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Posted on: August 8, 2009

Sorry can’t even think of a decent title for this post – guess my brain has been fried to the limits. I’m stealing a quick however long Sakura will give me before she turns into a night monster… she’s actually sleeping really well tonight but yesterday was AWFUL.

We spent the night at Ryohei’s inlaws and they didn’t want us to come down until after 8pm – right in the middle of nut out central so we had an hour long car ride with a screaming baby who was only satiated by my mom sticking her pinky in her mouth although that only worked about half way through the trip. Lets just say it was one of the most stressful driving experiences I’ve had yet. When we got there she proceeded to scream and scream and nothing we did helped to settle her. I would feed her hoping to get her to drowse off but she kept batting away the boobie or taking a little bit and getting angry and then Ryohei would hold her and rock her and she would sort of drift off but if we tried to put her down she would be furious again and scream and cry and the cycle would start all over again.

I think the siuation was exsasperated by a few things… first of all I think she was overtired. She hadn’t napped since 3 and by the time we FINALLY got her to bed it was almost midnight. Me thinks that 9 hours of awake time is a LOT for a newborn. Second… I am embarrased to admit this but I’ve been having a bit of “release” issues regarding the toliet…I had to take a laxative a couple times in the hospital and after being discharged hope things would go away but looks like still having issues and having stitches you know where doesn’t help. So I went to the drug store and bought a laxative… I ASKED the lady if it was ok to use while breastfeeding and she was like “oh yes yes..” well.. maybe it was a coincidence but right around the time the medicine kicked in for me giving me VERY painful cramps (small flash back to contractions) Sakura began to poo like crazy… I think she was pooing up 3-4 times in about 2 hours… so I have a slight guilty feeling she had a laxative along with mommy (it was quite effective for me btw) sorry this post is so TMI its not even funny. So I can imagine that maybe she had the same sore tummy that I did 😦

Anyways there were parts of last night where I was so MAD. Overtiredness really really is scary… you can see why people do stuff they regret. Thankfully Ryohei was there so I had someone – but I can’t imagine having to deal with such an angry baby all alone (altho I will have to at some point)

Day with the inlaws was ok… got the comments as soon as we walked in. “Oh the baby looks cold” “Is it ok to be holding her like that before her neck is a bit stronger” blah blah… honestly. It was less than a minute after we walked in before those two comments came and a few others as well.. I think if my own Mom hadn’t been there I would have gotten quite a bit more. Oh well – we will be seeing the inlaws next week for Obon but then I don’t think we will be seeing them again for a few more weeks – yay!!! Less people to make me feel like I’m incapable of being a parent the better.

Anyways it was nice to be back to our own place tonight… things are slowly getting easier but its still really hard to leave home for more than an hour. My mom and I have been on a couple short walks but since I’m still iffy on breastfeeding and still needed to use my boppy pillow and sit in a certain way I’m a bit apprehensive to do it away from that situation. Example A trying to breastfeed at my inlaws with no “sitting” furtnature.. (sigh) I’m sure that the fact I couldn’t get into a comfortable position between itchy stiches, laxative pains, large boobies, and floopy baby didn’t help.

Anyways on the positive – Sakura is getting bigger and more alert everyday! I don’t know if shes what they would call a “happy baby” but she is pretty easy going (unless shes hungry) and likes cuddles and music. I can’t believe she’ll be 2 weeks soon… part of me thinks she is so cute at this age but I think a bigger part of me is hoping to reach the 6-8 week stage where she’ll be smiling and have a bit more neck control, I still feel like I’ll break her sometimes.

Anways I’m sure I’m going to get a wake up call in the next hour or 2 so time for a quick nap.

Thanks to everyone who has been commiserating with me or helping me out!! Motherhood is sooo much harder than I thought.. its so weird it just doesn’t hit you until its too late 😛 But thats ok – trying to take one day at a time, no ones been hurt yet 😛


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Sakura is completely normal for a 2 week old baby! Sorry to hear about the laxatives! Oh well I bet you won’t be taking more anytime soon. Don’t feel too bad lots of things MOther’s eat can give their baby sore tummies, some people stay away from garlic and onion and other foods that produce gas for that reason! 9 hours is a crazy length of time for a little baby to be awake! Poor thing! I can’t believe the In Laws invited you over that late, how inconsiderate! Most first time parents of a 2 week old would be in bed at that time! Hope your Mum’s visit is going well!

One day at a time Sarah – that’s what I still tell myself. ) hours of awake time would not a happy baby make… she must have been beside herself. Ryu gets all fussy when he is tired. Pain in the ass aye? just go to sleep already baby…

I have to agree that Ryu now – eight weeks – is lots better than Ryu two weeks.

I have always envied my ‘my baby sleeps all the time and feeds so well’ friends. Ryu feeds fine but I wish he would sleep a bit better.
It does get easier though. Marina is great – so the odds are one in three at our house!!

Sleep deprivation is absolute shit. I turn into rampage gaijinwife. God help thy man or woman who steppeth in my path.

Ganbare. I promise it gets easier.

Whenever you hear a stupid comment from the outlaws, just repeat to yourself “This is why I left, this is WHY I left!” and rejoice to yourself that you have your own home! Can you imagine that for however many months?…..

Bugger them. You haven’t broken her yet and you aren’t going to.

Poor screamy baby though. Two weeks is too young to be going out for nights at a time and they ought to know that.

Rest well tomorrow and hopefully it will be better!

Like GW says, one day at a time…and another gem: “This too shall pass.” I’ve used that mantra more times than I’d like to count! LOL


*Everyone* had stuff to say to me and I think it’s worse when you have a baby young too. GGGGRRRRRR!!! My mum gave me some great advice though: they might well all be experts on babies but you’re the only expert on your baby. Still didn’t make me think I knew what I was doing all the time but helped me ‘ah hah, hm hmmm’ when all the comments started up.

And natural laxitives? konyaku jelly and kiwifruits worked for me- industrial quantities though…

There must be some sort of test that all MIL`s go through, that make them MIL`s..If they don`t ask the obvious, state the obvious, comment on things that aren`t worth talking about and generally making their DIL absolutely doubt everything she does and/or is thinking of doing then she hasn`t passed the test.

Just think, around the whole world, the MIL phenomenon is the SAME! All DIL`s have the same probs..kinda makes you feel not so alone eh..

Sakura is gorgeous, don`t give yourself any grief about not being sure about stuff! She`s only 2 weeks old! I`m amazed you`ve left the house already, I was too knackered to do anything but eat, sleep and feed bubs..you go girl!

When I was in the hospital, although I had no stitches, they gave me a chinese medicine lax in a yellow packet that didn’t give me cramps at all, but worked wonders!

And honestly, it is COMPLETELY normal to get MAD. I can’t count the number of times I got angry with Nana, and wanted to chuck her out the window with all of her crying, pooping, and helplessness….but there is one thing about parenting that is so certain, and that is that they do grow up….and fast. 3 months seems like a long time now but some day you will look back at it and think how short it is….ahhhh “momnesia”!

Take care of yourself Sara, happy mommy = happy baby

oooh, and try to ignore the comments from older folks/ in-laws…I am STILL getting them!

Oh I get comments now about how the baby must be cold- for god sakes it can`t get much warmer while in my tummy no matter what I wear and who in their right mind would wear a cardigan in August sticky heat. Drives me insane.

I was holding a beer last night for friend James and rubbing my tummy (Goma was kicking up a storm after the fireworks) and a security guard had a nerve to say I shouldn`t be drinking while pregnant. I just ignored him. It is not as if I was drinking the beer….but still people should mind their own business.

I think you are lucky that Sakura sleeps well most of the time (exception- at the in-laws…maybe she has a sixth sense already and didn`t want to be there?) and that feeding is getting better. Sounds as if she was probably overtired though- I get irratable when i am overtired too! hehe

I can not believe on Tuesday she will be 2 weeks old! WOW!

You’re doing great Sarah! Like you said, no one has gotten hurt yet! Actually, I say something along those lines all the time when we get the comments from the peanut gallery (and we do still get them, even though DS is almost 2!).

I’m sure Sakura was mostly overtired that night. What were they thinking asking you to come after 8pm? They need to realize that for now your world revolves around the baby’s schedule, and you can’t ask a newborn to make accomodations for her grandparents, no matter how much she may love them. 😉 Don’t feel bad if next time you have to say “sorry, but Sakura will be sleeping by then, we can come at X time or not come at all!” Be a hard-nose! Hehe

Sakura is adorable and I am glad you guys are managing a bit better now. Getting mad is totally natural, I used to get so ticked at Dylan, and feel guilty, because he was just a baby of course, but it is frustrating when your baby is upset and you basically just have to play the guessing game until you strike the jackpot. It gets better as they get better at communicating their needs — they don’t even have to be verbal, a 3 month old is much better than a newborn at letting mom know whether she’s hungry, or hurting, or tired, or just frustrated with being a baby!

And yay for 2 weeks! She looks bigger already!

The first few weeks are tough, hang in there you are doing a great job! I remember feeling so lost on what to do and what was normal. I googled every spot, hiccup and strange poo that came along. Don’t worry it gets easier and either you become immune to the comments or they become less. I am not sure which but I don’t notice them as much now. Hugs!

Oh man, constipation is the worst! With everything else going on you would think your body would finally give you a break. I got anemic towards the end of all four of my pregnancies so I had to take iron supplements which meant medically-induced constipation four times. Once after Emi was born I went to the bathroom and hadn’t returned for awhile so Chikara came to check on me and found me crying on the toilet. He held my hand for about 20 minutes as I tried to pooped. Something I never thought would happen. Ever. But… after Natsuki was born I knew what was coming so I ate konyaku jelly and other stuff I knew would help and when she was about two weeks and all of the girls were sleeping I took a magazine and went to the bathroom. I knew it would be awhile so I was listening for crying babies, etc. when I heard a weird noise from my next door neighbor’s living room window. They were having sex! I didn’t know what to do. Because our houses are so close, if I left the bathroom they would hear (especially if I flushed the toilet) but I didn’t want to stay. I ended up staying and covering my ears. I was totally embaressed.

I am shocked your in-laws made such a request. It’s OK to say no to them or make another suggestion for meeting. Two weeks is early for putting her through that kind of stuff. Also, the comments are annoying but saying “hmm, hmm” is the best way to get through them. My MIL had the nerve to suggest that Emi was suffering from some sort of brain-expanding disorder when actually she was just teething (as I knew). Crazy stuff comes out of their mouths. But now is the time to set the tone of your meetings. If you come whenever they ask then that’s how it will always be. I have been really consistant with having control over where and when we get together and it’s saved us a lot of trouble. Chikara didn’t get it in the beginning but he sure gets it now.

It’ll get better and you’ll feel more confident when making decisions. I promise!

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