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My baby is officially 2 months today?! Wow… that least month went by realllllly fast.

Thing have definetly improved in the last month so I guess I now believe all you who said to just bare with it. There was a significant improvement from about 6+ weeks and although we still have some very cranky days Sakura’s gassy problems are way down and we have a bed time routinue that works and actually lets Ryohei and I have a little time together at night!!!

I’m looking forward to month 3 since I heard that from that time onwards the personality switch really gets flipped on.

Heres my little princess on her 2 month anniversary!



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well the silver week holidays are over and we are moving on into october… hard to believe

first wanted to shout out to heather for a wonderful stay at her house earlier this week. not only were we treated to a delicious homemade pizza oven pizzas and brazillian sausages – but she and her daughters took us on a tour of downtown matsumoto!! we had a wonderful time and thanks so much for helping me with the baby. also really loved the board game that all us “adults” played!! so thank you so much for having us and i hope we can visit again when sakura is a bit older and more “fun.” i think heather’s daughters – amy in particular were disappointed in sakuras lack of being able to play but they loved “petting” her and calling her “pretty baby” – made me giggle!!

ryohei is back to crap work again… there is a bunch of stuff going on early oct through my birthday in mid october so pretty much wont be seeing him til late at night and maybe one weekend day a week… hes not working til midnight every night but at least when he was salarymaning it up in tokyo i would have been close to all my tokyo living friends…

sakura will be 2 months soon and shes been going through another grumpy patch the last couple days which has not been fun. at least we have her bedtime routine down somewhat. on a good night from bath to asleep it takes about an hour on a bad night… 3 + (sigh) shes also taken to WAKING UP MORE AT NIGHT. up until this week she was getting up once for a feed and then would sleep until 5:30-6ish… now shes waking up 2-3 times a night. GAH. shes also sucking on her hands constantly even when i’ve just fed her so im guessing its more of a comfort thing than a hungry one?! all this guess work sucks – i cant wait to have baby 2 and be a pro at all this stuff. poor firstborns they really do get all the experimentation (am a firstborn myself)

this month had a lot of “activities” but next month i dont. however im planning to go to osaka/kobe beginning of nov. and shizuoka to see nay end of nov. and then its only a week or 2 until my christmas visit to the us!!!

also al waiting to see if the magic 3 month mark (oct. 28) is what it is cracked up to be with less crying and a more “social” and “portable” baby. interestingly enough 10/28 is ryohei and my 3rd annivesary as well.

also.. can someone explain the whole “baby cant see until they are 3 months old thing” i ran in to one of the grannies in my neighborhood who upon hearing sakura was 2 months said – i guess it will be another month until she can see then. um… sakura can track or a face now – im pretty sure she can see… where do the japanese come up with this crapola?! someone save me from the inaka and all the backwaterness that goes on here esp. when childraising is involved :/

sakura is now alseep.. for how long i dont know?! its a surprise… usually when i get her down for the night shes out for at least 4 hours until her nightime feed but she napped really late today.

i am at the end of my 4 days of single mother parenting with no ryohei around until wee hours of the morning. surprisingly it went better than i thought. i guess sakura and i have both grown.. not saying i enjoy the daily crying jags from 4pm plus. no not at all… but since im now using gas stopping medicines the crying is a bit less leading me to believe that sakuras gas is her main issue besides the normal late evening fussiness. still like i said – not a picnic.

days are better now. we have our good days and bad days. sakura def. has a 100 watt smile which she now turns on after a good nap or a good feed instead of just a random 5 minutes a day.


tomorrow we are off to nagano!!!! yay im so excited to meet heather and her fam. another check off the bloggers im dying to meet checklist – 3 this month actually since i met melanie and cassie from fuchu during our tokyo visit.

speaking of – sakuras passport is already here. they said at least 3 weeks but it took less than one! i actually had an emotional moment when i saw it – my daughter is an american now. AND i was relieved that with her passport any emergancy trips home from here on out are possible – yay!

also – i found out today my mom put our cat down yesterday. ive been dreading that news for the past couple years since she was 14 years old. i got her when i was 12 and she was like my little sister esp. when my parents were going through their divorce and i felt like i had no one in my house to talk to. she used to cuddle up on my lap when i was crying because of a fight with my mom or a break up or something else and whenever i would come home from university on christmas or summer break she would always come sleep with me – scratching on my door in the middle of the night to be let in. im so sad that when i go back in december she wont be there. 😦 i was looking forward to showing sakura my kitty and now shes in kitty heaven. i didnt cry when i found out but i am really sad… seeing my cat is a big part of going home and its going to be strange not to have her run up and greet me like she always did even after months and months apart…



Posted on: September 18, 2009

with baby update – kind of.

I have to admit I feel semi-guilty as Sakura sits in her bouncer while mama has more contrabrand internet time. Well she seems content for now… but shell get fussy soon enough.

Ok she just did which means this is going to be a short post.

Sakura is now 7.5 weeks… she smiles quite a bit and has a huge grin and she is starting to making cooing noises. Just now she said Fin-yaaaaa.

Over an hour later…

OK back online – that fussy spell led to boobies which led to screaming after boobies had been depleated which led to holding the baby which led to her falling asleep on me which led to me waiting 30 minutes until I put her down – altho she is moaning now which means wakefulness is on its way

Oh wait its here… shes got her eyes open..

Ok well I dont want another screaming session to start so of i go again.

guess this is the end of the post

Well we got back Monday evening from what was a wonderful 4 day adventure in the Tokyo/Chiba area. We got Sakura’s American passport/birth abroad certificate completed without a hitch and I got to hang out with so many cool people.

A big thanks to Lulu for having us stay AND hosting a lunch party for 10 people or so despite being in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Also thanks to Nay for helping me with Sakura one night when it was just the two of us… and of course Sakura woke up in the middle of the night and Nay stepped up beyond the call of duty and actually helped me at 2am.

We met up with Khea and adorable cutie Missha. She and Sakura were fast friends and even posed for some adorable times 2 sleeping pictures which I’m sure the majority of you have seen posted on other peoples blogs and facebooks.

I also met Cassie from Fuchu and Melanie and their families for the first time. Not yet Daddy Taka (Melanies husband) actually rocked Sakura to sleep and held her for nearly an hour and everyone was very happy to take the baby off my hands which gave me the most free time to sit and eat and talk since shes has been born!!!

So thank you to all of you that I met… I wish I lived closer… maybe in 4 years or so if Ryohei gets his temporary transfer.

Sakura was not bad for most of the trip. Not surprisingly she still doesnt take too well to all the change. The first night at Lauras she was screaming at night for the good part of 5 hours.. hopefully she didn’t scar Laura and Nay too badly… The next nights weren’t as bad even tho stupid Ryohei wasnt around either of them to help me.. grr grumble grumble.

Sakura was SO happy to be back in our apartment – she cried all the way on the shinkansen and car home but literally as soon as we walked in the door she started smiling and being happy… weird kid. I was surprised she recognized “home.” Ryohei had the day off yesterday as well and it was the best day with Sakura ever. There was hardly any crying and she even fell asleep byherself after I set her down after a feed at night… wow… she smiled a ton and looked like she was going to even laugh. She’s been able to smile the past few weeks but in the last 2-3 days she has been doing in constantly it is soooo cute. She smiles a lot like I do.. as in our smiles sort of look similar. She even crinkles up her nose like I used to do as a baby/child…

I’d have to say things are slowly getting easier.. maybe because the crying has gone down a bit. I’ve been using gas drops the last week or so and that seems to maybe be making the difference since after using them I’ve seen a dramatic increase of happiness in her behavior.

This upcoming week is Silver Week and Ryohei has work from 5pm – 11pm Saturday and noon – 11pm Sunday… so more night duty alone for me. Not tooooo thrilled about that. We are also going to visit Heather of the Fukases fame on Monday and Tuesday!!! So looking forward to that.. its a 2.5 hour drive on the express way so we will see how that goes with the baby. Sometimes she likes the car and sometimes she HATES it…

Next month should be a challenging one… apparently Ryohei is super busy the first half of the month. Its pretty frustrating because I feel like a single parent most of the time and the reason he took this job is that he could spend more time with our “family.” I just wish he was around more since I don’t have many friends here.. although I did got to an “international” family club today. Although it was mainly Japanese moms who could speak a little English and a Korean mom. There was an American English teacher there who I talked to a bit and maybe became friends with? Shes going home next year (Surprise surprise… every single foreign friend i’ve made here is not planning to be here long term… sigh) but even those shes not married/doesnt have kids she wanted to hang out with Sakura and me so Yay! She said she knows some other foreign people here so hopefully she will introduce me… I’ll probably be the only one with a kid but I desperately want to have at least a couple native English speaking friends close by..

Anyways – its been a busy week and Silver Week will probably be busy as well….