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no no no no

Posted on: August 28, 2009

anything that can go wrong will go wrong apparently.

as soon as one issue ends another begins. pretty sure i have mastitis.. or at least a plugged duct but more likely mastitis because it came on fast. i woke up from a nap and my boob was killing me. i cant even hold the baby without it stinging in pain and my breast milk is salty (sorry tmi ;_;) or at least half of it is.. the left side of my right boob is salty and the right side of my right boob is sweet/normal…


am also feeling very tired and run down although maybe that is just because im the parent of a one month old… have been trying to squeeze out some of the extra milk..

did i mention my insurance just ran out… so if i end up having to see a doctor its going to be fun fun fun…

we had to give sakura to ryoheis mil again because it was too painful for me to hold her and ryohei just gave up after a bit… >_<

i just want to cry and give up… and my boob hurts… i better get sakura and try nursing her on it again but im so exhausted its hard to concentrate…


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Ouch!!! You poor thing. 😦
I had blodd leaking from my boob and the nurse told me the best way to get through that shit is to keep getting milk out so I pumped that boob for a day (with a breast pump) so I was still getting milk out but no unpredictable little latching mouth issues.

i’ve heard it’s still best to keep feeding but maybe try and talk to a midwife about it. Or give any of the breastfeeding contacts you got a call?? Ugh sorry yet another shitty thing is happening! x

ouch! Poor you.

Really, really hope you feel better soon.

Oh crap, you poor thing! I went through mastitis and it sucked. Do you have any redness on the affected breast? That’s how I knew I had it. Even if not, it sounds likely for you. And I hate to say it, but mastitis does not go away on its own, so if you strongly suspect it to be the culprit, you really will have to see a doc. 😦

if it is just a plugged duct, try nursing a ton from that side and apply heat when you can. Check kellymom.com for info about both situations. Good luck!!

Bugger shit and ouch. You poor thing. I hope you can get through pumping or feeding enough off today – or being able to see a doctor

I got a blocked duct with Shou and remember ending up crying in a hot shower trying to pump it off.

Good luck Sara.

Oh, found a couple of ‘sakura’ things that were Marina’s. If you think you would dress Sakura in her namesake then let me know and I will send them up. Don’t think Ryu would thank me for putting him in pink cherry blossoms.

Yuck yuck yuck. I had awful mastitis when joey was 5/6 weeks old. It was awful and I have never felt so sick and achey and fed up before or since. I really feel your pain at this moment as it was horrible.
The insurance thing is worrying- shouldn`t Ryohei have added you to his koumuin insurance before yours ran out? I never went to a doctor when I got mastitis and blocked ducts. I just pumped as much as I could (Often in the shower as GW suggests) to relieve the pressure.

Hope you feel better soon. You are nearly at the point where it all miraculously gets better so I am keeping fingers crossed that it will happen for you as you deserve a break! xx

ooh try and get in contact with your local midwife, I had that about 3 times I think…lots of boob massage, pumping, hand expressing and something (I had panadol from Oz, safe while breastfeeding) to knock the fever out..

Got conflicting views on hot or cold compresses tho..tried both, cold seemed to work better for me..

get well vibes sent your way.

and feeding as much as possible from that side.. good luck

Hopefully it is a blocked duct and you can get through it before it turns to full blown mastitis. Nursing probably hurts loads, but I think the best thing is to keep feeding/pumping like the others said.

I hope you’re feeling better soon! Good boob vibes headed your way ;)!

Oh your poor girl!! No advice for you sorry, just wanted to give you plenty of cyber hugs and send you some *hurry up and go away* vibes!!

OH no, that sucks. I have heard blocked ducts and mastitis can be beyond painful- do you have some tyenol (isn`t that what you call it? Similar to our panadol) that you can take as it is safe for pregnancy.

Do you have a fever? That would usually show it is mastitis and not a blocked duct. Make sure you monitor it!

Oh and don`t stress too much about not having insurance here- it is not as expensive as you would think without it. I lived here for the first year on a WHV without insurance and had to go to doctors a couple of times once for asthma and once for a stomach thing and I needed meds both times (and a drip one of the times) and it was not nearly as expensive as i thought. Even with the medicine it came to less than 5000yen. If you have to go to the drs, do it. Anti biotics are the best thing for mastitis as well as rest and heat.

Just a quick look in my baby books- it says that you shouldn`t avoid nursing or pumping from that breast and not to worry about transmitting infection to baby as the germs that caused the infection probably from from bub`s mouth anyway. Apparently after 12 hours if symptoms are still there then anti-biotics are needed.

Hope its not mastitis and it clears up soon- How annoying! Take care and make sure Ryohei is making you dinner 🙂

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