down in the dumps as another day of nandemonai passes.


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You are so down. I think I was too but I got hooked on phone games and would lie in bed playing them all night. I loved Zuma and good ol bejewelled. For me all that depression and resentment was forgotten as soon as Joe was born. It’s crazy how you the mother instantly comes second as soon as bubs is born. That’s why it’s such hard work. I was a little shocked. Thank God your mommy is coming. How long can she stay?

By the way contractions feel like your whole body but particularly your lowerback is being rung and squeezed so tight and then disapates. You can feel them coming. It’s amazing. I was so prepared that I thought the worst of them was early labour. My midwife etc thought I was amazing.

Do you play computer games? I mainly like solitaire games on my iPhone.

I’ve been playing online MahJong… lol
My husband and I are both addicted to it… that does help a but in the middle of the night until I lose and then I get all cranky!!

I def. have NOT experienced that type of contraction yet… doesn’t sound like fun. But go you for impressing your midwives!! I think I will be a screaming (but probably secretly happy) mess when the time comes down to it πŸ™‚

is there any way to sleep during the day? i absolutely can NOT sleep during the day unless i’m very sick. *sigh* but do try to get as much rest as possible. i can’t really remember what i did in the last weeks in pregnancy, though i suspect that i had two or three sleepless nights (spent on the internet, of course) and then a full night’s sleep because i was so exhausted i slept through anything. even the evil heartburn. not that i’m recommending that way, but that’s what i did.

when i was pregnant with hiro i got VERY PISSED at my brother and sister who thought it was ‘funny’ to say, “haven’t you had that baby YET?!” oh yes, hahaha. like i wasn’t going to tell anyone i was in labor or having the baby. and no one wanted him out more than me!! *sigh* hang in there, everyone just wants to meet your girl! πŸ™‚

i can hardly believe it’s been two weeks since the clinic thing. seems like it was just the other day. time is flying by! you’ll be holding your girl soon! sending ‘born on saturday’ vibes your way. hopefully early saturday morning so ryohei has some time to spend with you guys! and hey, maybe he’ll be let out of his festival duties early if everyone knows he has a newborn in the clinic waiting for him!

I usually “sleep-in” until about 11:30 or so… IF I can stay asleep. I’m up for way too many bathroom breaks than I like to count. So I guess my sleeping schedule is going to be messed up anyways. I can’t wait for no more heartburn… it is going to go away after the baby is born right?! This isn’t like when your feet get bigger or you get stretch marks and you are stuck with them for life?!

Yah the two weeks since the clinic disaster have gone by fairly quickly… so glad they didn’t want to keep me until I naturally gave birth I think I would have probably flown the coop by now!!

I’m sure when the baby comes Ryohei will forget all about work… hes just so set upon impressing his boss right now as he wants to get a transfer up to Niigata City in the next year or two…. I figure they should understand… either way its more of I’d prefer him to be in the house should I go into labor than worry about him driving the hour back all shaken and worried for us.

It’s your blog so write what you want!And afterwards,it will be really interesting for you to have such a great diary!

Hope all goes well with the gaijin card.Maybe once it is done,the baby will be ready to come;)

As for Ryohei and work over the weekend,as others mentioned earlier,rest assured that he will be allowed to rush to your side if you do go into labour;just make sure that he has told his kacho the situation(you’d be surprised…!).

And as for MILs phoning,I know it must seem pointless,but it shows that she cares and she too is waiting and no doubt she is expecting every call to be “the one”.Just try and let Ryohei deal with her calls or maybe he could just call her or text her once a day to put her mind at rest.

Hang in there….the countdown is nearing the end:)

I was reading your entries before Millie was born – seems you were feeling quite similar to me… and well she obviously got here ok. πŸ™‚

I’ve been wondering that as well (about the gaijin card) maybe I just have a very rule following baby who is not going to let me get away with any “trickery” regarding the law. I will give her a good talking to after we get back and let her now it is legally safe for her to come out. Maybe that will do the trick??

Oooohhhh I hated the phonecalls, too! And every time I even sighed K would look startled and say ‘baby??’ LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Do you really think after all this I’m going to sit next to you on the couch and quietly sigh our baby out without even telling you???? Grrrr. I was not very nice to be around at the end of my pregnancies…

Bit disappointed BG missed being born on my birthday. Oh well. 😦 Hmmm, 7/27 sounds good as a birthdate although I’m betting you’d be happy with 7/23!

I would have been more than happy if she shared the day with you!! (mostly because I would be done with the whole damn thing by now)

Hahaha I get that too… the whole :sigh: “are you in labor” :get up suddenly to go to the bathroom: “are you in labor?!”

I know he means welll so I’m not upset at him… but MIL doesn’t get the same er… clemency – I’m still a bit miffed at the “my MIL and GIL think your too fat” comments that came out during our fight during our clinic stay…

Lets just hope that you are both July birthdays… altho i think if BG had her way she’d be in until christmas πŸ˜›

God, anyone who`s baby`s been overdue feels your pain and frustration. I SOOOOOOO understand!!!!! I begged to be induced at 8 days overdue, and it took them 2 days of trying before they finally got P out. I swear she was hanging on to my ribs or something because she was no not wanting to get out. Keep blogging sweety. If nothing else, you can show it to her when she`s a bitchy teen and you need some ammo.

Good plan – although if she is a bitchy teen she’ll probably feel vindicted by the whole set up πŸ˜›

I remember you said you were overdue with P… I never knew just how excrutiating it must have been… that and a 2 day labor?!?!

Wow… I can only hope I don’t follow in your footsteps altho if BG is half as cute as P I’ll certainly be thrilled πŸ˜‰

Yuck, heartburn! I’ve heard yoghurt helps…but I’m pulling that from waaayyyy in the back of my head so don’t trust it too much!
At least the pain she’s causing you now will maybe take away from the childbirht pain…? haha, sorry that probably made you feel worse!

Ahh hah haha hahaha
Oh Corinne you crack me up so…

Thankfully no heartburn during the day – but I will pick up some yogurt on my shopping trip to see if it does the trick should tonight be a repeat of last night.

Sorry about the heartburn and sleepliness. It is always frustrating to want to sleep but be unable to. Thank goodness for naps πŸ™‚ I was always awakened by the stupid cicadas outside my window at O’ stupid a clock. Which I swear the same ones are back and now wake up Raiden. So tempted to go cut down neighbors beautiful trees! Opps sorry I’m starting to rant.

Although I may not comment all the time I do check your blog everyday to see how you are doing. Still sending baby come out vibes your way!

Thanks for checking in on me – I appreciate it πŸ™‚

Haven’t heard any cicada here yet!! Not really any trees around where we are so maybe thats why!!! Cicadas def. signal summer in Japan for me but too bad they are keeping Raiden up!!!

Hang in. No advice really but I like what Cassie said about keep blogging so if for no other reason you can show it to her later!! What’s with Ryohei being out of cellphone range?? Hub got out of all of those kinds of things. I even made him drive two hours each way for his orientation thing for three days while everyone else stayed over – and I wasn’t even due yet. IF by chance BG decides that exact time is her time who will you ring? His parents I suppose.

Don’t believe any of the first babies don’t come out fast shit – some of them do. Shou was six hours start of any pain what so ever to finish.

Come on BG – or at least give cut mummy some slack on the heartburn aye.

I guess I just have the “good luck” to be due around all the fun summer festivals which city employees are “required” to be a part of.. no worries. Almost 6pm on Thursday night and absolutely nothing so it doesn’t matter anyways.

I don’t think I would have anyone to ring if she came suddenly except an ambulance or taxi… Ryohei’s parents live over an hour away so I doubt I would be able to wait that long. Don’t have any friends close by either… another reason Friday night —> Saturday would be preferential.

I hope once she DOES start coming it will be quick… as much as I want her out a 24 hour + labor does not sound tempting. 6 would be doable… and YES no more heartburn please!? I thought that was supposed to be gone once she engaged!!

Ack what a nightmare. I have never “been there” so don’t really have experience to draw from but I do understand your frustration. 😦 I know it sounds trite right now but once she is here, this period will seem like such a short period of time in comparison to the lifetime of fun and games you have ahead. Just keep an eye on her movement and make sure you can feel her moving quite regularly. GW is right, first time babies can still come quite quickly. One of my friends had her first 3 hours after feeling the first twinge so you just never know what is going to happen!

It would be nice to be like your friend. I am enjoying these SHORT labor stories!!!

Very jealous of your due date baby!! Its only been 2 days since mine but feels like 2 weeks 😦

Hope something happens this weekend!! Always walking into a room with an empty baby cot is so sad!!!!

An old wives tale – heartburn supposedly means your baby’s going to have a lot of hair. Don’t know if it’s really true or not but I only had bad heartburn during one of my pregnancies and low and behold, D3 had a head like a loo brush, a mass of black sticky-up hair!!

What a great expression!!! A head like a loo brush – that made me chuckle!!

Well if the olds wive tale is right I’m going to be giving birth to a freaking Rapunzel!!!!

If short labor stories are what you want to hear, DD (first baby) was 7 hours exactly from water breaking (no pain before) til her appearance. πŸ™‚

Come on, BG! We’re all waiting on you!

ohhhhhh that is very comforting!!!!
i’ll take one of those please!!! πŸ˜€

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