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Posted on: July 25, 2009

Another visit to the clinic… always a pleasent experience… I really have come to equate that place with loathing. I don’t really think my Dr. likes me much — I am guessing mostly because of the weight issue which reared its ugly head again today… surprise surprise.

BP was fine – its gone down ever since I had my “little holiday” 2 weeks ago. Weight is up 2 kg… not impressed myself but sure wasn’t thrilled with the red pen which circled it in my boshitecho like I had gotten bad marks on a test. The doctor proceded to annouce this to Ryohei probably thinking he’d yell at me or make me feel like shit as well – but hell the man bought me a chocolate cake last night.

I’ve gained 20kg in total… just thought I’d throw that out there for anyone whoses interested in knowing just how fat I am. Of course… I think some of the 2 kg has to be water weight. I’ve barely been hungry this week – oh I am sure my Dr. can’t wait to get me back on the hospital diet food.

Which he will get his chance starting tomorrow. After his oh so gentle… (not) check of how things are going down there he pronouced me woefully unprogressed. How about that FAT and body doesn’t want to work to push huge half gaijin baby out.. he says I’ve made very little progress in a week. So that means I get the pleasure of induction time starting tomorrow morning. But no… my sadistic Dr. wants to do a 2 day process.. which means I’m not getting the meds tomorrow just the “dialation stick” or whatever the crap it is and then “go from there.” Which pretty much means guess what we are admitting you but you get to sit around and suffer with a stick shoved up your woo-ha all day before we really do anything.

Oh – and since Ryohei “can’t” miss his festival work tomorrow he won’t be there to experience the fun for himself. Once again me alone in the clinic – hmm… this situation seems so familar. Don’t worry he’s taking Monday off and then I guess he has two days of “birth leave” but hilariously enough the baby should be there by then so the one day I’m utterly alone – I’m utterly alone.

For all my haughty taughty talking about the baby being out by Monday – I’m actually quite scared and disappointed about how its going to be taking place. I didn’t particuarly want to be induced (due to my massive weight apparently!!! apparently a size 12 American can’t push out a roughly 8lb baby) Ryohei asked if he could wait to start the induction to Monday but apparently NOW time is of the essence… watch out I might eat my way through a whole McDonalds in the apprx 18 hours before they admit me. And you can BET I will be back on the low salt, low calorie diet although once the baby is here I am NOT going to stand for it… I’m not really standing for it now – but whatever. Most of my fight is gone at least for now. Once the baby is out they’ve done their job and I can don’t really care to be in good graces anymore and I WILL be leaving early – by Sunday and NOT on a diet. I’m going to be breast feeding so I don’t think the 1600 calories will be cutting it.

Did I mention I really hate my doctor? If they were going to induce me after all they should have just gotten it over with 2 weeks ago or even last week — but no lets let the baby get big and painful before we induce with the medicines to give horrible contractions with no pain relief available. Oh my “big baby” is measuring 3200 kg according to the echo but “that can’t be right” she’s going to apparently pop out much bigger than that…

So.. anyways… I guess she’ll be here sometime tomorrow if I’m lucky July 27th if I’m not.

I was a wreck again after the appointment by the way but Ryohei did some damage control which is why this post is interjected with some humor in between the bitterness and disappointment.

He’s now driving back to his parents to get the car looked at. I told him I don’t want to hear about any of the costs or insurance or anything. I just DON’T want to know right now. The car is still running fine it just looks like crap… it was a really pretty car too 😦 Ryohei said if it costs too much he’s just going to have them tidy it up and we will get to have a ghetto fabulous banged up car for the next 5 years or until whenever one of us wins the lottery and has the spare money for repairs.

Oh actually one more thing – the doctors parting blow. To Ryohei – you shouldn’t let her eat anything today. Wow… not that I really have any desire to eat anything being how its so hot and my stomach doesn’t feel good anyways – but honestly. How can all this not be punishment for my weight? Like I said after I am released I do have a post partum 1 month check up but after that I will NEVER be going back there again.

All good and well to say that but as of tomorrow early in the morning the fun will begin. I guess I’ll post on my old blog for any updates…

Right now I’m just sort of wondering what to do with my last day of freedom for a long long time… its not fun waiting but I have to say that KNOWING today is the last day is not a piece of cake either – esp knowing that the next 48 hours will probably be some of the worst of my life (how many times have I thought *THAT* in the last 2 weeks?!)

Anyways… until next week…

PS – Induction in Japan stories appreciated… I’d like a bit of an idea what to expect considering the explanation I got today was vague at best. Seems a bit different from western processes though 😦 Surprise surprise…


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Oh Sarah, what a crazy time you’re having. I hope all goes as smoothly as possible and I hope all of this just sort of melts away into the background once your sweet baby arrives.

Goodness, your doctor sucks.

And I completely agree, once the baby is here and you’re breastfeeding– NO diet! A nursing mom needs calories. Nursing will make you soooo hungry. You could eat a moose and then nurse the baby, and you’ll be starving again. So don’t let them give you any kind of complex about it. Eat what you need.

Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you!

Thanks I’m hoping for the exact same thing!
Heres hoping that despite starvation diet I’ve got the energy to get the job done.

Well at least you’re going to meet her soon! Your doctor sounds like such an arse, dude seriously, eat a good meal tonight, you’ll need your energy!
Look out for labor pains tonight though, when they booked me in to be induced I went into labor that night, I think my brain was tricked.
All the very best of luck, like I said before, you’re due for some good luck, so maybe BG will just slide on out as your good luck present!
Ryota and my MIl and SIL all said 頑弡ってァーラけゃん!!!(hehe they ask me everyday if BG is here yet!!!)

Yah interestingly enough I do have a few more pains tonight then I did before so hoping that BG is working a bit of her magic so that whatever happens tomorrow doesn’t take as long as it does…

Thats so cute that they ask about me!! Awww well you’ll get to ell them she’s here very soon. She’ll be exactly 6 months behind Ash πŸ™‚

ahh… the joys of japanese clinics.

I had a nurse very much like your doctor. She gave me hell…
She even screamed right before i started to give birth that sakura would be huge… and that doctors should cut me to prepare. They listened, and she wasn’t HUGE which means, getting a sliced yoohoo wasn’t necessary. Then she decided to humiliate me once more in the breast feeding class by calling my boobies dekai. PLEASE be prepared for the fact you will probably sit in a room with the other mothers that gave birth on the same day with your titties out while a nurse looks at them, and everyone breast feeds for the first time. It reminded me of pass the parcel… but with every lady next in the circle popping their fun bags out while the other women comment on their nipple shapes and shout “JOUZU JOUZU!” It’s fucking bizarre. I thought I was in some freaky japanese porn studio….

Japan is VERY old school regarding birth, and procedures used. Like I said on facebook, I’ll send you a message regarding the procedure for the induction. As you know.. I went through it… AND I didn’t know wtf was going on. Here I was thinking that you just get some needle.. and a few hours later… out pops the bundle of joy….

Needless to say I was terribly misinformed!

hang in there babe!


Wow your clinic sounds about as nightmareish as mine… is this just a Gunma/Niigata area thing?! No wonder all the women around here are crazy.

Anyways waiting for your message when you get the chance!! Hope its not too scary lol

Stupid, stupid man! You are going to need your strength to push that baby out and starving for the 24 hours before birth isn’t going to work.

I would eat what you want but perhaps stick to fruity light stuff (which I guess you’ll be wanting in the heat anyway) rather than heavy greasy stuff but really, you just need to live a NORMAL life!

I was never induced but the stuff they stick up is also used in the west. It’s a kind of seaweed that soaks up water and expands. The idea is that it works gently rather than drugs, and if you are right near the edge just that can kick you off into labour. If it doesn’t then they go for the drugs but again, maybe the seaweed has sort of prepared the way a bit.

Yah I’ve made sure to eat some dinner and I have a peach in the fridge for when i no doubt get hungry later this evening.

Hopefully the seaweed will work as I’m not really thrilled about the drugs… sort of annoyed the whole thing has to be a 2 day process I feel like I’m getting scammed πŸ˜›

Sorry, that posted by itself! I meant to add that I do fell SO SO much for you right now and I wish that I was nearer to at least give you a bit of company.

Big cyber hugs whatever and lots of slippy slidy thoughts going your way.

EAT! Food = Energy, duh. Stupid Doctor.
Even with 20kg you’ll loose a big chunck of that with the birth, and breastfeeding will help with the rest right? You’ll manage =)

Glad the car will still get you there, and Ryohei will be able to be at the birth for sure. At least you have some time to “prepare” yourself though. Even if it does hurt more, at least you know labour hurts anyways, and have nothing better to compare it with!

GOOD LUCK SARAH! You’re gonna do great!!!
AAAAND… you’re gonna get to hold your BG in TWO days! I’m so excited for you~

I BETTER lose at least some of the 20 kg?! I mean you figure huh.. its not like I was this weight to begin with. Idiot doctor.

I’m excited about meeting BG but kind of meh about the circumstances – hopefully it will be better than I am expecting and not clinic stay from hell part 2 πŸ˜›

Good luck Sarah. Say hello to BG for us!!

Willl do!!
Hopefully I’ll have some pictures up as soon as I can.

No doubt your dr. is a complete ASS, but his reasoning behind no food may be that he’s expecting you to need a c-section with your massive gaijin baby! (although if it’s the gaijin-ness he thinks is the cause, wouldn’t it stand to reason you’d have a massive gaijin woo-ha to push her out of? LOL) Once labor starts you’re not supposed to eat anything, which is why you see women in labor eating ice chips. But I’d say eat whatever you want, even take some McD’s to-go, stashed in your bag!

The one good thing about a scheduled induction, you’ve got time to plan and make sure that you’ve got everything and that everyone is where they need to be before you head to the hospital.

I know things are scary right now, just keep telling yourself it will all be over soon. And leave the hospital as soon as you feel ready. It’s certainly nice to have the option of a long stay, but as long as things go normally, and you and BG are healthy, it’s not necessary, especially if you’re uncomfortable, unhappy and it’s going to cost extra $$$$ that you just don’t want to spend. In the U.S. you usually get discharged w/in 48 hrs of birth (if you’re lucky, sometimes it’s only 24!)

I’ll be thinking about all of you, waiting anxiously for news! Sending quick, easy labor vibes!

Yah although.. she’s not even THAT big.. I mean she’s about 8lbs according to the scan.. which seems silly and I obviously have a bigger pelvis etc than a Japanese women.

My doctor is just an idiot who probably has never had western patient before… just thinking about it makes me want to roll my eyes.

I have no idea how long I will stay at the clinic – probably a few days but I want to be home before the end of the weekend since Lulu and Nay are coming all the way to see me for only about 24 hours and I’d MUCH rather see them at my house than there.

you can leave the clinic early, if you and BG are up to it. maybe on the fourth day? insist, if you can. i personally wouldn’t be there any longer than i had to. and i wonder if you actually have to go there for the one month check….good luck tomorrow, sarah!

i had the balloon thingy for inducing, when i had hiro. a small balloon is inserted in the cervix (didn’t hurt) and the doctor injected a small amount of saline into the balloon (to give it weight to push against the cervix). i got a few period-type cramps, but nothing really. that was at about 4 pm wednesday afternoon. the next morning, the balloon had moved down and was uncomfortable so i pulled it out which also pulled out the mucus plug. (TMI? sorry…) didn’t really have any labor, though, so that’s when i got the epidural, then the inducing drugs. i got the epidural because my BP was so high.

i do hope the stick method throws you into labor because i’ve heard the inducing medicine (pitocin maybe??) can bring on strong contractions.

Yah I don’t want to stay the whole “week” they schedule for you. Theres actually a SCHEDULE in my clinic pamphlet – its like camp – but more like torture than camp so I am SURE they are going to be angry about me wanting to break the schedule… don’t know if I haven’t made this evident but I think my Dr. is a huge control freak. Sure must be nice being the Lord of all these women nurses and patients…

I haven’t heard very good things about the meds but of course no epidural for me – so hoping the natural way kicks things off…

crossing my fingers

Good luck Sara!! Sending you lots of positive vibes!!

Can’t wait to finally meet my cute little niece!!

Yay!! I guess I’ll be seeing you this time next week. Lets hope its at my HOUSE.

Tell your Dr to go to hell. I told my husband that if my Dr ever says something about my weight he better stand up for me other there will be hell to pay (and he knows it).

Can`t give you any advice since I haven`t gone through it myself yet but just focus on the fact that in a few days BG will definitely be here, you will finally be able to move around and hopefully sleep with more ease (although I realize there is suppose to be lack of sleep with the newborn but it can`t be worse than be poked from the inside all the time).

Biggest thing I can think of: Remember your snacks especially if they put you back on some sort of horrible diet again.

Good Luck, we`re all thinking about you

Yah I am SURE doubly sure the diet is coming – at least for tomorrow. God forbid I actually put on a single gram more…

After the birth though they don’t have the “for the good of the baby” excuse so I’m going to be putting up a huge fuss if they keep me on seaweed, octopus, and rice… gross… seriously

I’m SURE you won’t have an experience like mine, I think mine has ended up in the horror story catagory and most people seem to have a pleasent to normal birth experience here. I’ve def. learned my lesson this time though.

Just to say I put on 20kg this time round and now, one week after giving birth, I have already lost well over half that! So tell your stupid doctor to stick his daft ideas about weight up his a%se…

Crossing all my fingers and toes that your induction goes smoothly and BG slides out on the first push. I would then leave the clinic ASAP, and if they offer a breastfeeding class, refuse as it sounds like HELL! I SOOOOOOOOO feel for you at the moment and am 100% convinced that as soon as BG is born your luck will change.

Ohh I’d love to lose half my baby weight in a week!! Crossing my fingers there…

The above breastfeeding class story is frightening huh.. I have no idea how mine will be but hopefully its not torture. Although if you read back my “birth” class was pretty horrible as well.

I hope having a baby changes my luck… not sure how it is in China but certain years of a womans life are supposed to be unlucky but the way to prevent it is having a baby… of course my year isn’t coming up until I’m 33 (I’m 25 now – but maybe the same logic will apply)

Fucking hell. Excuse my french but seriously, your doctor needs a slap. A big punch in the head for being totally retarded. As Vicky said, the day before they induce you is NOT the day to not eat as you will need all your strength to get BG out. As for your “massive” baby. They kept saying that Joey would probably be about 4kgs despite measuring around 3500 gms at the last ultrasound I had as “gaijin” babies measure differently. In the end he was 3560gms and a perfect size so your doctor needs to stop all the scaremongering and sod off. Give me his number and I will give him a call for you! LOL!
I am glad they are inducing you even if the reasoning is warped. Very messed up that they didn`t do it sooner though as you could have enjoyed this week with your daughter.
As for Ryohei having to work tomorrow, that seriously sucks. I really wish I could be there to hold your hand. The Japanese work ethic is so retarded at times like this.

Yah I’m not too thrilled about him working… especially if things progress quickly but the doctor ASSURES us they wont. He’ll be there from around 7pm tomorrow night so 12 hours after I admitted and I’ve told him he won’t be leaving after that until the baby is here… so while I will be alone for most of the torture I know he should be there for the birth.

My doctor is an idiot. Honestly… he just makes all these rude comments about how “big” both BG and I are… it makes me want to slap him but since he’s going to be the one going with scissors to my private area I am keeping my mouth shut until after the birth. After that they can’t really DO anything to me anymore… so hopefully I can stop being so meek.

God I hope for you that just the thought of getting seaweed shoved up your fanny brings on labor tonight. Come on BG. On the booby front – I never had to get my stash out in front of other mothers. The nurse came in when I was having my first go and helped me with getting Shou to latch on. This was a great help though – and the boob massage when they got really painful on about day four. Ouchy bloody ouch but thank god she did it. They had a breastfeeding room and if you went there then you would be feeding with the other mothers but I tended to weigh bubs and then go back to my room for the feed.

Can’t beleive Ryohei can’t be there tomorrow – to hold your hand and know exactly what you have to go through by getting the seaweed treatment.

Good luck Sarah. She’s nearly ready to come and meet mummy – and I promise it will all be worth it and just think of all the knowledge you are accumulating for future mums to be giving birth in Japan…

Its quite funny isn’t it… there going to be sticking seawood up one end and forcing me to eat it at the other… honestly my life would make some excellent comedy material.

Hopefully my breastfeeding “learning” experience is more like yours and NOT like withallmylove’s story above.

Yah Ryohei not being their sucks… but from what the doctor said I shouldn’t be in much pain tomorrow – so its probably going to be more bed rest with tons and tons of vaginal checks WOOO HOOOOO!!!!

I would have prefered NOT to be the lab rat but if its helpful for others out there then I guess its not in vain. Of course – I honestly think my story is TOO horrible.. very few others I’ve talked to have had THIS bad of a birth experience here. Lets just say baby #2 better be different… I really really don’t want all this to turn me off having another baby someday 😦

Good luck Sara!!


I can’t believe they want to do a laminaria….didn’t they say you are already 1 or so cm dialated? The seaweed is the “evil birthing chopstick” I was talking about…and hell they aren’t gentle about it….do your self a big favor and breathe out hard when they stick it in…

After they do a laminaria they will probably do a balloon if the laminaria doesn’t throw you into contracting….

My only advice is: If the balloon causes you to contract, request them to let your body do some of the ripening naturally and ask to wait until morning for any kind of pitocin drip….My induction was supposed to be the “two day process” but it lasted 3…and it sucked…BUT…the nice thing about inductions is it usually doesn’t happen that fast, so you have plenty of time to do perineal massage and do warm compresses (as long as the baby responds ok to everything happening) so you can have a nice slow birth which equals no “choki choki”….Your story sounds identical to mine….so far anyway. Hugs Sara, If I can do it, I am positive you can too!

NOOOOOOOOO not the evil birthing chopstickkkkkkkk

haha i thought i was dilatated as well.. but who knows with crazy sensei. I will make sure and keep breathing when they put it up there 😦

hopefully i will avoid the pitocin as that is the one thing I really don’t want…

thanks for the vote of confidence it def. helps to have someone who has been there and done that

Bastard doctor!!!!! Good luck tomorow. Sorry you will be by yourself for most of the day. I think Ryohei should have to go to work with some seaweed shoved up his bum as punishment for leaving his lovely wife alone in the-clinic-of-hell. I`ll be sending you easy labour vibes. GO SARA!!!!!!!!

i have a feeling i will probably be suggesting that to him (Ryohei) sometime during my labor… how would YOU like to have seaweed shoved up there and be left alone for 12 hours πŸ˜›

i’m a bit excited and a bit apprehensive at this point – hopefully its all over in less than 48 hours!!

Sarah, I’m thinking of you! BG will be here soon. πŸ™‚

thank you!!!!!
I need to keep remember that THIS visit actually has meaning to it and that they aren’t just locking me up for fun.

Good luck! Looking forward to BG’s birth story! Wow, that will probably be your next post here, huh? Pretty exciting stuff! Remember horsey lips during contractions!!

Hahaha I haven’t forgotton the lips!!! I will be the strange raspberry blowing foreigner that they will never forget I suppose.

Wow … you are right the next post will be either birth story or at least pictures and stuff of her…

Hard to believe…

Sorry this is so late but I hope you are resting right now. I hope you and Ryohei had a good evening together. We thought about you guys tons today. Seriously, never feel alone- I am not that far away. When Ryohei was in Uonuma you should have called us and we could have taken you out for a bit. You are going to love Nagaoka once BG is born by the way- wish you could have joined us at the Museum today- it is way better than the one in Niigata City.

Promise me- if things start going quick tomorrow you will contact me. Masa and I are in charge of babysitting tomorrow until about 2ish so after my friend picks up her children I can hop on the Shinkansen and be there until 1)BG is born or 2)Ryohei gets there- whichever comes first. I already told Masa that it is a possibility so don’t worry. I will send you a message after the kids leave and see how far dilated you are and how you are feeling and we can decide at that time. I really would like to be there at the same time as the doctor, I only got a glimpse of him through the crack of the door. Even if you are feeling fine and just want someone around tell me- heck I can come up without the boys so it is not a problem. Gambatte! I forgot if there was a phone in your room- can you use your keitai in there? How exciting but really- if there is a the tiniest possibility that BG will be coming before Ryohei CONTACT ME ASAP. Your doctor sounds like such an ass that it is best you are not pushing her out without anyone defending you as he spouts his nastiness and contractions can get pretty intense especially with someone irritating you. He is not delivering my child so I can safely tell him to shut his trap long enough to let you do your job. OK- sleep well (I imagine that is a tough request)- I will catch up tomorrow.

Hey how did you guess I couldn’t sleep πŸ˜›
Not only did I take a nap this afternoon but now I’m all dokidoki with thoughts of tomorrow both excited and apprehensive.

I will be in touch for sure… I’m not really sure what the time frame on the seaweed stick is. I talked to a friend tonight who said she was already getting contractions with 4-5 hours of it being inserted but on her second baby… so not really sure. Ryohei should be off at 5 and at the clinic by 6 hopefully which will be about 12 hours after they insert so if things go quickly I could be in labor by then.

I am hoping my luck is changing and that it does “take” so I can avoid any of the drugs…

I didn’t have a phone last time – god forbid I call for help πŸ˜› but I’ll have my keitai so I can at least email. I did sneak a call to Ryohei when I was there last time but I won’t be able to unless I have a private room and its doubtful I will be in one to start.

So I guess if I don’t see you tomorrow you’ll come on Saturday? Laura and Nay will be coming up from Tokyo that evening and getting there around 5 although I suppose unless you had Masa watching the boys it might be a little late for you but I would love to introduce you to them if possible – they’ll be staying at my place until Sunday evening.

Pretty much the plan is to “bust me out” Saturday so I’m counting on them and you if you are there to play the angry and demanding gaijin card LOL. I think an army of 4 is enough to overpower and scare the doctor into letting me out of the 7 day (cough bullcrap cough) “prescribed” stay.

Anyways I’ll be in touch!! Looking forward to seeing you again soon πŸ™‚ I’ll be so much happier when the roles are reversed and I will be coming up to visit you and your baby πŸ™‚

So Masa and I did some quick research. Regardless, of the situation I will see you tomorrow. There is a community center he can take the boys to to play so he will drop me off and we can chat. The hospitals visiting hours are until 8pm so we should be fine until you get bored of me or Ryohei comes. I would love to meet Lulu and Nay someday but I think next weekend is a very special time for all of you and I will stay put in Niigata City so tomorrow will be a good chance to see you as your clinic doesn’t seem to have a place for me to let the boys play in if I tried to visit during the weekdays. See you tomorrow:)

Wow its early… I don’t think I’ve seen this side of 6am for months lol.

Alrighty then!! That sounds good as long as I can even HAVE non-family visitors today. Just not sure if I will be put into a room – yes normal visitors or kept in a special part of the place… (god i hope not)

I should know in a couple hours anyways so look for my mail!!

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