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Hot Summer Days

Posted on: August 12, 2009

Today was a beautiful day – well despite the oppressive heat! It had been raining and raining the past few days so we finally took advantage of the blue skies to take a walk to Nagaoka Station for Starbucks, lunch, and shopping. Well we got 2 of the 3 done πŸ˜› Although I have to give Sakura credit she was very good for 85% of the time and slept for most of the walk and our time there. We got a picture of her with Mommy and her first Starbucks! (haha) I’ll have to get it from my Mom’s camera – we have to commemorate that very important anniversary.

We did a bit of shopping at Jupiter (an imports food shop) as well as some regular groceries. We were planning to eat “Italian” which is an original Niigata/Nagaoka speciality that is yakisoba and meatsauce and cheese – BUT Sakura woke up screaming and hungry so we tried out the Nagaoka Stn. baby feeding room which went a lot better than at the mall.

We got a bit lost on the way home since I don’t know the way back as well as the way there and poor Sakura got a bit hot and also lost one of her cute pink socks during a screaming fit…

Anyways we all got back relatively unscathed but very hot – I think once it cools down a trip to the station and back will be a very doable little trip for me and my girl. Maybe I can have a one a week starbucks break πŸ™‚ Right now it is really hot and she is only 2 weeks and change so not necessarily the best combination.

Tomorrow morning we will be going down to Ryohei’s grandmas all day for Obon. I’m not sure if Sakura and I will be joining to do the hakka maeri (going to the graves) since she is only 2 weeks and since Ryohei’s family seems pretty strict about her not leaving the house until she is a month (they have no idea my mom and I have been taking her out every other day or so – oh well!) And we also have a customary family obon party where they order huge plates of sushi and lots of sake and beer. I don’t drink a lot and this year I have a great excuse to say no – woo hooo!!

Anyways Ryohei has work all this week and Saturday as well. He has a drinking party tonight but since we have to go to his grandmas tomorrow hes passing on the drinking and just going to get home really late.

I’m kind of bummed he can’t take any vacation this Obon but we are using his summer vacation to go visit Lulu in Chiba in Sept and get Sakura’s American passport. So.. I guess since my mom is here that its ok. She’ll be leaving Sunday morning and sort of worried how I will get along on my own – have to say that having someone to hand the baby to so I can shower or take a break has been really nice despite the occasional grating on my nerves…

I still feel pretty scared when Sakura pulls out her angry screaming mode… I’m looking forward to when shes a tiny bit older and we’ve developed a bit more of a routine…

Sorry for the sort of random writing… my head sort of is spinning and I think I need a nap.


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mmm….starbucks. I am pretty good at sticking to my one coffee a day rule and I have not yet had one today- might be time for an ice coffee from the fridge I think.

Yay for feeding in public going better than last time- that is all you can hope for that it gets easier and easier each time.

Shame about the sock- wait til she loses another sock then you can just let her wear mismatched socks- i assure you she will lose another!!!

Do people comment about her being outside so young? Others have said they got comments that is why I ask. I will be taking our baby outside before the one month- mum will be here and it will only be to the station and back to do the shopping etc as it will be the middle of winter and too much outside time woudln`t be good. I would go insane though if I could not leave the house

I have already told my in-laws that I will not be doing the one month inside thing. Anyway your in-laws want you to go to obon? And you went to their place right? Technically that is OUTSIDE your home so dont know what they are going on about really….

No one has REALLY commented yet… I just told my mom to tell people she is a month if anyone asks. I just would prefer to avoid any obachan lectures…

Riding in the car to another house seems to be legit.. its more of the being outside longer than 2-3 minutes in case of scary germs, heat etc etc that is the problem. Of course its supposed to rain here tomorrow so I doubt I would take her out in the rain anyways…

Technicalities πŸ˜›

do you have a bouncer? i found that my fisher price vibrating aquarium bouncer was a GODSEND!! seriously. i could put the baby in the bouncer, put it as close to the shower without getting wet and could take a nice shower. the vibrating would put the baby to sleep, as well as the splashing water (sound) from the shower. i think even non-electric bouncers would work. at least for shower time….

I have that exact bouncer lol – although shes not very impressed by it at the moment. But I will give shower bouncer a try when my mom is gone and hope it at least lets me get all the sour breast milk off!! I dont exactly smell as pretty as a rose these days between spit up and leakage πŸ˜€

Yeah, Lulu has a point there … how do they think you got to their house to visit last time without being outside the house? hehe. Although if it were me, I’d take the excuse to get out of going. I don’t really much care for going to the ancestor’s graves to be honest. I like visiting my in-laws graves with my husband, but the ancestor graves are up on a mountainside and aren’t even accessible by car and last time we went, right before we moved to Beijing, DS was only about 4 months old and it was a bit of a hassle.

Starbucks and shopping sounds great. I hear you on the heat though. It is SO hot here. I really like getting out of the house at least once a day, but then once we get out it quickly gets to be too much. Does the rain cool things down at all here? Rain is the only thing that helps in Beijing, it is best to go out the day after a good rain, the temps will be a lot lower. The past two days have just been bright and sunny and ick, even the wind is a hot wind. Beijing’s seasons are so extreme!

Hmm… the rain is nice to listen to but the humidity is insane when its raining (altho nice afterwards) But thankfully we have A/C this is my first Japanese summer with it and its made a huge difference in quality of living altho i dont wanna see our electricity bill!!

I can’t wait for another 6 weeks Japanese fall is really really nice and will be perfect for taking the baby out!

I’m with Illahee on the bouncer. I did the same thing with Hannah. Put her in it, put it near to the shower, and took a careful shower with the door open! When it came to Luka, I just waited until he was asleep in it, and then went off to take a shower (it’s true you worry less with your second baby, in my case!). It only really works until they can roll over/get out of the bouncer, so up until about 6-8 months or so.

I kind of did the no going out before a month, and not at the same time. I didn’t take babies out for a regular daily walk, but I did go out when I needed to, and I was careful not to go somewhere where lots of people would be touching her (also hard to do with old ladies around!). When Luka was born, I HAD to go out every day to pick Hannah up from nursery. It’s pretty boring and depressing to stay in the house ALL the time. Especially for us Mums who don’t live with our mothers/mother in laws, so I really don’t think it’s harmful.

Yay on the feeding room success! So weird that you are talking about all of these places, because we went to Nagaoka station on the way home! Starbucks and saw the feeding room right next to it and thought what a great spot!

Oh you really were in our neck of the woods!!! I hope next time you are in the area you will stop by! That is the exact spot we used today – it was pretty nice and I was able to manage without my pillow (crutch lol) by doing some knees on legs action!

I’m not going out tooo much and I probably would even less if my mom wasn’t here but it was def. nice to get out on a beautiful day like today. Its been so horrible lately that I really havent wanted to leave the house most days anyways!

Hi Sara! I also used the vibrating chair (actually you may remember I had a collection of chairs for Jonah) for when I took a shower, door open all that. Pigeon makes a great little bouncy chair- cheap- only 3000 or 4000 yen and available at Jusco I believe or such Japanese dept stores. It was Jonah’s favourite chair and because its so small its really portable for around the house- easy to bring to the kitchen so you can cook or the bathroom for a shower or the living room for a break etc. Yay for baby chairs!

I am going to need to invest in a bouncy chair it seems?!

Cassie in Fuchu is giving me the aquarium bouncer one I think?! That seems quite popular here it seems…

I have been known to put a baby in a bouncer and leave the vacuum cleaner on because they all loved the sound of that – or rather they would be content and stop nutting out.

Who needs croaking frogs and wave music when you can have a CD of vacuum cleaner noises. Would be hit surely.

Yay for coffee outings and a baby that lasted most of the distance. That will help keep you sane – or if that fails at least give you a kick after a bad sleep night.

Happy obon down at grannies. Hope the trip goes well.

So glad to hear the hint of okay-ness in your recent posts. Things get better! Yay! Sounds like you’re doing well adjusting to your new life with baby.

Note to self: Buy more socks. Not that I expected 3 pairs to be enough but hey, it’s a start lol

Khea- the Daiso has baby socks!!! I bought three pairs and washed them to test there durability and it worked fine. I remember looking at Akachan Hanpo with you and seeing pairs of socks for 600yen plus. Ridiculous!

Oh good to know! Yea I remember looking with you…and not being able to justify 600/pair =/ I’ll check out Daiso!

Khea/Lulu-that`s why I invested in baby leg warmers. Sure they might not keep the toesies quite as warm but they sure shouldn`t be falling off anytime soon. πŸ™‚

Oh, my mom recommended making sure all the baby socks had a good bit of ribbing (I think thats what its called) at the top of the sock. I think you might know what I`m talking about, where the main sock has a different knitting stitch towards the top.

Of course, we could always attach the sock via the outfit somehow. Still working out the details on figuring that one out.

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