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Posted on: September 1, 2009

am currently typing one handed with sleeping baby on my lap so forgive any mistakes. sakura didnt nap at all yesterday so taking this precious time while i get it πŸ™‚

i used to play a song for her in the womb and i finally got around to playing it for her today and SHE FELL ASLEEP. i didn’t even know i had such a powerful ace up my sleeve?? of course its probably a one time only thing but still sleeping baby equals bliss and a bit of mommy computer time.

today my sil is out of the hospital and coming here for the night with iroha-chan!!! i bet there will be loooots of pictures. had another grabby mil incident which prompted to write a very scathing mail to ryohei on his lunch break aboutΒ  telling him hes not allowed to spend the night out after this weekend and that i refuse to come back here to visit until at least october or so.. i was very pissed.

we were planning to go home tonight but simce sil is staying here too hoping that the smaller baby will hold mil’s attention more than huge gaijin 1 month old.

ryoheis brought up moving to america a couple times in the last few days even going so far as to asking me when and what we needΒ  to do to apply for a green card. i think something may have happened to make him want an escape but nothing to do with work apparently?? well.. as much as moving home soon sounds appealing realistically it wouldn’t happen for another 5 years when sakura and (theoretical) sprog 2-ban are preschool aged.

just was surprised to have it brought up about 3 times in the past week. guess i just need to keep encouraging the idea as dont want to live in rural niigata for rest of my life. tbh id like to live at home but id actually prefer to live in a big japanese city like tokyo or osaka but ryohei wont quit his job to move to another place in japan so options are limited 😦

anyways from tmw night we will be home again… we’ve been here a week and a half now. sakura is 5 weeks today and is getting smiling down altho she doesnt do it much. she can also track objects she likes when i wiggle my fingers in front of her face πŸ˜€ last two nights have been a screaming crying mess but we had some better ones before that… just keep telling myself in a few weeks the worst of it will be over but in the middle of a neverending crying spell it feels like forever.. oh well…

at heast before the end of the month we will have taken a trip to tokyo/chiba, nagano, and ill be getting ready to go abd visit osaka/kobe in october. lots of fun stuff planned then 3 weeks home in dec. heres hoping that sakura is a bit more settled and happy by that point lol


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Wow, how long did it take you to type that one handed? At least she is sleeping- YAY!

You are still going to Nagano in silver week? Jealous! I really want to go but a September out of town trip is out for me 😦 I suppose Nagano is a bit closer to you but still I wish I could go.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of Iroha and Sakura together! Hopefully grabby MIL will be more grabby with Iroha- will be interesting to see how your SIL handles it.

Less than 2 weeks til you land on my doorstep in Chiba- YAYYYYYYYY! Then I will be little miss grabby with Sakura πŸ™‚

took at least 30 minutes… about 3 or 4 times what it would usually!! (yikes)

yah we are still going to nagano but just for 2 days i think. ryohei has work one day during silver week… surprise surprise… sigh but yah its not bad for us to get there. 2.5 hours on the express and 2000 yen round trip if we use our etc pass. looking forward to it!!

i can’t wait for 11 more days!!!!! so exciting and getting to see and meet so many people!!! im perfectly happy for people i feel comfortable with to hold sakura as much as they want. im just not a fan of MIL because she takes it upon herself and speaks horrible japanese baby talk to her when ryohei has repeatedly told her not to

Aww, that is so cute that she fell asleep to ‘your song’!! You should definitely do it again and see if it works. It would be a wonderful thing if it did…

You have so much to look forward to in the next coming months!! You did forget about coming to visit me in November though 😦 If you are still coming that is πŸ˜›

Sounds like Ryohei is really giving the whole moving to America thing a lot of thought!! I wonder what has set off this train of thought? It would be nice if you guys could go home sooner than you thought though. I would be so jealous of you πŸ˜› LOL

Can’t wait to see pics of Sakura and your SIL’s bub!! I bet they are going to be really good friends growing up. They are lucky to have each other πŸ™‚

still coming!!!! ryohei has a business trip in atami is nov. too so maybe he will be going out there twice??

im not sure where the whole want to move soon is coming from. i do think it is work related tho… maybe something not going well there?? but yah i dunno as much as i hate japan sometimes i still dont feel ready to leave just yet esp. with all the good friends ive made here. if we all lived close together i would be happy to stay for life.. sigh

im excited for her to have a cousin close in age!! just hope stupid mil doesnt compare them all the time that would really annoy me

Interesting that Ryohei has been bringing up moving. Maybe he realises that in the long-term you guys will be better off there. I know D used to talk about moving whenever things were particularly bad at work so maybe R is secretly struggling with something at work but doesn’t want to burden you.

Be prepared for the comparison by MIL thing. It is a very Japanese/ Asian thing to do. I have grown up being compared to my cousin who is 2 years older than me my ENTIRE life and it has driven me crazy. (Especially as she is ridiculously intelligent/slim and beautiful and I am totally not..) Thankfully she is fabulous and we have a very close relationship where we laugh at the constant comparisons but it could have so easily gone the other way. My MIL was always comparing Joey and his cousin Aoi-chan (who is 4 months younger) but thankfully Joey was quite advanced and Aoi-chan did things a bit later than him so I always felt a bit smug because he came off better in the comparisons (for example he walked at 10 months whereas she was nearly 14 months old when she took her first steps) They kept going on and on about how he would be slower at everything as he was a boy and also that he would be hard to bring up as a result but actually he has always been very good-natured and not a problem at all whereas Aoi-chan was a nightmare from day one. Comparing just seems to be human nature in Japan and it drove me crazy! It will be awesome for her to have a cousin close by near in age though. πŸ™‚

PS- I love that you are finding your mothering groove. You and I really are so similar because everything you have written in the past month has reminded me so much of my first month as a Mum. I kind of wish I had been able to blog during that period!

Yeah! So glad you’re coming down. Can’t wait to finally meet you- bet it won’t feel like we’ve just met though, hey?

And I’m with Midori on the comparisons thing- it drives me crazy! Of course Meg and Amy are bigger than their cousin. Sora was born premature and has a 150 something cm mother for Pete’s sake!

Wishing you a sleepful night. πŸ™‚

PS. Remember you are now a fully qualified member of the elite sempai-mama club and therefore entitled to suck your teeth, gasp, go ahhhhhh, hmmmmm and ehhhhh? and basically be a know it all pain in the bum around your SIL and Iroha.

Just FYI, you know…. ;P

Yay for naps! I can’t believe Sakura didn’t nap at all yesterday! Wow! Dylan is still an absolute mess when he goes without a nap. He was having a total meltdown in the cab on the way home today from being without a nap, so I can imagine how bad it must get with her being so young and not being able to get to sleep. Poor mom!

I guess it is a good thing that Ryohei is interested in moving to the States. Maybe he’s feeling guilty about how much his job is taking him away from you and Sakura and feels like things would be better in the States? I know how you feel about not really being “ready” to go back just yet. I have mixed feelings about moving to America. The main thing is that with economy in the crapper right now so I’m not so confident that we’d be any better off over there, so maybe you have the right idea planning it for a few years from now. I am not sure how quick the process is for Japanese people, but I know that getting a greencard for a spouse while living abroad can take quite awhile, so getting it started early — maybe in a year or so — might not be a bad idea. Also, according before you get the actual green card you get a visa that can be used for 2 years (I think, according to a friend of mine who just did it),coming in and out of the States before you have to convert it to a greencard, so it gives you some time too.

I hope MIL is diverted a bit by Iroha and SIL. And I second exercizing your rights and being a PITA experienced mom and showing them how its done! That should be worth staying the extra night! πŸ˜›

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