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I dont even know what to say

Posted on: July 24, 2009

So today turned out far more crappy then I could have ever imagined.

All in a matter of seconds. Ryohei went out for ramen after his meeting tonight and crashed the car into an electric pole as he was backing into our parking lot.

He’s fine but the car is not. There is a huge gaping hole in the front left…

Our brand new.. not even half a year old car that his Grandma bought him.

I can’t even talk to him. We are in seprate rooms I have nothing to say. I’m glad he’s alright… but I am so ANGRY at him right now.

Nothing is going right at all.. I don’t know HOW we will afford to repair the car. Its going to be at least 1,000 to 2,000 in damages.. maybe more.

I don’t want to give birth or be in Japan or really even be married at this point.

I’m so upset I just can’t do anything but cry. I wish I had words to say to comfort Ryohei but I don’t. Since we moved here every crappy thing imaginable and more has happened. I just want to leave. I wish I had a friend nearby because I don’t want to be here in the same house tonight.

But of course I am… because nothing good happens to me anymore. My luck went away as soon as I left Kobe.


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Oh my god, man your luck HAS to change soon, i didn’t think it could get worse!
I’m glad he’s ok though. Does insurance cover anything at all??
I’m sure he’s feeling really crappy about it too, maybe you could feel crappy together…?
I’m so sorry, I wish I had a magic device that could take me to Niigata AKA cursed land! and give you a big hug. 😦
Thinking of you. xxx

Tell me about it…
At this point I’m almost afraid to have the baby since I’m now convinced something is going to go wrong.

Wish you were here… 😦

Oh wow. That sucks. I agree with Corinne that you deserve a change of luck SOON.

I was going to reply to your last post that you needed some challenge/ project to take your mind off the baby but this is not quite what I had in mind!

As someone sho has herhermmm done a very very similar thing I would like to put in a plea of clemency for Ryohei- those damn electric poles move! I swear!

This MUST be the end of your bad luck!

Hang on, is the engine ok? If your next post is ‘I just gave birth in the living room as the car won’t start’ I’m ordering you in a monk to do the bad luck get out ceremony!

The rice gods really show me no favor do they…
Now that we are finally talking again Ryohei had a good rant about the electric pole…

From what I have heard the engine is ok… its one of the lights/area that holds the lights that took the most damage.

I doubt if BG was on the brink of coming she won’t be now anyways – I’m sure she’s thinking what the hell did I do picking these 2 to be my parents 😦

Oh Sara, I am so sorry to hear that things have gotten even worse for you!! I can’t believe how unlucky you have been lately…


I wish we were closer and I could offer to have you stay with me until you cooled down. It sucks living so far away from you 😦

Are you sure the insurance on the car won’t pay for any of the costs to fix the car? I am glad to hear that Ryohei is ok though. In the end that is the main thing…

Things will start looking up for you Sarah. They will… don’t give up hope yet!!

I have no idea about insurance and how it works.. it would be nice if it covered some or all of the costs… but still being at the point were I could go into labor any day now and not having a car is SO disconcerting.

I’m happy Ryohei is ok too… I’m not as angry at him as I was when I first wrote my post but I am sure as heck not pleased with the situation.

I really don’t feel like ANYTHING is going my way 😦 It seems like everytime I manage to start feeling better about something the next thing hits harder and worse than the last.

Ack. It really is just one thing after another at the moment. I remember a very similar time when I lived in Kagoshima when it seemed like nothing would go right and Joey was the only thing that kept me sane. In theory your insurance should cover it. D had alot of random bumps in his car and most of them were covered.

By gaping hole, what do you mean? There are some things that can be fixed alot more easily than you think. Shame you don’t have a driving license. When I was pregnant I backed into a fence pole outside the petrol station and ripped part of the back of the car (above the tyre) off. Ended up driving straight to the service place in floods of tears (my car was new at the time as well) and a very kindly man there fixed the damage, painted over the scrape and didn’t charge me a penny for it. I think he took pity of the preggo and if you could drive, you could try the same! LOL! πŸ™‚ (Ok, not practical but much as it wasn’t funny at the time, it is an example that these things do happen.)

I know people keep saying it but things WILL get better, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. ((((HUGS)))

He hit right under where the light is so its sort of falling out and theres a hole between the light and the above part of the tire. I don’t know cars well so its hard to explain.

I have no idea if and under what circumstances insurance works for cars.

He’s going to the Toyota retailer tomorrow to check it out, but the retailer is WAY back in his parents town so I probably won’t go since not only will we not have a car but we will be over an hour from my clinic should something happen.

Timing could not be worse really…

OMG sara, i don’t even know what to say!! i’m glad your (not so)DH is fine, but just totally NOT what you need right now. even if insurance covers everything. *big hugs* hang in there, your luck has GOT to change soon!!

Thanks.. I hope so too about the insurance and the luck…

If it wasn’t my life I’d almost think it was funny.


I would gladly let you crash here if you were a bit closer.

I know its not funny but the only thing I can think of is that Ryohei is no longer a “safety driver”

When I was on JET in Kochi, I had a friend who drove who was always asked if he was a safety driver, one day someone drove into his car, of course at that point he could no longer say he was a safety drive

Thanks I appreciate the offer πŸ™‚ Wish Kanagawa wasn’t so far away.

Who the heck asked that question lol.

No – I guess Ryohei is not a safety driver anymore and its not even a “cool” accident… driving into a pole is about the most kakkowarui thing I can think of…

What bad luck!
It HAS to change eventually. Don’t worry about BG, if anything she will be the changer of the luck.

Very kakkowarui!! Almost as kakkowarui as driving into the side of a toll gate…*cough* It’s costing us around 5000 too =( So I feel your pain of money issues all at once anyways.

Hope things look up UP UP! I wish there was something I could do…

Yikes sorry to hear that you guys had an accident as well…
Not very fun at all… 😦

Yah hopefully BG will change things around…

Haha.. wish I could be more optomistic but right now I’m still feeling pretty overwhelmed about the whole thing.


What are we, the cursed inaka girls?

All I want to know is when the bad luck thing will come to an end for the both of us!

I’m sure insurance will be able to sort something out, and the GOOD part about being in the inaka is the fact repairs aren’t nearly as ghastly compared to our city dwelling counterparts!

From what you’ve said… it doesn’t sound like too hard of a job to fix. So long as the car’s chassis is intact, it’s just a matter of bashing out the metal, sanding.. filling the holes and making it pretty again. And obviously fixing the light… If it’s just the rear quarter panel, It’s not really going to be a major concern for the insurance people.

P.S… yep… i know too much about cars… you were right.


Hahahah aww… i figured you would know the right car expressions πŸ™‚ Nothing wrong with that!

Hopefully it will be like you’ve said. I don’t think the light itself is damaged… but the part under it to the part where the tire is is ripped in two…

Not sure what a chassis is lol…

Anyways I guess we’ll know more tomorrow. I know you haven’t had the most luck recently either – so I’m hoping for the best for you as well… really.. this has got to be the end point…

Holy crap! It is just one thing after another! Well at least you know that although BG is late, she will eventually be here and that part will stop sucking and start taking your attention away from everything else that does. Unfortunately I too am an offender when it comes to crashing cars into things with the car, and creating unnecessary expenses, so maybe you could give Ryohei a tiny break because I’m sure he didn’t WANT to crash into the pole and if he could turn back time I’m sure he would make sure he didn’t. That was pretty nice of his grandma to buy him the car though, wasn’t it? At least that was one expense you didn’t have to pay for, right? Maybe we could run away from our inakas together as I’m not too pleased with the Mr. this evening as he, yet again, wants to spend money on frivolous things. Let’s start our own commune for foreign wives to run away to and raise their babies together!

I’m over my intial anger at least. I had a good cry in the shower and then we had a “i’m not totally angry at you but still upset about the situation” cuddle and then Ryohei fell asleep…

So… where as I’m not as angry now – I’m still just frustrated at the whole situation and esp. if we are going to be carless while there is still the possibility of middle of the night running to clinic etc… 😦

Yah I had a lot of issues with the car being bought for him.. probably you weren’t reading my blog at that point so for the car which probably cost about half my yearly salary to be banged up so soon was NOT cool. If it had been some used K-Car type then it would suck but brand new shiny Toyota makes it sting even more.

I would sure love that commune… even if it was just a couple weeks out of the year. Sometimes we just need a break from the men…

Holy craaaaaaaaap. I think my blood pressure went up just reading this- I can only imagine how you feel! Hang in there. I am sending good thoughts your way.

Yah I don’t even want to bother checking my BP today but at least I have a good excuse if its off the charts again.

Got my 40 week + appointment in about an hour so we shall see how that goes.

bugger bugger bugger shit.

Really don’t know how else to put it!

BG would be doing you all a big favor by squeezing her big head out the saloon days like RIGHT NOW.

And when you’re in the middle of labor you’ll be cursing that your damn luck has got worse – and then, the second, the very second BG is out and everything up until now will be forgotton (bar the gaping big hole in the car) and your whole world will get brighter.

Big hugs.

“And when you’re in the middle of labor you’ll be cursing that your damn luck has got worse – and then, the second, the very second BG is out and everything up until now will be forgotton (bar the gaping big hole in the car) and your whole world will get brighter.”

This is probably the most true statement ever.

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