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Take That!!

Posted on: August 10, 2009

Just had my “mid-wifes” visit from the city to see how Sakura was doing her first week at home.

Had to proudly report that my exclusively breastfed baby has gained over 300 grams (or 10 oz) since she was released from the hospital a week ago. So take that stupid doctors and nurses who kept threatening me to suppliment her and telling me she was going hungry.

Makes me feel a LOT better and glad that I listened to my gut (and all the wonderful advice from my bloggy supporters) Seems like Sakura got a good report although the midwife came right during naptime which meant dealing with a VERY cranky baby for the second half of the visit.

Yesterday we actually got out of the house for a bit. We drove to the local mall to go around and were there for about 2 hours until Sakura got hungry and I found that breastfeeding in the “baby room” was still an impossibility BUT I had my first Starbucks in ages! I got a Matcha Frappachino yay!! It was so yummy.

Last night we had a return of Sakura the beast… it was like Friday night all over again. Agitated and overtired baby screaming and refusing to be comforted for 4-5 hours… Ryohei was about to KILL her at the end. I had to take her away from him since he was starting to tell her “Dame!!” (bad) We finally got her swaddled which seemed to help a lot and she finally started taking a pacifier today. All she wants to do is suck suck suck… its ridiculous. If she doesnt have a boob or hand or (now) pacifier in her mouth she just gets so angry.

She’s still sleeping well when she sleeps though she goes 4-5 hours at night which had me worried she wasn’t getting enough milk but since her weight gain is so good I guess I will just not worry about it as much. So pretty much I have less worries and more just plain being tired – my mom is here until Sunday morning and then its going to be “just the two of us” which I’m looking forward to and dreading at the same time. I def. like NOT having another person in the house but it has been so nice to be able to hand the baby off to my mom when I’m tired and want to take a shower or am frustrated.

Anyways that my rather boring update!


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Sarah, it’s SO great to read your posts, and that is because I can relate to pretty much everything you are writing about your newborn experience! Thanks for being honest! I too have understood people abandoning their babies, and even becoming violent towards them (still feel as if I should clarify for non-mothers, this does not mean I have done so personally..). Lack of sleep is a powerful thing. That’s why it was/is used as a method of torture! I also remember not being able to breastfeed in the feeding room for AGES! Possibly 3 or 4 months if I can remember rightly. Even then, I had to sit on the chair and put both of my feet up high on the wall to get a good position..When Luka was a newborn, I fed with one pillow behind my back, sitting on a doughnut cushion, two pillows to the left and one to the right (just to even it out a bit). My poor husband was pillowless.

It’s amazing how much of that I had already forgotten. Now all I have to do is whip it out, and Luka crawls over, climbs up on my lap, and sorts the rest out all by himself while I carry on reading/watching t.v., whatever! So it will get better before you know it! I’m so glad you were able to stick with it, and that you are managing to try to ignore the well-meaning advice.

With regards to your earlier post about Sakura being awake late and screaming in the car, I don’t care what anyone says, I have always found that my babies are best when they go to bed at a reasonable time (in my case, around 7-8). They still wake up at 6a.m. even if I put them to bed later. Not sure how most Japanese kids cope being awake so late at night? Have a great time getting to know Sakura this week!

Sounds like Sakura is coming along great with the weight gain there – congrats to you both!

And yah for getting out of the house *and* to starbucks in the one go! I am sure it was nice to be out, but also stressful trying to feed out of the comforts of home. I remember when K was about 3 weeks old, we went to Inogashira Park in Kichijoji on a weekend in Spring!! and I ended up having to sit down on a rock by the side of the path and try nursing her – boobies hanging out everywhere, while thousands of families/young couples/ people with dogs/ basically every taro, dick and harry was walking past me, often peeping over to get a better look too. My parents and J were sitting a few rocks away drinking beer during the whole spectacle. Do you have a nursing cape? I found it useful for the first few months when I was still so not comfortable with nursing in public places.

Hope this week goes well for you!

Yay for Sakura and weight gain! Sounds like she’s doing great with breastfeeding. I’m glad you were able to get out of the house a bit, that’s always nice and sort of helps you feel “normal” again.

We had some of those rough nights with D too. It is hard when they’re worked up, and then you’re worked up, and they get even more worked up. While it is always best to remain calm and gentle and speak soothingly, sometimes you do lose your temper and raise your voice, it happens. Good on you for recognizing that Ryohei needed a break from the baby and taking her. Newborns can just be so incredibly frustrating sometimes, you want to fix it for them and make everything better, but you just don’t know what you can do to make it happen!

It really sounds like you guys are getting your groove back somewhat and adjusting well to parenthood. Enjoy the last few days with your mom and try and do all the things that you won’t be able to do when she’s not around to take the baby — lots of showers, hehe!

That is awesome. Good for you for sticking by it. Enjoy the next few days with your Mom (TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT 🙂 )

Oooh, getting out of the house must have been nice – just to remind you what the world is like again. And your first post birth starbucks aye? I’m still waiting for mine. You beat me to it.

I wish it worked the other way too – and that husbands noticed when we were getting frustrated and offered to take the baby for a while. I know in these first few months it is just easier for us to do the looking after but still …. 😦 Hub has never offered to take a small baby off my hands for an hour or so. It has happened – but it has been at the end of my tether begging.

Good luck for the next week without your mum. Sounds like Sakura is getting plenty of booby -which is such a relief isn’t it. I was worried a bit with Ryu -even though I could tell he was getting rounder I had convinced myself maybe he wasn’t getting enough because he chucks up a lot more than the other too did. 1kg the first month though and now he is just one big ball of squidgy round.

Gotta love it.


Sounds like you’re doing a job mommy Sarah! So I guess this means you’re not doing the whole “no baby outside the house before the first month is up” thing, eh? Have you gotten any comments or anything? I won’t be able to do it either, so I’m just wondering. Is it pretty hard to breastfeed away from home?

I guess every day should get easier.. or at least you get more used to her, so keep at it!

And just because this entry has no pictures doesn’t mean Sakura does deserve another “Awwwww….~!!!” <- So there you go, cutie pie.

YAY to you both for the 300g weight gain!!! Excellent news and just goes to show your clinic that formula was not neccessary! WOO!

Glad you got out of the house for a bit- shame the breastfeeding in public didn`t work out so well. I am sure it will get easier. I am going to make a breastfeeding cape (sew) I think like the one you showed me when we were in Niigata. Shame they dont have more portable breastfeeding pillows hey! I think once Sakura has more head control it will be much easier to do in public.

Yay for the awesome weight gain! Be proud, mama!

A boring post is a good post when it comes to your luck lately! Well done, sounds like you’re both doing fantastic!
I didn’t manage to do an ‘outside feeding’ for at least a month, gets much easier, I’m a dokodemo, itsudemo walking nomihodai bitch now!

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