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3 Weeks In

Posted on: August 18, 2009

Sakura is 3 weeks today!!


Just a bit of an update since I didn’t do 2 weeks because I was busy with my Mom being here.

Report :

Breastfeeding – no issues to speak of anymore. still have some booby fussiness when shes angry but pretty much going smoothly and shes def. chubbing up which is cute! shes getting some meat on her face and thighs for sure

Sleeping – oh boy… lets not even go there… sleep is still decent AFTER the battle of getting her down. i face every nap time and bedtime with a sense of dread. the only thing that works time and time again is nursing her down in ryohei and my bed – we’ve been cosleeping as that seems to be the only thing that we can do at night. during the day she will occasionally sleep in her bed but at night it has to be boobies with mommy and daddy. we only have a semidouble bed so i had to bring the futon in from the other room as 3 people can not fit on our bed comfortably.. last nights bed battle was only about an hour but involved screaming and her falling asleep exhausted in my arms… sigh sigh sigh sigh she can be rocked to sleep pretty easily but wakes up as soon as you put her down and the fun starts again. she spits out her pacifier and kicks out of her swaddle and just puts up a hell of a fight for poor tired mom and dad :

Me – tired and frustrated see above… not really experiencing any of the pleasures of parenthood yet. more times than not i would just like to send her back from where she came although i doubt she would fit anymore

Ryohei – he’s trying but the more time i spend with the baby and get to know her the more i have to bite my tongue when he does stuff “his way” or just gets overly concerned (i am BY FAR the more easy going parent) that being said he does help out at night by rocking her down a bit but then gets frustrated when she inevitably wakes up 😦 hes still quite enamored with her though.

Sakura – is a bit of a crabby baby… she probably falls between the touchy and grumpy baby whisperer babies. which is challenging especially since as i first time parent i feel like i’m on the trail with no map and no compass. im hoping that she will be a bit happier soon, its not fun to spend your day with someone who just gets angry at you and fights you all the live long day. the only time i have peace is naps and i have to go through hell just to get her to do that

ok well… little miss seems to be waking up again which means no nap for me this time

i really wish i had friends in the area – i miss all my mommy friends from kobe/osaka… it would have been so nice to have them around to help out. i feel like i am doing everything wrong – im sure everyone feels that way but its not a great way to feel


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After rocking Sakura to sleep, try to hold her for 20minutes before putting her down. She should be in a deeper sleep by then, and less likely to wake up. Poppy had the same problem of waking after being put down in the cot. I got a baby sleep pillow, which helped a bit. I think that Sakura probably misses the holding once you put her down so a sleep pillow that holds her might give her enough comfort to stay asleep. Here is an example: http://www.mypreciouskid.com/baby-sleep-pillow.html
I`m sure you could find a cheaper version, or even try making one. Hope she settles into a good sleep routine soon. Take care.

thanks!! i wonder if they have something like this at akachan honpo… im willing to try anything at this point

the lack of sleep is killing me!! (new parent mantra?)

Happy three week mummy birthday to you and happy three week birthday to Sakura.

Has it only been three weeks? Really? Wow.

No advice on the sleeping front- wish I could be closer to help out.

haha i know feels like a lot longer to me too!!! i also wish you were closer

Was the photo there earlier? I did not see it.

Looks like you have lost all your baby weight already! You are looking great. Jealous!

Well not long now til we see each other again- less than a month! I am excited!

nope i uploaded when i got a chance!! def. feel like im losing weight between breastfeeding and being too tired to eat properly!! i dont have a scale so it should be interesting to see the number at my 1 month appt.

i second the holding her until fully asleep. one of the most frustrating things for me, and perhaps for most parents, is sleep. i still have to lie down with hiro and sasha in order for them to get to sleep. i get so antsy, thinking of other things i could be doing. plus, lying down puts my body into rest mode so it’s hard to get up and do something after they’ve slept.

it’s also hard for me to let yoshi do things his way, but i’m way better now than when hiro was a newborn. as the main caregiver trying EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE to please the baby, you learn things that work–and those that don’t–so it’s hard to bite your tongue and let your partner learn these things. esp. if said partner gives up easily and hands a screaming, angry baby back at you. it should get better.

it does sound like you’re doing well, i am so proud of you! keep up the good work! 😀

awww thanks for the encouraging words
weve been having a doozy of a day… nonexsistant naps, baby screaming til shes hoarse, me exhausted out of my mind

i just try and tell myself it wont always be this way… currently have her asleep in the baby bjorn at this point – anything goes right now…

Wow 3 weeks already! Congratulations!
I’ve probably forgotten all the baby tips but perhaps the change in temperature (ie baby bed and your arms) is waking her. Whatever the reason, it won’t last forever and these sleep deprived days will slowly get better.
The fact that you say you have to bite your tongue when Ryohei does things his way means that you are getting into a routine and know the best way to deal with Sakura so you can’t be doing everything wrong. Take it a day at a time and don’t second guess yourself, you sound like you’re doing great!

thanks! the 3 weeks have gone by fast.. i was still in the delivery room 3 weeks ago right now lol. glad that part of it is all over

ryohei is wellmeaning but he def. has a bit of the weird japanese.. or maybe weird man views on babies and their needs.

i still feel like theres so much i dont know. im getting a d- in baby communication decoding

How cute are you two with that baby carrier?! I love it. You look fantastic, and Sakura is adorable.

thank you!!!! she seems to like the baby bjorn and upright carriers better but she did get a good nap in the sling today as well

Yeah, the upright carry in the sling is so awesome when they’re little. Perfect for napping! Btw, so glad to hear bf’ing is going better! Yay!

GREAT picture! You look good, and your face looks slimmer?
What a cozy looking sling for Sakura, what kind is it? I want one like that! The one I have is more a heavy duty going out one.

Glad things are slowly improving. You’re doing great for 3 weeks! Time sure flies eh??? I feel like it was yesterday I was eagerly reading your old blog in hopes you’d have her soon!

its a kangaroo korner one that i got in america!
she seems to like the baby bjorn that i have better but i did coax her into the pouch sling today. she fell asleep in it once but the other times i tried it she hated it… shes a bit weird 😛

like i said to laura – i can feel some of the baby weight coming off. def nice to not feel like fat blob monster altho im still prob ffffaaaarrr away from my goal

i cant wait to hear your news!!!! by the end of the week shell be here – so excited

You are looking great Sarah!
Congratulations on surviving three weeks – every little step is a success to celebrate!!!

Getting them from arms to bed or pram to bed etc is soooooo not fun! Like other’s said, it seems to work better if you can wait until they are in a deep sleep. But as a newborn, she might only sleep for a further 20mins after you have had to hold her for 20!! Frustrating, right!!?

Sleep has been the bane of my existance since K was born – lack of it for me when she was a new born, spending hours trying to get her to slkeep when she got older. We developed a strong nursing to sleep association that drove me INSANE as I was the only one (obviously with boobies) that could put her to sleep. Even now, I still lay down with her to go to sleep too, like Illahee, always thinking of other things I could be doing (where is “my” time??) But looking back now, I spent so much time and frustrations that first year over her sleep, that it made me more angry and frustrated each time it came to sleep time. Once I just accepted that x-hours of my day were going to be taken up putting her to sleep, it got easier. I read the No Cry To Sleep solution book – it helped put some things in perspective and some ideas worked. Email me your address and I can send it up to you if you like.

I kept her on my lap for an hour today after she fell asleep when I fed her.. not a habit I wanted to encourage but she had only been sleeping 15-30 mins at a time and by this evening I DESPERATELY needed quiet time even if it meant i was stuck reading my book on the sofa while she doozed on me.

I feel a bit like you although I’m only 3 weeks in… sleep and lack of it/difficulties makes everyday a frustrating one and now that my moms gone and I have no “go to” person I just get overwhelmed with how upset she gets sometimes 😦

i guess these arent uncommon issues.. just seems like im the only one who complains about all these things while others take them in stride :X

Just an anonymous passerby!
i hope this link works for you:

it’s a video about how the slurpy noise wine-tasters make can calm a crying baby! i don’t know if you’ve heard of it before or not.. in the trial it worked 60% of the time, so i suppose if all else fails it wouldn’t hurt to try this technique!

wow! i’ll check it out!! i dont think i can drink wine but maybe it would work with her dads slurping ramen noodles!

Wow- those 3 weeks have really flown by. (Although probably not for you I realise!) You guys look great and she is SO completely adorable!! I co-slept with Joey from the beginning and for much of the first month of his life slept on the sofa upright with him on my chest. Even now, when he is feeling grotty, he will try and curl up on my chest like he used to do when he was a baby. (Obviously it doesn’t work now and I usually get irritated with him digging into various parts of my anatomy but try not to resist too much as he is always sick when he does it..) As for complaining, I think that if I had actually been allowed near my computer in the first month of Joey’s life, there would have been a HUGE amount of bitching going on. D and his Mum banned me from using the internet more than a teeny tiny amount because they reckoned that it would damage my eyes/brain/ intelligence or some such bollocks.. at least you don’t have the crazy in-law factor to deal with! LOL!

Wow Sarah! You look great!!!!! Have you tried a baby swing? Not all babies like it, but it was a life saver with 2 of mine! Gabi slept in one nearly every night! And Meg used her’s until she was two, we only got rid of it because she got too heavy and her feet were dragging the floor! LOL But Ethan was less than impressed w/ his, and only used it occasionaly.

Maybe Sakura has colic? I hope not, because it’s a pure nightmare and there’s not a whole lot that can be done for it!

But you’ve survived the first 3 weeks, and everyone is still alive! Hooray! LOL Congratulations on your growing, thriving, beautiful baby girl!

We co-slept for about the first month, maybe 6 weeks, too. Whatever works, right? Luckily DS was never a bad sleeper, although we had some rough patches. It won’t last forever though. Lots of moms just don’t really like the newborn period that much, and that’s ok. Once they start getting a bit more interactive and having a bit more personality (besides the angry side you seem to see a lot!) it’ll make the rough times easier to deal with. Newborns are just so so so demanding, and they don’t really “give back” a lot in return. Around the 6 week mark you’ll start to see some changes, and by 2-3 months she’ll be cooing and batting at things and all that cute stuff and even if she’s still not sleeping so well, at least the cute will make up for it! It probably seems a ways off, but you’re 3 weeks in already, and the ime will fly by.

You both look great by the way. I agree that you look like you’ve lost weight already, good for you!

Hope the sleeping improves and go for cosleeping if it works for you.

Can’t believe it has been 3 weeks(and a bit ) already.Amazing how slow everything goes before they arrive and once they do arrive it goes too damn fast at times!

I think you are doing brilliantly. I know it’s really hard when your first baby comes along. There is no general right or wrong way, just a right way for you and Sakura. And even that takes a lot of trial and error to get to. I think the hardest part is to accept that, and to go with the flow.

I also know what it’s like to have a “high-need baby” (as Dr. Sears puts it!). I found the sling to be a god-send. I still carry Luka around in it now when he is sleepy or grizzly. He and Hannah both like(d) to sleep upright, and I loved to carry them about, so it worked out well.

As far as routine goes, I always found that my babies set our routine for us, apart from the night time routine. So it was really just something we fell into. There are some stricter theories (Gina Ford), but I wasn’t really into that. Would recommend Dr. Sears book. It’s a good one for giving you information, but not preaching to you. Plus it has a big section on bottlefeeding. Although I am a breastfeeding fan, I don’t trust books that skip the bottlefeeding option..

Anyway, I hope we can come and see you soon?

Just a thought.. I’ve been reading your blog and love reading it..sounds as though little Sakura might be a bit colicky.. what kinds of things are you eating? That will always affect the baby, usually the next day.. so if you are eating some gasy stuff it will make her really gasy.. and you really try to eat really well in order to give her the calories she needs.. the weight will come off.. I think you look great for just having a baby!!
babies seem to ALWAYS be colicky at night when you want to get a little sleep..so try to take little naps any time she is.. just try to get as much as rest as you can otherwise little things will overwhelm you..

You are shinning now Sara, you actually have a glow about you!!!! Keep cool during the summer!!!!

= )

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