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Posted on: September 3, 2009

Finally back… we were at the inlaws over a week and a half which was about 9 days too long. I’m going to brave the weekend here with Sakura alone and cross my fingers that neither of us ends up in too much trouble.

I’m taking Sakura in for her 1 month check up (a little late) tomorrow. I’m interested to see how much shes grown… I’m guessing she might be close to 5kg now. She’s really plumped up. Am also planning to swing by the Starbucks to try out one of the new Creme Brulee Fraps… yum yum. I love the fall and winter SB offerings!! Def. worth the 15 minute walk lol.

Met baby Iroha yesterday – she is SOOO tiny. She was about a kilo smaller than Sakura at birth. She pretty much slept the whole time, hardly cried… Sakura was already devil baby at 1 week so maybe my sister in law lucked out with an easy baby. That being said Sakura is quite the ninki-mono (popular gal) and EVERYONE oohs and ahhs over here (to my chagrin at times) Even with the tiny baby there everyone was enamored by Sakuras newly aquired smiling and “talking” skills.

Thing are slowly better except for how gassy my poor baby is… I keep trying different things but not much seems to work… I feel so BAD to watch her strain red faced and kick out her legs as she screams. Does anyone know when they start to get over this?? I feel so horrible and at this point time seems like the only cure in sight. Sakura also loves to be carried and held ALL THE TIME. I have her in the sling or front carrier most of the time which is fine except when I need to bend down and then I feel like I’m going to fall over… having the baby attached also makes certain chores more difficult too.. oh well even in a year or so shes not going to want me to hold her that much anymore so I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts. Shes already developed quite an attachment to me.. which is good and bad. I have to admit its nice when I can calm her when no one else can but at the same time… sometimes I want to give that responsibility to someone else lol.

Anyways heres a pic of her and her cousin!! Note the size difference and they are only 30 days apart!?



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aw, cute baby picture!!

maybe you need to try gas drops (mylicon in the US). can your mom send you some? (if not, i’ll get my mom to send you some!) i think (though i may be wrong) that often gas in newborns is swallowed air. as she gets bigger, she gets better at drinking without swallowing air. does she burp after nursing? some babies take a lot of ‘work’ getting that burp out. otherwise, the gas might be something you’re eating (as i’ve suggested before) and i’m fairly certain that dairy products are a big culprit. but other foods that can make us gassy can also make baby gassy. poor sakura! i hope she grows out of it soon!

im gonna ask my mom…
hopefully if its for the baby she will send stuff

have cut back but not completely cut dairy out… trying tho.
i read it takeds a few weeks to flush out completely tho?

that new frap at starbucs is yum yum yum. Hope Sakura gets rid of her gas soon. Goodluck for your weekend home alone.

Sakura is working the camera in that shot. Poor Iroha doesn’t have a chance in the ninki-mono stakes!

It sounds crazy but if you need a baby break (you know how every couple of months there’s a little task or whatever you’d like to try without a child strapped to you?) give her to someone wrapped in your PJs or something you were wearing recently. (wrap the baby not the babysitter ;P) When we were in Saitama and K only saw Meg on weekends she would scream and scream which was stressful for all three of us. The pediatrician (a card carrying communist who operated out of the back of her house and had a free drop in mummy and me centre in her living room, but that’s not really relevant…) suggested the shirt trick and it was marvellous!! Hungry Meg only wanted me obviously but other than that K would do. Yeahhh!!

Good luck on your week alone and remember we’re all only a call/ skype/ rather large yell from a tall mountain/ whatever away!

They get big so fast don’t they! Glad you’re back home, although sucks about the gas. I do think babies grow out of it around the time they are able to burp without being actively burped. I can’t remember exactly when that was, but I am sure that by 6 months we weren’t burping DS after feeds anymore, so it had to have been before then.

Enjoy the frap! Mmmmm ….

Hi Sarah, I got your e-mail and my mom is going to send you a bottle of Gripe Water in the mail (same as mylicon). Mine expired but I really want you to have one. Whenever I was out of gripe water I would rub my babies tummies starting just below their ribs in a clockwise circle around the soft part of their stomach with my hand in a fist. You don’t have to push hard but with just a little pressure until a tootie comes out (that’s what my girls call farts!). Or you can hold their legs near their ankles and push their legs gently into their stomach, hold and then release, etc. Something’s gotta work until the Gripe Water comes!

Hang in there. Sakura may do better once she’s back in a familiar environment and a regular routine. Best for those delicate types!!

She is getting cuter every day!

thanks so much i really appreciate
she just started her nightly screaming and im trying your massage bycle suggestions

seems to get out a bit but she seems to hate it

gives bad flashbacks to pregnancy contractions

A while ago, on Youtube, I saw a woman who had just had a baby again, give a tip on relieving gassy baby problems.

Here is the URL:

It may help you! Just thought I’d mention it. πŸ™‚

So glad to hear you’re back at home! I think that makes a difference in the “mom needs to keep her sanity!” department. We didn’t deal with a lot of gas so I have no suggestions. But I did have to wear the baby *all* the time during the day or there would be crying. It was exhausting at times but I was mostly glad just to have her quiet (instead of fussing).

I can’t believe how big Sakura looks compared to Iroha!! It’s amazing how fast they grow, isn’t it!

Glad to hear that you are back home. I hope you have a good weekend with just Sakura. I’m sure it has to be better than being around your MIL all day.. Lets hope you have a happy Sakura on your hands this weekend πŸ™‚

Lots of good ideas about the gass problem. Hopefully one of them works and little sakura begins to feel better!

Welcome back home and hope you have a lovely girly weekend ,without the gas I hope.

Yay for beng back home!
Sakura-chan is looking lovely and plump and healthy! Ash had some herbal kind of drink stuff for his gassy tummy but honestly I think it was more of a placebo for me, I think it just took time for his tummy to develop more. Good luck with it!

You can get gas drops in Japan as well. I just can’t remember for the life of me what they are called as my SIL used them for Aoi-chan.
Sakura looks so adorable. It is amazing what a difference the 30 days make in alertness isn’t it?! You are heading for the fun stage now! πŸ™‚

Rubbing the tummy clockwise was what I was going to say, but you`ve already said she hated it..have you tried laying her tummy down across your knees and just rubbing her back..she might like the change of view for a few minutes..and it naturally puts pressure on her tummy..

Hope it all works out..

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