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Posted on: August 27, 2009

I am an Auntie!!! My SIL had her baby girl Iroha this afternoon!!


I think like Sakura she has the “Kobayashi nose”

A lot of people have said Sakura’s nose looks like mine but I think its much more similar to her dads especially around the nostrils.. and for a comparison here are a couple of pics of me at 1 month.



And of course can’t have a comparison post without the original model~


Speaking of… I was reading the Dr. Sears website on how to tell if you have a high needs baby or not and it was pretty much as if he knew little miss herself. (sigh) I am going to try weaning dairy out of my diet a bit and see if that helps – I LOVE LOVE LOVE dairy so its going to be a bit of a challenge but I love sleeping and my sanity even more so we will see if that helps.. but anyways looks like Sakura is classified as high needs – I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger although I had hoped for a happy/easy baby for #1… hopefully things will be better in a month or two.

Oh – she’s napping or maybe sleeping i guess since its almost 10pm) right now after another 2 hour scream fest… but whatever I’m enjoying the quiet while it lasts!


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Hmmmm, the nose doesn’t scream Sarah to me but…. maybe I need another 5 or so pics of the little cutie to better judge? πŸ˜‰

And how great Sakura will have a coucin so close in age. That’s gonna rock for mums and babes!

The high needs thing? I did an elimination diet when Meg had her first round of allergies tests and it was really hard but like you say- if there’s even a possibility it might work you go for it, hey?

That’s awesome that Sakura will have a cousin so close in age, that’ll be a lot of fun! Sakura seems like she has your eyes and mouth tho, looks very similar! So cute!


i think she looks a lot like you, but you’re right, doesn’t have your nose. not at this time, anyway…

Oh Iroha, is cute- congrats to your sister-in-law, brother an law and of course to you guys for becoming aunt & uncle.

She does look a bit like Sakura did when we first met her- I think Sakura is changing a lot now that her “real” hair is coming through and she is plumping up on breast milk. But the nose, and even eyes are similar to how Sakura was that first week.

Ah, dairy. I feel your pain as I as I would not be good at giving up cheese. I can drink soy milk though in coffee if I have to where as you drink a lot more diary than me with your glass a milks I suppose. I would just have to give up cheese and yogurt. Can you drink soy milk?? Is the giving up diary related to the possible colic?

Just read your message on fb- glad that Sakura has gone down for her morning nap peacefully!

Congratulations on becoming an auntie!!

Congrats to your SIL! How fun that Sakura will have a cousin so close in age.

Those pictures comparing you and Sakura are sooo cute! The nose is different but I definitely see a likeness between mama and daughter. Awww!

Good luck with the dairy… I gave it up too- it seemed like S had really fussy nights when I had a milkshake or ice cream. I’ve recently reintroduced cheese with no ill effects, so take heart, it doesn’t have to be forever! I hope Dr. Sears had some good advice about high needs babies. I love his books. He practices right here in SoCal!

Yay, she’s such a cutie, hope mama and bubby are doing well. i think Sakura is such a mix of you and ryohei but looking at those pics of you she looks a lot like you!

By the way, who won the Sakura guessing game!? I can’t remember what I wrote…Did I miss the results somewhere…???

YAY! Congrats on becoming an Auntie! πŸ™‚
Your MIL is being kept busy with granddaughters! LOL!

I think Sakura looks ALOT like you when you were a baby. It is always cool to see what bits our kids take from us..She is beautiful!

Wowee! Congratulations on becoming an Auntie! Great that your children are so close in age! Are they in Japan too?

Dr. Sears rocks πŸ™‚

And I think you are right about the nose, but Sakura looks JUST like you in so many ways! I suppose the eyes and mouth? Even her expressions. Identical!

I agree she’s got Ryohei’s nose/nostril area, but she looks like you in other ways too!

Your new little niece is cute too, how cool it will be to have two girl cousins so close in age in the family. Congrats to the family!

Hello Auntie, and congratulations on the new cousin for Sakura – two little girls will make it nice for them to play together too!

I think their noses ARE alike but just a quick glance at Sakura shows me a MOMMY face mostly!! What is fascinating is that they keep changing from Daddy to Mommy and back again in looks yet never actually changing much in themselves if you see what I mean.

I have a yellow baby blanket that I got for Harry but never used much. It’s very lightweight, a cellular blanket with silky top and bottom. Could you use it? Let me know and I’ll send it to you but I don’t want to burden you with stuff you can’t use.

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