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one week in

Posted on: August 4, 2009


Report :

Breastfeeding – seems to be on the right track. no more screaming and crying from hunger but she’s hungry ALL the time. (;_;) boobies are leaking like crazy… she’s having plenty of poo and pee diapers so I’m guessing things are going well. even did a little bit of lying down breastfeeding action today so HOPEFULLY we well on our way to an exclusively breastfeeding baby for at least the next few months although at times the temptation to just pop in a bottle is SO there…

Sleeping – when it happens, its good. she naps for 3-4 hour stretches but getting her to sleep is hard… i guess thats just how it is though…

Me – tired.. but thats the be expected I guess… stitches are healing and i can sit and get around pretty easily although some positions still hurt. hoping to be completely painfree by the end of the week

Ryohei – a GREAT help… he loves holding her, helping me change her and he’s been helping to keep up with the laundry and dishwashing etc. when i start getting all down about feeding/no sleep/etc – its been giving me peptalks. realized that pregnancy hormones did a job on my “feelings” towards him… wish i didn’t have healing stitches and a newborn to take up all the time. i think i need cuddles almost as much as sakura does

Sakura – getting more alert every day. she doesn’t cry much unless shes frustrated and usually will stop crying when picked up or cuddled. we did a couple minutes of tummy time today…

thats all for my update… so so so tired.. but happy to be home

my mom should be here in about 6 hours and REALLY looking forward to the extra 2 hands


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You look wonderful and so happy Sara!! Of course Sakura is as cute as always. Love the outfit, pink is my fav colour.

Looking good new mama!!!!!

Lookin’ good Sarah! You can totally tell she’s yours =)

What a great photo – you both look wonderful!

I love this photo!! Sakura looks gorgeous in her little pink outfit!!

I am very lazy on tummy time. Must do it more. For Ryu not me of course. You are both looking great. Glad the bf is going well now – leaky boobs already! Awesome aye. It’s all good.

And I hear you on the needing just as many cuddles for mummy… I need MORE. Shous is good but Marina doesn’t think I’m flavor of the month at the moment – probably because she sees me and hub cuddling and she is all jealous – wants dad all for herself 🙂

You are doing great! Enjoy:)

Beautiful picture of you both!! Sounds like you’re doing perfectly, and glad to hear Ryohei is doing superdad duties too!
Leaky boobs get better don’t worry. It will be great to have your mum there for the extra help, I was so glad to have mine around when Ash was born. Keep us updated!

🙂 What a difference a week makes! 😉 Leaky boobs are a good sign and it sounds like you are starting to establish BF-ing really well, which must be a big relief. Sakura looks gorgeous and squidgy already and you are looking fab!
SO glad that Ryohei is being fantastic, that is absolutely what you need. Enjoy your time with your Mum and make sure you keep posting pics! LOL!

You both look fabulous, wow, I’m impressed! It sounds like everything is going really well. Definitely try and get some cuddle time in with Ryohei, pregnancy does do a number on a relationship, but now you can slowly start getting back into the swing of things. 🙂 Enjoy the extra hands and the time with your mom — I’m sure she’s gonna eat Sakura right up and hopefully you’ll be able to get some much needed rest!

Sara, you look fantastic and Sakura is GORGEOUS with a capital G. I love babies that look proper “mixed” and almost wish my boys were more Chinese-looking, although they of course are GORGEOUS too. She looks like a properly cuddly baby too. Well done on sticking with the BF, it is hard at the beginning but it does get easier, and as she’s eating, sleeping and filling lots of nappies it sounds like she is getting plenty of milk. Hope you have a fun time with your mum and can start to get out and about a bit while you’ve got the company.

You and little Sakura both look glowingly gorgeous! 🙂 Glad your milk is coming in .. leaking sounds like a good sign! I had an abundance of milk a couple of months into breastfeeding and it literally squirted like a water pistol .. freaked me out the first time it happened 😛 Enjoy time with your mom and Ryohei and the baby during this very special occasion!

Yeah for you both. Looks like you’ve really found your groove. I’m guessing your mum is there by now and hope you’re letting her do as much as possible and just resting (I was crap at that and kept telling my mum to sit down…)

Now that you can sit down and get around without pain let me get you ready for the next irritating stage- “so, when are you planning on having number 2?” 😉

Sorry about not leaving my name and having an unclickable handle name. It’s Jane .. and I think/hope the link works now…


Nice outfit 🙂 I bet an awesome auntie picked that one out!

I got the internet back tonight- but you said you posted and I came to check it out before I go through my 197 emails that are in my thunderbird mail to check. ARGH! All good though, internet is back and I can not get the smile off my face!

Glad to hear you are home safe, that your mum is on her way and that breastfeeding is going better- you will be a pro and I expect a lot of help in December!

You look awesome by the way!

Lovely pic. 🙂

That’s wonderful, Sarah!! I hope you enjoy your Mom’s stay…extra hands are great! 🙂

Sakura is absolutely beautiful. Hope to have a chance to see her in person one of these days. 🙂

Yay for you guys – what a great first report back! seems like you are alreasy settling in to being a great mummy!

Ohhhhh, I love that picture! What a beautiful mama and baby! So glad to hear the breastfeeding is coming along- sounds like you’re doing great. Trust me, when you really have it down, you’ll be thinking that it’s sooo much easier than having to prep a bottle! And how fun that you’re doing tummy time with Sakura already- it’s great to start early.

I read your birth story- my gosh, I can’t believe what you went through! I don’t even know what to say. I hope it happens much, much differently for your next child. Yikes.

Anyway, I hope you’re resting up as much as possible now and enjoying your mom’s visit!

Lovely picture and all sounds great on the homefront!
Hope you’re having a great time with your Mum.

Congratulations & Love the pic! So cute. Look forward to seeing lots more soon ::) Enjoy the time with your mum!

Beautiful photo!! Glad the bf-ing is all working out, sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job.

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