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Posted on: August 9, 2009



xposted from facebook – just a few pics to show you my little girl 🙂


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oh, i just LOVE that bath photo!!

awww, double awwwww

And I love photos of sleeping babies. Reminders that they do sleep sometimes!

She’s just absolutely perfect =D
I’ll save my comments on the last post for in a few weeks when I can relate =P

She’s just beautiful!

She’s just precious! Looks like Sakura quite likes bath time!

So lovely! she’s really cute ::) love the little sheet as well.

Oh Sarah, she’s so beautiful!!! Hope things are going well, they’ll get better, I promise!

Oh wow seems like bathtime there is going much better than the screaming video that Ryohei showed us!!!

She is so cute- and already fast moving out of that “newborn” look stage. WOW!

She is just so cute- oh wait, I said that 😛

Hi Sara! Catching up again. Love the photos you’ve posted. I’m sorry to hear about your birthing experience. But Sakura is so beautiful and you look so happy holding her. Everyone says the first six weeks or so are hard- the poor little babies must be pretty angry to have lost their comfy warm home and they have so much adjusting to do. Don’t you love the way newborns move- little arms and legs jerkily flailing about. So cute!

She’s sooo cute! Perfect!

She is getting cuter and cuter each time I see her! How is that possible? She really is adorable 🙂

She seems so alert and watchful. Adorable.

Soooooo precious!

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