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Unplugged but Unpleased

Posted on: August 30, 2009

Not mastitis – thank GOD. Sakura sucked out my plugged duct last night which hurt like hell but provided instant relief. Rock hard to flabby in about 30 seconds.Trying to make sure it doesnt happen again as it really was pure hell.

Had a wonderful visit with Laura of Japanmama and her family who came up from Gunma to meet Sakura! Her daughter Hannah seemed to really like the baby and tried to “take care of her” it was very cute and she was very helpful with bringing me wipes and the like!!

Of course I’ve been at my inlaws over a week now so English conversation as well as escape from “Japanese childraising ideals” was a HUGE blessing. We are here until Tuesday and at this point I am hating every minute of it. My MIL has seemingly gone on a huge power trip and seems to spend most of the time trying to take Sakura away from me. Yesterday when Laura was here was the worst.. she just kept grabbing her away and taking out of the room. One or two times she asked me but the last time I had just finished changing Sakura and she just scooped her up and took her away without saying a word. I was PISSED. I am actaully pretty laidback about people holding Sakura but I hate when MIL does it especially backseat parenting. She’s made all sorts of comments about my apprently incapability to parent Sakura right and its infuriating me.

I can NOT wait to leave. We are only staying until Tuesday because thats when my SIL is getting out of the hospital and coming over for the afternoon before she goes to her own parents house in Southern Niigata. I want to see my niece but am NOT impressed with grabby MIL.

Like I was telling Laura whenever Sakura smiles and coos for her it PISSES me off… I keep saying it but this time I mean it… I am not coming back here for a while although MIL said I should stay until at least mid-September. Damn Ryohei is going on his stupid camping trip this weekend which means he will be gone Friday and Sat. night and will try and pressure me into coming back here. I’m serious when I ask if anyone wants to come up to Niigata for the weekend… because that would give me a reason to stay in Nagaoka…


Anyways here are a couple pics


with ms japanmama


being examined by hannah onee-san


future friends? we hope so!!




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Ah so they all came to the inlaws! I was wondering about the big Japanese tatami room..lol Great pictures, looks like you all had fun!

Sucks that Ryohei has so much being away from home for you to deal with. Not fun, I’m sure! Sakura looks so alert now though~~~ Love seeing her big pretty eyes =) I’m still counting down the days till I get to meet her!

Glad your boob is better too =)

cant wait to se you tooooo!!!
its gonna be fun to photograph missha and sakura although all they will really do is just lie there lol

So glad it wasn’t mastitis and it soon fixed itself. Sounded pretty painful though 😦

Like Khea, at first I had no idea where the photos were taken!! I should have clicked that it was your inlaws place. It looks like you all had a great time!! The photos of Hannah ‘looking after’ Sakura are too cute for words!!

Sakura is definitely growing up – she has completely lost her ‘newborn’ look now. I can’t wait to see her in 2 weeks!!

yah – its really amazing how much shes changed in a month
she’s getting a bit less grouchy too – knock on wood so hopefully that will keep up in tokyo

Glad you are unplugged. What a relief!! Sakura looks very like a happy baby in those pics! – obviously mummy is happy she is happy. God damn MIL – all of them in general. I know we will be mother in laws one day but shite, I really hated the grabby shit. Granny K did it with Shou and it infuriated me and had me doubting myself as a mother.

We know our babies and our babies know us. We are there everything and vice versa. Stay at home while hub is out camping (whats the deal with that?). Just don’t go. Refuse. Try the at home thing on your own with Sakura for a few days and then weigh up how it compares to being with MIL. There will be pros and cons of each. Bubs needs mummy time and preferrably de-stressed mummy time. Easier said than done I know. But my god I swear babies are like dogs – they just know when we are in a bad mood!!

I had to take lots and lots of deep breaths tonight at bath time with Ryu. My stressed out self was from dealing with Marina and Shou all day – and for the last four days – I had to sing very loudly to him for a few minutes to get back into nice mummy with cute two month old baby groove.

You and Sakura will work it out. And you WILL reign supreme over MIL. She must love that her grand daughter picks her some times and we will too when we are grandmothers and our precious sons bring home damn foreign woman as their wives to birth their children πŸ™‚

Thinking of you from Oita

hahah i think you win the nosy MIL crown – i still haven’t gotten over G.K. cutting shous hair!!!

btw – would LOVE the sakura outfit you mentioned in a previous comment.. have to admit sakura may have gotten her name due to my love of the flower (altho we use different kanji) and i have lots of sakura/cherry things in my position

just glad to know that sakura will love mommy best… at least til she hits puberty or so.

i honestly cant imagine dealing with more than one at a time. reading your blog amazes me!!!

So glad to hear that you are no longer clogged up. That couldn`t have been a bery fun experience in the least, hopefully it won`t occur again anytime soon.

Glad to see that overall everyone seemed to have had a good time.

Sorry about the MIL. I definitely vote for staying by yourself. Even with Sakura (and if no one is able to meet with you), plan for a girly weekend. Don`t worry about cleaning. dishes etc, just try your best to relax with Sakura and enjoy just the 2 of you.

What is Ryohei doing going camping anyways?

some work “bonding” thing
he asked me if he could go way before sakura was born and in my “not knowing just how hard it would be” ignorance i said it would be ok.

hes already paid for his meals and accomodations so its a bit too late to cancel i guess.

very happy not to be clogged that was pretty painful – felt like having a horrible bruise on my boob!! yuck

Yip. You don’t have much here in Japan really. And your Pride is one thing.
A baby doesn’t need anyone but it’s mother. Party at home with her. Give her massages and play music, watch movies while she’s bf. Dress her up in stuff from Daiso and take pictures or do some baking. It’s freedom to an extent.

Relieved it’s not mastitis.


Sounds like a good plan for the weekend!!!
It will be my first nights alone with her but I am hoping I am at the point where I can handle it now

Oh I wish I could come to Niigata next weekend but I can`t- that said you can tell them I am coming and I will back up the story if they ever ask me πŸ™‚

Meh, your MIL would be pissing me off too. I think GW has good advice on dealing with them- as she has a horror of one herself.

Glad it wasn`t mastitis and that you are now “unplugged”

Very cute pictures!

Hope your MIL isn’t like that with goma-chan but seems to be the norm esp. with first grandchildren… blech

haha don’t worry – i know im a bit too far for most to come up just for a weekend trip

unplugged feels very good but im paranoid that it will happen again

Damn damn double damn, I’d love to come up and visit but I’ll be busy pretending to evacuate that weekend. Hmm, want an invite? ;P Sakura looks very happy and well fed so I guess you’re doing something right, hey? Hopefully MIl will share her love and attention (and meddling and interfering) between both her grandkids and you’ll get less of it!

ohhh that sounds very good
i really hope that mother in law meddling is split. i guess we will see which one she “dakos” more on tuesday

So glad you don’t have mastitis and the boob feeling better!

I’m sure you’ll do fine with Sakura on your own … a girly weekend sounds like a good plan. Hopefully you’ll be so overjoyed at being away from MIL that you’ll totally forget to be stressed out by having the baby on your own. πŸ˜‰

My SIL and DS’s 16 year old cousin do/did the taking the baby without asking thing. Even now, last time we were down there, we’d be eating dinner and my niece would take DS downstairs to play so we could finish dinner and when DH and I would come down they’d just be gone and all we could do was wait around for them to eventually show up. The last time they did it was about a half an hour before our bus out of the countryside was supposed to leave, and she didn’t show back up until the very last minute, after my nephew (who is the sanest of the bunch) went out roaming the village looking for her and my son. Oh man, that drove me absolutely up the wall! Anyhow, I know exactly what you mean … I don’t mind if you take my kid, but ask first yea?

I got pissed about Takeshi being away at work, or work-related events, all the time, while we lived in Japan. I totally feel a little pissed along with you, reading about Ryohei having to do the same thing all the time! It’s just not fair, for us wives! 😦 Especially when you have so much responsibility with Sakura-chan!

I’m getting mad at your MIL too! 😑 I would definitely hate people who would criticize my every move in caring for my baby, and even take them away from me! I have a feeling I’d get some of that behavior from my MIL when we’ll have a kid, since she and my GIL criticized my ability to do housework, when we lived with them.

If I could fly over there and help you with Sakura, so you wouldn’t have to stay at his family’s house anymore, I would! ❀

I am just livid thinking about your situation- very unfair for you, but it can’t can worse– only better, right?

Is it possible that you can head back to your flat for some “you & sakura” time away from the in-laws?

opps.. I should not comment so early in the am.. I was meaning to say — things can not get worse.. only better…

Good to hear the boob is back in action.
Hear you on the in-law thing too..agree with others here, try and insist on staying home in your own place next weekend if you can..you can only take so much before wanting to grab the ornamental samurai sword in the living room and chopping their heads off..ahem…uh…ok, that was my fantasy…

Soooo glad it wasn’t mastitis, and that you’re feeling better! Yay! Sorry about MIL being overbearing. That’s really hard- and so awkward! It’s hard to know what to say in such a situation.

Glad you had a nice visit with friends! The pics are too cute.

SO glad it wasn’t mastitis. Big sighs of relief all round and well done to Sakura for sucking the blockage out! LOL! Glad you are feeling better and I bet you are looking forward to being back home on your own.

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