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right on schedule

Posted on: August 21, 2009

Sakura’s 3 week growth spurt hit today with avengence…. I think I’ve spent at least half of the last 12 hours feeding her. Def. not the normal 2-3 hours inbetween feedings that I was used to…

We will see how night is… I usually get her to go for a 5 hour stretch, wake up for a feed, then another 2-3 hours but if daytime is any indication I can kiss that time goodbye.

Im going back to the clinic tmw for my 1 month check although its a few days early but my stupid husband has work related commitments for the next two weekends after this so looks like this is our only time…

A bit lot miffed at this stupid work trumping family – but not a surprise considering ryoheis most please the company japanese man mentality. He has a 4 day long festival Mon – Thurs and then electiond half of Sat and all of Sun. Then NEXT weekend hes going on a mountain climbing trip. ass…

So I’ve been convinced to go stay at his parents starting this Sunday through next Saturday instead of being alone with the baby all week. Not so sure how I feel about all this.. but whatever. I’m the one doing most of the parenting already anyways… so much for the help and support.

Anyways this week has had a share of good and bad days with the baby… weds i was in tears and going insane from lack of sleep but yesterday was fairly easy. Today has been trying with all the feeding but at least the inconsolble crying has been at a minimum.

I have been horrible about responding to emails and msgs but i am reading them. anyone who wants to visit is more than welcome.. i am so lonely and wish i had another set of arms around to hold the baby or just someone to talk too…

ive been going on walks to get out of the house but really wish i had friends nearby 😦


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boobies on parade all day time then!! The lack of sleep sucks sucks sucks. God, what can we do but tell ourselves that this difficult time will pass. There is no secret recipe unfortunately. Babies made to grow like mad steroid injected weed. Ryu was 6300grams at check yesterday – which was about two and a half months. His head is getting heavy enough to give me a dead arm if we cuddle booby sleep during the night.

Work beats family a lot of the time in Japan. Hub has gotten better at this and Ryohei will too especially when he isn’t at the bottom of the food chain at work anymore. Explaining the whole no sleep tired, had me boobs out all day, sick of the smell of milk and shitty nappies just doesn’t seem to work on men. Hang in there.

Good luck at the inlaws. Perhaps, and this is written in a very small voice just in case you decide to throw puter across room, you could let MIL look after Sakura for an hour or so. I know their place isn’t close to anywhere exciting but just getting out of the same four walls as the baby for a short time will help. Maybe. Perhaps. Just a thought.

That said, there is NO WAY IN HELL I would have done the same thing with Shou!! Now? I do it all the time and Granny K is looking after Marina all day Sunday and Ryu for four mornings next week!!

It does get easier though. Especially when you get to number three!! Not that that is any help at the moment!

I would come and visit and cuddle bubs and talk if I lived anywhere in the vacinity….

wish you were closer too!!! too bad our inakas are so far apart..

im not tooooo put off by sakuras time with baa-chan i just hate all the “silly japanese child raising advice”

no shes not cold for the billionth time in the blazing 33 degree heat… sigh…

Wish I had my drivers license! D’oh!

We’re not TOO far away, so If i get to figuring out train time tables and things I might be able to come keep you company some times.

Hang in there… I’m feeling quite the lonesome mama too…

and the work thing? yeah they never care. very typical. can’t say i’ll ever get used to it! What shits me the most is when Riki gets called in to work on his days off… to put it simply… days off mean days to go to the supermarket and buy FOOD. so when he gets called in, sakurako and I go without or have to resort to MIL getting things from the super for us… not cool.

sending you big e-hugs!

wow that sucks

that would have been same for us if we hadnt moved (About the food) but i made sure our new place is less than a 5 min walk from the nearest grocery store and thats helped out a lot

would love to see you if you get the time
think you could ever convince riki to drive up here on a weekend? that would make it pretty cheap if u use the etc pass

well head down to gunma again and some point too

Hi Sara, sounds like you are doing really well and going out walking is a great idea, both for you to see somewhere different and to get Sakura to sleep (I’ve probably said before but my boys always sleep/slept in the pram when we were out walking).

And on days like today when Sakura feeds all day long take reassurance (in a reverse kind of way) that Sakura probably wouldn’t be any easier even if you were formula feeding as Corben is bottle fed but he is still a demanding little boy who would be held all day every day given half a chance (or a pair of willing arms).

It must be hard not knowing anybody and I think maybe the best thing to do is to start talking to anyone who looks vaguely friendly, be it someone with a small baby, women in the shop, person walking down the street, anyone! Although most of them will think you are mad, every so often you will find someone who is pleased to talk to you. Even if they don’t become a lifelong friend, you will feel better for the human contact and conversation. I’m in Scotland still waiting for Corben to get all clear from hospital to go back to China, don’t really know anybody apart from family as all my friends have moved on, and on days when I am stuck with the two boys I have found that wee chats with shop assistants or any random stranger makes me feel more human! Just my opinion but really, what have you got to lose?

Hope your week at the in-laws isn’t too awful, like Gaijinwife said, maybe you can let mil hold Sakura from time to time and at least that way you will be able to shower. big hugs whatever you decide.

haha sometimes bottle feeding seems so nice since i could let others take over

shes still pretty hungry today but no where near as ravenous as yesterday. they say the growth spurts last 2-7 days so maybe shell be done soon


i might try to find a mothers group eventually.. just depends on how accessable it is to where i am. if i can get there by bus or walking easily it would help a lot..

Eep, I hope the week at the in-laws turns out ok, brave soul you are! 😉 At least you’ll be able to shower! The whole work devotion thing (including a climbing trip?!) with a newborn in the house has got to be really stressful for you. I hope that as Ryohei gets more comfortable with his job and position he’ll feel more free to take time off for the family. I am definitely NOT a “work always comes first” kind of person, and I get the feeling Ryohei isn’t either, deep down. Afterall, didn’t he take this position so he wouldn’t have to be slavishly devoted to the office like he would as a salaryman? So I’m hoping this isn’t a permanent thing for you guys.

Good luck at your appointment, I am sure you’ll both check out just fine. From the pictures you both look healthy! In fact, I wouldn’t be able to tell at all just from the pics that you’re as frazzled as you say you are in fact, you’re looking awesome!

yah i know he wishes he was with us – although i think he is looking forward to the camping

thanks for the compliment!! breastfeeding is really helping me out with weightloss – well that and being too busy to eat

The growth spurts can be trying. I would also feel like I had a baby attached to a boob all day. Got a lot of tv watching in during those times. I wish I could come visit before we leave but things are getting a bit hectic. It would have been nice to see you again and meet Sakura. I hope that you find some people close that you can get together with as the first year can be really lonely and it is good to have support and a chance to get out. Sakura is looking healthy and happy, not to mention so cute. You look amazing as well! Good luck with the last clinic visit and stay at your in-laws. Hopefully you can catch a few zzzzs while they cuddle baby.

i wish we could have met up one more time as well
maybe someday when you come back to visit your inlaws?? will you even do that lol

id love to come to canada someday too wink wink

You will always have a place to stay if you do come to Canada!

I hope the week at your in-laws isn’t too bad!! I agree with Gaijin Wife though, if you could let your MIL take Sakura off your hands even for half and hour or so and go for a walk or something I am sure it would do wonders 🙂

Good luck at Sakura’s 1 month check up. I hope everything goes well and you never have to go back to that clinic again!!

actually didnt end up going today! opps

it was my 1 month visit not sakura and since my insurance ran out we are waiting til i get new ones!

Wow, week with the in-laws! Although I agree too, MIL can give you a break, and she’ll probably be so busy all over Sakura that you can relax and take some much needed naps!

The growth spurts are crazy eh! Sometimes I felt like my boobs were like beer machines at a beer garden but it means she’s growing healthy and stronger every day! Well done!

Grrrr at the hiking, WTF?? Can’t he fake a fever??

I desperately want to come and see you guys! I’m going to pester Ryota some more to get his arse into gear!

please bug him and come up!!!
things are getting easier now (knock on wood) so we could def. handle visitors for a couple days!!!

ill see you in osaka in early october too

need to facebook msg regarding that!

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